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eduardo cardenas

a year ago

After looking at the reviews and actually going there today seems like a 4-5hour wait if you're lucky. I walked in today at 11:30am and was told there wasn't even a doctor available til tomorrow. Times have definately change with this place.

Randall Kalkis

a year ago

My wife checked in at 10:13 this morning and was told 3 hour wait. She opted to stay in line as our dog needed attention. She was in the parking lot at 1:30and called to see how much longer. She was told 2 more hours. At 3:20 she checked again and was informed 11 still ahead. At 4:54 she checked and still 3 ahead. We understand emergencies, but keep waiting clients informed. At 6pm she finally got in. She asked to speak to the office manager about it taking 4.5 hours longer then first told. When my wife suggested that she let waiting clients know that it was taking longer than expected she seemed appalled at the idea. Just tough luck and they were doing their best. After several years and several pets we have our dogs records and will be looking for a vet that cares about the client and not just the bottom line.

Leah Kendryna

a year ago

STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!! I have come to this vet clinic a handful of times. Almost every time there has been an issue. Do NOT get your dog spayed there. Also do not trust when they will be ready, they told me 40 minutes but they didn’t call me 4 hours and at that point I had already left. Mind you this has happened more than once. They make you get vaccines that aren’t required and then charge you a fortune. I highly recommend taking your pet to ANY other vet clinic. I will never go there again and I will tell everyone I know to NEVER try this clinic.

Josseline Puente

a year ago

Best place I honestly feel like my cats are safe here and trust them 100% everyone there are super nice and friendly doctors are incredibly. Thank you all♥️

Edward Ryan

a year ago

Nothing wrong with the vets or staff but the wait times are between 3 and 5 hours. Waited it out last time and it was over 3 hours and they didn’t tell me that up front. At least today I asked and it was 5 hours and no chance of getting in….. they don’t have a handle on being a walk in any longer.

Josette crapia

a year ago

The complaint I have is that they should be a little bit more professional and when you check in and they tell you an hour and a half to two hour wait and then it turns out to be a 5-hour wait because of emergencies they should have the decency to call those that are waiting and let them know that they had an emergency and that the wait time is going to be longer . Because I wouldn't have came back in 2 hours I would have stayed home for the five hours . there's got to be a change common courtesy would be to call those people that you know are on the waiting list and let them know what is taking place. Not just for the owners that are waiting but also for the dogs they haven't had anything to drink. And yes I did call ahead and they never said anything about emergencies and that the wait time was longer then the two hours they originally gave me.


a year ago

It is a shame to say this but unless you have entire day to wait for service ...then forget about it..it was an awesome place to bring my dogs 10 years ago but as of late it is possible to spend 6 hours OR MORE before being seen ..today I checked in about 11:30 am and was told it would be a 2 1/2 hour wait ..well we left and came back and even after 4 hours we were not called...I left and went home and got the call at 4:30 that I can come ...mind you I live 30 minutes away in Lemont Il. I kept them as my vet because I like the fact that you didn't need an appointment ...well sorry to say they need to fix this because I was not the only one getting ticked off...not sure how many vets were on this day but I only saw one ...if you are going to serve such a huge amount of patients GET MORE DOCTORS and cut the wait time down to what it was 10 years ago ...no excuses ..don't use Covid as an excuse ...need better management for sure ...most of the docs were great but they must realize people don't have all this time to waste !!!!! I don't think they take into consideration that cats are not always easy to get in a carrier ..and a cat that has diarrhea should not have to wait for 4 hrs + in a carrier ..that is sad..Cats seem to be a second class citizen over there ..each and every time I took the cats to the vet we were ignored ..I can go on and on but I will not ,,,just need to find a new Animal hospital to take my animals

Cindy Muys

a year ago

We had to have our dog put to sleep. We went to Midwest and couldn’t have been treated any better, from the time we walked in to the time we left. The entire staff guided us through the entire process with love, sympathy and made sure everything went as smooth as possible. They made an unbearable situation bearable.

Katie Munson

a year ago

For the second time in a row they can not board our dog. We barley can get in there for appointments. My husband waited 4 hours just for a check up. When calling for boarding the lady was extremely rude. Before I could finish my sentence she cut me off saying they were full on a non holiday weekend during a school year... (yeah right). I used to love this place. Drove all the way from chicago... I dont think we will be coming back. We were warned about this place from many people I guess it just took a while to see how un managed this place is.

Daniel Reiling

a year ago

We've been taking our dog there for 3 years now and the service has become terrible the last year. I took our dog in for a routine health exam and vaccination and and am still waiting to pay the bill almost 3 hours later. It was an 1 hr 15 min wait just to get to an exam room. Then another 20 min waiting for the doctor. The exam and vaccinations took only 15 minutes to complete. I had to wait an additional 20 minutes to see an technician about flea and tick preventative. After all that I am still waiting over 45 mins now to just pay the bill. This is absolutely ridiculous. There were plenty of staff at the desk that could have been helping out with clients. I absolutely do not recommend this veteraniarian and suggest that whoever reads this review keep on searching.

Renée Monet

a year ago

I have had some a couple bad months and when my pup was passing away, but didn’t have the means to immediately pay for the services. A doctor reached out to me and told me, they will help and give me time to pay. I am very thankful they could help in an immediate way. Thank you for your help. Thank you for taking Tazer in an emergency situation and helping him pass on in a peaceful manner.

Kayla Pierce

a year ago

i brought my girl here for an ear infection and was told the wait would be an hour to an hour and a half. at this point i’ve been here for almost 3 1/2 hours. i’ve asked multiple why it has taken them an hour to look at an ear swab and they didn’t even come back to update me on what was taking so long. i’ve been coming here for 8 years but this is so ridiculous. even if they only had one doctor working it should not take an hour to quickly look at an ear swab and give me some medicine

Jade Noelle

a year ago

We had a rough experience boarding our dogs here last month. However, Dr Sawa is currently actively putting in place new procedures for the clinic regarding communication between pet owners, front desk and cage techs, and more strict policies while handling pets.

George Newsome (Tom)

a year ago

I am traveling across states and have been calling numerous vets to get my dogs in because something is wrong and I get here and they turn me away because I don’t have a mask I asked for one straight away and all of the employees are wearing the disposable masks. Thanks a lot.

Ian Montgomery

2 years ago

Minimum of a 3-4 hour wait when you go. They are so slow. You’re better finding somewhere else and not having to waste an entire day every time you need to take your pet to get looked at.

Danielle Higgenbotham

2 years ago

This place is great for everything your pet needs. I love the doctors and I love the daycare staff (the entire staff is wonderful!). I know my pets are well taken care of when boarding and I know the doctors care when doing exams and seeing my pets. Sure, there is a wait sometimes but they have drop off options, and it’s a non-appointment facility (non-appointment doesn’t mean no-wait). I highly recommend this place.

C. Earley

2 years ago

We were so upset at the 2 hour wait to get our pup her shot, but what else can you expect at an animal hospital that doesn’t require appointments. Everyone was polite, despite having some unruly patients (humans AND animals). Got us what we needed in an efficient manner without us feeling rushed or unwanted.

Freeman Animation Gaming

2 years ago

I'm sorry but this place have a very long wait time we wanted to have a check up for for and they say we have to wait for 2 hours and after and we came back then we came back and they said we have to wait for 4 hours we were mad and then we call them back after a hour and they change it to 6 hours we had enough and left it was fone the first te we came but now it just too much don't come to this place they can wast your time

Jamie Mattingly

2 years ago

I am here from Michigan, attending to my Moms last days in hospice and my 9 year old cat Neo was in heart failure. Your staff was very kind and compassionate during this extremely difficult time. Thank you for your kindness and if I were a resident here, I would definitely be a patron


2 years ago

My dog received a dental cleaning and the vet even texted before and after pictures without me asking! His teeth look amazing and his breath is much better. Yes you have to wait in line which can be long, but for the price and the amount that the front desk, techs, and vets care really shows. Everybody was really kind. I appreciate how the team cared for my boy!

Megan Snyder

2 years ago

Dr. Brooks is amazing!! She is a saint. My dog is not the greatest with trips to the vet. She always needs to be sedated to get her nails cut. Dr. Brooks is so passionate and kind with my dog Harlee and understands the situation and how to care for my dog. I love dealing with her!

molly cronin

2 years ago

This place SUCKS. They took a hefty amount of money out of my account without ANY warning. When I call to see what it was about.. simply no response. I call the emergency line to see what would happen… NO RESPONSE. Is this some sort of joke??? I’m sorry I may not know a thing about animal clinics but I’m 99% sure that this is NOT how it should be. Very unprofessional and very rude. If you want your dogs/animals to have a good experience going to the vet. Do NOT go here, waste of money and a major waste of time with their lengthy wait times. I will be updating on other options on where to go as soon as I leave here! Again… DO NOT COME HERE!!!

Sarah Tournear

2 years ago

Easily the best vet we've ever been to. Professional, polite, caring, kind, knowledgeable, and even well priced. We moved and I'm really going to miss that we can't go here any more. Just wonderful people, wonderful place.

maria perez

2 years ago

Please “DO NOT COME TO THIS PLACE” My daughter has been there since 9:30 am. It is now 1:37 pm and still waiting in visit room. Never again. I called front desk to say it has been 4 hours waiting, I was polite, and all she said was “thank you”.

Samm Hubbard

2 years ago

4 hour wait to get in to see a vet waste of time don’t come here!


2 years ago

Tried to see the doctor three weeks in a row on my day off. Waited over 3 hours each time and still no vet. This place doesn't care to waste your time

Herzog German Shepherds

2 years ago

I had a rough experience with Midwest. Our regular vet in Woodstock was unable to perform our scheduled Transcervical Artificial Insemination for us. They reached out to Midwest to see if they could squeeze us in. Midwest said yes so we got on the road 1.5 hours away. I received a phone call when we were 17 minutes away asking how long we’d be. I told them and they said they’d see us soon. Once there, while my associate was in line, I missed a phone call from their front desk. My associate came outside to tell me the vet had left but he’d come back later and our dog would have to stay overnight. I was surprised and disappointed. We went inside and the girl at the front desk told me she’d called us a half hour before to let us know the vet wouldn’t be there. This wasn’t true, she’d called while we were already there. She didn’t like being caught up in a lie but I had the logs on my phone. I asked why they told us they’d see us if the vet was going to be unavailable. She didn’t like this either. Instead of apologizing to deescalate a situation with a customer who’d just driven an hour and a half only to be told the vet had left, she argued that it was somehow our fault for not getting there in time. She said she was under the impression we’d be there sooner, even though she knew the distance we were traveling from and someone had called to confirm we were on our way. At this point, I was doing my best to remain calm and not cry although I was clearly frustrated. We’d just spent $2000 on the semen and time was of the essence. She told me if I didn’t like it we could go elsewhere. I explained we didn’t have much of a choice but to leave our dog with them since there was a time constraint and the nearest vet I knew of that could perform the procedure was 3.5 hours from where we now were. Even if we could find a closer vet, it was the middle of the day on a Saturday. Slim chances I’d get in anywhere so I told her to proceed with checking our dog in. Instead of dropping it and checking our dog in she told me that due to this interaction she was going to check with the vet on duty to see if we could even be seen. As if I’d caused a scene, been belligerent or done anything other than call her out on a lie. It was clear at this point that she was more interested in asserting dominance than calming the situation and had absolutely no sympathy for the situation they’d put us in. I went outside to allow my associate to handle things as I clearly wasn’t helping. He came out shortly after and said he didn’t feel comfortable leaving her there with the way this had been handled. Right after, she followed him out and said we could leave our dog, but she personally felt we shouldn’t. Obviously the vet told her they would see us but she didn’t like that. I told her she was not handling this appropriately but she knew we were at her mercy as we had thousands of dollars worth of semen potentially dying in the cooler. She went on to say that if they kept our dog for the night to perform the procedure we’d never be allowed back again. At every turn, as we tried to move forward, she was unprofessional as she tried to assert dominance. None of that had to happen. A simple bit of understanding at a customer being frustrated with good reason would’ve resulted in an entirely different outcome. After we’d left I reached out to my FB group for dog breeders to see if anyone could help with an artificial insemination. There I found other breeders had encountered similar situations at Midwest. One recalled an appointment she had for a C-Section at 1pm. Once she arrived with her pregnant dog they didn’t take her because they intended to close at 3pm. Why make the appointment? How dangerous and irresponsible. This was an unfortunate encounter but at least I can make my fellow breeders aware. In situations like these you can’t waste time and you need to be able to rely on the vet you’re working with.

Kim Irigoyen

2 years ago

Dog had ACL surgery here. Very happy with care and results.. People complain about the wait, there are only so many hours in a day. The staff does their best to serve who they can in the allotted time. If you don't like waiting I would suggest you go to a smaller vet clinic to secure an appointment.

Pelly Bell

2 years ago

Was told they have an exotic vet who would see a guinea pig (I had one that was injured) then I was told that the vet doesn't see *injured* guinea pigs.

Barbara Gibbs

2 years ago

I have just wasted two hours sitting in the waiting area. When I checked my dog in, I was told the waiting time would be between 1 to 1.5 hours. After 2 hours I asked how much longer I would have to wait, only to be told there were 8 more people in front of me! I told them I couldn’t wait any longer and am now going to look for a vet with an appointment system. No announcements were made to let people know what was happening and no apology offered by the staff when I left. I think this is pretty poor. It would seem that they need more vets as I’m sure this must happen all the time.

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