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Kate Kavouris

2 years ago

Knollwood Hospital for Pets was recommended through a greyhound group I was in. Every time I bring my guy in you can tell Dr. Mitchell really loves what she does. She will always talk to him and love on him first before we do any vet-talk. I find the services are affordable and she is reasonable with your needs and your pets needs, and they take their time. If you are looking for lightning fast services and cheap care, this is not for you. If you want affordable, caring and realistic - you found your vet. They are truly doing the best.

Lisa Y

2 years ago

I don’t see Dr. Mitchell lasting long, she has become jaded. She is getting sloppy in the work she was once great at. A wonderful bunny died because she decided to give him a convenía injection, which it is not safe for bunnies, but off course she doesn’t care, there’s always an excuse. Either she is “short staffed”, or had an “emergency” or someone came in for a recheck and had 20 other things “wrong”. It is never her fault and she will never take fault for anything. I hope people start thinking twice before taking their pet to this place. She doesn’t deserve to be in this field anymore. I think she forgot the reason why she became a vet. It’s sad????

Rachael Ozarowski

2 years ago

This vet was a 10/10 experience. Knollewood Hospital is affordable and yet gives you a service that is very detailed and high quality. I've taken my Shepard to previous vets at other places where they overcharged me ridiculous rates for just a check up but this vet is phenomenal and I feel would NEVER overcharge me. I appreciate the doctor following up with all her vitals and checking in detail every single organ and necessary part. Since I have a strong background in anatomy and science I am very skeptic with who I trust with my baby girl and yet I feel very confident that I can trust this vet. Again affordable with 10/10 service. I will be bringing my baby back next time. Thanks Knollwood !


2 years ago

If you are a new dog owner and looking for the best vet place this is the one


2 years ago

Dr. Mitchell’s practice emails a COVID form out to all her scheduled appts which is great, but there is a section asking about questions, comments, and concerns so I wrote “curbside vet appointments are inappropriate.” I was on time for my appointment, but they didn’t call me until 20mins after my appointment time. She proceeds to call me while I am sitting in the car in front of the clinic and starts yelling at me to keep my opinions to myself. I stated multiple times that I don’t want to argue and she has the choice to take that section what people write into consideration or not. She continues to shout at me about the CDC guidelines which I am familiar with since I work in the medical field and tells me that she has the luxury to not come into contact with people. There was a point of silence because I was shocked this is how she treats her patients’ owners. Then she has the nerve to tell me that she declines to see my pet because I keep arguing with her. If anyone is looking for a normal vet appointment then contact Glendale Animal Hospital. They give the option for normal vet appointment, obviously with a mask on, or if you don’t feel comfortable coming inside then the person has the option to do a curbside appointment. They see dogs/cats and exotic pets.

Steve Miles

3 years ago

My first visit back was great, however my second was not and all of these one star reviews are starting to really speak to me. We arrived ten minutes early to our appointment and we had to wait almost an hour in the car, which would be okay however my dog gets really bad anxiety and HATES BEING IN THE CAR. I called the practice three times while waiting explaining how my dog is not handling being cooped up in the car well and Kim's attitude was that my wife and I had to deal with it. Once the appointment was over, I wanted to leave right away and be billed over the phone which the nurse gave me a hard time about. Once I was on the phone with Kim again it was nothing but excuses, but when I was running 5-10 minutes late the day prior, I had to reschedule. I asked to have to doctor call me and I did not receive a call back until almost 9 PM which I was busy and could not answer. I emailed the doctor and told her a call back that late is unacceptable as it was over 2 hours since I left her office. Her response was I was her first phone call of 9.... NINE PHONE CALLS AT QUARTER TO 9 AT NIGHT ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?! All of this said, I am 100% this practice taking out a dispute they had with my ex wife out on me, and I will mention at the time they had the issue I was already divorced. I will be using my parent's vet who makes house calls and cares about their patients

Marianne Driscoll

3 years ago

Dr. Mitchell and the entire Knollwood team are always wonderful and provide the best health care for my two dogs. I have complete faith in all they do to keep my girls healthy and happy. I would also like to mention that I greatly appreciate all of the extra exceptional safety precautions they have in place due to the pandemic. We are all in this together and need to stay safe - thank you! Keep up the great work!

mlckey casper

3 years ago

Never go there,,referred by my client ,,bad call,,the receptionist was very helpful, but her boss was not at all very concerned or good bad Dr ..HORRIBLE concerned not at all no stars deserved

Krystal Villarreal

3 years ago

This place is driven by money. The doctor does not care about the animals health at all, over charges and wait times are long. Spoke to one of the nurses who was very unprofessional. Will never go back!

Julie Smith

3 years ago

Like her t-shirt says. “Very bad, would not recommend” and I highly suggest you look somewhere else!

Heather Hopkins

3 years ago

It is not easy to entrust your pet to another's care and this is especially true when your cat is ill or needs attention. Knollwood Hospital for Pets and its staff though, gives me great piece of mind while taking excellent care of my Nellie (cat). The combination of knowledgeable, professional, and caring veterinarians (Dr. Mitchell is outstanding!), along with personable and responsive staff (from the front desk to each Nurse and hospital assistant I've interacted with), help ensure your pet's health in a trustworthy and responsible manner. I have had all of my questions answered fully and thoughtfully - no matter how many or minor. I'm given options about treatments that are fully explained in a manner that makes me a partner in my pet's healthcare. Finally, there is joy in this hospital! It is clear that all who are a part of Knollwood truly love animals - and their owners! They celebrate, with me, each of Nellie's milestones and like me, think she's the greatest cat on the planet (and yes, I know they think this about each and every pet they see but I know they actually believe it to be true for all pet owners - because it is!). I want an animal hospital with professionals who possess both the hard skills (a thorough command of integrative veterinary medicine along with the best methodology for running a hospital) and the soft skills (a love of animals and caring for them and an appreciation of what it means to be a pet owner) who want to help me become the best caretaker for my Nellie. I've found all of this at Knollwood Hospital. Finally, I can't end this review without mentioning the dedication of this staff, especially in light of the challenges brought about by the pandemic. I've passed many, many businesses in many areas of the city and among the suburbs who have had to close their doors. The fact that Knollwood has adapted during these unprecedented times AND maintained their high standards is a credit to each and every staff member. Everyone is miserable these days and that's easy to understand. It's hard to find bright spot or a source of grace on any given day over these past ten months. I find it at Knollwood though, each and every time. It's easy for us to be cranky about appointments taking longer or needing to wait a bit before my pet is seen. What's not easy is understanding what's going on behind the scenes to keep this hospital open and functioning. Why do I get a call at 9pm from Dr. Mitchell about Nellie when the hospital closed at 7pm? Two reasons: 1) Dr. M. doesn't quit until she delivers and, 2) Knollwood days are longer because of all that goes into to keeping staff AND our pets safe. I don't know how they do it but I'm glad and appreciative that they do! I'm an administrator in a large suburban school district. I know what it takes to keep students and staff safe during this pandemic. I've talked with Dr. Mitchell about her protocols and am impressed that they mirror the same CDC and IDPH guidelines that my school district follows - this isn't easy and it's costly. Again, another testimony to Knollwood doing all they can to take care of my Nellie and I'm truly grateful.

Alicia Choi

3 years ago

Dr. Mitchell and her team are amazing. Our 20 year old cat was Dr. Mitchell's patient for the past year. We can't thank Dr. Mitchell enough for giving us an extra year we thought we would never have with our beloved Alastair. It seemed fitting that she would be the one to put him to rest as a thank you for her amazing service to Alastair this past year. She stayed with us the entire time and never left our side. Thanks so much again Dr. Mitchell for everything!

Aldous Brian Opon

3 years ago

Dr. Mitchell is outstanding and very knowledgeable, very thorough you can really tell that she cares ❤ for the animals and we love her for that and her sense of humor even when it's the end of the day, she's so dedicated. Her staff are pretty awesome too, the place is tidy and very clean. I truly recommend this place. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ #rawpower

Teala LeBlanc

4 years ago

Very caring Dr. and staff. Integrative medicine, holistic care. We love them!

Sara Haase

4 years ago

I love taking my animals here. Dr Mitchell spends so much time with them and really tries to get to the bottom of things. I like her approach to treating animals.

Renee G

4 years ago

Dr. Mitchell is the best! I have been going to Dr Mitchell for about 15 years she always goes above and beyond for my fur babies!

M Hirose

4 years ago

Doctors are extremely kind, attentive and caring. The best!!

Little Lizomaniac

4 years ago

LOVE Dr. Mitchell here!! She is so nice, the people there are VERY friendly and very helpful! The wait is a bit long but that's ok. My bunnies didn't mind being there and were actually quite comfy, the prices were wonderful! We got an ear clean for my bun Bini and an injection and a general health exam for them. Dr. Mitchell is very experienced with rabbits and many other pets, I'm glad to have her. Thank you so much Dr. Mitchell! I'll see you again in 10 days for Nina!


5 years ago

Let me start by saying, I am not one of those people that writes bad reviews lightly. I'm quite the opposite. I went here because someone I know brings her dogs here and she recommended this place highly. I brought my dog here because he had a tooth infection. My first appointment I scheduled here I had to wait 30 minutes from my appointment time until the vet finally came in. As frustrating and stressful as that was, I calmed down once the vet looked at my dog. She was kind, concerned and seemed very knowledgeable. The estimate they gave me for his treatment I felt was very high. I asked a few friends and another vet and they felt it was high. But I decided to go for it because: 1) I did like the vet, 2) they were highly recommended by someone else I know who goes here, 3) they are close to my home. Today I brought my dog in for his follow up after this procedure was done. My appointment time was 2:30pm, and I arrived on time. At 2:27pm to be exact. I was told to go in room 3 and the doctor would be in there in a few minutes. So I waited.... and waited... and waited.... the vet tech came in and asked a few questions and left again, and I waited.... and waited... I opened the door to ask the lady at the front desk if she could find out what the hold up was. I had to get back to work. I waited some more.... The vet tech came in and said the doctor was still with the last patient. I'll be honest, at this point I had lost all my patience. I was being disrespected. They certainly wouldn't wait around for me if I was running that late. The vet didn't come in the room until 3:26pm. I had waited 59 minutes exactly. Which I find completely unacceptable. They made me extremely late getting back to work. My boss was not too happy about that, especially since I have two co-workers out sick today and being gone 2 hours was not good. This just made me feel like they didn't care about my time, they got my money and they don't care if they make me wait. They seriously need to work on running a tighter schedule. I don't think I want to give this place a third chance to make me sit around and wait some more for them. I'm sure their time is precious, but so is mine. I wanted to give less stars, but I felt 3 was fair since the vet was friendly and caring, just inconsiderate of people's time. So, if you don't mind waiting an hour after your scheduled appointment time, then go for it.

Pam Trojan

6 years ago

Dr. Mitchell is the Best Holistic vet around!

Karen Buehring

6 years ago

Been bringing my dogs to Dr. Mitchell for over 20 years, and continue to do so even after moving out of the area. Just love her and her staff. Highly recommend!

Joe Imhoff

6 years ago

This place has been part of our unofficial extended family. They've been there through joyful moments and difficult moments and have always treated us and our fury ones with respect and compassion. Would highly recommend them.

David Berkowitz

6 years ago

There is no better veterinarian in Northern Illinois than Dr. Mitchell! Don't let the unassuming store front in the strip mall fool you. This is the place to take any dog or cat that you love. …

Chris Mc

6 years ago

Without a doubt, Dr. Mitchell is the most caring, competent and progressive vet we've ever found. She is aware of treatment options that other vets haven't even read about yet. I've now moved to another state but I'll drive my pup 300 miles to see Dr. Deb if we encounter a serious issue. There are many "good" vets out there but Dr. Deb is "exceptional"...we feel so fortunate to have found her. Thanks Dr. Deb & Staff! ~ Maisy Moose & her picky mom

Elizabeth B

7 years ago

Dr. Mitchell is the best vet we have ever encountered and saved the life of a our previous senior cairn. Her combination of traditional and holistic medicine cannot be beaten. Our current rescue dog has many health issues that Dr. Mitchell has treated successfully and given our dog a much better quality of life.

Elizabeth Klassen Thomas

7 years ago

I have been going to Knollwood for years. The staff is great and the care could not be better. I have always found their prices reasonable and have appreciated Dr. Mitchell's conscientiousness about saving me money. Her blend of Western and holistic medicine has been so helpful for my pets as they age (I have had 2 rabbits with arthritis). She is always current on the latest research and is able to enumerate the pros and cons of treatment options so that we can choose the best option both for my pet and my wallet. In addition she and her staff are kind and compassionate to animals and owners. It sounds like the negative reviews are basing them on one experience. I have had 6 years of frequent visits and nothing but good experiences. I cannot imagine a better veterinary hospital.

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