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Ashley Williams

a year ago

I just needed to reschedule an appointment due to me not being able to arrive 01/31/21. The lady I had spoke with informed me that they don’t due rescheduling and my puppy was basically too old yo be vaccinated.Something said call back and a lady named Mel answered the phone and when ai asked if it was her that I had spoke with earlier she hung up on me. So I called back and a sweet young lady Yandri got on the phone and as she read back the notes of the first ladie they were in accurate across the board but she was able to find an opening that unfortunately didn’t work for my schedule but it’s a No.

Jonathan Scheidt

a year ago

AVOID THIS PLACE!! (Dictating for my upset Mother.) The old vet who has just retired was gentle and kind and worth previous stars. According to my mothers accounts. She liked this vet. This new guy “Dr.” Sanderson rough housed an anxious 4 1/2 lb cat and got nipped ; he was grabbing her by the neck and scaring her to death. Ignoring the cats warning signs and how upset she was. How did this grown adult handle the consequences of his actions? He stormed out of the room and left my mother to sit upset and worried and without any information for 30 minutes; then sent a 15 year old intern to explain that he’s sending her cat to county for 10 days. A small anxious house cat went to prison for Christmas. Again, don’t give business to this new leadership. He doesn’t have the disposition to handle people or animals. On top of the incident, he was condescending and snide. This poor animal is away from his family for just being an animal that reacts when prompted. My mother is facing 200+ in additional fees in order to get her poor cat out . There are plenty of ways to handle a situation like this, my Mother being in absolute tears after a check up for her cats health. Let’s hope he can put on his big boy pants for his remaining loyal customers and handle himself in a way that treats women and animals with respect.

Ronnie Struck

a year ago

I having been taking my pets to Alpine Clinic since '94. The staff is the best.

Cheryce Mercaitis

a year ago

Excellent vet Dr. Sanderson takes the time to earn your pet's trust and truly cares about his furry patients and their owners. Highly recommend he's amazing????

bella amarsaikhan

a year ago

Alpine veterinary clinic is my favorite clinic. I recently had a check up for my cat and they took there time with her and actually listened to my concerns, answered questions, and treated her like their own pet. Not only are the veterinarians and the techs super nice and pleasant, and the front desk staff were super excited to see my cat and they are very sweet and informative. I highly recommend them and only trust Alpine as my clinic for pepper (my cat lol^..^)

Cory Erickson

a year ago

Even with an upset cat they took care of him. I was very thankful for the emergency appointment and the follow up appointment. Going here again if anything happens to our cat.

Molly Kann-Carey

a year ago

We have our paralyzed dog under the care of another vet, along with two other dogs. She is prone to UT infections. When we called the vet, they were unable to see her for 8 days. As I appreciate the constraints most small businesses are experiencing, I found that Alpine Veterinary Hospital works on another principal, care first. We were seen the same day with excellent communication and follow through on that initial visit. I do not typical submit reviews, but this was an exceptional experience and worth the public declaration.

Linda Dillon

a year ago

Wonderful care given to my scared GSD. The staff is always friendly and the vets very thorough.

Twitch 88

a year ago

Took my pitbull to this place after being referred by another vet after being told my dog may have cancer.After two minutes with the vet he threatened me that if my dog doesn't shut up he's kicking us out. My dog is a barker and it's something we are working on. The doctor did nothing to help my dog he spent 6 minutes bashing my dog and yelling at me that my dog is a problem. He was cowering in the corner as if my dog was aggressive. He eats from the same bowl as a 15 lbs Chihuahua And lives with kids under 10. He is the farthest thing from aggressive. He made no effort to engage with my dog didn't offer any treats to calm him. As a vet your supposed to help animals in need and he refused to do that based on my dogs breed. Worst vet experience I've had in MY LIFE! The most UNPROFESSIONAL AND DISRESPECTFUL vet I've ever come across!! My visit lasted a total of 6 minutes!! All animals deserve to be helped!!! And never got a phone call from anyone like the response says!!

Paula Braconier

a year ago

The whole staff at Alpine Veterinary Hospital put your animals comfort first. From their first appearance to giving treatment to checking out. Even though I have vets who are closer distant wise to me, I still choose to drive the 1/2 hour to Alpine.

Karen C

a year ago

Everyone is so friendly and try to to their best to acomode appointments. Is my fav vet in town. However, they are always runing about 15 -20min late from the time of your appointment.

jacob sims

a year ago

The staff answering phone is great and only reason they even got 1 star. The vertinarian who I spoke with is a pos. Waited almost 2 hours for him to get of hold me. Then refused to do my dogs emergency surgery. Asked him what was I supposed to and asked if knows any other place that could do the surgery. He tells me "nope and their this thing called Google I suggest you learn how to use it". This is after I've stated I've called 30 different vets and hospitals. How any one could take their Animal to David helland is beyond me. For him to talk to me the way he did shows does not care about any of his clients human or animal.

Grisselle Sydnor

a year ago

It was a great experience. Everyone was very helpful and I felt secure in trusting Sunny with being there for the first time and not being able to go in with him. I really loved and appreciated the care they took in answering my questions and in taking care of him. Thank you! For all you are doing in these times ????

Kimberly Campbell

2 years ago

The people at Alpine Veterinary really care about your animals. They professional and friendly. We have been taking our animals here for years and we will continue to do so.

Alicia Guy

2 years ago

They were wonderful with my dogs. I came back to pick up my girl from being fixed and she was just as calm as can be. They were really good to her.

Nicolas Alvarado

2 years ago

As long as my kitty recovers all good from his big surgery, nothing could be better. I was just happy to be able to get him in so soon on such short notice. Thank you very much!!

Jessika Epperson

2 years ago

I think they do really well but I dislike that you can’t make appointments very far ahead of schedule like only a month out a new patients can’t get appointments on Saturdays even though I’ve had pets seen here if it’s a new pet you can’t do on Saturday and it makes it difficult because I have to take off work for every single pet I need to bring in but yet I can’t make an appointment Ahead of time to put in time off of work. I do like that they do points for how much you spend that is very helpful. Dr Helland is amazing so I am switching everyone over to them eventually.

J D.S.

2 years ago

My normal vet couldn't perform the tooth extraction my dog needed, she referred me to Alpine Vet & they did the surgery was very professional even through all this covid-19 stuff that was going on. Made a huge difference in my dogs health.

IThoughtof Googleplexfirst

2 years ago

Business is sold to a corporation and while they are still best in town, they suck.. all about the $$$$

Yessenia Cortez

2 years ago

I went in with my hyperactive puppy. It seemed almost impossible to get him calm enough to take him in, luckily the vet and staff and were all extremely patient and helpful throughout the entire ordeal. We got through it, and will continue to come back.

Deborah Easton

2 years ago

I do not hate this place you're putting words in my mouth I just wouldn't recommend it it wasn't a good fit for me and my pet that's all

Brenda Anderson

2 years ago

Everyone was so sweet to my mis behaving dog. Thank you.

Barbara Madisen

2 years ago

The staff was so nice and I loved how they really cared about what was a very scary thing for myself and my dog Star. I will bring her back to them and also my cats Earl and Eloise.

Ashly René

2 years ago

I've been bringing my dogs here for years. The doctors are very knowledgeable and the staff is very friendly. When my pitbull, Buddy had to have life saving surgery at the ER, I brought him here to recover. They gave him a spot to recover and allowed me to sit with him and cry. Realizing I hadn't slept, Dr. Helland reassured me that he was in good hands and to go get some rest, which was exactly what I needed to hear. When Buddy recovered after a few days, the staff celebrated with us! I moved to South Beloit but still make the drive to have my dogs seen here because of the great service.

Ryan Pogue

2 years ago

The best customer service I have had in the Rockford area I have delt with many of the other veterinary hospitals in town and alpine veterinary hospital is by far the best I felt like they cared abought me and my dog witch I can not say the same abought the other hospitals in town

Jennifer Allen

2 years ago

Just moved to the area and needed my dog seen quickly (which we now know for fleas) the women on the phone were very pleasant, informative, and empathetic. They made me feel like my dog would be taken care of- they were also the one of the only clinics taking new clients (due to COVID). I was able to get an appointment a week out, the vet was a personable guy-knew his stuff. Overall we had a good experience, I would recommend.

Thomas Hartwig

2 years ago

Could not follow instructions from UW veterinarian office

Lillian Lartz

2 years ago

I have given the stars as the staff is extremely friendly and willing to help in anyway they can normally. They normally do watch over the animals and normally check them often in most cause. Mine just was not lucky that day to have that. I just think they were having an off day. They make you feel welcomed and warm. I know accidents happen and maybe this week was that week. I always seem to get two ray of everything. This is how my Week of feb. 8 th 2021 had went. I had taken my pup in for a routine surgery. The pup was walked in on its on. They told me all vitals were great and everything was good to go and that they do this all the time. I was never told that anything bad could happen from any of the procedures being done. So they had started the procedure. They then call letting me know they found something out and we’re taking care of it. A few hours later they call and say he did great, surgery went great, everything went well, the pup doing good, is awake In recovery and that it would be a bit before the pup could come home. I think awesome I get to bring my baby home. To then get a call saying I am sorry I don’t know what happened the pup is gone. We should have been watching , and checking on the pup while we were all just walking around. So why weren’t they watching my pup, why was my pup not important enough? Why did my pup not get checked on, why did my pup not have alerts on or something to inform them that something was going wrong? I asked what happened and I got we should have been watching your pup and not sure what happened as he was doing good. That sometimes things go wrong with humans in the hospital too! What really happened I will never know. I was asked if I want to find out I could have an autopsy done for around 700.00 added on the total of my bill already. All I know is my best friend who walked in on its own, who was a happy loving pup, I will never get to hold him, play with my pup, feed the pup, be ready to come home to my pup waiting at the door for me to walk in a kiss my pup or even have are talks we did ever day and night. I will never get him back and know true answers to why and what happened. Just the one I got of we should have checked on the pup and been watching him.

Marilyn Lamar

2 years ago

Super caring and responsive. Thanks for the great job you all do!

Nancy Howard

2 years ago

When our Yorkie had to have surgery to remove stones in his urethra and bladder, they were able to get us in within a week, they were professional, and the doctor came out to explain what he had done and how we could help our little Frodo during his recovery. They were so kind to Frodo and really cared about him and very kind to us. I would recommend them without any hesitation.

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