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Lawrence Reynolds

a year ago

Very responsive and caring staff and doctor.

Lynda Good

a year ago

I brought a stray in.

Kathy Miller

a year ago

I didn't go there. Had a phone conversation but that was no help.

Janeane McPeek

a year ago

Ein died in my son arm while heading tp the Emergency Animal place but Ein will be creamated and other things that I can't think right now but the workers was very kind to us in our of lost! Love you and will miss you Ein!!!

Ashley Stonebraker

2 years ago

Was fast and reasonable on price

Fred Flintstone

2 years ago

Good to have somewhere for night time emergencies. They took Great care of LARRY.

John Modde II

2 years ago

Have had to use the Clinic twice in the last few months due to dog fights. They are very prompt, explain the treatment they are doing and show you exactly what you will have to pay before they do any work on your pet. I really don't like to have to use Emergency Services, but when I do, this will be the only one I will use.

Morgan Iwan

2 years ago

Our dog had received surgery on her face to remove a skin tag and had opened up her incision over the weekend so we went to the emergency animal hospital to have it checked out because our normal vet wasn't open. They told us they would have to put her under anesthesia and cut out infection and it would cost us $800. We opted for them to send us home with antibiotics and see our regular vet the next day because we thought that was ridiculous and didn't want our dog having surgery twice in one week. When we got our dog back from them we could clearly see they didn't even inspect her incision because the ointment we had put on it that morning was still there. The next day her normal vet stitched it up and said her skin looked great and was not infected. It also only cost us $70 compared to $800. We are very angry that this vet tried to do an unnecessary procedure on our dog and charge the highest possible thing they could think of. We are also very angry that they toId us false information and didn't even look at our dog's incision. I do not recommend this vet at all. I don't think they have your pet's health in mind. They only want as much money as they can get out of you.

Rachel Schuetz

2 years ago

Extremely expensive, but the staff is very friendly. I'd only go here if there's literally no other option. Best thing I did was take my dog here, found out what needed to be done and that it wasn't super imperative to get it taken care of right then and there, and then took my dog to his vet the next day. Saved me and my boyfriend from having to pay over $1,000. And right now they're not allowing owners to go in with their pets - I'm assuming due to Covid - which is a bummer. Other than the prices, it's a great place to go for an emergency when you have no other place to go.

Shelly Howell

2 years ago

Took my mother's cat there. Wasn't sure what was going on, she had a UTI and antibiotics helped her tremendously! Thank you for helping my mother's 11 year old cat Abby.

Sean Sandoval

2 years ago

So, it does say "Emergency Animal Clinic" right. I guess only by appt and if it's a cat or dog. Absolute joke.

James Moody

2 years ago

Took my puppy there they tested her positive for parvo gave her shots and she died 2 hours later. Her brother also had parvo I kept him home and didn't give him shots and he made it. They kept us waiting forever to come back with the results just a bad experience all around

holly ribordy

2 years ago

Been bringing all my animals here for years! We love Dr conner!

Chris Ortega

2 years ago

Staff seemed friendly. Prices were very high. Is it because they were the only ones open? Anyone with good pet insurance should advertise. We spent over $850. They helped in a pinch! But what if a person did not qualify for their credit card? Would a person need to choose between letting thier precious pet die, beg for money, or steal?

Chilsea Burgen

2 years ago

Don't use this vet. Go to Blue Pearl in overland park, it's worth the drive for your beloved pet to be in the best hands possible. I can promise you will not get the same quality of care at Emergency Animal Clinic of Topeka. The reason for such a review? My dog was sick and I wasn't sure what to do, I called them earlier in the night and was given some sound advice. I called later upon her symptoms worsening and was told the prices went up toward closing time and the staff would leave to go home. Holding the staff over would result in an extra charge and while I am totally not put off by paying for services (extra charges and all) I didn't get paid until the next morning. I said what do I do if I can't pay right away but later that morning? What if my dog dies? And Max who was operating the phone said "that's not our problem" and hung up. So you can take my advise or not, but this place employs people that do not care about your pet. Don't go here.

Barbara Carver

2 years ago

I had scheduled my dog an appointment with her regular vet to be euthanized. After coming home from work I noticed she wasn't going to make it. The staff was very caring and compassionate that we were losing a family member we loved. Yes it was expensive but they are an emergency clinic you shouldn't expect it to be cheap. Anyway, about a week later we received a condolences card with her paw and nose print. That really touched me and I appreciate all they did to help us through a tough time.

jesse acker

2 years ago

What a world it would be if you didn't have have cash up front you die

Judah Wayman

2 years ago

They were open late, which is wonderful, but they charged close to 500 dollars for a check up/ear cleaning, cone, blood work, steroids, and cytology.

LeAnne Rodriguez

2 years ago

My daugther was in town from KC and we needed to see a vet for a small emergency. This place was TOP NOTCH - professional and responsive. I highly recommend them!

Ralph Norris

2 years ago

This place is nothing but highway robbery. Sunday, couldn’t get into our amazing vet in Auburn, so we took our 6 and a half month old pup here under suspicion of having parvo. They wanted $157 for the test and to be seen by the vet. We were correct and had to get shots and hydration for another $154. Refused to work with any kind of payments or a day for money to come out of our account. Didn’t have a choice due to the circumstances. Thanks for being a top notch “veterinarian clinic”.

sydney coltharp

2 years ago

I took my kitten all the way from Manhattan to this vet. Took one look at her and said “she doesn’t look that bad” and sent me home with an antibiotic and special kitten food WITHOUT doing any bloodwork, and told me to take her to the vet Monday or Tuesday. Got her into the vet on Monday morning, where they ran a CDC to find she was in acute kidney failure. Thankfully we found it in time for her to come out of the woods without a scratch. But I would not recommend this vet at all. They clearly aren’t doing the functions they need as an ER vet. They were more worried about getting out on time. Please beware when you’re looking for a ER vet in Topeka!

Sandra Robinson (Sandy)

2 years ago

Way to expensive to care for your animals. They wanted 1700 for our dog when we just got done paying 1400 for his surgery.

Maggie Belk-Cole

2 years ago

They were incredibly helpful in assessing our yorkie Bentley's medical emergency. They assisted us in keep costs down while focusing on giving Bentley quality care. We live in Eudora, but the drive to Topeka was definitely worth it!

Dawn Ross

2 years ago

My dog got a bloody nose somehow. I'm not sure how, and I couldn't stop it. I called them and they said to bring him in. I did. They looked at him for less then 10 minutes, charged me $75, then said they don't have the means to help him and I need to take him to the emergency vet in Manhattan. So why did they tell me on the phone to bring him in if they didn't have the means to help him? I guess they really needed my $75. I get they didn't have a way to do a CT scan or probe his nose, but surely, they could have at least tried to stop it. After the vet in Manhattan helped him, they confirmed there was no obstruction. They couldn't find anything wrong. So when my dog got a bloody nose again, I assumed this vet here in Topeka could still be able to help it stop bleeding. I called them. Nope. They said to go to Manhattan. Somehow, this vet here in Topeka doesn't have the means to stop a bloody nose. And if they can't do that, what can they do? I'm not going here again.

Brad Evans

2 years ago

Called late on a Saturday night to have our Pom put to rest. Took our call and told us to call when we got out front. We called and they heard our dog having another seizure and came out to help. Staff and the Doctor was professional and took care of us. Appreciate the card in the mail today.

Jon Flippin

2 years ago

Their evening/night staff should learn to be a little more people friendly, show some compassion, don't be rude and abrupt, especially if the person is manning the front desk. Compassion is lacking and then they want to talk money first, once they see money, their demeanor changes but by then it's too late. It's highway robbery what they charge for minimal care. Unfortunately, when they are the only game in town as an animal ER, they can charge what they want. Don't come to this place if you don't absolutely have to.

Chance Lammer

2 years ago

My grandmother Took her cat to the hospital and they charged her double what her estimate was also they run unnecessary test just so they can charge you they do not care about your animals All they care about is their own pocketbook

Enrikue Nusz

2 years ago

Our dog is severely ill and they denied us service 40 minutes before their closing time. Hopefully he makes it through the night.

Jamey Gilbert

2 years ago

They help my Taz. Felt like the wait was forever but it wasn't long. But clam me down and got little man feeling better. Thank you!!

Lillian Holmberg

2 years ago

They insisted my cat was fine even though he clearly wasn't after doing an "exam" which I wasn't even allowed to come in for. They wouldn't even let me come in to pay them for their sham services and hack work. Took him to my regular vet the next day and found out he was acting and walking oddly because he had a swollen hip. 10/10 do not reccomend. Super shady and clearly more concerned about money than the well being of the animals.

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