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Chris O'Hollearn

2 years ago

I highly recommend this dog daycare

bryan huckins

2 years ago

Its a Ruff Life is the best!! I've known both owners for over 20 years. I wouldn't take my dog to any other daycare. Their prices are reasonable and the staff is great! If you're looking for a daycare this is your place!!

Lisa Heald

2 years ago

Our German Shorthaired Pointer, Wally, has been going to daycare at It's a Ruff Life for almost all of his 4 years of life! My husband and I are extremely protective and very cautious when it comes to Wally and we completely trust everyone …

Miles Fogelson

2 years ago

We have had an amazing experience using Ruff Life for doggy daycare as we send our dog there weekly. Jack can't wait to get out of the truck each time we pull in the parking lot. The staff there knows Jack by name as soon as we walk in the …

Suzanne Spellman

2 years ago

I took my dog here a few times. Not at all impressed with the owners, they were super rude. Also, I know of someone who took their dog here and their dog passed away a few short days later. I see they took all the reviews off of Facebook… probably hoping nobody will see the negative feedback. I would not take your dog here… not only from my experience but from others too.

Sophie Strong

2 years ago

Thought i'd share my two cents after learning of a dog that tragically passed away after being in the care of It's a Ruff Life. The owners of It's a Ruff Life mean well, but a couple years ago, I worked here for a few months and quit due to how some treated the dogs. I'm not sure if the same employees are still around, but at the time, specific employees would scream at the dogs and yank them by their skin. On the weekends, the dogs would only be out for 4/24 hours a day. Specifically remember a woman trying to pick her dog up after a vacation and the manager ran to the door, locked it, turned off all the lights and told us to hide. Putting the dog through ANOTHER night of being boarded up in a dark room with countless other dogs barking was worth it for their extra night charge. I pray to god the same employees aren't still there. I would literally never trust them to take care of my dogs. After this experience, I tell everyone to use a trusted sitter on Rover vs. boarding.

Lisa Hopkins

2 years ago

My bulldog has been going here for doggy day care since 2018. He absolutely loves it! He comes home all played out. The staff are very attentive. They work here because of their love of dogs.. He stayed overnight while on vacation and we no …

M Hop

2 years ago

I've been taking my dog their for daycare for 2 years now. My dog is always excited to go there and is always returned happy and healthy.

monica campbell

2 years ago

ALL doggy daycares should educate their employees on signs of gastric torsion/bloat and truly any other illness that pet parents would be concerned about. Such a shame that their complete lack of love and empathy for a dog in their care has led to a poor dog being euthanized. 3 DAYS this poor dog sat in agony and they didn’t call the dogs parents and within 24 hours of pickup they had to put their dog down. They claim safety is their number 1 priority but clearly not. If you love your pet do not bring them here. RIP Hobbs

Paula Hender

2 years ago

Base on the experience This person has shared I would not recommend this place. To have a dog puking up and not call the owner? That is not acceptable.

Ashley Gogerty

2 years ago

DO NOT BRING YOUR DOG HERE!!! A friend of mine had to say goodbye to her beloved pup after he was in this daycares care for a week. Poor pup was sick and the facility failed to alert owners. The facility owner was completely unprofessional when pups parents tried to understand what went wrong. Horrible facility.

Blair Runde

2 years ago

We have been taking our dog Rex to daycare on a weekly basis for 1-2 years. In that time Rex has made a second family with the dogs, their owners and staff. Josie, Alison, and Kelsey (apologies if there are spelling errors) have always kept me up to date with any concerns such as kennel cough, etc. They do a screening with your dog to make sure they will be safe with different dog personalities. They keep better track of Rex’s vaccine records than I admittedly do. I love that they share photos of his daily happenings and activities on social media. he gets snuggles when he prefers to rest. He comes home tired and snuggly which is always welcome after a long day of work. Staff are always so happy to see him and his nicknames have all come from them. We rescued Rex knowing he had significant separation anxiety and somewhat shy around new people. Finding Ruff Life has allowed him to have a happy life with us despite our sometimes demanding work schedules. I’m so happy to have a place we can trust him with when we are out of town and has allowed him to flourish. Thank you for all you do!

Kaci Lynn

2 years ago

A dog had to be put down after the day care failed to contact their owner. It wasn’t eating, vomiting and could barely stand when they picked him up, and they thought it was unnecessary to call? Then the owner of this business tried to lie about how long the lethargy/vomiting had occurred (proven by vet). Completely unprofessional. How does a dog end up dead after going to a DAY CARE?

Jared Siebert

2 years ago

Unlike a majority of the reviewers in these comments, I’m an actual customer at Ruff Life. I have a young corgi mix with far to much energy. Every morning we take her to doggy daycare and every day she literally cannot wait to get there. She nearly drags us inside because she cannot wait to see her friends. Tony, the owner, is an extremely nice, professional, and caring guy who clearly loves his job and these dogs. I can guarantee a majority of these people are not subscribed to the Ruff Life snapchat. Before you leave a fake review go and look at this Snapchat that they post on daily. @itsarufflifewk. These dogs pictured show no signs of being abused or neglected like so many here are claiming. This is an amazing place that has been plagued by rumors and social media. Do not listen to these one star reviews posted near the time of this one. They are not customers of this place, they are strangers who have never interacted with this place or these people. If I could rate this place more than 5 stars I would happily do so.

Kidd Trey

2 years ago

Dont take your dog here!! They don’t care about animals just the money. They let my firends dog die!!!

Mark Hagerman

2 years ago

Requirements for canceling services are too stringent.

Chris Wagner

2 years ago

I boarded my dog Doug there for 3 days while I was out of town. They were very responsive to my questions via E-mail and phone. When I went to pay the price was lower than I expected. Doug has been sleeping since I got home(24 hours ago), he seems pleased with his stay.

Kristine Belanger

2 years ago

Couldn't reach them by phone so registered for daycare on their website. Got an immediate email confirming my request. Didn't realize that didn't confirm an opening. Turns out they don't offer daycare on the weekends. Wish they would either not allow that option on their website or call if an appointment cannot be filled. In their defense they did send a reply later telling me this detail but I completely missed their email and had to find out in person after traveling for 2 hours that I didn't have an option for daycare. It completely ruined my weekend plans.

Brianna Bishop

2 years ago

This place is seriously the best. They treat your animals like their own. I saw a review awhile back stating an issue with water here and I wanted to give another perspective. When my puppy first started to go to day care, his pee was very neon on the first few visits. He was so dang happy playing he didn't drink water. Now he not only drinks the water, he plays in it. The dogs just need time to learn where everything is since this is probably the most dogs they have ever seen in their life. We have been going for 2.5 years and plan on taking him here forever. They are very strict about vet records and aggressive dogs which is AWESOME and I love how they treat my dog. Do not hesitate to take your dog here. Josy is also the best groomer we have ever had! Thanks Ruff Life!


2 years ago

Did not return our calls after leaving 2 messages

JohnEric Smith

2 years ago

My dogs had a blast! Good place friendly people.

Pamela Cosner

2 years ago

My son's dog did not want to go back there and one of the workers come and picked her up and carried her back there and mind you she is a husky

John Recker

2 years ago

My dog pees with excitement when he gets here

rob shaffner

3 years ago

Our dog Cosmo can’t wait to attend this doggie day care. The staff seems so responsive and it’s quite obvious they love all their canine visitors. I believe Cosmo receives excellent socialization while there. No other day care provider we visited gave us so much positive feelings about their services. Excellent staff! Thanks!

Autumn Young

3 years ago

I would just like to know how hold you have to be to work here??

Krystal Chambers

3 years ago

Best place ever! Easy to work with and my dog camera home so tired from playtime with all the other dogs!

Reike Plecas

3 years ago

Tyler and his staff are awesome, the facility is clean and they communicate well.

Kassie Olmstead

4 years ago

We love it’s a Ruff life for our boarding and occasional doggy daycare! The staff is always so kind and amazing. Our dog has lots of energy and they are always so kind and wonderful to him. He is always happy and exhausted when we pick him up and always excited and wagging his tail when we drop him off!

Kate Rodriguez

4 years ago

This was our first experience with doggie daycare and it was great! Annie had a super day!

Kendra Barton

4 years ago

I have been taking my two dogs here for about a year now. Penny & Ellie LOVE coming to "It's a Ruff Life". The moment they hear me filling the Tupperware containers for lunch, they whine and run all over the house in excitement until we leave & walk in the doors. They come home exhausted! The staff is so friendly and love our dogs like they're their own! I wouldn't take our poochies anywhere else! Highly recommend!

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