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Theresa Collins

a year ago

Great place to take your pet

Sebby Buckley

a year ago

Fantastic service!!! We brought our cat Pesto in for a wellness check. She was a little nervous and the vet was so patient with her. He was very gentle when examining her and gave us great advice. We will definitely be bringing our other cats here.

mary ellen young

a year ago

This is my new vet!!! They really cared for my two really large dogs!

Lorielle Lawrence

a year ago

I came out knowing less about the lump on my dog’s back than I did going in and yet was still charged $110 for an exam and an ointment. We were left waiting in the room for 15-20 minutes at a time more than once and it was the most anxious experience I’ve ever had at a vet by far. My dog was terrified and so was the vet- she didn’t seem to have any experience with fearful dogs- and to be honest she seemed timid and unable to answer any questions at all. It was bizarre and confusing and entirely distressing.They kept trying to sell me some monthly plan and when I pointed out that their services didn’t seem low-cost or affordable the person ringing me up sort of laughed it off and said that they haven’t changed names yet but that they had been bought out by another company and would no longer be a low-cost clinic. I feel mislead and I wish that I would have just waited for an appointment at our usual vet- I just thought this was an urgent issue and made an appointment here because a friend had taken their dog here last year and I remembered it being very affordable. It’s honestly disgusting how places like this are able to prey on pet owners to try and make money off of people knowing that they will feel backed into a corner because they love their pets. I was told that I had two options- a $100 test followed by an $800 surgery or an $800 surgery followed by a $100 test. I had to ask the vet to repeat this multiple times because she kept framing it as multiple options but in case I’m just missing something here that is only one option just in different order. I’m not exaggerating when I say I feel traumatized by this entire experience.

Autumn Steele

a year ago

At first I thought this was a great clinic but the longer I work with them in servicing my pet - the more I realize they truly do not care about your pet but instead scheduling more services to receive more money. I was consistently denied getting my cats insulin (which he needs - clearly) until I booked another appointment through them. He would have to go days without until they approved him being able to get his next medication they are prescribed him in previous visits. I have never been to a vet clinic that requires you to jump through so many hoops to get medication for your pet. Every month when he needs a new vial it is an absolute headache. I would not recommend and I will be finding a new vet clinic shortly.

Emily Roderick

a year ago

They do not care about your pet!! I brought my kitten in who wasn’t eating, throwing up and was very lethargic. They did X-rays and said he would need “exploratory surgery” because they didn’t know what was wrong with him. The vet told me “you should probably reach out to family and friends to help you pay for this” and quoted me $2,000 for a surgery for her to just look around to see what she could find in my cat. I took my cat to a different vet the next morning. Who looked at the X-rays THRIVE did. 16 minutes into the appointment they told me he probably was just constipated. They ran a test and got his bowls moving. He was perfectly normal and eating right after! We have are fun kitty back because of pleasant hill animal clinic for literally $200 for EVERYTHING they did. They kept him for most of the day to make sure he was good to go! Do NOT take you animals too thrive. Their name (affordable vet care) is a total scam to get you in there. They will do whatever they can to get the most money out of you! Literally can’t believe they wanted to do “exploratory surgery” on a 4 month old kitty when he just had hard stool.


a year ago

Elizabeth Phares vet- do not go here if they offer you an appointment with her. I took my German Shepherd in for discoloration of cornea & skin/coat issues. There was nothing affordable, professional, skilled, or competent about this visit. She seemed afraid to interact with me or my dog; had an N95 mask on but still wouldn’t come near us-I’m double vaxxed with flu shot & had mask on! She couldn’t find my dogs heartbeat- my dog is living so I don’t understand this. She struggled in doing the eye exam- I asked her if she got the drop in & that I can do it if she can’t- I don’t trust the eye exam that she did or the results! My 2 yo Shepherd has pannus in 1 eye - that contradicts the literature. She gave me no instruction on treating the bald spots & infection on my dogs tail. She recommended cytopoint or apoquel not telling me apoquel was minimal cost & effective in 4 hrs - so I opted for the shot thinking it was faster acting. She struggled to give my dog the shot, said it wouldn’t hurt & my dog screamed like I’ve never heard- she didn’t get the shot in so I held my dog & supposedly the shot was given; at this point I don’t think she got the shot in but didn’t want to admit it. All options she discussed were for prescription expensive food & continued appointments every week- the idea I would drive 22 miles & pay only $12 less for the visit than vets near me for the same pricey high dollar options & a scared incompetent vet ???????? I saw 2 other vets here that were superb, gave me affordable pricing options, tried to keep my cost low, not Elizabeth Phares - simply the WORST VET I’ve ever encountered & I just payed $251 for possibly no shot or competent eye exam for my dog! If they try to book you with her- don’t do it! You are better off going somewhere else.

Teressa Patterson

a year ago

to darn expensive and they no it, wouldn't recommend

Becky Myers

a year ago

My boyfriend and I recently took a cat in off the street that just started showing up, and she was in pretty rough shape. She had a cut on her leg from what we assume was another animal, and we could see the tissues and muscle in her leg. She was obviously in pain and limping, and nobody was able to get us in to fix her up for weeks. This place was able to get her in the next day and they fit her sedation/stitches into their schedule the same day. She’s doing a lot better now and the cut has improved so much. They quoted us for everything before they did it, with the low end and the high end of things. They also gave us a free exam and worked with us to try and make things as cheap as possible. We’re really grateful!

Jessica Aguilar

a year ago

Very sweet to my cat

Kyle Walker

a year ago

They made my dog feel a whole lot better the first visit looking forward to having her back in there great people

Samantha Zelenka

a year ago

Sweet staff, very understanding and open! Will be coming back for more care!

Shirl Maldonado

a year ago

Great customer service. Wonderful with our dog. Amazing service.

Tammy Greenshaw

a year ago

I feel ripped off and violated !! I called and got an appointment to take my dog for a pre-spay appointment for $35 and basically I paid $35 for nothing. For them to feel her throat and feel around on her back and tell me that they will send me an email with an estimate for the surgery.. so of course I asked about the cost to get her spayed and the answer was. it'll be about $400. This is why they don't tell you what the cost is when you ask on the phone. Just FYI the local veterinarian that I have scheduled to do this surgery is under $200. Pet Resource will do it for $130. 0 ⭐ from me.

Hope Danica

a year ago

Dental vey on Wednesday. Grant and Kimber were great.

Patrick Frank

a year ago

Very caring staff, easy to make appointments even during the pandemic.

Dean Ummel

a year ago

Hi my name is Gary Ummel,I own a 13 year old pure bred rat terrior named Sierra. I just want everyone to know that all the staff at the Lee Summit Thrive vet. Next to petco,are all angels sent from heaven. They saved my girl, she had a piametra. I can't thank them enough . I would recommend them, and have to my friends and family. They were the nicest most caring people, and they genuinely care and love what they do. So Instead of a 5 star rating, I give them a million star rating. God bless each and every one of you. Love yall

Duan Bryant

a year ago

They did a great job with my Bentley

Bridgette Givens

a year ago

This Animal Hospital is expensive even though they say they are affordable. I didn't really care for their ways of operation. However if your pet is sick they will see you EVEN ON A SUNDAY !!!! I give them 3 out of 5 star rating because they will see your pet on a SUNDAY. But they recommend expensive treatments & procedures. They refer you to expensive pet foods. They don't send the vet out to discuss your pets issues They use a call center to arrange appointments I am not a fan of any of that. But if you're in a situation with your pet they will see you even on a SUNDAY.

Marty schien

a year ago

I cannot say enough alls I can say is they saved my dogs life and im forever grateful they truly care about your pets it is amazing I love my dog more than anything in the world so they saved my world they are superheros

Abi Veneziano

2 years ago

Amazing prices, very helpful and informative, and the staff was wonderful. I have had issues with vets in the past charging for ridiculous things and not giving me the right info, so I was very glad to find a place like this!

Jazmine Negron

2 years ago

This is the best place we have ever been! No one treats you like family the way these guys do! Even with covid guidelines in place, they manage to make you feel comfortable and they are just radiating with love here! I cannot express enough how Wonder they are here and they got us what we needed, quickly! Highly recommend! Very affordable! Thank you thank you thank you!

Kiera Hutton

2 years ago

I haven’t been, but their website is pretty nice.


2 years ago

I take all three of my animals here and they are amazing!

Carissa Kimmell

2 years ago

This has been a great experience for our pups! They have treated them like family and are always given the best care imaginable.

Marcellus Corbin

2 years ago

Everyone is nice and very helpful. They were able to help us figure out what exactly was wrong with one of our dogs instead of a blanket statement like "old age". Really helped us with treatment as well.

Peri Irwin

2 years ago

I just took my puppy here for his second round of vaccines. I gave them his records that said he had just got his Bordetella vaccine 2.5 weeks ago. Clearly the tech and vet DID NOT EVEN READ HIS RECORDS. Because they gave him the vaccine again. When the vet called me he told me like it was no issue, and I was the one who had to point out he just double vaccinated my dog. He proceeded to act like it was no big deal and said it didn’t change the cost. LOL. I don’t care about the cost when you just double vaccinated a 10 week old puppy. I will not be returning and would like a full refund for my appointment. No wonder it took 15 min because you probably didn’t even read his records or do an exam. Terrible.

Alyssa Brown

2 years ago

Had a really great experience even though I did not receive the best news about my dog. The dr was extremely caring and knowledgeable. I knew exactly what I needed to do at home for my pet and what future appointments I needed to make. I also received an estimate of the future costs and all visit costs before they did anything. Just was really impressed overall.

Lauren Griffiths

2 years ago

Very affordable and dependable vet care! I take my 4 yo lb here for vaccinations and have had many great experiences!

Lauren Eckhard

2 years ago

Thrive has won our business with a reasonable visit fee and staff who communicate well.

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