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a year ago

I’ve nothing but positive feedback for PAWS/PCAPS. My experience with them was nothing but superb. I definitely refer potential adopters to their organization. Keep doing what you do for the good cause!!!

jack m

a year ago

Rude employees, will not return

kimberly berger

2 years ago

The staff here were helpful and friendly. They made the process easy to understand.

Millie Burgess

2 years ago

i call in january they said they might got him only if i knew i want my dog back i was homeless at the time she promise me she wouldnt take him there on me he was my world i hate cause i cant find him and i can image the pain like im going thru i had him 8 yrs and my niece that on my doggy hes black on his chest is white

Tori Crackel

2 years ago

Highly do not recommend this county at all nor their shelter. I had a multi pet license and provided amazing care of my dogs while being harassed by my neighbors on both sides doing all they could to make me miserable. All was good during the winter until my neighbors saw my dogs more and didn’t like them being on the other side of the privacy fence we had built before moving in. Becky was tired of getting complaints from my neighbors that instead of looking into it more and calling to talk with me nicely, she proceeded to just make all things worst and verbally harass me over the phone multiple times then eventually revoked my multi pet license. Becky would ask me over the phone what’s the need for owning so many dogs and told me I should rehome and keep 1 or 2. She also asked about my mental health being with owning dogs. Now I love dogs dearly and being around them completes me. One of the multiple reasons that she revoked my license was that two of my dogs were due for shots, those two dogs were never on my list of dogs for my multi pet license and never stepped foot in that house during the time I owned it! One was my dads dog that he had own for multiple months while the other was my friends that I hadn’t own for 2 months before I moved there. Another one of the reasons was the city having to remove waste from my yard due to not picking up dog Pooh. The city of Peoria was called by my neighbors but the city of Peoria and their workers did not pick up any waste and left due to there being no need for them to be there! All the others were neighbor complaints where an officer was sent to my door a few times due to reasons like dogs barking, Pooh in my yard, etc and all were proven to be pointless and wrong! Officer Armstrong was extremely kind and helpful during this all and just had to do what he was told by Becky. Unfortunately I had to make extra arrangements to move out of that county and will always avoid living there. If you are planning on moving to Peoria county, Do not. Or at least live outside of the city limits. It’s not worth the drama this animal services gives.

Demilat TV

2 years ago

Bruh the staff act like your attacking them or something I called to ask about how there adoption process works and she had an extremely rude attitude and just hung up before I even got a chance to ask another question

Mary Wenzel

2 years ago

There okay. People rush you and aren't very friendly sometimes but they spayed our dog and one lady was super helpful. She was the only pleasant person we met during any of our visits.

Dead Girl

2 years ago

I got myself in the middle of my dog attacking my cat and I got bit. My dog wasn't up to date on his shots so had to quarantine for 10 days. I was told during this 10 days he would have no contact with any other dogs or even people other than feeding and cleaning the kennel. But when I picked him up there were at least 1 or 2 other dogs in the room. My dog went in for bite quarantine and came home 10 days later wheezing and coughing so bad he can barely sleep or function. After a couple days of this I called PAWS to let them know they gave my dog kennel cough, to which I was told he wasn't showing any symptoms while there and it was up to me to vet him. Really? He was coughing on the way out of the building. He wasn't coughing and struggling to breathe before he went but has been ever since he got home. I didn't want him to go in the first place but I wasn't allowed to quarantine him at home and now I have to pay even more money to take him to a vet. But at least they didn't euthanize him.

Dallas Graf

2 years ago

Rude people on the phone. Very short with you. The person I dealt with acted like I was putting them out by just asking if an adoption went through or not. If the cat wasn't going to be killed I wouldn't deal with them. I would do a complaint with their boss but that never seems to accomplish anything except making people more frustrated. I hope they aren't paid by taxpayers money .

becky Higgins

2 years ago

Had to turn in a female pit bull that me and my son found behind our back yard fence..She is not aggressive , and very friendly, house broke and did not bite the few days we had her.but was shaking and scared at first until she found out we was going to help her...And try to nurse 2 bad spots on her legs and wasn't sure who to call but I hope and pray that poor dog is not returned to the owner or euthanized..If Animal shelters are not good sanctuaries for lost dogs that have a good temperament .then this place and the people don't need to be there and be open. ..She would have been better of in New Orleans...PCPS does not have to euthanize animals...The Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab Utah except any and all animals to keep them from getting euthanized, they are strictly a No-Kill Shelter...and very compassionate to the animals and about their job.

April kelly

2 years ago

so my family adopted a kitten from this place it was our first pet EVER my family felt in love with this kitten over the phone her name was Goldie so we went and pick the kitten up she so we walked out of the place we started hearing her making this weird noise and we thought it was a hairball so we called the place witch the person was very rude so they was like she just purring she have to get use to her new home so we start searching youtube we thought it was an asthma attack so we called the place again then they said she have ur effection so we took her to the vet the vet said we would have to pay 500 dollars we did not have it with us and they would to rush her to surgery so we went home sad family crying we only had the kitten for 2 hours plus they had my 12 year old daughter standing out side of the vet waiting my 12year old daughter was so heart broken I hate seeing my children sad so i will try to surpise her with a new kitten she want a female cat because she only have male siblings

Ana Schutz

2 years ago

We had just lost our precious kitten. I saw one on the web site that was very close to the one we lost. I called Thursday morning and they took my application over the phone. The lady said the kennel manager would call me. After about 4 hours, I called again. Was told I was second on the list and whoever was first had until Friday at 5:00 to get him. Called at 4:58 Friday and he was gone. So how was I first out for the kitten Thursday morning and 4 hrs. later second?? So I said put me on the list for one like it. She said, Oh, we don't keep a list. I thought what kind of service is this?

Amanda Severson

2 years ago

Lovely people doing lovely things for animals ❤

Kelli Fiedler

2 years ago

We got our first dog, a black lab we named Shadowfax in 2003 from PAWS. He passed in 2012. My husband had a black lab that passed this year. We decided to adopt from PCAPS and got a lovely black lab mix. She's sweet, slightly nuerotic and completely perfect for us.

Kevin Gray

2 years ago

Friendly staff taking good care of pets looking for a new home.

lacie harper

2 years ago

We adopted a jewel of a dog! He is" stewie" a heinz mix about 4 years. What a little gentleman, once he was groomed and saw the vet, he thinks he is dapper dan now. In 3 weeks he is housebroke, knows a couple of tricks but his favorite activity, is snoozing on the grass in the sun!. This guy brings us joy and laughs everyday. The staff M.C. is just terrific and you can tell by how the dogs are, that they too, like the staff. God bless you all, who care for god's creatures!!. Consider a shelter to adopt, stop these puppy mills, these stray are so happy to have a home. They need love, positive training(treats) and CONSISTENCY and you get a buddy with endless love to give. Mike and Lacie May 5,2020

mady curry

2 years ago

Blonde old lady at the front desk was EXTREMELY rude. I couldn’t believe it! Don’t like doing your job??? Then don’t work. Will never come back again. So unprofessional.

olivia spang

2 years ago

i have worked behind the scenes at this facility and have seen the care these people put into there job. they take it personally and love these dogs that many have surrendered in horrible shape or have to go out and recapture a dog that gets out on weekly basis. its a.very thankless job and they do it with love and attention for the animals. i have read some of the reviews and they are heartless. take care of your animals,make sure they have a leash,shots up to date and stop buying puppys for xmas and then dumping them when the puppies are not puppies anymore and places like this would have empty beds and time to answer your every call on time. until then these guys deserve a break for doing a impossible job with caring hands.

Robert Adrahtas

2 years ago

STAY AWAY!!! DO NOT TRUST THEM!!! They are quick to state a dog is aggressive and will put them down. Please read the reviews and if they have your dog, get them out ASAP!!!

Natalie Jipson

3 years ago

Called the Animal Control Center here due to an aggressive dog charging me and my dog at the dog park and they told me unless blood is drawn they won't do anything or even send an officer out to ensure every one is okay. An absolute disgrace to the city.

Niah x (Niah)

3 years ago

My mom gave our dog who was a pit bull to them and they had him for five days the waiting time to get him back was 7 days we were going to get him back to be called and told that he had be euthanized because he bit the man that was trying to process him so they said he was aggressive but the vet that was Pet smart said he just had a lot of energy and they loved him at the vet. My mom said the lady that called sounded kind of unsure about what had happened and I know Bronx that’s just the way he plays but I guess you get killed for being you down there. Didn’t want to give us anymore information about where to get his body. He was just a puppy but we fed he a lot and people always asked was he 3 years or older but he was only 1 year and 4 almost 5 months he was taken in on the 24th a Wednesday of April and was euthanized on the 29th of April and we were told on May 3rd that he was euthanized.

Phillip Miller

3 years ago

we adopted Cami seven weeks ago.we broi home a lonely depressed two weeks she was getting much,she is alively happy girl.playful and lovable.loves to ride in pickup.a perfect match for all .this nine year old dog is fantastic.i am thankful for the lady that suggested Cami for us.


3 years ago

I just dropped my cat off I hope they don’t euthanize her ????please adopt

Tayna Neal

3 years ago

I am gonna be reporting this place to the state

Mona Stout

3 years ago

My 14 year old dog ran away who has separate anxiety and has no K9s, they found him and I said he bite someone so I had to wait 10 days to pick him up after they told the the quarantine could have been done at home.but not in his case? I paid $300 and was finally able to pick him up today he can barely breathe without weezying and is coughing/spitting up white stuff. After they confirmed he would be kept from other animals, he was kept with all the other dogs.

Matthew Garcia

3 years ago

My wife and I went in to register our dog with the county and the lady working the front counter was beyond rude and condescending. Tremont has a population of 2,100 I'm sure that you could find someone better than her.

Markwayla Barnes

3 years ago

do not surrender your pet here. They are rude, and horrible to people trying to adopt pets. I was asked why do I care what they are doing to a dog I am trying to adopt. They cut his tail because he gets too excited. They also put down another dog I was trying to adopt and wouldn't tell me the reason.

Connie Schiele

3 years ago

A few weeks ago, I adopted a wonderful cat named Oliver. I love him very much and he loves me back. He gets along great with my 2 little dogs. The shelter staff was fantastic and very helpful throughout the whole adoption process.


3 years ago

Very friendly staff. Very patient when trying to find the right fit for a friend for our dog. Very positive experience.

Lynne Bruesch

4 years ago

Adopte several. Very pleased, BUT I stopped volunteering there several years ago because a worker said I left the water on in the kennels. NOT. My only job was to walk and socialize with the doggies. She was so hard core and approached being mean to the sweet babes

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