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Ally Brown

a year ago

They never failed to let me know what was happening with my puppy via text, email, and phone calls! It felt so good to know that my puppy was doing good and was being well taken care of. My favorite part is that not just my puppy learned, …

Brad Dieckmann

a year ago

Mike wife and I signed our new puppy up for training here due to her breed and size (Cane Corso). She is a breed needing socialization and control for the safety of others... We've been to KC Dawgs twice now and so far so good. I really …


a year ago

We were SO happy with the professional treatment at KC Dawgz. From the moment we walked in until the end of our hour private sessions, we knew Ivy was the priority. Allison was patient with not only Ivy but with us as well. She gave clear instructions on the how and why’s of each command and left us with clear homework assignments! We appreciated the follow up videos she sent to reinforce our e-collar trainings as well! We couldn’t be happier with KC Dawgz and the improvements in Ivy’s impulse control!

Dia Wall

a year ago

Our family (with 2 toddlers) welcomed a new puppy home and were overwhelmed with starting the training process. I found KC Dawgz right here & although I was skeptical of the strong reviews, whew they are real! Our 6-month-old puppy Dallas is like a new dog. He understands the commands & executes them well! The jumping & puppy nipping is gone. KC Dawgz brought out what a wonderful pup we truly have! Thank you to Erica, our trainer EmilyAnne & the whole team… ❤️

Carol H

a year ago

We are very pleased with our dog training sessions with Allison Link. In 8 one hour individual training sessions with our 6 month old Australian Cattle dog Cooper, we practiced and learned many valuable strategies. Among them...leash walking and teaching proper position, coming when called, tips on how to stop mouthing and jumping. One of the most interesting and valuable strategies that we use everyday is the 'the art of doing nothing'. At 6 months, Cooper would tear out of the house when I opened the door to try and take him for a walk, or get him out of his kennel or jump on countertops while I was getting him his food. Now we waits in a sitting position for me to give him a signal that it is OK to move. Allison even helped research different types of foods since our dog seems to be allergic to chicken and she had many suggestions for types dog toys since Cooper is a 'super chewer' and can decimate just about any toy in less than an hour. Allison is a wonderful trainer and Cooper loved coming to his classes. We cannot say enough about the wonderful experience KC Dawgz provided and we would recommend you to anyone who is interested in training their dog.

Starla Goss

a year ago

Thank you KC Dawgz, and especially thank you to trainer Kelsie, the miracle worker who transformed our puppy!! The board & train program worked perfectly for our situation and I’d recommend it to anyone considering training options. Kelsie reached out to us at the beginning of training and reviewed the challenging behaviors we needed corrected. She then worked collaboratively with us making recommendations on the training duration, specific commands taught and corrected behavior expectations. Midway through the three week program she connected with us to relay progress and highlights. Finally, at the go-home session, Kelsie demonstrated how best to deliver the commands, when and how to reward our puppy and how to keep the bad behavior at bay. She undoubtedly set our puppy up for success integrating into our family. We entrusted her to deliver and she absolutely impressed us!! Thank you again!!

Debbie Johnston

a year ago

We sent our 2 dogs to the 4 week board and train due to some behavioral issues. Initially we thought we would have to rehome one of the dogs but after we met with Allison at KC Dawgz we felt like there was hope for us to keep them both together. Our dogs had never been boarded or away from home. It was very hard dropping them off the first day however we knew it was the right thing to do. Allison and Kat were our trainers and they were excellent. The communication during their stay was great. The session we had before bringing them home was most helpful and we were provided with thorough aftercare instructions. In addition, we have had one follow up session so far as well as a phone consult and several emails to/from the trainers with questions or needing advice. They are very prompt at getting back to us and provide a lot of helpful information. The trainers are very knowledgeable and willing to provide ongoing education to us. While it has not always been easy since coming home, both dogs benefitted immensely from the training and are now able to coexist, something they could not do before the board and train. We also feel like we have the tools and resources we need to continue their training at home. Our dogs loved their trainers and were so excited to see them again at our follow up session. We are very happy with our experience at KC Dawgz and highly recommend!

cory meachum

a year ago

Amazing friendly staff that formed a sold trust bond for my puppy Reddy. I’d like to thank and recommend Reddys trainer Kat. Super patient and left me feeling she went out of her way for my dog. I think she’s top notch as well as the staff at KC Dawgz. Thank you for all you’ve done and to the continuing lessons down the road!

Brock Gilmore

a year ago

Had a great experience with private training lessons at KC Dawgz. Allison worked with us for an hour every week introducing training with higher level of distraction and obedience training. She was awesome to work with and so easy to bounce questions off of during the entire time over trouble areas or anything we wanted to accomplish with our GSD. Highly recommend private training lessons with Allison!

Alexandra Bluhm

a year ago

I can’t praise KC Dawgz enough – specifically, my dog’s trainer, Kat. My 5 year old German Shepherd, Brutus had a lot of work to do. His lack of socialization festered into aggression. It was impossible to have company due to his intolerable attitude and outrageous anxiety. I signed up for the 3 week board and train while I was on vacation. The day I dropped him off was very emotional for me - we had truly never been apart from one another, but I felt comfortable with the facility. Due to his aggressive tendencies, they let me drop him off at a low-traffic time, and even let me take him back to where he’d be boarding. The facility is clean and well-operated. Brutus was so uncomfortable with people that he didn’t allow the boarding staff to handle him. I praise ALL of the trainers for their dedication to take the time to help with his potty breaks, feeding, etc. This is a testament to how unruly he was, and the dedication of the staff to continue to work with him. Kat called and updated me every step of the way. His progress was slow, but Kat continued to patiently work with him. By the end of the 3 weeks, Brutus had made progress but was still struggling. KC Dawgz offered me then a series of in-home lessons. Though Brutus’s anxiety slightly hindered his progress at the facility, it was great on the level of him having been desensitized to a new environment. His separation anxiety seemed to lessen after that. Kat worked so diligently and wholeheartedly with Brutus. His in-home lessons were an amazing success. Kat educated me with the resources I needed to continue his training and I am so impressed with my dog. A complete 360°. I can’t thank Kat enough for the change she’s made in my life, and more importantly in Brutus’s. It’s like he is a puppy again, unafraid and eager to learn productively how to act in the world. 100 stars to this facility. Thank you all so much!!! Brutus Fvox and I are so grateful!!!

Bill Eskildsen

a year ago

Rex loved his time with you all! Thank you for everything!

Sarah Bolte

a year ago

Kailyn and staff did a great job with our pup! He’s been home 2 days since his board and train and he’s practically a new dog! Our biggest struggle was his excited jumping on everyone and he has only tried to jump once since he’s been home but we were able to correct him and affirm his good behavior. She answered our questions well and we feel confident to keep working with our Hank on these good habits and behaviors! Definitely recommend the board and train service.

Reilly Beard

a year ago

We just completed the two week essentials program at KC Dawgz. Kailyn did an excellent job with Jett and we can’t wait to get him transitioned home!

Melissa Burns

a year ago

We had our two pups with them and they did great with them. Very responsive and our pups seemed to really enjoy being there. Everyone was very enjoyable to work with. Looking forward to bringing these new techniques home and see them grow in the new found learning.

Jeffrey Masood

a year ago

My Pembroke Welsh Corgi (Ollie) completed the 4 week course. KC Dawgz was very professional in their communication and training program. The main reason I enroll my dog in the program was to have better recall and not have jealousy towards other dogs. I can see a huge improvement in my dogs behavior. Kat was Ollie's trainer and she did a fantastic job with Ollie. She addressed all of our concerns and answered our many questions.

Ivan Batlle

a year ago

I just picked up my Blue Heeler, Callie, from a month long stay with KC Dawgs. I’m incredibly impressed! Brooklyn, my pups trainer, was extremely dedicated to Callie's training and was incredibly responsive throughout the whole program. All of my questions were answered and better yet, Callies behavior has improved tremendously. I would highly recommend the master obedience program for anyone interested in improving their relationship with your pup!

Haedyn Beach

a year ago

Kat is the best! You can tell she treats the dogs she works with like her own. We are so happy with her work and will be recommending KC Dawgz to everyone

Cari Lee

a year ago

This was such an AMAZING experience for all of us! Allison was incredible!!! She has helped my pup so much! I’d recommend Allison, and KC Dawgz to everyone!

Brent Schultz

a year ago

Kailyn did a great job with our 5 month old puppy!

Margaret Watermann

a year ago

Kat did a great job with my dog. She learned so many useful commands and I’m very happy with the results. I did not worry about her while we were away because I knew she was taken care of and learning.

K O'Neil

a year ago

The staff are great, and I would recommend Allison for any type of training that you need. I think that I needed training more than my dog did. Allison is very patient, and takes the time to thoroughly explain the process, and makes sure that both dog and parent understand how to train at home. Highly recommend for any age dog at any level!

Daniel Felder

a year ago

What a amazing experience. Emily Ann and the team has loved on our puppy like he was there own. With a great deal of skepticism after trying other trainers, this is by far the only way to go. Thank you all so much, you are our family now!

Chase Heller

a year ago

This place was absolutely amazing! They transformed our dogs from not listening to the most obedient dogs you can have! The trainers are all extremely friendly and very good at breaking down the training for an easy-to-understand way to help for at home use! I would 100% recommend this place over and over again.

Aziz Joon

a year ago

Staff are very friendly and their techniques work for our puppy. I like their professionalism, good quality and responsive. I highly recommend KC Dawgs!

Haley Specht

a year ago

Our golden Cooper had a great experience at KC Dawgz, and we had a great take home lesson today with Kailyn. Now time for the at home training!!

Allison Shelton

a year ago

Orca learned so much while she was in training, and I learned even more. We signed up for the private puppy lessons and it was well worth it - she received her first introduction to useful and common commands/behaviors and I am already seeing indications of improvement after just 2 weeks. Her trainer was extremely informative, supportive of us both, and professional. She answered all questions I had, even those not directly related to her training curriculum and set us up for success after completing the course. Orca certainly made a new friend and we are both so appreciative of KC Dawgz time spent with us - we'd both highly recommend!

Jennifer Johnson

a year ago

I would highly recommend this place to anyone. Allison worked wonders and now my dog, who was incredibly antisocial, is now playing with our puppy. Not only am I pleased with the results, the process was great due to the constant communication.

Sondra Ammeen

a year ago

Emily Ann was so patient with our dogs! She also trained us, so we are comfortable to keep training them ourselves

Laura Engel

a year ago

So we tried a different training company in the area before coming here, and it wasn’t the best fit. The first session we had at KC Dawgz was more beneficial than the 4 sessions we had prior at the other place! Caleb has been our trainer and we’ve gained a ton of confidence in handling our pup. We rescued a mutt (just turned 1) but think she’s part Ridgeback and part Pitbull… so she’s very stubborn and intelligent. We’ve had improvement with heeling, going to her place, etc. Our biggest issue is reaction/jumping and barking towards some strangers when on walks. We’re about to begin tackling that situation and I’m eager to see the changes that come about. Highly recommend this place!

Justin Garner

a year ago

tl;dr: My dog is trained. Anthony is awesome. KC Dawgz is awesome. We took our young, unsocialized, but super sweet (with us) Presa Canario/American Bulldog mix in for a 3-week board and train. Bear was assigned to Anthony and holy cow. It seems like Anthony didn't take any time off while training, because Bear is insanely attentive, smart, well-behaved -- and most importantly -- still a sweet pup. Drop off was as painless as it could be. I mean, it sucked for us to be dropping off our pup for a 3 week stay, but the partnership KC Dawgz has with Woof's is seamless. During his stay we were able to visit with Bear and Anthony a couple of times to check in and give him some loving (Bear, not Anthony). I was highly impressed with the pickup after it was all said and done. After meeting with us one-on-one sans-pup, Anthony made sure we were set up to maintain and grow our pup's training and knowledge. I almost felt bad taking Bear home with us; it kinda seemed like Anthony had grown pretty fond of him. I had to wait to write my review -- I wanted to see the behavior modification in action. You see, Bear had an issue of getting intimidated and/or angry at some pretty ruthless types, like little girls, old ladies, and small dogs. Well, after our walk this morning, he got more compliments than he did scared looks, even after walking right by his former foes. We're looking forward to continuing Bear's growth with Anthony and KC Dawgz. To Anthony and the rest of the KC Dawgz homies: THANK YOU!

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