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Erik Donner

2 years ago

Great vet! So friendly and educational. Learned a lot from our visit

Jessica Dawson

2 years ago

The staff seemed very nice, but they kept trying to upcharge everything. What would have typically been less than $100 visit to my old vet was close to $200 for the same annual exam and shots. They wanted to do unnecessary stool samples for my 3 cats, and a few other tests. I will not go there again, if I can help it.

Charli Shaw

2 years ago

Fantastic staff, no wait in lobby. Treated my pet with the upmost care and was super transparent with what was going on with him. Great for both cats and dogs. Will be going here in the future for all vet appointments.

Deanna Hart

2 years ago

I love Dr. Williams and his staff at Altoona Vet Hospital. I live in Urbandale, but have driven to Altoona for years because of the exceptional care my dogs have received. In addition to vet services I have also boarded my dog overnight and left her for daycare. Without fail they have treated my dog as if she was their own pet and they have always been courteous to me. I have also appreciated the precautions they have taken during COVID to keep their staff and clients safe. I would recommend Altoona Vet Hospital to anyone looking for veterinary services.

Judy Mittan

2 years ago

Great place. Very friendly staff. And efficent and caring.

Stephanie Loveland

2 years ago

Dr. Williams is very patient and answers all of our many questions about our dogs. We highly recommend him and the staff at Altoona Veterinary Hospital!

Karen Higgins

2 years ago

My cat was boarded here when I went out of town. She is FIV+ and I was very comfortable leaving her here with the vets onsite. We always get good, compassionate and friendly care here.

Darren Berens

2 years ago

Awesome staff!! They took wonderful care of my kitty. They really care about their patients.

Sue Simmons

2 years ago

Highly pleased. Would recommend that people take their pets to this veterinary service.

Nicole Waterman

2 years ago

Dr. Sherri Morrisey is the Best! Both of My Dogs Love Her & All the Vet Techs there!

Clyde Bradford

2 years ago

Great vet with pet and also treat owners very well. Carol Bradford

Jessica Boer

2 years ago

We have always brought our pets here, and always will.

Mike and Toni Dylo

2 years ago

Very happy, Milo is doing great!

Amanda S

2 years ago

The receptionist at Altoona Vet Clinic lacks even the tiniest bit of professionalism. My husband attempted to schedule an appointment but she frustrated him so badly that apparently he hung up. He told me about it and asked me to call. So I did. And WOW! I thought maybe he was being hyperbolic, but he wasn't - he actually downplayed her lack of skill, professionalism, knowledge, customer service, and communication. When I called I advised her I would like to schedule an appointment. We have been to this clinic several times but the last visit was 2 years ago, which I explained to her. I had to spell our last name for her 6 times - we didn't have a bad connection and I speak slowly. I asked her if she was having trouble hearing me to which she replied "no, just trying to get the right letters in the right order but I can't find anything in the computer. So we tried again and again and again. She put me on hold for several minutes. Finally came back and asked me to spell it again, so I did. Her response "Yeah so I'm just not finding you in the computer... sorry...". Then she just sat there in total silence and said nothing else. So I'm wondering "okkaayyy...does that mean you just aren't scheduling an appt & I'm SOL since you clearly have no clue how to locate established patient records or..." and "this is awkward... does she not have any idea what to say next or how to schedule an appt at all..." and "did she suddenly get distracted by a squirrel outside...?" and "did the computer chip in her brain malfunction, causing a glitch...." and "okayyy she works here, this is her job, is she going to lead the call and explain next steps or are we gonna sit here listening to each other breathe....?!?!" SERIOUSLY! COME ON! If you cannot locate our record when we've never had this problem before and you've tried 6 times, put me on hold for no apparent reason for over 5 mins, and now you give up finding our record, YET you know our doggo needs an appointment, WHAT IS THE NEXT FREAKING STEP?!? So I finally asked "Okay well how do we schedule the appt then...?" To which she replied, "ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmwellllllllll. hmmmmmm. I can't find your record so....". To which I incredulously asked, "So then we can't schedule an appt at all? I do not understand." And then she said, "Hmmm I mean I'll have to uhhh ummmmmmmmmmmmmmmm maybe do, no, no, let's see, ummmmmmmmmm, I can try to pull up and do, no no...." AND THAT WAS IT FOR ME AFTER NEARLY 20 MINUTES!! I told her to "OH JUST FREAKING FORGET IT!! THIS IS UNBELIEVABLE! DO YOU NOT KNOW WHAT TO DO? OR HOW TO COMMUNICATE CLEARLY OR LEAD THE PHONE CALL? DO YOU HAVE ANY IDEA HOW TO PROVIDE GOOD CUSTOMER SERVICE? SCHEDULING AN APPOINTMENT FOR AN ESTABLISHED OR NEW PATIENT SHOULD NEVER TAKE THIS LONG OR BE MEANT WITH THIS LEVEL OF DIFFICULTY AND RESISTANCE!!! SERIOUSLY IF YOU DONT KNOW WHAT THE HELL TO DO, EITHER GET SOME TRAINING, ASK A COLLEAGUE FOR HELP, OR FIND A DIFFERENT JOB THAT DEMANDS VERY LITTLE USE OF YOUR BRAIN!!" and I hung up. My husband explained to me almost the exact same set of events during his attempt and again, I thought "no way, come on, it's probably you, honey...!". Nope. Its her. The veterinarian we see and his vet assistant have been amazing with our Maggie in the past, but if we couldn't get a simple appt scheduled over the course of TWO PHONE CALL-IN ATTEMPTS because their current receptionist is a blank, empty, overly dense, totally lost space cadet off in lala land... Maggie will be going elsewhere. I hope they read this review and either retrain and test her before allowing her to answer calls again or replace her. Too much wasted time, hassle, and taking for granted people have patience to sit on the phone for 25 mins for something that should have a handle time of 3 minutes or less with someone who just sits in silence and doesn't explain anything or lead the call... NOPE, NOPE, AND NOPE! ????????????????????????????????????????????????

Raoul Parker

2 years ago

They were very caring people. I will take my other dog when I need to.

skyler higgins

2 years ago

Called me the very next day to see how my dog was doing. Made me feel like they genuinely cared. Also were completely booked up but due to what was going on with my dog, they got me in right away.

Anthony Jensen

2 years ago

Friendly and informative! I loved them so much I hope we can take our foster dog there

Corndog 515

2 years ago

Friendly staff. Always helpful. Clean establishment.

Mikey L

2 years ago

They always take amazing care of all our critters. Our Hocus Pocus after being neutered.

Charitie Olson

2 years ago

Great for all your pets vet needs

XK 0

3 years ago

Great clinic with great staff. Would not hesitate to bring any of my animals here.

Trent Frohock

3 years ago

The staff was friendly and provided excellent customer service. Their procedures for COVID-19 was perfect.


3 years ago

Great vet, always available to explain any questions or concerns. Covid procedures are A+.

Carole Frick

3 years ago

Staff is friendly and Dr Morrisey is awesome . Its also convenient

John Walling

3 years ago

Very very professional.. yet super caring.. very impressed with covid precautions.. highly recommend to any one with a pet(s)!!!!


3 years ago

Very pleased with Maggie's care.

Jaimee Kernes

3 years ago

I had an appointment today for my 2nd cat. I annoyingly didnt look at the time right on the numerous reminders they sent me that it was at 10 am. I came at 11 am thinking that was my time. Without even hesitating they took my cat in to do what they should have done at 10. I know that may not happen every time since the schedules could be completely booked but i was very pleased and surprised they took her in. When I took in my 1st cat in the vet called and spoke to me about many options and information about what to do for my cats issue of urinating on the basement cement floor. She was very informative and even took time to layout prices for things and answered all of the questions I had. I'd give this more than 5 stars if I could. Thanks altoona vet team!!

Ivy Davis

3 years ago

We've been to a few different vets and didn't much care for them. It's also very hard to find a good vet for pet rats but this vet goes above and beyond for all of our rats and cats. Won't go anywhere else unless we move!!! Great pricings as well as super sweet, caring and thoughtful staff!


3 years ago

They are honestly the best and most caring veterinary practice I have ever been to. I would not trust anyone else with my dogs.


3 years ago

My pets had been patients at the Altoona Veterinary Hospital for quite a few years. The Hospital has always been good about getting my cats in quickly. The Vet Techs and Receptionists were always so friendly. However, it was not until recently that I decided I will be taking my business elsewhere. The first incident happened when I took one pet in because she was not using the litter box. They ran tests and everything seemed to come back normal, so we chalked it up to her just being stubborn. While we were there, Dr. Williams had cleaned her ears. My cat always had dirty ears and she had been brought in prior to this visit because of it. After going home, a day and a half later, the cat was having balance issues. I called and they were able to get her back in very quickly and the cat had a ruptured ear drum. Hundreds of dollars were spent on a ruptured ear and I am convinced it was from the ear cleaning since the original visit was not for ears. The second incident that ultimately led to me finding another veterinary practice was the lack of guidance and information given when another pet was diagnosed with diabetes. When someone finds out that their pet has been diagnosed with a serious disease, that is going to require a large cost and time commitment, the customers should receive a plethora of information regarding what is in store for them. We received little verbal information regarding diabetes and the information we did get was because WE asked the questions. It should be the opposite way. None of the plan was written down or documented which seemed as if the hospital had never dealt with diabetic pets before. When I asked, “what is next?”, I expected to be given a treatment plan. Instead, it was just here is the insulin, here is how you administer it, get him on a “prescription diet”, and he will occasionally need to come in for Blood Glucose monitoring. When the insulin was prescribed to us, we were told it would be $100 and would last approximately 90 days, however picking up the medication those numbers changed drastically. The pharmacist told us the insulin would only last 28 days instead of 90 and the insulin pen was still $100. On top of the fact that you must purchase needles that are another $50. When dealing with a disease that is going to be costly, I expect the vet not to toy with me and give me straight up and honest answers about how much I am going to be investing into my cat. They should have approximate prices listed of the insulin/needles/syringes/food and everything in between to give the customer. To be shell-shocked like that was extremely rude and uncaring. When we went in to get our questions answered and to express our frustrations, Ashlynn did a great job of helping us, however we would have preferred to speak with the Vet. Dr. Morrissey was not available, and Ashlynn asked if we would like to speak to Dr. Williams, but he said he had not been working with us and did not feel the need to speak with us. We had literally only been told that they cat was diagnosed with diabetes and picked up the insulin, that was it. That was the only communication we had received from Dr. Morrissey. He easily could have answered questions for us but made his Vet Tech deal with us instead. Extremely unprofessional and lack of compassion. Two days later (because Vet and Vet Tech had the day off), I received a call from Dr. Morrissey asking how my pet was doing and if we had any questions. It seemed as if she had not even spoken to the Vet Tech and that the information about our concerns was not relayed to her from our previous visit. The lack of communication was frustrating so I found another practice and will never return. If you simply need a check up for your pet, yes, they were fine but when it comes to issues regarding your pet, you can most likely expect the bare minimal information given to you and you will have to do all the research yourself. I would not stay with a Doctor that sees humans if I were treated this way and I certainly will not stay with a Doctor that treats my pets this way.

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