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Tanya Duran

2 years ago

We take our puppy to seen and evaluated at Banfield Pet Hospital. The staff is very friendly and explain what they are going to do as well as any findings during every encounter. We also have their wellness package for our pup which is at a reasonable price for what is included. I would encourage people to look at their website regarding those details as I do not wish to give misleading information. Dr. Rosanova is our pups veterinarian and she has been great! Finding appointments can sometimes be a little difficult otherwise a great place to take your furry friend.

M.T. Scott

2 years ago

great experience, we were visiting from out-of-town and needed vet care, vet was timely, excellent, facility was inside a Petsmart that was clean and pleasant. Overall great experience, thank you!

P McLeod

2 years ago

I had the dis-pleasure of visiting here today. I want to say that the facility as an entity, I don't have issue with. The staff and nurses/Dr.'s on prior visits were very polite, welcoming and professional. The previous Dr. I worked with WAS AMAZING!! *He is no longer at the facility :( Today, my pet was serviced by Dr. Alexis Rosanova, which this review (in its entirety) is based upon. I own a miniature Chinese Sharpei. If you know anything about the breed - you know how prone they are to allergies and they are VERY weary of strangers. (Its just the nature of the breed - they are very family oriented fur-babies, and OFTEN are not receptive to strangers - You cant just rush in and start poking & prodding....they are like "women -- you have to warm' em up! LOL ) I'm extremely mindful of the treatments (RX's) my baby receives. What medications cause, or trigger her allergies, as well as, what (meds/methods) that often work, for OTHER breeds, that WONT work for my( pei.) Its my understanding that my fur baby was not easy to deal with during her (routine) visit today. I offered 3 times, to come back in the examination room to help settle my baby - and was refused to do so. (On a previous visit - same facility, different Dr. this was encouraged and the visit went over well - mind you the previous visit was at the HEIGHT of COVID, and my pet didn't need to be coned or muzzled. With Dr. Rosanova however, BOTH occurred.) Lack of experience maybe?? - After a few minutes of "what sounded like" my dog being tortured - Dr. Rosanova advised me that prior to my pets next visit - she would need to be "tranquilized" for the protection of all concerned. I inquired, what was in the "tranquillizer" that she wanted to give my animal, to which she couldn't provide an answer. She instead, advised that literature would be forwarded (emailed) to me. (4 hours later still nothing). I asked (admittedly, sharply, at this point. I was upset about what "I'd heard during the exam", & the fact that my dog was SUPREMELY agitated when she was returned to me. -- Knowing she did NOT go into the exam room, the same way. Please also keep in mind THIS WAS NOT her 1st visit at this facility. She has been there 3 times before w/no issues) -- I inquired. "If it were you, and your baby - given you are KNOWLEDGEABLE of the skin issues and allergies susceptible to the breed - would you allow your baby to take said medication - NOT knowing what is IN the medication? " -- The pause - in her response was all the answer I needed. I advised her of the same --- "Your silence (pause) is all the response that I need" - She countered, by saying "If a medical professional advised me - then I would agree" -- I repeated my latter statement. This (obviously angered her) and she abruptly (tantrum like) ended the conversation - advising me to "Have a good day." - Apparently she was not happy that I would not agree to tranquilize my pet with a medicine that she could provide no information on. Dr. Rosanova would do well to educate herself on the Chinese Sharpei breed. Aside from that, she was (imo) rude condescending and unprofessional . A course or two in "customer service" might also prove beneficial. One thing for sure, and two for certain, is that my pet will NOT be serviced by this "Dr." in the future. This is merely a summary of the visit. It is my hope that this review will reach someone, who can assist in (further) educating her on the characteristic of the "specific" breed. Additionally, learning how to educate your clients (appropriately) on the specifics of what is "IN" the medication you are prescribing/suggesting - (especially if its an allergy prone breed.) Lastly, don't make the assumption - that all pet owners, are novice. ASK QUESTIONS, over making assumptions. Introduce yourself to pet parents B4 the examination, and don't make the mistake of lumping us all in one identical category. Some of us love our fur-babies - (like our human children). Each pet is specifically unique, and individual cases often do, and will vary!

Rebeca Perezchica

2 years ago

Called to ask for my dogs vaccination records, was cut off while speaking multiple times & was put on hold for FIFTEEN minutes. Needed the records for my dogs training facility, asked if they can fax to the facility, they said YES. But they NEVER did.

Blanca Alvarado

2 years ago

They were professional convenient they have different plans for you to choose from for your pet's. After you picked a plan you can go online and see everything that was done as well as chatting with them online if ur unable to go in. I'd take my dog there again

Andrea Blair

2 years ago

Amazing staff. The person I spoke with when I made an appointment for my older dog really put me at ease..I made the switch to this location that day!

Raquel Tellez

3 years ago

I got scheduled for January 25, 2021 “today” to bring my cat to get neutered at 8:15am. I go to the doors to walk in doors were locked. I’m standing there for like 15 min and doors are still locked. I call the hospital after 25 minutes of waiting and answering machine answered saying the hospital was closed Sunday and mondays. I received a text to confirm my appointment Saturday so I don’t understand why would they even schedule me on a Monday. So inconvenient since I had to take the day off work . So not worth paying the wellness plan since ive been trying to get my cat neutered since November and they couldn’t get him in to surgery till today, but today is closed.

Stephanie G

3 years ago

I've been taking my pups here for years.  Dr. Steinhauer is amazing and always takes care of Gus, Mr. Wiggles and my Rosie❤❤

sarah dababneh

3 years ago

My complaint was too long to post, please find on yelp.

mary scodella

3 years ago

Thank you to Banfield in Skokie IL for going above and beyond for us and calling around and referring us to the Banfield in Schaumburg IL. Dr. Eche performed a spleen removal on my pet (10 yrs old) he took us in right away performed the surgery the following day and recommended the Golf Rose hospital for overnight monitoring. Dr. Eche is extremely kind and informative and guided us through the whole ordeal. Thank you so much. ????????

Jen Taylor

3 years ago

We felt talked down to by Corey and dr park

Chimeka Payton

3 years ago

After 10 years of bringing my pet here the customer service has always been good but today I rate it a zero thanks to Diana Gonzalez

Adam Knauf

3 years ago

My dog was having gastrointestinal issues and Dr. Chun got my 11 year old lab fixed up after the first visit. Followup visit was nothing but good news. Thanks Dr. Chun, highly recommended

Sarah Lee

4 years ago

They take great care of my pup!

Brittany Dale

4 years ago

I've had my now 9 year old dog on this plan for years. Recently took him i for severe bad breath, and when we got there we were told he had an abscess on his canine tooth, and a tooth in the front was dead. We were told we had 2 weeks to decide what to do and that he needed to have the teeth in question extracted. He has been getting routine teeth cleanings as the plan allows every year. The tech/Vet not sure what she was, told us her sister worked at the Hoffman Estates location, and that she would extract his teeth without an X-ray and she even went as far as to call her. Decided to change his food and the VERY next day his bad breath was gone!! (might have be an issue with the salmon being too acidic, learned from the second opinion vet) We agreed to get a second opinion by a veteran vet, and she stated "absolutely NOT" she said his canine was fine, and if there was an abscess we would know he was in pain. Just to make a few extra hundred dollars she wanted to have my 9 year old put under to extract his teeth for what she thought was an abscess. I went there a week before the two weeks were up, with our new puppy who is also on a wellness plan, and I was asked what I decided to do about the teeth. I told her I was getting a second opinion and she changed her tune. She then began saying "it could have been an abscess." WHY am I paying and trusting the wellness of my beloved pets with a vet who is more concerned about how many pets and how many over priced medications they can con people into. ** His prescription was $90, we filled it and then did our research and the prices there are outrageous! ASK for a prescription and go elsewhere!! 1800-PETMEDS! What a joke banfield!!!! Canceling earliest time we're able!

BBlackburn 07390

4 years ago

They put my dog down painless and took him down stairs we went to eat next door and the food tasted familiar

Audrey Breeden

4 years ago

Love Banfield, only thing I would change is that they be more understanding to dogs that are hyper and have anxiety. It is a vet visit dogs get worked up.

American Patriot

4 years ago

I bring my pup here and have an Active Wellness Plan for her. Doctor Steinhauer is very kind and sweet with all of his little four legged patients. The veterinary technicians/assistants are all very sweet and compassionate. Love it here!

Zipporah Brandford

5 years ago

I really like this location and staff. Dr. Steinhauer (and his assistant) were very knowledgeable. I felt very comfortable having my fur babies in their hands and care. This will be my go to place from now on.

Jennifer Giuffre

5 years ago

Sarah, a groomer Petsmart, made clipping my pitbulls nails so stressfree for him. She did a great job. Thank you, Sarah!

Jeanne Mazenis

5 years ago

If you want friendly, polite, skilled, caring staff, very clean office and the BEST doctor ever (Dr Steinhauer) then you want to visit this Banfield Hospital. They take care of Tug and I so well. Jaime at the front desk is Tug's BEST friend too!! I make sure to make all of Tug's appointments with Dr Steinhauer even if I do months in advance. He is caring, polite, friendly, highly educated, gives you all the details and options, and makes sure he does follow up! So if you want a great doctor and wonderful vet make a visit to this Banfield!!

Gina Waytula

5 years ago

I live right by the Bloomingdales banfield but I drive all the way to schumburg because the staff here is so great and caring.

Elizabeth Rose

5 years ago

I travel over 30mins to this location because of the exceptional service that so far all employees I have interactions with have displayed. They are flexible with my schedule and when I take my dog in I never have to worry which vet is working or will my dog be ok. That feeling is worth any traffic or possible time conflict I could hope to have. Recently I moved 190 miles away, but without hesitation I scheduled Garys yearly exam for next month. Again peace of mind if totally worth it. A BIG Thanks to the staff here!

jane jun

6 years ago

I'm not one to take the extra time to post complaints. However I thought that I should voice my opinion to those that truly consider their pets a part of their family. I've utilized Banfield membership for over a decade. I've been to several different locations: Auburn Hills MI, Rochester Hills MI, Kildeer IL, Hoffman Estates IL, and Schaumburg IL which is the place I strongly recommend you don't take your pets to. They have a new employee who is rude and poorly trained as well as their own "policy" that makes no sense amd changes whenever is beneficial for them. I was at one of the appointments 5 minutes late and was told I'd have to reschedule because I was 10 minutes late. Even though 5 minutes was spent standing at the front desk waiting to be helped. Maybe it's possible retaliation for previously complaining about the new employee. I was told previously purchased medications expired and therefore had to purchase a new medication. I checked the date once I was home and realized it hadn't expired yet and called in to speak to the tech. I was told that it wouldn't work for the condition my dog has, which was an ear infection with mild inflammation, without having to state the name of the medication. When I requested that I consult with the Dr. Loukas the tech switched me to another tech that said the same thing. Among numerous other issues such as pushing to sell medication that's unnecessary to make sales, I'd still like to give some credit to 1 or 2 staffs that work hard and are sincere about helping treat your pet back to good health. Also there are locations that will try their best to squeeze you in in case of an emergency like Mount Prospect location. Mary from that location helped call other locations just to assist in getting urgent care for my dogs. I plan on taking my dogs there or the Hoffman Estates location from this point on. I've heard good reviews. I hope this helped some of you.

Joy verde

6 years ago

Dr Steinhauer was great! He thoroughly explained what's going with my pet Gizmo and Ollie. I highly recommend him! The staff was great as well!

Kelly Brogelman Coronado

8 years ago

I called and scheduled an appointment, and the idiot didn't type it in, so my dogs were sent away upon arrival without an apology or an attempt to get them in. We will be taking our pets to the Mount Prospect location.

Audrey Kornatowski

9 years ago

Thank goodness for Banfield in Schaumburg and they're wellness plan. When we got our puppy, we immediately started his treatments and check ups here because of proximity, and I've heard about they're form of insurance for the pup. It has made this experience much less stressful because 1. We know he's in great hands because the staff is amazing and so professional, and 2. We're not going broke getting our little guy to be healthy and started off right. Im so thankful for the staff, they really go above and beyond making sure we're educated on any treatments and they always check in after our visits. I know I'm a crazy dog mom, so I'm so thankful that they put up with me. Great pet hospital!

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