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Catherine Lang

2 years ago

Have been coming here for years! Staff is always helpful and very nice!

M Chelmecki

2 years ago

I waited 90 minutes for an appointment for a check up and shots. To repeat, NINETY MINUTES; that is ONE HOUR AND A HALF. For an annual visit. Many reviews here talk about long waits, and the office seem to always reply that the reviewer must be confused. Lest you try that, it's Animal Medical Center in Orland Park, Illinois... the place with the location that's impossible to access on LaGrange, with the parking situation that makes no sense. You're overscheduling your facility - stop doing that. You can't handle the volume you try to bring in the door. Clients beware - they treat you with the disdain of a free clinic. This office will not value your time; they won't warn you you're stacked deep in line and give you the chance to back out, wait in your car, go and come back; they will also not say the socially prescribed courteous words about their failure to keep your appointed time. The vet Amy Rose, who lacks interpersonal skills, and does not inspire any trust, instead told me I didn't even have an appointment. Who randomly packs up their terrified cat and wrecks their back sitting on an awful bench in a waiting room full of dogs over their lunch? When I told the front desk that they should have said something if they didn't have my appointment in their book, that this was so disrespectful of everyone's time (I fully admit it was in a shrill, emotional voice because I was feeling incredibly overwrought after being made to wait, all to be gaslighted; it's not that I didn't receive any acknowledgement of the wait, but rather that I received an incrimination that I was squeezing myself in???), they launched into the "talk to me with respect in my place of work, I wouldn't do that at your place of work." Precisely! You wouldn't because I am a competent, conscientious worker! This does not happen other places!!! I have never made anyone wait at any place of work without checking in, and giving copious apology!!! That's the point - I do expect to be treated with the same courtesy and humanity that I have given in my jobs. If I misled the client to cover up that I had not recorded an appointment, that's pointless and unprofessional! If I lied to the vet and told her that the client didn't have an appointment, that's beyond unprofessional! Something is wrong at this place, and they have no interest in making it better. With Amy Rose as the vet, go at your own risk. There are many veterinary practices in this town - choose another one. I had a bad feeling about the medical care at this place on 2 previous visits, and had already decided to take our new cat to the other vet we use, instead of Animal Medical Center - it's not like you're waiting around for premier service and high quality doctors. Save yourself the headache. You may not do better elsewhere, but you can't do worse.

Julie Hernandez

2 years ago

So by me being a working parent, I had asked my son to take my dog in for necessary shots, I also asked for flea treatment. When I got home after work which is also after office hours I see the flea and tick medicine is not the correct one, my dog is 9 pounds but they sold my son $170 one which is for 11.1 pounds-22 pounds. I called and asked if it’s ok to give this medicine because it’s incorrect weight and my dog is not strong enough. They checked her chart and said yes this is not right one that was sold to her, they then stated that the correct size will be sitting at desk. I explained to her how busy everyone’s schedule is and we work, I asked if it can be mailed. She said she can mail but after I mail back my box-mind you, I explained it wasn’t my mistake and give me the benefit of a doubt, my dog can’t use this and she needs her medicine. Then they explained I would have to mail back and they would then mail my dogs correct medicine after they made the mistake. What would they have said if I gave her this medicine and she got sick or die, nothing right???

Johnathon hammill

2 years ago

Fantastic and friendly staff all Around! Doctors are great with the client’s animals and will recognize/work with every animal on a specific basis. Rather You’re furry friend is nervous or full of energy. The Doctors will make them feel completely comfortable. Peanut Butter and Zuko look forward to their next appointment.

Beatriz Martinez

2 years ago

My dog first experience here. The location is very clean, friendly staff, and great vet. I am new in the neighborhood. Glad to find a great reliable Vet.


2 years ago

With the pandemic it's hard to get into see vets. I like the Dr's and staff here.

Carrie Qadan

2 years ago

Front desk has 6 people. There is maybe one line open for those 6 people to answer a phone call if the other 2 lines are taken by somebody else in the back. Total of 3 lines. It is ridiculous. I called for 4 hours straight and my phone would end automatically and hang up. I came in and mentioned to them my call automatically hangs up to only have my complaint fall on deaf ears. I came back in a few hours later because I needed to schedule surgery for my cat. This time I voiced my complaint about the phones and the response is we are sooooo busy. Lies. 6 people walking around not answering any phones. Not answering any phone calls because those 3 lines are used by other staff in the building. This place needs to get some more damn phone lines. Then I had to wait over 10 minutes for the scheduler to come out and book my appointment only to find out she had to answer the phone calls for scheduling first. Ridiculous. Staff and scheduler were not caring, not nice, and dismissive of any complaints. Staff tones were extremely rude. All staff should really attend a customer service training program. I am tolerating it only because I like Dr. Lantow. Even watching as a bystander to other customers it is apparent the front desk staff is like this to everyone. No warm and happy feelings coming from this place for sure.

Linda Scalia

2 years ago

The whole staff are all CARING,GIVING,KNOWLEDGABLE. WE HAVE HAD OUR DOGS HERE FOR OVER 14 YRS N HAVE TRUSTED THEM 100% with surgery boarding,grooming,n general care U will not find a more caring or loving or patient animal facility.????????????❤

Mark Polacek

2 years ago

My young dog visits here. For all of Eddie's shots and things. Nice people and a shout out to Doctor John!


2 years ago

I wanted to give no stars but Google doesn't give us that option. Terrible place. Sat in the room waiting for the doctor for over 5 hours. They were afraid of my dog. Gave me the run around for treatment. Making me come in for several assessments and charged me everytime. Their prices are highway robbery. They have no compassion for animals nor people.

Suzan Shini

2 years ago

I was there today I didn’t have an appointment but i called them and they took my cat as an emergency because he was bleeding and I saw doctor rose and I could tell that she is NOT professional at all and her way of talking and her attitude I didn’t like it at all and she end up not helping my cat she was waiting for me to help her to collect a urine sample from him (like she doesn’t know how hard it is to do that because cats will not use the bathroom on front of anybody) I WILL NOT GO BACK THERE AGAIN

Imre B

2 years ago

My fur babies have been coming here for 12 years. The staff is friendly and attentive. The vets are knowledeable and offer multiple treatment and payment options. Masks required.

Patrick Palacio JR.

2 years ago

They are amazing with my four legged child!!

George Conrad

2 years ago

I took my dog there for grooming. They did a hood job and they only charged half the amount that the PETCO in Calumet City charges

Kevin Ryan

2 years ago

Tried to force me to wait 3.5-4 hours to see a vet when I only wanted annual vaccinations. They could see I had two toddlers with me. Very poor service.

Lori Christopher

2 years ago

Always excellent Vet services. Receptive and open to concerns.


2 years ago

Awesome customer service. Very friendly. Had my dog groomed here over the weekend. They did an awesome job.

Five Star Property Mgmt Five Star Property Mgmt

2 years ago

Fast convenient didnt over charge and caring

Gail Berry

2 years ago

I have been coming to this facility since we purchased our dog as a puppy… So I have a long history with you! we love Dr Porcelli however the front desk staff are extremely unprofessional, have nasty attitudes and are not servicing the customer as well the last couple of times I have been in with my dog in the waiting area I have noticed that the care and cleanliness is terrible you are asking customers to purchase items in your facility snd the cabinet these items are in is absolutely filthy what is concerning is that someone is filling these supplies in this cabinet and are not taking the time to clean the area that is clearly nasty… which I question if the entire facility is clean! After several incidents I have decided to look for a Vertinary Clinic that came meet the basic needs I am looking for

William REEVES

2 years ago

Fantastic place! Everyone was a peach

p wilson

2 years ago

Very nice staff.the vets are great

Nisha Singh

3 years ago

So Ive been bringing my dog to this clinic regularly since he was a puppy (hes 4 now). Today he was bit by another dog and likely needs stitches. Instead of running to a more expensive emergency clinic I called here first. I understand things are appointment only due to covid but how do you not set aside a couple of appointments throughout the day for serious situations like this? Generally service hangs around the 3.5 mark for me. Today my disappointment reached a new low and we may not be back anytime soon.

Kevin & Lisa McClain

3 years ago

I'm sorry, some of this is not the Vets fault, but I felt the way the situation was handled was not very compassionate. We brought our 17 year old cat in to ease his suffering in his old age. The vet could not find a good vein. Most likely because the cat was so old. But they told us that they would have to use gas and that we could not be with him when it happened. There has to be other options. We were so distraught and not thinking straight that we went ahead and did it and our best friend was put down in fear and pain without anyone familiar there with him to confort him. I don't care what the protocols are! No vet should ever put down an animal in this way. Seems to me that there could have been other options of some kind of oral medication that I would just put him to sleep comfortably. Maybe we could even take him home and do it. Vets needs to change the way they do things. Remember why you got into this. Any veterinarian that cares, would make sure that they come up with a better way of doing things in a situation like this. I hope you guys develope more compassion and change the way you do things in this kind of situation. No animal should have to be put down without their loved ones to comfort them. It is just cruel and unnecessary. All because you guys are too busy to do it a compassionate way. I don't care what you guys say, I know that there's a different way to do it. The only reason you guys do it this way it's because it's convenient and cost-effective. Anyone working in the veterinarian industry should be ashamed of this place and themselves. I can't attest to their normal care because they are not my normal vet. I can say my normal vet never had any problems finding veins in recent other occasions. This place was the only place that was accepting patients of which we could find. And we had to do it that day. All I know is that no one should bring their animal to this place if it needs to be put down. They don't even provide a compassionate option if they cannot administer it conveniently through the ivy. This place is one of the least compassionate places I've ever seen and I've been taking animals to the vets for the past 40 years.

David Mlinarcik

3 years ago

Least amount of wait time for a pet emergency for the area.

Luke Penley

3 years ago

i brought my dog here and had to wait over an hour in the waiting room and then a half an hour in the vets room. when the vet finally came in she was rude and unprofessional. she didnt offer any helpful information and acted like i was an idiot. horrible and not somewhere anyone should bring their pet to.

Vickie D

3 years ago

Went with my sister. She loves this place. Great doctor.

Jim Wright

3 years ago

Staff is very friendly n they are helpful will be back n recommended this place if u have a pet

Christine Smith

3 years ago

I have been to Animal Medical Center several times with my cats, Each person I have had contact with has been polite, caring, and helpful. Appointment times are very close to time scheduled. The Vets are very professional, gentle, take time to listen and call you back when needed. When It was time for me to say Good by to my elderly sick cat, the gentlest care and compassion was given. God bless all of them. I have been to other places around town because I relocated from Miami 4.5 years ago. Care was good, but I have to say Animal Medical Center is No One

John Quest

3 years ago

Doc and his assistants were incredible. This is my new vet for my 3 dogs.

Lisa Marie

3 years ago

The place over all is really nice some of the staff was very nice. My experience not so nice. Made a 9oclock appointment wasn't seen till about 10, 1015(which is fine there was an emergency etc) but no one informed me or said anything like it will be a little bit sorry for the wait inconvenience nothing.The Vet that came in (Amy) was very rude didnt come in and introduce herself (the only reason I know her name is Amy is because I looked at name on her coat) she didn't seem happy or loving toward my dog had an attitude and didn't make us feel welcomed. She spoke in a tone as if I was annoying her. She didn't come in the room pleasantly she came in like she was having a bad day. I wanted to take my dog off the table and just say nevermind. My mother and I were telling her the issue with my dog, she told me he might need blood work done , I said he had blood work done about 6 month ago, she said just cause it was good 6 months ago doesn't mean it's good now, we continued to go over things and she said "well I don't know what's wrong with him" she wasn't nice at all I just wasn't feeling her vibe or her tone. I googled this place and saw that they treat you and your pets as if they were their own family etc. THE WHOLE REASON WHY I CAME AND MADE AN APPOINTMENT and Amy did the complete opposite. I took my dog and son to walk and when I came back she was talking to my mother in a different more pleasant tone and then seemed helpful and was telling my mom what she think it could be. Over all I won't be coming back. Nor do I recommend.

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