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Gwendolyn Schroeter

2 years ago

I will never take my pets anywhere else. Everyone here is extremely professional, and they genuinely care about all animals. My cats don’t get upset at all while here. Best vet clinic ever.

Kelli Almes

2 years ago

This clinic is amazing. We are regular clients who have also had to call on them for emergent and urgent situations. They are always so responsive and are able to help. Excellent communication and very reasonable prices. Would recommend to anyone.

Elizabeth Renner

2 years ago

Dr. Deam was super helpful in answering my questions about Banjo's toenails, and vet tech Natalia was wonderful with Banjo while administering booster vaccinations as per usual. Banjo adores Natalia and she is a phenomenal vet tech to work with. This practice has been so good to us since I adopted Banjo from Purple Paws four years ago and my friend recommended the Westside clinic, and I'm going to be hard-pressed to find better veterinary care for my buddy now that I'm graduating and leaving town. These folks are friendly, knowledgeable, fantastic at working with fearful or anxious dogs, and very transparent about charges for lab work and exams.

Abad Ruiz

2 years ago

So far good. Everyone is so polite.treat my mom with alot of respect.

Mary Hynes

2 years ago

They are very attentive to my pets needs. Take time to explain things. Highly recommend them.

Coleen Brown

2 years ago

Very compassionate , yet professional and competent when assisting my beloved dog Mandy fall asleep in death peacefully.

Charlotte Cope

2 years ago

Dr. Waters is the best. Love the staff.

Sandy Butler

2 years ago

My corgi got a corneal abrasion. The staff was understanding of my emergency and saw Ellie right away. They are kind and professional. Ellie and I love them! Would recommend this clinic to everyone in Manhattan. Thank you so much! Sandy

Troy Huser

2 years ago

So patient with your pet.

Anna Jones

2 years ago

Absolutely amazing~ I have an big 100lbs chicken German Shepard and they did amazing with him never pushed him and got all the way on the floor with him to take a blood sample! They are actually the best vets office I think I have ever been too!

Debbie Russell

3 years ago

Dr Waters was so caring and compassionate with the care of my cat. Even though they were very busy that day, she took the time to explain everything to me and made sure I was as well taken care of as my cat. I would highly recommend Dr Waters to anyone looking for the best care for their pet.

Candice Wilson

3 years ago

Great vets and techs that pay the absolutely best care to our fur babies. The online reminders and mailers are very helpful in reminding us of when our pups need preventative services.

Aaron Nagy

3 years ago

Go there for all my dog needs. They answer all questions and are more than patient.

Brady Wisdom

3 years ago

I had taken my dog here for about a year after I'd gotten her, she was about 3 months old our first visit. After about 8 months she'd developed a condition in which her eyes would gloss over with discharge, to which they'd explain to me was her inability to produce tears, or something along those lines. I was told multiple times that this was a lifelong condition that could not indefinitely be healed completely, that I would need to use human eyedrops every day to make her as comfortable as possible. After 3 years old I decided to get a second opinion, the new vet disagreed and decided on some medication she claimed would heal her eyes completely. After a month one of her eyes had made a full recovery and no longer needed treatment. Her other eye had progressed to a level too high for the treatment to be effective, so surgery was required. Her eyes are now healed and my pet finally gets to experience her life with no discomfort, she can finally see. The money and discomfort that came with the surgery could have been avoided had she not been misdiagnosed in the first place. I understand that nobody is perfect, and I completely understand that humans make mistakes, but I can't help but feel disheartened but the fact that her condition was so quickly glanced over by the animal doctor.

Naturally Flavored

3 years ago

Helped my doggo big time.

Casey Pennock

3 years ago

Although the staff and vet are very professional when dealing with my dog, they are not very good client advocates when it comes to pet prescriptions. For instance, they charged me $90.20 for a prescription, and didn't care to mention that you can order the same drug from petco for $49. You should really consider being upfront with clients about alternative options, particularly when you're charging nearly twice as much.

Chelsie Sanders

3 years ago

I couldn't have been more pleased with my experience here. We have a shy dog who is a little dog reactive, and the techs and doctor all took great care to hear my concerns about keeping him isolated from other pets. They took extra steps to get him right in the door without making him wait in the lobby, which would have amplified both of our stress levels significantly. Their prices are very affordable and i loved their approach to education. They were informative and offered additional services, but there was no pressure to make additional purchases I didn't feel were necessary for us in the moment. The tech also went above and beyond getting me information this morning during our recheck appointment. She even filled out all she could for the city license application I need to mail for proof of vaccinations! I'm really pleased and grateful for the patience, education, and commitment to making the experience as stress-free as possible.

Dani Beckwith

3 years ago

Love Animal Doctor! My dog is nervous about going to the vet, but they make him feel at home and comfortable. They get on the floor with him, pet him, even show him the tools they are using! Plus he loves getting the treats the offer!! ????


3 years ago

Dr Waters is fantastic. I've been using this vet for two years now and they've accommodated every emergency. When one of my cats hurt himself in the middle of the weekday, they let us bring him in with no appointment and they found time to examine him between patients. They're so thorough and even my most anxious cat is made to feel comfortable here.

Faith Robinson

3 years ago

My Daughter said The Vet and other workers are very great

Jacob Decker

3 years ago

Very nice people. I took my cat here to get vaccines and to be neutered and they explained everything thoroughly and made sure everything was clear. Definitely will be my vet for now on!

Junkin’ with BoJo

3 years ago

Great service! Quick and friendly, came to the car to pick up and dropped off at car. We where an hour early because I got my times mixed up but no problem they got us in and out in 20min!

Kearra McBee

3 years ago

I came here for the first time with my dog who had anxiety with the groomers. They aren’t friendly to people or pets. The vet walked in and ignored my dog completely. He wanted to introduce himself and she went to the computer and made a comment about how to train a bad dog if they whine. They are very strange. I wouldn’t recommend to anyone.

Lawrence Young

3 years ago

They treated my service dog nicely while grooming

Lynn A

3 years ago

This place really does care about your pets! They go to extreme lengths to make sure your animal is as unstressed as possible. They take time to establish proper care and really listen to you as a patient. I'm so far pretty pleased with our new vet here and I am looking forward to the high level of care from them in the future!

Monica Fricks

3 years ago

Can’t say enough good things about this place! Everyone here is so amazing and kind.

Morgan T

3 years ago

I took my 11 year old dog and 6 month old puppy in to have their nails trimmed as we couldn’t go to the retail groomers. With the social distancing encouraged at this time, the staff made sure to let me know when making the appointment that when I arrive to call and a staff member would come out and bring my dogs in one at a time to have their appointments. My puppy went first, and was in and out in approximately 5 minutes. We swapped dogs and the staff took my older dog in. They were in there just under 10 minutes. I did remember I forgot to warn the staff that my old dog doesn’t like one foot in particular touched. Before bringing my dog back out they called and asked if I was going to be paying with a card as they could take care of that before coming out with my dog. When the staff bring my dog out they share that she wasn’t very willing to let them lift her feet to have them trimmed. I shared I forgot to share the info about her one foot and knew she didn’t like having her nails trimmed. The staff offered a couple solutions to hopefully help, I.e. holding her feet when we aren’t trimming her nails, and bring in her favorite treats/bring her in without eating first to be food motivated to be more cooperative. I shared that they were all great ideas and they had been suggested in the past and I do implement them regularly but it hasn’t seemed to help. They staff then suggested I speak with the doctor to maybe consider an anxiety med for her to take before hand and asked if i wanted her to leave a message for the doctor for us to speak. I said yes as I’ve never had that suggested. The doctor called the next day and after him asking some questions(is there any issue with fireworks or thunderstorms) and after 15 minutes we determined it was going to be beneficial for the dog to have something to help relax her during more stressful times. I appreciate the staff being mindful enough to suggest that we try something new to help make it easier on my old gal in stressful situations. I appreciate the doctor taking and spending the time to help me determine if this would be the best option for my dog. Thank you all soo much for your help!!

Kirk Provine

4 years ago

I feel safe bringing my pets here. I feel like the best vets are ran by people who love animals and the people who work here love animals! Every time I come in they readily welcome me. They constantly talk about how much of a joy it was to have my pets here! They love interacting with them and checking up on them. I worry that my pets will be lonely when they sometimes stay over night but the people here always check on them and give me a full detailed report on how they did. I know my pets are safe hers and well taken care of. Recently they have started emailing me quotes of how much a service may be depending on which services I want. I love this kind of transparency. Also they called the day after to check up on my pet after I took him home! That was a lovely surprise. I wont take my pets anywhere else ever.

Lee Jones

4 years ago

Very good veterinarian service. Appointments have always been on time and they're very patient (with me as well as with my cat), conscientious and proactive with care. They treat their furry clients well. Friendly helpful staff.

Lisa Mechels

4 years ago

I've experienced nothing other than wonderful care from the staff at Animal Doctors. Every visit entails friendly, professional, compassionate, efficient, service. They have accommodated my furry family and me through several emergencies and we have received the highest level of care every time. Our most recent visits included annual vaccinations, teeth cleaning, spaying, double ear (yeast) infection and a mysterious rash. Glad to say we are all back to our healthy selves thanks to Animal Doctors!

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