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Marilyn Burch

2 years ago

Good service and options for pet care

Leanna Gobel

3 years ago

Love this place you can tell everyone here just loves the animals, it shows in how well they take care of them.


3 years ago

Don’t take you pet here ! You can see by my review and many others the staff is uncaring and rude and all they want to do is make as much money out of every person as possible . A scam really they tried to charge me 350$+ to neuter my puppy who was already fully vetted

Andrew Arthur

4 years ago

Have had my two dogs boarded 4 times at Avondale now. This last time one of my dogs came out with a large sore that was infected and acted like he had been abused. Both came out with fleas when they've never had fleas before in their lives. Had called the next day about the sore and got berated and harassed over the phone by one of the caretakers.

William Evans

4 years ago

People are great and always helpful great with my dog

Ruben Gonzales

4 years ago

Made a delivery here early in am and cleaning lady was very kind and helpful!

Mike Hoffman

4 years ago

Won't go anywhere else. For real. Great vets, Great staff and every service you can think of for your pets big or small. Absolutely cannot express how much they've done to help out our little dog.


4 years ago

The grooming seems pretty good. We've had very mixed results with the vet clinic. I would suggest that if your pet is having a chronic problem, *these* vets are not likely to be able to help you.

Amber Goslar

4 years ago

They took great care of our two dogs when we boarded them which is why the 3 stars. Otherwise, they nickel and dime you for everything. We weren't informed that our dogs need a flu vaccination (maybe a handful of boarding places require it) so when we dropped our dogs off, it had to be done by them- $30 per dog for that. Plus, $30 per dog for a fecal test. Both of these could have been done through our vet at a much cheaper cost if we had been informed that these needed to be done! Also, $4 per medication that needs to be administered to our dog per day. $26 for that. We were quoted at $160 and ended up having to pay $300 for 2.5 day stay!!! Absolutely absurd. Will not be boarding here again.

Barry Molloy

4 years ago

Very honest and thorough. A little expensive but worth it.

Dannie Crozier

4 years ago

I've been taking my dog here for years and the staff and doctors have been awesome every time.

Deb Lamp

4 years ago

They always take very good care of our puppy!!

Harold Johnson

4 years ago

Very pricey. Cost me just short of $800 for 5 days, check-up and medication they said was needed. And...the boys weren't allowed to play with other dogs, yet just checking in Apollo picked up a long white worm...didn't like the idea of not seeing how they interact with my boys.

Kristie Hemphill

4 years ago

I just boarded my 7 month old Labradoodle at Avondale a few weeks ago and would not recommend this place in the least. This is our first dog and first time boarding so I made sure to call and ask questions and confirm our appointment. I should have done more research as the customer service for the most part was extremely poor. However, I was recommended by a friend and thought I would check it out as other options were limited. I was aware prior to drop off that she would need a kennel cough vaccine (by my regular vet, not Avondale) even though records were sent a week in advance. Avondale offered to do it during her stay to save a trip to the vet. Great! Everything seemed fine until the day of drop off. No one bothered to tell me that on Sunday's they do not open until 10 for drop off, even though I had mentioned I'd drop her off around 7:30 or 8 that morning. Here we are waiting....once we finally get in, they advise me that my puppy will need a laundry list of other vaccines as well and it will be around $80 to "get her caught up." I take my puppy regularly to a local vet and she is up to date. However, Avondale requires these same vaccines every 6 months instead of a year. I had no other option but to get her vaccinated again at this point. We luckily were only boarding her a few days, meanwhile I called routinely every day to check on my fur baby and was told she had limited appetite but nothing concerning. Typically she does get moody with one vaccine, let alone several. They gave her some wet food to my knowledge and things seemed fine after that per what they told me. Upon picking her up, they brought my dog out covered in feces and urine. I mean head to toe covered! The smell was something indescribable! My dog is very well potty trained and hates a dirty kennel at home, so this was absolutely unacceptable and shocking. Had they have advised me that she was covered in her own feces and urine I would have happily paid for her to be groomed and bathed. NOTHING was mentioned! This poor dog was just absolutely terrified and inconsolable for hours after picking her up. I've never seen her so scared and alert the whole time we've had her, so that in itself is concerning. I was told during the course of her board that I would receive pictures and updates but I was the one who had to call and never once received any notification. I had then requested for her veterinarian/vaccine records that were done at Avondale to be sent to our regular veterinarian and they still have not been two weeks later! I would not recommend this place to anyone!

Art Olson

5 years ago

Friendly and compassionate staff. Very knowledgeable and helpful as well. Very flexible hours. Great place to take your fur-babbies!

Ashley Lambert

5 years ago

We have been bringing our dogs here for close to 5 years I think. They have always treated our dogs like family, calling them by name when they walk through the door and always happy to see them. Prior to Avondale, we had taken our lab to another boarding facility where she began having seizures, seemingly unrelated, however once we switched to Avondale the seizures tapered off and eventually stopped completely. When we added a pit bull to our family a couple years ago they didn't blink but loved on him just the same. We are proud to call Avondale our pup's home away from home.

Hannah Hernandez

5 years ago

The biggest problem is the grooming people, they told us my dog had heart failure ( they were not a vet and she doesn’t ), then the next visit they looked at my dog rolled their eyes and sighed, grabbed the least and took her back. TERRIBLE TERRIBLE PEOPLE THEY HAVE WORKING THERE! If you are looking for friendly customer service this is not the place to go.

Lop E

5 years ago

Horrible customer service. When to ask for first time service and will never be back. Not friendly and unknow sense of customers. If u want more business change ur receptciiist staff.

Nancy J Evans

5 years ago

Great place to take pets for care and boarding.

Robert Lees

5 years ago

Unbelievably expensive. I brought a husky/sheppard mix for boarding in an emergency to find out that "exercise" for my dog would be an additional $18 PER HOUR! I did not leave my dog there!

Ted Tufty Jr

5 years ago

We always take our Great Dane here for boarding. They have friendly staff and convenient hours.

Mark Gerth

6 years ago

Excellent facility. Isabella had both knees replaced on hind legs. She's healing nicely. Sweetie ear infections are healing

Shelly Black

6 years ago

Only place my daughter's very lovable cat was scared and on the defensive. I'm guessing for a good reason. Never went back.


7 years ago

Service with a frown from Jodi at the front desk. Terrible person to have up front to deal with customers. Both times we boarded our dogs here they insisted on extra vet charges extra meds or have someone come and pick up your dogs immediately. Our dogs came in healthy and one ends up with a bacterial infection that was picked up at the pet hell hole. You are not allowed to see where your dog is boarded. WHY? This place is about the BUCKS and could care less about your pet. Other boarders in Des Moines will greet you and your pet with a smile, treat you fairly and charge you less than Avondale. PATHETIC!!!!

Stacey Smith

7 years ago

We have been taking our Lab Bernie to Avondale pet resort for around a year now and we have had nothing but great things to say about the staff and how well they treat Bernie! Sarah has worked with Bernie and continues to go above and beyond her job description to ensure Bernie is happy while we are away. We are so thankful for the care that is given and recommend Avondale to everyone. Thank You!- Kyle, Stacey and Bernie

Annie Krause

10 years ago

We have boarded our dog anytime we go out of town for the past two years. The staff is always friendly and helpful. Their facility is clean (they gave me a tour) and they make sure the dogs are all up to date on their vaccinations before they can stay, which gives an owner peace of mind. They also have scheduled play time for the dogs for an extra small fee. Plus they give her a bath everytime at no charge! We will continue to take our dog to Avondale everytime we need a boarder.

Melissa Kay

10 years ago

Avondale Pet Resort and Avondale Vet is truly an amazing place!!!! I recommend it to anyone looking for a vet, for doggie daycare and grooming. I have been taking my dog here almost a year now and have never had an issue with anyone. Every employee is friendly and greets me with a smile each time I walk in. Anytime I have a question or need to come in with a checkup/emergency, they are always willing to answer my questions completely. The veterinarians are very caring and will even call you the next day to make sure your pet is doing okay! That to me is AMAZING service. I know that my dog is in wonderful hands when I leave her with them and after she gets home from daycare I know she had a blast during the day. Definitely check this place out, trust me its worth your time and money.

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Avondale Pet Resort, Iowa, Des Moines

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