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Steven Anderson

a year ago

You can't talk to the vet, only the techs. Drop-off appointments only, two trips and four hours to get a shot. Wellness plans are a scam, after paying for 9 months we were told they wouldn't perform the dental cleaning that is the most expensive element of the plan - no refunds and they continued to charge our card for the rest of the year.


a year ago

Waste of time and money. My dog has an ear infection, and has had them in the past. I called and unfortunately because thanksgiving is so close they told me they have no appointments. Understandable, but they told me they would speak to the vet about what they could do, and give me a call back within the hour. This was 8 am, by 1 pm I had heard nothing and called back. They told me that it could take up to 72 HOURS for the vet to view her board and fill prescriptions… fine. So finally 24 hours later they call me to tell me they need to do a virtual visit and want an emailed photo of my dogs ears. I told them I could totally do that, but I was at work currently. They told me they close soon so that won’t work. So instead I can call the Naperville banfield tomorrow where the vet will be at and hopefully get a virtual visit then… so now we’re almost 3 days after the onset of my dogs ear infection and no antibiotics and I’ll still have to pay 45$ for this virtual visit, If she can fit me in her schedule. Not to mention the follow up appointment they want me to recheck his ears and the prescription price. I don’t understand. As a human, I can call my doctor and tell them I have an ear infection and without an appointment get a prescription given to me. I’m not seeking serious pain killers or anything, I want ear drops for my dog. So now my dog gets to spend 3 days miserable with his ear and I get to hope the vet can find time for me. As soon as we get our ear infection handled we will NEVER be returning to banfield. I understand it’s not the staffs fault, and probably a corporate matter more than anything. But absolutely astonished they will let my dog be in pain for days on end.

Stephen Queen

a year ago

This past Sunday our dog, Frank, declined rapidly. He'd been fighting an illness for two years. Banfield was the only place open and they took exceptional care of Frank and us. It's so hard losing a pet. They were caring and compassionate. 10 stars from us.

Chrystal Sands

a year ago

Completely trust the vets and staff with my fur babies! They are clear and concise when explaining treatment plans, medications, and important next steps.

Mercy Marina

a year ago

AMAZING! everyone is so nice and the vets are very gentle.

William Mokry

a year ago

Glad they were there on a Sunday to help with a split Dew Claw nail that needed to be removed. Very quick and efficient service. Only thing would have liked was to be with my dog during exam and procedure. Jazzy was back to normal within 24 hours. Thank you Dr Sepoy and crew.

Angel Vizcarra

a year ago

I've had very good experiences every time I've take my pets. Always willing to help or work with me in anything that I may need.

Evelyn Fajardo

2 years ago

I took my chihuahua dog for some tests. What I didn't like is that I had to leave it there for 4 hours. They didn't call me to keep me updated until I called them if she was ready. Ever since I picked her up from the place she looks scare all the time.. when I want to grab her she wants to bite me like something hurts, she was not like that before taking her to the clinic, I don't know what they did to her that now she is afraid every time we want to hold her. Also those 4 hours that they had her there most probably in a cage she caught fleas because she didn't have them before and now she is scratching all the time. I don't really trust the staff, I don't know how they treat animals that come out scared.

Nick Espino

2 years ago

Helpful people despite being extremely busy. At times the desk staff at the pet clinic can be snippy but I guess that it's the norm.

Maria Ortiz

2 years ago

Mrs. Knight is the best!!! We takes care of Duke and she truly cares about him. I wish I could do more than a 5 star rating.

Miguel Alonzo

2 years ago

Feels like they’re there to sell you their medications than to actually help your dog. That is why i changed clinics. Yes, I’ll rather drive 15 minutes more than to take my pets there. Does not feel safe for my pets at all.

Sandy Ragagli

2 years ago

All the doctors I've talked to have been wonderful and give great advice. Fast service too.

Chuck Radcliff

2 years ago

This location is great. The Vet waited for me to arrive after his scheduled time to leave so he could give me an update in person.

Nicky Dilsworth-Floyd

2 years ago

I've had 3 fur babies seen here. Taking a new pup today. I love the service they provide. Our cat Sharon passed away a few months ago and the team was so compassionate. Just what we needed during that difficult time.

Keith Wiberg

2 years ago

Not able to get you pet in when needed they refur to look elsewhere

Em Amaro

2 years ago

Great customer service and value. Amazing pet support and care!

Tremaine Spv

2 years ago

Great courteous, knowledgeable and informative!

Edward Davison

2 years ago

I trust them with my dogs care.

Chantel Rodriguez

2 years ago

I love that they allow walk in's and the doctors and staff are extremely kind and passionate. However, the cost for check ups and medicine is a bit high. Otherwise it's really great for emergencies.

Jennifer T

2 years ago

Veterinary care is amazing! The staff takes the time to get to know our pets as well as our family. I am grateful for them, and the excellent preventive care they've provided for Daisy and Foxie

Justin Puchalla

2 years ago

Very knowledgeable and friendly staff.

Linda Hungate

2 years ago

They were very helpful and did very good for me I would send anybody there

Lindsey Shortness

2 years ago

They always treat my animals and me really well

Lisa Nally-Adrahtas

2 years ago

Beware…..Banfield Wellness Plan is a scam! They are just in it for the revenue and do not care about the health of your pet! I spent many years paying into this monthly plan only to learn if you do not purchase preventative medication through Banfield they will not provide you refills for prescribed medication even though they have record of negative screening for flea, tick and heartworm. I was forced to rate 1 star although I prefer to rate 0

Phillip Thomas (Morendur)

2 years ago

Quick, pleasant, and has always taken good care of our girls.

Steven Popp

2 years ago

Did not care for Banfield Pet Hospital, long waiting times to be seen and we would have another long wait after initial visit with the tech. Just did not feel like a good fit.

Tamie Pryor

2 years ago

Brought my cat to Bandield’s. She was super friendly and trusting, liked going in the car. They take pet out of the room so you cannot see what they do. After a questionable blood test, which left her back leg mysteriously covered in blood, she was NEVER the same. She came out a completely different cat and never went back to being herself. I do not know what that woman did to her, but it was bad! Oddly, she said she recognized my cat as being one she spayed for a shelter, she recognized the tattoo she put on her. And the plan somehow never covers thing you need done. That test cost us $126 and gave us no answers.

Tammy Gawronski

2 years ago

I've been taking both my cats to Banfield in Evanston for 5 years. When I moved to Aurora, I transferred their care to Oswego location as that is closest. The difference in the care that my cat received and the communication from the techs was night and day. Enough that I've cancelled my plan and refuse to take them back to this location. Strike 1: Cat was there for 8 hours without any follow up calls to me. I had to call them to get a status. They still weren't done and it was a comprehensive exam with a investigation into some urinary issues. The tech stated they needed to give her antibiotics and shave her rear end. I had asked in the morning when I checked her in to also clip her nails. Strike 2: I inquired during this time about what recommendations that had regarding her weight and the food she was on because she was getting bored with the current food that only had one flavor. Response was to "check the shelves as there are many other options." There are not "many other options". Prescription diet cat food in pate for the brand that I've been feeding her for the past 6 months has one flavor. Strike 3: When I picked her up, there was no follow up care instructions provided and no mention that there had been any problems. When I got her home, I checked her behind. It had not been shaved. She didn't like me looking after being poked and prodded during the day and proceeded to use her claws to give me a swipe. During this time, I found out they also didn't clip her nails. So now I have several good size scratches on the back of my hand. When I called the following day to find out why the shaving and nail clipping never happened, I was given the excuse that they didn't remember me saying to go ahead with the shaving. The excuse for not clipping her nails was "she was too aggressive". No mention of any issues when I checked her out. I understand that a cat can be difficult, especially when she is not feeling well but the complete lack of any communication is unacceptable. Also, they managed to evacuate the anal glands but couldn't do a simple nail trim. Really? Left feeling completely unsettled about the care that she received and currently looking for a new vet to continue the care for the urinary issue and for managing her weight.

Changa Maranga

2 years ago

The new veterinarian was super helpful! All nurses and helpers are always so kind

Aerith P

2 years ago

I have the wellness plan for 3 years now. I think I'm going to go to another hospital

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