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Jerlyn Williamson

a year ago

The staff is so nice and helpful..

Tina M

a year ago

Dr. Carlson diagnosed my senior cat with early stage kidney failure and was being treated at Hickman Mills Animal Hospital. I boarded him there for 7 days while I was on vacation and was assured he would be cared for. When I picked him up he was severely dehydrated, tremoring, he could not stand up, his whole body was completely limp. He had caked on feces and smelled of urine. He had been completely ignored. They gave him fluids on the 6th day and the 7th day when I picked him up. But, it was too late. He had been ignored too long. He had to be put down. When I expressed my discouragement about the lack of care my cat had received, Dr. Carlson became very defensive and showed no sympathy. HE TOLD HIS STAFF TO CALL THE POLICE ON ME!!!

Kevin Soto

a year ago

They take great care of my cats and for good prices. Highly recommend

Barbara Moore

a year ago

They are very knowledgeable and caring.

Prophet Of Rage

a year ago

Very nice attentive staff, very professional and took good care of my dog who was not very cooperative. I recommend this animal hospital.

Jane Long

a year ago

My pets always get great care at Hickman Mills Animal Hospital. I think that Dr. Carlson gives me the same advice about their care and treatment that he would for his own pets. He has helped me keep my cats and dogs healthy so that they have good, long lives.

Claudia Uribe

a year ago

Very nice place, We are happy with the service!!! Thanks!!! ❤️

Carla Becker

a year ago

They were really sweet to my Sissy Girl..

Jennifer Womack Jones

a year ago

Great people, excellent service, and very efficient. I love it!

Mikki W

a year ago

Why make someone an appointment, then turn around and magically not be open? I understand things come up, but if thats the case, patients need to be informed. Im tired of trying to make appointments for my cats on my days off work and they have every excuse in the book why they cant be seen on those days. Im done. Will be taking them elsewhere from now on.

Angela Ku'uipo

a year ago

Friendly staff. They do good with are dog. We havent had to experience any emergencies but our normal check ups they are good and they dont push extra services on you like some places do.

harold burgos

a year ago

From the beginning of the appointment, the vet-tech tried to sell me dog products with more pressure than a car’s salesman. I understand they need to make a living, but this could be offered towards the end of the appointment after I see the doctor. I don’t normally take my pets to Hickman Mills Animal Hospital, but when explaining that they offered an earlier appointment than Crest Animal Hospital for my pet’s issue, Dr. Carlson has the audacity to ask “Then why did I take them there?” May I remind him, I AM PAYING FOR YOUR SERVICES. Once my mother, came in to provide payment, (because we can’t both be inside – although we are wearing mask) I asked if it was okay to put one of my two dogs into the car. Dr. Carlson responded with a passive-aggressive tone stating, “I guess that’s fine” as if I was going to leave without payment. While my mom was trying to pay, Dr. Carlson was REALLY micromanaging the front desk lady to ensure payment was acceptable, the driver license was from in-state, to verify a second source of identity and that payment went through successfully. (not even the DMV ladies are so traumatized) Overall, I felt very unwelcomed, and Dr. Carlson exemplified more than non-professional character.

Meghan Stigge

2 years ago

Dr. Carlson and Bre give exceptional care and work hard to get to the root of any problems.

Stephe Bell

2 years ago

I had my pet seen to get his mouth looked at. I ended up spending so much money, getting some anti-biotics and blood drawn, and when my phone got shut off because I put my cat's health over a phone, Hickman Mills made no attempt to send me a letter or an e-mail with my cat's test results. I got no effort on their part to follow up with me in any way, and my cat still hasn't had his teeth cleaned or gotten all the help he needed. Instead I'm broke and unable now to do anything for him, and when I thought that this place cared, they didn't make ANY EFFORT to contact me through e-mail or send a letter or anything else. Otherwise, they were great with my cat but made no effort to try other methods of contact or let me know how the blood results were that I paid for.

Jeri Gross

2 years ago

called Wednesday at 958 am no answer *reply to business* I'm glad you have time to go back and forth on Google but not answer the phones. Looks like I dodged a bullet dealing with this unprofessional office. Hope things get better for you

Mary Thompson

2 years ago

Dr. Carlson, Bre and the entire staff make me and my 4-legged son, Aldo, very comfortable during our visit. Aldo always feel better after whatever treatment is giving.

Barbara Jefferson

2 years ago

Awesome people, awesome doctor.

A. Gooch

2 years ago

Dr. Carlson and his staff are great. Wouldn't take my Emma anywhere else. Thanks for taking care of her.

Quiana Rieves

2 years ago

They are reasonably priced and explain everything thoroughly. They were patient with me and my puppy.

Carolyn Baldwin

2 years ago

We just had our dog neutered. Great experience. Great pricing. Dr. Carlson and staff were so caring and professional and I had no anxiety about leaving Baxter in such good hands. If you are in the market for a vet, you must check them out. They are the best!!

Doug Carlson

2 years ago

I am not related to Dr. Carlson. We just share the same last name. We had 3 Cats & 3 Dogs and had been seeing Dr. Ewert for a very long time until he eventually retired. We now see Dr. Carlson and have been very satisfied with his demeanor and service with all 6 of our pets. Recently we lost one of our favorite small female older cat's named Zoe, and Dr Carlson and his Vet Techs did everything they could to keep little Zoe going for as long as possible! Dr. Carlson and the Vet Techs also helped us make the "right" decision, at the "right" time, and helped the best they could to make it a less painful decision that we had to make because our baby Zoe had started suffering significantly. It's not an easy or pleasant decision one ever has to make about a beloved pet. But it's an inevitably decision everyone has to eventually make if they choose to have pets. I've had to make the decision before and it's never easy! We chose to have little Zoe cremated and received her ashes in a small wooden beautifully engraved box. We also received a small heart-shaped plaque that had little Zoe's pawprints and her name with some little hearts on the plaque. A few days after Zoe passed away we received a lovely card in the mail signed by all the Vet Techs and Dr. Carlson who all took care of Zoe which was extremely touching and a very kind thing for them to do. It's always nice to know that these people really do care about you and your pets. Especially when they only see your pets usually at their behavioral worst. It's been around 6 months since we lost our little Zoe Bear Cat and we still miss her horribly and continue to grieve the loss of this very uniquely fun, funny, & loving little cat. 2-3 months after Zoe was gone we also received another personal card from Dr. Carlson informing us that he had made a charitable donation in Zoe's name to a pet research facility. Which confirmed to us that Zoe really was a special cat and Dr. Carlson was a very kind & thoughtful person and Vet too. Bottom line: Dr. Carlson is an excellent Veterinarian that will not cheat you, or unnecessarily charged you, or Over charge you. Dr. Carlson is a honest person who works a honest hard day of work everyday to earn his income rather than overcharging for unnecessary tests and sitting back surfing the Internet all day. We now have only 2 Cats and 3 Dog's all which are rescue pets we adopted and we fully trust Dr. Carlson will always take the utmost quality care of all our pets and will always do everything he can to keep them all healthy and happy. Which makes us healthy and happy. So, 4 big thumbs up to Hickman Mills Pet Hospital and all the staff from both of us!

Jacqueline Bostic

2 years ago

I love this hospital. I also have friends who take their pets, which I didn’t know. They are caring and attentive to my pets. So happy I have Vet and Tech who provides awesome care and answers all my questions.

Jasmine McDonald

2 years ago

*update for the owner* the emergency was a WEDNESDAY, August 12th, to be exact. You tried it. I had a dire emergency regarding my pet; they never answered their phone. I called them at 2:30 p.m. on a normal weekday. ????

Jennifer Clay

2 years ago

We have been taking our fur babies to this place for a very long time. Kudos to Dr. Carlson and his staff, very caring and professional.

John P

2 years ago

The person answering the phone is rude and don’t understand customer service. She told me she is instructed by the veterinarian there on how to act. Ok so I will do business at other places. They are not the only place to take a pet.

Laura Boomgarden

2 years ago

My normally very sweet & obedient 3 year old cat has some SERIOUS vet anxiety. What started off as a simple wellness exam & updated shots turned into my cat losing his marbles and attacking all staff members and refusing to allow any of them to even take him out of his kennel for sedation. Whichever nurse was with me today was SO incredibly kind about being lunged at several times today & didn't want my cat to get anxiety with me so took the heat of all scratches and bite attempts and let me stay out of it. Cannot believe after such behavior from my cat, the staff were all still kind, thorough, and quick. Winnie's first official vet visit lasted over an hour and a half - due to my cat's behavior - and the doctor never once made me feel like it was an issue. If they can handle my anxious pet, they can handle ANYTHING. Very thankful for the time spent with me today & level of professionalism I received. My vet ROCKS!

Marcus Harris

2 years ago

Always professional! Always helpful to make pet owners and pets feel safe no matter how distressing the situation maybe. Excellent work!!

Molly Pell

2 years ago

Loving, affordable care of your fur babies!

Paul Sixta

2 years ago

They took great measures to keep their clients and employees safe as they came out to the car to get Mona and had me pay over the phone. It's for reasons like this that has kept me coming back for 40 years.

Symone X

3 years ago

The only reason why I've decided to give two stars is because of the technicians. I believe their names were Joe and Kristen. Absolutely kindhearted and great with animals! The actual vet, however, was a different story. I was shocked at the way he conducted himself. Rude, curt, and uncompassionate when dealing with my dog. My dog is typically docile, however, he'd just been hit by a car. He was in pain, scared, and I'm sure, quite traumatized! The vet was extremely short with him and quite grumpy. Maybe he was having a bad day? I don't know. But I will not be returning and will be sure not to recommend this location to anyone unless they love a vet with nasty energy. Once again, the other care staff were phenomenal and when I mentioned the vet's attitude she was very apologetic.

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