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K Arm

2 years ago

I took my dog here for a consultation, the room they put me in was dirty. The staff was nice but the main doctor did not explain what she was doing as she tested my dogs eyes. The price was way over what the service was needed. If you go make sure to get a second opinion.

Lucky Chavez

2 years ago

I would definitely recommend taking your pet here. The doctor and her staff is amazing! Every step of the process was made easy and was explained very thorough. They really are the best!

Susan Rolek

2 years ago

They are the best, from the receptionist to the tech and Dr Czepiel. They are kind, spend time explaining the condition and the treatment. Answer all your questions and never make you feel rushed. I highly recommend them.

julie Hildebrand

2 years ago

Friendly staff and doctor. However it took over 7 days for a followup call

Gary Castaldo

2 years ago

Our dog went blind over night. I rushed her into them. They were very professional and caring. They did a wonderful job of walking us through everything. Sad to say she has Sudden acquired retinal degeneration syndrome (SARDS) and will never see again.

Dan Johnsen

2 years ago

Have been here for feline pet eye care issues, long term treatment, they do a terrific care and diagnosis program.

Juliee Uplegger

3 years ago

This used to be a reputable place but not anymore. I'm not confident in the doctors there and their inability to return phone calls speaks a lot to their level of customer service. If a doctor made an error, no one's perfect, it is better to admit the error instead of trying to backtrack. Not a good practice. Honesty is always the best policy.

Bill Potter

3 years ago

My Boston terrier recieved the best care for her eyes. So thankful for their office dr. Tara and the girls there are awesome!!! ????

Kevin Kamholtz (Get Junkin)

3 years ago

Very happy with our appointment today. They took great care of our dog Neuro. Very professional and courteous. The staff was great, very efficient and pleasant to work with. Overall excellent experience!

Karin Sullivan

3 years ago

I brought my Shih Tzu here for cataract surgery. It has been an amazing experience. Aside from the fact that my little guy can now see!! (which I cannot even put into words how amazing it has been to see him go from struggling due to almost complete blindness to now being able to see and look right at me), the staff was amazing. They were transparent and attentive through the whole process. They were very knowledgeable, and I feel my guy received a high level of specialized care. I could also tell that they treated my little guy with lots of love while he was there. Not just from the way that they talked about him (which was always affectionate and caring), but after the surgery when the Vet Tech brought him out to me, there was a moment when she spoke and he turned his head towards her with lots of affection. That’s how you know... The Vet had said my little guy wanted to be carried around like a baby, and I’m pretty sure I know who was doing a lot of the puppy holding. ???? Super happy with my experience and I’m wholly confident that if my little guy had thumbs he would be writing this same review. Thank you! Karin and Huckleberry ????

joanne wisdom

3 years ago

Outstanding customer service and a staff that really cares. They got our cat worked into the schedule on an emergency eye issue and they were so accommodating and helpful. Highly recommend!

Kimberly Giogios

3 years ago

I moved to Illinois from Connecticut in July 2020 and noticed my dog was having trouble with her vision. I found Eye Care for Animals through the internet and from the first call I placed until our appt it was wonderful. Staff was caring and compassionate. The doctor explained her exam findings with me in detail and gave me options. Sadly, my sweet girl is blind and it cannot be reversed but she is otherwise happy and healthy and has an excellent quality of life. We have another appt in 6 months. I would recommend this vet to my family and friends. Excellent care.

Ava A

3 years ago

Great experience for me and my lil gal. Explanations were thorough and clear.

Amanda Maxim

3 years ago

Wonderful, caring doctor. They are helping to save my cat's eye. I'm forever indebted. I can't recommend them enough ????.

Daniel Panczyk

3 years ago

Simply amazing whole crew were unbelievably courteous helpful kind most important my husky wasn't scared first time in her life she wasn't scared at doctor office this alone tell everything about this amazing eye care office thank you so much

Julia Golding

3 years ago

Great place! Clean. For our puppy's first visit, the tech we saw (I need to get her name so I can mention her here) was incredibly knowledgeable and was able to answer all our questions; from memory no less! Everyone we worked with was friendly, and efficient.

Lyndi Van Zandt

3 years ago

My dog had a growth on her eyelid, her regular vet scheduled to remove it. When we got there it had grown, and he said he never saw anything like it. We came to the eye specialist and got a biopsy, expecting a possible cancerous growth. It came back as, not, a cancerous tumor, but some sort of allergic reaction to something. She was put on prednisone, and after a week it is almost down to normal. We still have 2 weeks to go on meds, but by the way it looks now, we have avoided an expensive surgery. Relieved and Thankful!

Mary Szatkowski

3 years ago

I found Eye Care for Animals after my veterinarian for 30 years didn't have time to look at my dog for an eye emergency. I called their emergency number and was immediately called back by a very kind and sympathetic person. She was able to direct me to their office and advised me to be present at opening. When my dog was finally seen, I was called back by the doctor who spent a great deal of time explaining my dog's condition. I am so grateful to have found them. They are a rarity in the veterinary world.

Melinda Rhodes

3 years ago

We drove down to see Dr. Czeipel on Aug. 29, 2019. While I was away one of our farm birds ( pekin duck) got a damaged eyelid. Nobody told us ahead that she could not anesthetize a bird. We would have to use another facility if Bill needed to be stitched. They only can anesthetize dogs or cats. It doesn't say that on the website nor did they tell me when I called. It was clearly explained the extent of the injury. Dr. Czeipel did a thorough exam and I liked her and told her- very good bedside manner. Billy liked her she was gentle with him. At the end of the exam she confirmed all that I had suspected and related to her - torn lid, punctured inner eye lid, orbit/globe undamaged. Dr. Czeipel said his lid had healed and this lower lid injury would remain a flap unless operated on. At that time she would deburr both lids so they could heal back together and stitch, she would stitch the puncture in the inner lid closed otherwise it would remain with a hole. Additionally, she suggested that at the time of surgery she could remove some scar tissue on the opposite eye lid so he could have full uninterrupted vision from that eye also. We thought that was a good idea. She said she wanted to consult with our veterinarian. I thought this was odd, our vet had never seen Bill before but - ok. She would call me back after speaking with Dr. Tom. When she called us back the 2nd day, we were told then that she would only be able to work on Bill in a different facility than the place we brought him. She asked our vet to use their facility and they said no. This was the reason she wanted to "consult" with our vet. She said she had some associates she could ask - one in Lisle and one in Skokie if I wanted to move forward. The surgery - and she was only charging me for the sutures and the instruments used would be $600.00. Of course this did not include the use of the facility. We had already paid her $167 for her initial exam. After thinking this over a day or two I decided to get a second opinion. Though I thought Czeipel did a good exam I also strongly felt - honesty is the best policy. I think honesty is one of the core virtues. We took Bill to UW Madison veterinary clinic. They also did a beautiful and gentle exam. $75. They said the eye lid had healed back in place and the inner lid as well. He does have a small scar on the lower lid which is visible in the pictures I am attaching. I asked Dr. Czeipel for a refund in an email to her office. I also spoke with her because she called me to see if we were going to take her up on the $600 operation. I told her at that time we were taking Bill to the university for a second opinion. Since they would not give us a refund (did not even respond) I requested that the records be sent to the university. I should add the Dr. at the university said since that eye was healed If we wanted to have the scar tissue removed from the other eye so he could have uninterrupted vision on both sides they could do it for $150 additional to the $75 exam. Wow! What a difference and you can't get better than Madison. I would like to add, Bill is a $2.50 farm supply chick hatched on 5/23/13. Pictures attached the caged picture show Bill immediately after his exam with Dr. Czeipel, you can see the lid is ripped and rubbing on his cornea. All the rest are of the healed Bill enjoying life!

mona moore

3 years ago

Excellent!! If you are having problems with your pets eyesight, they are great!

Nicole Buchanan

3 years ago

I don't like to write negative reviews, especially when I didn't fully engage their services but here's what happened. I was referred by my primary vet because my dog had a skin tag on her eye lid. I had a difficult time reaching this group to set up an appointment, used email, never got a reply. I kept calling and finally, eventually, I scheduled an appointment. I was made aware of the consultation fee upon scheduling the appointment, so there was transparency, but I didn't anticipate the outcome. When I brought my dog in for her appointment, I was immediately disappointed in the engagement with both my dog and I. I have a very friendly lab who won't cooperate until people properly greet her and pet her and act like they're excited to see her. It's just how she is. But I felt that the staff there were competent but indifferent towards her. The worst part about the whole thing was that her eye exam, including things being stuck in her eye, happened in front of me. No one explained what they were doing, they just kind of climbed on top on her to hold her down and stuck something in her eyes. Not exactly what any pet parent wants to be witness to. The vet explained that they can take care of the problem and she seemed quite competent, but completely indifferent towards my pet, as well as doing nothing to calm my nerves. I went ahead and scheduled the procedure. I was charged $250 for a consultation, which was the furthest thing from a positive experience I have ever had with my pet. I was also told that the procedure would cost $1400. Fine. I'm not concerned about cost when it comes to the health and well-being of my beloved, cherished dog. Ultimately, I left crying because I felt so upset that the staff was so indifferent towards my feelings and failed to demonstrate compassion for both my dog and I. I even had to ask the vet, "you'll be nice to her and take care of her, right?". I feel like you shouldn't have to ask a professional that. I should trust that you are going to care for my animal and show compassion. I did not feel that with this group and I lost $250, literally, for nothing. I cancelled the procedure and found a competent, compassionate group to do this procedure, along with a teeth cleaning for a fraction of the price that this group was quoting. I won't be back, nor will I recommend.

Susan Price

4 years ago

If your pet has eye problems, this group has the experts to help.

Rosa Rosa

4 years ago

Never iny life did I imagine my dog would need an eye specialist. This was my first visit to one. Dr. was very thorough. Although he couldn't tell me for sure what it was (too much swelling?, he gave me some idea and a worst case scenario. Will find out more when I go back.

Mary P Ayers

4 years ago

I love my furry dogster's Vet, she's very thorough and precise, specially very caring towards my girls. I love the staff too... very friendly and helpful. Terry, she's great! Kim and Elizabeth too!

Digi Val

4 years ago

Really helped my dog while it was possible however expensive. They wanted to keep treating and operating when it was past appropriate.

Chris Wilson

4 years ago

They took may dog in on a emergency. Very kind and professional.

Richa Khapekar

5 years ago

I went for my dog and they were very nice very welcoming. my dog seem to be very comfortable around staff and inside the waiting room. They are very kind and explaining what needed to be explained and the next steps that I needed to take.

Mike Milner

5 years ago

Dr. Hsu is great with my aging dog. Not cheap but worth the price if you value your pet's eyes.

Lia Sutton

5 years ago

They take great care of your fur babies!

Larry Danna

6 years ago

The doctors and staff at Eye Care for Animals are truly life savers. Our beloved pug Leo had gotten very ill, very quickly, and after 3 days and many vets looking at him, and expensive treatments which were completely irrelevant, Naperville Animal Hospital could not figure it out. They literally told there was nothing else they could think of or do, and he should be put down. Not a chance we were not going find a solution, quickly. We found Eye Care for Animals in St Charles on the web after numbers of searches. After a very short phone discussion, and a speeding car ride to their offices, Doctors Annora Sheehan Gaerig and Kim Soo diagnosed Leo's rare hemolytic anemia in 15 minutes, given the ulcers in his eye, as they are experts in pugs and smaller dogs with similar eyes, put him on a special spun serum. One day later, and with a surprisingly very small bill, thank goodness Leo was on the mend, with very specific dietary and eye care instructions. Almost 3 years later, and at an old age of almost 11, he is doing great for his age. If you have similar small dog, or pug, or animals with eye issues, Eye Care for Animals would be my first and only call.

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