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a year ago

We were able to drop our dog off to get fluids and get to a human medical appointment at the same time which was appreciated.

Ursula Topaz

a year ago

Excellent vet, they are my regular place and Have taken great care of my dog for over a year now. Very budget friendly they work with you and the staff are all smiles

Rosalie Rock

a year ago

Have been going there since the 80's...they have staff challenges due to Covid .. But I'm sure the situation will be up to par soon.

David Lungren

a year ago

We have entrusted the care of our pets to Rainbow Pet Hospital for many, many years. Good people. Good care.

Sarah Plake

a year ago

I’ve given rainbow pet hospital many chances but time and time again I was disappointed and eventually angry at how unprofessional they are, to the point that I switched vets. My cat absolutely hates the vet. He is a very difficult cat when he gets there, I’ll admit, but that’s just who he is. It’s so bad that sometimes the vets can’t even give him his shots. Me and my cat already have anxiety about the vet, so the veterinarians’ snide, rude comments about my cat’s behavior every time don’t make it better. He’s a cat! I understand their job is hard and wrangling a cat who turns feral the second he steps in the door is tough - but vets are here to help. What am I supposed to do? Because he’s so difficult at the vet, it’s been hard for me to make sure he’s on time with his shots. This last time, they sent me home a couple times with meds to make him drowsy so they could actually administer the shots. Well, it didn’t work. I don’t know why, I gave him the meds as directed. Instead of helping me come up with some solutions, they flat-out said, sorry we can’t help you. Are doctors here to help or criticize? I felt completely helpless. So just screw me, right? All I want is to make sure my cat is healthy. Thanks a lot, Dr. Overeem. My sister is also switching vets because of her experience. She had moved to a different city for a year and is preparing to move back this summer. She called to re-establish care there and instead of a friendly, helpful response on the phone, she got a judgmental, rude person who criticized her because the records reflected the last time her cats had gotten their shots there was before 2020. It just seems this veterinarian will only help you if your pet is perfect with zero issues. Guess what, that’s not how life works. I didn’t even mean to write this long review but I can’t stress how unprofessional this place is.


2 years ago

They truly care about our furry companions and don't just try to get money out of you. My kitten had wrapped a black rubber band around her paw, which made it seem like it was broken ???? they didn't charge me for the 5 second emergency ????

Ashton Wells

2 years ago

Dr. Overeem and her staff are wonderful! My dog has been coming here since he was a puppy (he’s 4 now) and we love it here! My dog has a very sensitive stomach and they always help me discern when I need to bring him in. I can’t say enough good things! During Covid they’re during curbside 3 days a week. I’m so grateful to them and all they do to keep my baby happy and healthy!

Cami Reign

2 years ago

Very nice vet and techs, came here as an emergency visit because they were the only ones who could get us in so quickly, and truly you can tell how much the vet loves her job. Very thorough, caring, and very quick to get things done.

debora hurt

2 years ago

With COVID 19 keeping us all at home.My animals still needed to be vaccinated. I appreciated the care this office took to keep the humans safe while taking care of my pets needs. A big Thanks to the Dr.and staff.

Jeremiah Coones

2 years ago

Great staff that cares and does their best to help.

Jessica Peryer

2 years ago

I have 2 dogs for 5 years and rainbow pet is our primary vet. 1 of my dogs is a bit aggressive, but they take the time to listen and do the precautions needed to accommodate my dog and i. (My dog, really, is a love bug.(When scared, nervous, intimidated ; hes aggressive.))

JJ Ellis

2 years ago

I have taken my dog to Rainbow for multiple years. Over a year ago my 16 year old dog stopped using his back right leg. The staff at Rainbow got him in quickly and suggested cold laser therapy. We've been doing it for over a year, every other week, and he is walking as well as he did before. I would recommend this vet hospital to anyone as they are very caring and helpful. My dog wouldn't be living his best life right now if it weren't for Rainbow.

Joshua Francis

2 years ago

THANK YOU. Not only do they have great prices but doctor noreen treats every animal like its apart of her own family. I had to put down my fur baby due to uncontrollable seizures eventually, but doc gave me 3 extra years with my baby.

Karli Young

2 years ago

I love Dr. Overeem & the staff at Rainbow Pet Hospital! They have worked out the logistics for treating our animals during the COVID pandemic and I am grateful. Thank you for all your hard work!

M Gallz

2 years ago

Great vet, friendly staff. Sometimes it takes a while due to it being a smaller clinic and the Dr is a little pushy on the Hills pet food. But over good vet and not too expensive.

Matt Petelin

2 years ago

refuse to give my cat a steroid shot he need to live because im not a past client! terrible customer service If u cared about my animal you would help...you turned me away

Mihaela Evans

2 years ago

Some issues with the practice manager Tracy and the way she treats/talks to staff and DOC..Micromanages ALOT! and looses temper easily in stressful situations..Wouldn't really recommend working here honestly. Had to quit, would've stayed longer if it weren't for Tracy's behavior.They go through workers constantly. Most of these issues are kept behind the scenes when customers are there.

Paulina Pelaez

2 years ago

I've been bringing my Nibbles here since I got him (almost 6 years ago) and Blackberry since I got her (1 year ago). I have never had a bad experience here. Doc is like a vet machine, nothing fazes her, my Nibs is very aggressive with anyone he doesn't know and he has been known to just grab on to her hand with his claws and draw blood. Doc doesn't even flinch!!! The staff and Doc are all very no nonsense. They understand how important our furkids are to us, but they also see them as actual people. You're going to get a stern talking to at the doctor if you go in for surgery but didn't fast, and you're going to get side-eyed if you go in for your furkids yearly checkup with no stool sample. They are very accommodating and I must admit that I have been THAT pet parent that calls every 5 seconds to check on their furchild, and I've also been that pet parent that goes to "visit" their furchild when they're going to be in there for an extended period of time. When I went to visit Blackberry they were very nice and I only had to wait about 10 minutes even though it was close to closing time and it was super busy. I, for one, appreciate their no nonsense attitude and the level of care they show to everyone (human and 4-legged friends alike).

Ricardo Garcia

2 years ago

My great Aunt used to take our family pet there since I could walk. And the same great care provided then continues with my own pets as an adul. It's only gotten better over the years!

Jessica Shehan

2 years ago

Great vet! I actually love how much they loved my max! Even if it's a drive for me I'll be coming back regularly!

Ashley Scarlett

3 years ago

Doc is awesome and really cares about the animals. Reasonably priced. We take our dog and cat.

Don Tabor

3 years ago

My trusted veterinarian since 1987. I trust her unequivocally.

Darkl Dow

3 years ago

They go the extra mile to make you understand fully what is going on and all your options and they are so down to earth and relaxed.


3 years ago

The vet is very caring about her patients, the employees are as well, and the store front is cozy and inviting.


3 years ago

It's been almost 2 years since my original post (see below) and I wanted to add what my subsequent experience with this pet hospital. We had sibling kitties that were getting old and had thyroid and other issues progress as they neared the end of their lives recently. Dr. Overeem, or Doc as we now call her, and her partner Tracy, are hands down the most compassionate and caring, competent expert caregivers I've ever experienced in my 45 years of having cats. The staff has always been kind and thoughtful., too. We called many, many times for advice, last minute emergency appointments, and sometimes what turned out to be false emergencies but were always called back by Doc many times much later than office closing time. Things can be touch and go with older cats but Doc and Tracy never turned us away. Always and tirelessly caring, compassionate and accommodating. Just truly amazing. One visit was a super cold day with howling winds and minus teens chill temperature outside. Upon leaving I had to make two trips to my car because I use a big airline dog carrier for the two cats. Before I could get back inside for my cat and carrier, Tracy - with no coat on - is at my car door with the cat and carrier (about 30 awkward lbs) just to help my younger body not to make an extra trip. Truly appreciate these lovely gentle people and the compassionate help they give day in and day out. Doc works her butt off!! They both do!! Doc has super steady hands and did all procedures like drawing blood out of tiny cat veins, taking blood pressure, etc. Amazingly, costs are super reasonable, too. Doc personally euthanized our two elderly cats within 6 months of each other. Doc had a tear and hugs for us. My husband and I love these two so much and can't thank them enough for their loving care of our cats and us, too. As long as we have cats we will continue to drive from Red Bridge for all our pet health needs to Rainbow Pet Hospital. Thank you Saved my cat's life. My other vet didn't do a complete blood panel opting for only using in house less accurate equipment that showed kidney failure after keeping him on too high a dose of thyroid medication. Rainbow Animal Hospital sent my cat's blood sample out to a lab and this showed different results than my old vet. Rainbow stabilized my cat and decreased thyroided medication and my cat is doing so much better. My old vet was treating for a false diagnosis that was killing him. So glad I found Rainbow through a friend! Thank you Rainbow team.

Jeff Reiter

3 years ago

Dog is getting great care.. pricing is good for a vet. visit. Friendly and helpful!! Highly recommended!!

Penny Hinders

3 years ago

Reasonable prices, care about ur furbabies. Knowledgeable.

Samuel King

3 years ago

Kind, compassionate, quick, and reasonably priced pet healthcare. I've taken my cat there for almost a year and can't imagine taking him anywhere else.

Afton Beebe

3 years ago

Doc is just the best. Been going here for over 20 years now.

Anna Gates

3 years ago

Dr. Overeem gives great care for a great price. I kept my pups with her even after we moved to a much further away location in the metro.

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