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Jake Rivera

2 years ago

This practice is ridiculous. They quoted me $35 to have my cat shaved down plus $30 or $40 for light sedation. Upon calling a few days later to schedule, they change their story and claim my cat needs 2 separate appointments, shots and that the shavedown would require full sedation costing over $200. This place is run with dishonesty towards the pet owners and they do a great disservice to the animals in the community that need veterinary treatment. Please avoid this practice and shop around at reputable vets.


2 years ago

Do NOT let them take your animal inside without going in with them. I truly beleive they did not even look at the issue my pet was there for. I asked multiple times to make sure they looked and the tech assured me that they did and she "looks good". I followed up with another Veterinarian and she confirmed that they completely missed her diagnosis. I understand that it is a safety protocol to have people stay outside, but it is a major health concern to let my dog go undiagnosed and cared for. Go in with your pets so you can advocate for them! Or don't go here at all. I had been taking mine here for years and I certainly will not be going back.

robert earl

2 years ago

We were referred to this vet. After reading the reviews we decided go here. Unfortunately I don’t understand how they have good reviews. The staff seemed friendly at first but after going a few times we realized they don’t care much for the animals. They don’t spend time answering concerns or questions. When they do they give unsure inaccurate answers. They rush the appointments as fast as possible. They do not let us speak directly to the veterinarian. We have found this vet has a poor the level of care, lack of compassion, quality of service, unknowledgeable staff. If you want a cheap vet, that treats you like just another number, and could care less about you or your pet this is the place for you.

Rosa Gone'

2 years ago

Walk in with my pet that was having trouble breathing and eyes swallowing up some kind of allergic reaction and they turned my away offering me an ER hospital pamphlet

Alyss Wilkey

3 years ago

Very kind, compassionate people. They helped so much during a difficult time. Thank you.

Rakasta Chicago

3 years ago

Staff is very nice and knowledgeable. Doctors are helping out and give full information. We are doing visits by appointment and the wait time is 10-15 minutes. Good veterinary clinic.

MaKayla Boggs

3 years ago

Dr. K diagnosed my kitten with a dentigerous cyst when I brought him in concerned about a lump in his mouth. He referred me to a vet dental specialist who then HIGHLY praised him for making such a quick and accurate diagnosis. Apparently, this is extremely rare in cats and usually takes months of poking, prodding, and many vet bills before getting any answers. Dr. K potentially saved my kittens jaw from fracturing, had this gotten much worse! And he also saved my kitten from months of being poked and messed with, and now everything is getting taken care of promptly. I am so grateful for him, and his staff like Gabby, Sean, Katie, and everyone over there. Everyone at this clinic wants what is best for your animal and I always know I can trust their opinion. Thank you! ☺️

B. Fortenb

3 years ago

It is a good place to go but they are somewhat pricey

Tina Sanchez

3 years ago

I absolutely love Park Rose Animal Hospital. They are super friendly and professional. There is a reason they have so many 5 star reviews. They are always great with my dog and even though someone mentioned them being expensive, I would have to disagree. Their prices are awesome compared to other vets in the area. They charged me $13 for a nail trim where most local vets charge $20 and up. Their exam fee is lower than others too. For the person complaining about the cost of medicine, you should always do research before purchasing a prescription from a vet. Make sure your pet needs it and see if you can get it from your pharmacy cheaper. If you purchased it, that is on you. A veterinarian will never MAKE someone purchase medication. They will only advise if they believe they need it. ALL vets charge way more for meds than you can get other places. This is nothing new. Park Rose has given me a script to take to my pharmacy when I have asked for one. Any good vet will do the same....

Dayna Minakis

3 years ago

Love this vet! Have been going for 4 years. Love Dr K and staff! Will only sell you what you need and very honest

Denise Massaro

3 years ago

We brought in our Cavapoo for a teeth cleaning after being referred to Park Rose on a local neighborhood FB page. Our vet wanted to charge $750+ for a cleaning which is insane! I did my research and saw all the positive reviews about Park Rose. I saw they were running a special during pet dental health month and decided to schedule the procedure. Park Rose is clean, nice, professional, and I felt so comfortable leaving my dog there for the day. We will be back again and I highly recommend Park Rose!! A++++

Ed Briseno

3 years ago

Just like with any other Dr, Mechanic, favorite restaurant...once you find one that does an excellent job, you will go out of your way to come back. I'm new to this area and was fortunate enough to find this vet for my cat's spade surgery, chip, and vaccinations. the staff was friendly, professional, and communicated everything before and after service.

Kari Caminitti

3 years ago

Just over two years ago, my boyfriend and I rescued two cats from a friend of my moms. I was on the search for a great vet. I’m a big person in reading reviews before going to a place and when I came across ParkRose in my search, I immediately knew this was the place for my babies to be treated. Dr. K and his staff are amazing. They have treated my babies like they are theirs since day one, when they were 6 weeks old. We have had to deal with everything from fleas to sprained legs to crystals in their bladder; dr. k has been open and honest with the treatments and how long it’ll take to get rid or heal. It’ll be hard to find a vet and staff that will always take such good care of my babies when we decide to move away.

Lupita Quintero

3 years ago

I absolutely had the best experience at this Vet!!!! Reasonable prices excellent staff. I couldn’t find a place to see my poor pup but the doctor here made time during surgeries to see her I am forever grateful highly recommend

Michal Guzek

3 years ago

The staff was very friendly and they took great care of our pet, we were in and out in less than 20 minutes. Would highly recommend Park rose animal hospital to anyone.

Michelle Castro

3 years ago

Great animal hospital, doctor is always there to help I’ve taken all three of my dogs for years and I wouldn’t have it any other way

Nata Pendrid

3 years ago

If I could give more than 5 stars I would, I was very hesitant about taking my cat to a new vet but I haven’t had a veterinarian that I have liked so far that has actually a shown that they care for the animals. This office has exceeded my expectations. My cat was having eye issues, discharge and he was swollen and there was also blood around his eye. When I arrived for the appointment one of the vet nurses/assistants came out to go over paperwork and get a general idea of what was going on with my cat. She then took him from the car inside to see Dr. K and it took them all of 15 minutes to diagnose and treat my little guy and they called me as soon as they were done so it was a 30 minute ordeal which was incredible. Other vets have let my animals sit in their kennels all day and not contact me when my animals were ready and charge me a kennel fee but not these guys. Whatever Dr. K and his nurses/assistants did was like magic, my cat came back almost like new, and in the following days his eye reduced back to normal with no more swelling and he is 100% normal. I don’t know if Dr. K is a healing saint or what but I thank you guys with all my heart. You healed my baby. I will always recommend your office to everyone who has animals.

serena dawn

3 years ago

Dr. K & his amazing team came highly recommended. We have two cocker spaniels, the most recent is a rescue. He has had some sort of unknown previous trauma that all of a sudden acted up a few months after having him. Dr. K cares so much and has helped us keep him as pain free as possible while he heals as much as he can. They always call to check on him and there is never a rush with Dr. K he is very thorough and wants you to understand exactly what is going on. Thank you Park Rose Team, Lincoln & Henry are so grateful for you! Me too!

Therese Beegan

3 years ago

My 18 and a half year old cat, Kuma, would be dead right now if it weren't for Dr. K his staff. Kuma had a few health scares in the last few years, but Dr. K was able to help him live longer and comfortably. Although Kuma was recently diagnosed with pancreitis, Dr. K was able to figure that out and prescribed new food for him and he is doing so much better. I can't thank Parkrose enough!

Juwayriya Syed

3 years ago

Why go to a far away vet when you have one practically right in your own backyard!! Awesome service and beyond helpful. One of my cats refused to get into his carrier from home, they let us use one of theirs to take him in. End of the appointment, when our cars were returned to us, vet tech explained everything to me in regards to their health and prescription meds,etc. Highly recommend!!!

Tracy Zemla

4 years ago

I waited 1 hour in the exam room for simple booster shots for my new dog. After the vet finally came into the room, he was dismayed that my dog peed on the exam room floor. His age guesstimate conflicts with the info provided from the shelter, he did not bring my dog’s file into the room and when I questioned my dog’s weight as it seems to decrease from the last vet appointment he refused to address this saying he didn’t know how much he weighed before and have to check that. Finally, he was seemingly angry with my wanting to have the dog neutered sooner rather than later (he’s definitely passed the minimum age at which this can be done). He could not handle simple and reasonable questions from a potential new client and left the exam room abruptly, slamming the door! WoW.


4 years ago

Love Dr k! A little more expensive than I anticipated, however, worth it. Every staff member has been so helpful and knowledgeable. Dr k takes time to get to know the problem and explain options.

Elizabeth Loquercio

4 years ago

Dr. K is awesome!! He is very honest and knowledgeable and I always appreciate that he takes the time during each visit to explain things! Highly recommend him!! The staff is super sweet too!

Kelli R

4 years ago

Dr.K is awesome. Very knowledgable, trustworthy, friendly & truly cares about his patients. Highly recommend

Nikifor Peev Todorov

4 years ago

Was happy with the service until i realized that they sold me medication Cefpodoxine for $47, something you can buy for $0.99 over the counter! When I tried to return iti they refuse it. Be aware , they will definitely upsell medication even if your pet doesn't need it! Good profit right!

Charmaine Bautista

4 years ago

Dr. K. and his staff are great. We bring our dog and my mom’s dog there and I appreciate that Dr. K explains everything thoroughly and doesn’t perform additional procedures or services without consenting us first. My dog Miles is very particular about who can handle him and he trusts and feels comfortable with Dr. K and his staff. Their services are affordable and the customer service is great. I highly recommend Park Rose Animal Hospital.

Jackie Hernandez

5 years ago

Dr. K and his staff are the most loyal, caring, gentle, loving people we have met. We had a bad experience at our local vet for our cat Baby Girl and came to Dr. K . He is so wonderful!! He took amazing care of my mom's dog Mimi in her last days and now cares for my cat! Him and the staff are top notch and we will continue to come back and spread the good word about his office.

Kate Metzel

5 years ago

Dr. K and his staff are amazing. They always take time to truly listen to the pet owners and address concerns. We take our dog and all 3 cats there!

Kristin Johnson

5 years ago

Easy to get an appointment. Friendly staff. They can have meds ready for you right away, whereas my other vet would tell you to come in in 3 hours because it wouldn't be ready until then. Good local vet.

Shelly Pz

5 years ago

Dr K is such an amazing provider for our pets. We've been with him for years and trust his expertise and opinion.

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