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Noelle Oliver

2 years ago

Alicia was so fabulous with our kitty. My cat is a very nervous and skittish thing. We honestly weren’t sure how her appointment was going to go, but it went so well! She smells good, her fur is clean, nails clipped, teeth brushed and more! I’m so so happy with the service. I was nervous because we don’t really have many options as far as cat groomers in the area, but I’m no longer worried about that. Everything you need is right in this little house. Thank you so so much!

Betty McCracken

2 years ago

I can’t say enough good things about Alicia’s. I have been to 3 other groomers since moving to Tennessee and no one groomed my poodle like I wanted him groomed. I have found my place for my fur baby. He looks wonderful and was done exactly as I asked. If you are looking for a place to gave your fur baby groomed I highly recommend Alicia’s.

Melissa Williams

2 years ago

I had my pup, Ruger, groomed by Erica today. She was amazing! She was so kind and really cared about Ruger and his needs. I asked for a bath/dry, lab-like grooming and a sanitary cut. She did a beautiful job with his hair! I really struggled to find a mobile groomer that could take my pup. Ruger has a hard time at a regular groomer because he stresses out with many dogs barking. I was so grateful when Alicia got back to me and worked to get me an appointment. I felt that the grooming cost was reasonable, Alicia let me know the expectations so I knew exactly what was going to happen as far as the appointment and contact. I'm so happy that now I will have regular appts to have my baby groomed. Thank you Erica, for taking the time to get to know you, and for me and Ruger to feel comfortable. Thank you Alicia for getting me in and working with me! Ruger is happy and now super handsome!

Cathy Schafer

2 years ago

I highly recommend Alicia and her staff for your cat grooming needs! She is fabulous and very knowledgeable. Alicia took great care of my cats needs and showed professional support.

Catherine Webb

2 years ago

When we moved to Clarksville in 2020 I needed a new groomer for my shy but finicky cat. I found Alicia's Grooming and have never looked back. I am very comfortable taking my Kai and leaving her there knowing she will get the best love and care. Kai is calm when I leave her and calm and clean, looking so beautiful when I pick her up. Alicia and her staff communicate well and are professional as well as loving to the pets they encounter.. I recommend 100%

Michele Owen

2 years ago

We are new to TN and I have 3 dogs, a boxer and two brother cockapoos. So many dogs creates a challenge to book all at once. However, not @Alicia’sMobikePetSpa. They got all three in this week at the same time. The staff was tremendous and I’m hesitant and protective, so they had not been groomed since February. The team was phenomenal. They were kind, helpful, supportive, and most importantly took amazing care of all three at once. They were not derailed about how overgrown their hair was and gave great advice to get them back in shape and gorgeous. Thank you so much! Sincerely Enzo, Jimmy Choo, and Emilio Pucci ❤️❤️❤️????????????

Beatriz Zapata-Harrell

2 years ago

Alicia and her staff have been nothing but wonderful to my Etta (miniature schnauzer). The past few years that she has been going there, Etta and I are was always taken care of. The staff always greet you with a smile and knowledge that makes you feel at ease knowing that your pet is in good hands. I will miss y’all greatly.

Lindy Schmittou

2 years ago

Alicia’s groomed my cat today and they did an amazing job and we’re so kind and professional from the moment I called to book to the moment I picked my cat up after her service. They did a great job and explained in detail how the service went and how my cat responded, etc. Very happy with our experience and will be setting up recurring appointments!

Tammi DeGraw

2 years ago

I don't know how to start. ALICIA IS AWESOME!! I have a senior mini Aussie. We moved here last year and have struggled with finding a groomer. I took him to a "5 star groomer" several months ago and was so disappointed. They didn't listen to what I asked them to do and basically cut all of his fringe off and it was very choppy. I searched and read reviews in hopes this experience would be different. I am so happy I found Alicia last week. She was able to squeeze us in today. I'm sure she could hear the desperation in my voice. She listened to me 100%. He had some matting on his back legs and she thought she would have to take them pretty short not knowing how he would behave and then mentioned trimming him all over. I'm sure she could tell that I was skeptical about trimming him and I mentioned my last experience. I was a little stressed about how he would look when I picked him up. He looks amazing. His coat is so shiny and she cleaned his fringe up perfectly. I couldn't be happier I have found someone I love to take care of him. THANK YOU ALICIA!!!

Devin Carpenter

2 years ago

Top notch grooming! Alicia did an awesome job handling my elderly cat…it’s obvious that she truly cares for her clients. I highly recommend her spa services!

Tanya Tee

2 years ago

Based off the compliments of the previous owner, she stated wonderful things about this place. I'm looking forward to my own experience with them soon

Rita Spivey

2 years ago

My dog looked and smelled AMAZING!! They did an wonderful job!


2 years ago

Took my grandma's pup here for grooming, they were sweet and did a wonderful job. Definitely will go back!

Kimberly LeBron-Smith

2 years ago

It is ok. The vet puts him on a lift and Can do it. I'm sure we will be back again as you are closer to the other groomer we use.

Beth Stewart

2 years ago

This was my first visit with my cat, Marley. I wasn't sure how this was going to work since I've never had my cat groomed before. I could not be more pleased. The staff was super friendly and answered all of my questions. My pet was taken care of while being there for grooming and looked AMAZING when it was all done. Seriously. This cat was so soft, smelled good, and wasn't shedding every second of the day like she had been. It should also be noted that she really wasn't traumatized for leaving the house and going somewhere different and having a bath and the works. I highly recommend Alicia's. It really was the worth the drive for me to take her, and I look forward to taking my second cat very soon.

Sarah Boelter

3 years ago

We had a great experience with both our cats for their grooming. She prioritized providing a great service while ensuring all their needs were met. Both cats were clean and fluffy, hair trimmed in all the right places, and were very calm coming out of their carriers. They also had litter and water at the groomer, which I liked a lot. In the past both of them have always made a beeline for the water bowl after the groomer. Great experience, will be bringing them back :)

Snoopy Gildersleeve

3 years ago

Alicia's and her staff are amazing and very professional they have always been very patient and understanding when it has come to our little dog Silkie. Thank you for your kindness and outstanding work you do.

Sativa Borges

3 years ago

I booked an appt. for my one year old indoor cat. I wanted a basic grooming with a lion cut to cut back in shedding due to my husband's allergies. When I arrived at the appt. She asked why I would like the cut and explained and she tried to tell me that my husband us allergic to his saliva not his fur which is incorrect. My husband has an allergy to cat fur not saliva. She then went on to ask if it was his first time being groomed and said that she let's the cat determine to service he gets which I understand if he can't tolerate much. He is a friendly cat and not aggressive. He hisses when he is around people he is unsure about but does not bite or scratch out of hostility. Anyhow I get there to pick him up to find out they only shaved the bottom of his belly. They gave him a bath, trimmed his nails, and brushed him for 15 minutes is what I was told. She said they required an assistant because my cat go aggressive. He supposed tried to bite tham and was growling at them. He has no front claws so she said he was using his back claws to scratch her. When I brought my cat home he was still wet and his belly was shaved however he has hair flying off of him everytime he moved. I went ahead and shaved him myself and found that he had an adult flea on him. Only the one. Again he is not around other animals and is solely and indoor cat. Had I not shaved him he would have had a full case of fleas due to this salon. After I shaved my cat I was also able to give him a bath. I did not have one bite mark or scratch on me. My cat was relatively tolerate as I know how to handle cats to calm them down. I do not believe this groomer knows how to properly handle cats. EDIT: After posting this review I received a phone call from Alicia who claimed she was just calling to check in from service as she does all her clients. I was honest and then she started quoting my review. I let her know that I knew she was calling solely because of my bad review. She claimed she was trying to fix the problem. I made her aware that nothing would fix my experience as it had already happened. She was very unprofessional and argumentative on the phone. after having been on the phone and being argued with instead of her listening to my issues I decided that I was going to get off. I was respectful and gor off the phone. 10 minutes later I received to phone calls and a voice-mail saying she refunded me a portion of my bill. I did leave gratuity and I always do when I recieve services regardless of the the service I recieve. I did not argue about the price as I knew that I had agreed to it prior but it doesnt change the fact that it was ridiculously overpriced. As I said before my cat is not aggressive and I did not need help bathing or shaving my cat on my own. My cat absolutely got a flea from this salon as I have said over and over. My cat is the only animal in my own. He has never been outside or been around other animals. I do not recommend this salon and if you have a bad experience and write a bad review be prepared to be called multiple times and be harassed about it

Robin Morris

3 years ago

Wonderful and very lovely employees. First class establishment.

Michelle Hartson

3 years ago

Alisha’s K9 took excellent care of our 2 Husky’s that were in bad need of a complete groom. Both Angel and Penny looked refreshed and pampered after their day at the spa (in the driveway). We will definitely be calling when it is time to groom them once again. Just the convenience of the mobile groom was well worth it to us. Thank you for taking excellent care of our two husky’s.

Johanna Marie

3 years ago

Everyone at Alicia's pet spa is very friendly and knowledgeable!! They treat their clients (our beloved pets) with such care and professionalism. Our senior pooch loves them :) I highly recommend them!!!

Jessica Whitley

3 years ago

Wonderful to work with, I had the pleasure of working with the owner who did a fabulous job on my foster dog. Very compassionate, professional, and affordable. I would recommend.

Earl Cox

3 years ago

I've used other groomers that do okay but I wasn't truly happy with the grooming my kitty received. Alicia and her crew are absolutely the best hands down at grooming felines!

darci martinez

3 years ago

They are always so great with my cat. Very patient, and they really care about your pet.

Brittany Myrick

3 years ago

the best out there for your fur babies

Beth Garcia

3 years ago

Alicia is the best! I was new to the area a few years ago and had a 10 year old blind/diabetic dog, my biggest fear with the move was finding a groomer I could trust. Hands down to Alicia she was awesome. Always did a great job and took great care of my boy. Unfortunately kidney failure took my boy last year. After a year with an empty house I decided it was time. I now have a goldendoodle puppy. And within the first week Alicia was able to squeeze us in for a puppy groom. My girl looked and smelled great. When we brought our new puppy home there was never a question who was going to be our groomer, as I had already found the best in town. Thank you so much Alicia and staff for being the best of the best...

Angeline Rinehart

3 years ago

I really wanted to love and utilize this mobile grooming service, but I cannot trust this establishment. There were a series of mix-ups and confusion (largely due to the business manager), cancellations due to personal emergencies (which I totally understand). So two last-minute cancelled appointments on their end (which if I cancelled last minute I would've been charged) and we finally got our services done on the third appointment made. I was initially happy to just have gotten the services I waited so long for. I have a large mix dog who went first and a medium corgi who went next. We noticed my corgi wasn't acting like his usual self but we thought maybe he was still tuckered out from the appointment. After a couple days we realized he still was acting very lethargic and we went to check on him and he whimpered when we pet his neck. He has very thick and long fur so we didn't couldn't see anything wrong by just looking at him. After pulling his hair back, we noticed there was a red bloody rash that goes all around his neck. It looked like it scabbed over slightly in some parts and other parts were bleeding and there was dried blood in his fur. We thought maybe the groomers utilized some sort of sanitizer on the collar after my first dog and it gave him a really bad reaction. We called our vet to see what we should do, and she believes the groomer didn't get all of the shampoo out of his hair and with the collar on it irritated his skin and caused the rash. We wanted to use mobile grooming because my larger dog is very nervous and skittish so it is very hard to get her to cooperate when going out in public. Thus, we don't go to dog parks or bring our dogs anywhere but the vet and to get their nails trimmed which is the only time they wear a collar. We've never had them bathed before, we always just do it ourselves at home and have never had this problem. We go outside with our dogs to go potty without a collar or leash (we have brand new sod in our fenced-in backyard we don't want them digging up and we pick up after them) and I am a virtual student so I am always home with them and they are always in my sight. I called Alicia to tell her I no longer wanted to utilize her service (I already set up a recurring appointment previously) and told her the only difference in our routine was getting the dogs groomed and he was perfectly fine before the grooming. She said they use a harness not a collar when grooming, but a harness still has to go around the neck/chest because otherwise it doesn't stay on. She asked for pictures so I sent them, and she asked if she could come over to see for herself. I told her no because I don't see how that would solve anything. We already know it's from the groomers and her coming to see for herself wouldn't change it. I didn't want to get my dogs riled up with having people over and further irritate it. My dog is clearly in pain and I didn't feel like she cared. It seemed like she cared more about trying to find an alternative reason for the rash. I am a very understanding and empathetic person so I was more than cooperative with everything leading up to the appointment. I understand she is running a business and there are sketchy people out there who try to take advantage of situations but I really wanted this to work out and utilize this service. But I cannot trust them with my dog's well-being, let alone with keeping appointments. Alicia had multiple opportunities throughout our interactions to do the right thing and always just shifted the blame or had a variety of excuses. I wasn't looking for anything but an apology for the pain they caused. It literally infuriates me to know I paid so much money and tipped the groomer for them to hurt my dog who was helpless and still has a ways to go before he is fully healed. We are just hoping the rash doesn't get worse by getting infected. We are following my vet's orders of medication and keeping an eye on it, so we will see if any further damage will occur. Other dog owners - be warned!

Kristi Rather

4 years ago

Exceptionally Awesome groomer. My dauschund loves her.

Matt Kristofferson

4 years ago

My golden had a great experience there. They were very warm and friendly and bathed, trimmed and clipped his nails to perfection. The only negative was my own fault and I forgot to tell them not to spray perfume on him. He was overwhelming for several hours. But we will definitely be back.

Mary Ellen Trbovic

4 years ago

New to the area and looking for a groomer for a Golden. Alicia did a fantastic job. Best grooming ever. My Golden is very shy and she was wonderful. He looks like he's ready to be shown. Before he was at the groomer for 6 or more hours and hated it (he doesn't like crates). She came to my house so he didn't have to wait, and he was done so much faster. Not all groomers do Goldens, I highly recommend them.

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