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Brian Roberts

2 years ago

Attentive, polite, prepared, and busy...I say busy, because they are all of the three stated before even when they are at their peak capacity. We take our two dogs here and they even enjoy their vet visit!

Sara Halm

2 years ago

PLEASE READ THIS BEFORE TAKING YOUR PET HERE! Long story short, my kitten was vaccinated twice within a 2 month span for an annual vaccine because of this office's negligence and poor schedule keeping. I did everything in my power to prevent this from happening by speaking with not 1, but 2 employees on separate occasions. Unfortunately the second vaccination happened during a time that I physically was not able to communicate my pet's needs because he was dropped off for a neuter surgery (even though I specifically asked about it when I dropped him off). The office's reaction upon discovering that my pet received this additional dose was, "he should be fine," and they offered to refund the second rabies shot and that was all... Seriously??? This is a pretty big screw-up and for it to be blown off is NOT ACCEPTABLE. The bottom line is multiple people at the office did not follow simple instructions while my pet was under their care and they cannot be trusted because of this.

Karen Krautwurst

2 years ago

I truly can't say enough about how wonderful this veterinary office is. I started bringing my dog, Cooper, to SmartVet late in his life and I wish I had known about this office sooner. Dr. Adkins never wrote off his issues as "old dog, nothing to do about it." She always took the time to go through all of our options and eexplain everything thoroughly. Cooper loved her and was totally happy and comfortable every time we went to the clinic. In fact, everyone at SmartVet, from the doctors to the office staff, is wonderfully kind, compassionate, and knowledgeable. They all helped to make his last years as happy and comfortable as possible. I would highly recommend them to anyone with a beloved fur baby.

Bob Barnard

2 years ago

We have had great service and excellent care from SmartVet. They are anxious to get your pet in their office and treated. In these dark days they are a ray of sunshine ????

Ashley Clifford

2 years ago

Sadly my first introduction to SmartVet and Dr. Walter was to send my cat Poker over the Rainbow Bridge. From the moment I made my appointment the staff were so kind, supportive, and responsive. Poker was able to pass very peacefully at home, which is all I could ask for. Dr. Walter was very professional and empathetic during the whole process, explaining exactly what she was doing and what would happen. Afterwards, the staff sent a sympathy card and I was provided a beautiful little engraved box with his ashes to bring home. I’ve had a wonderful experience with SmartVet during a difficult time. Thank you for all that you do for pets and people alike!


2 years ago

We have been going to SmartVet for a few years, and until recently we had zero complaints. Over the past several months, perhaps the last year, their services have gone severely downhill. We have had many appointments that were a complete waste of time and money that didn’t help the issue at hand. Recently I had to request a test to be done for an issue with our pet. Until then, they kept prescribing the same meds without any resolve to the issues, or any direction of care for upcoming visits. Apparently they didn’t like the fact that I requested the test to be done due to the fact the underlying issue was once again evident, and their meds weren’t working. Because this time they failed to set up the appt correctly, argued with my husband about the correct test (to the point he called me to confirm during the appt,) and basically said we were lying about those issues….. And I will add all of these comments were also written on our pets medical message board. We also believe they changed several of their own staffs comments on our message board to reflect their own narrative when we began to question their services of our last appointment. There have been many other instances of one doctor recommending specific medical advice or treatment, only to follow up with the other doctor and that doctor completely change the previous recommendation. What advice or treatment plan you get for the care of your pet, depends on what Dr you see at the time of the issue, and will most likely change, at your expense, if the other doctors are involved in any way. ????‍♀️ I do hope their services improve but we’ve decided to go elsewhere for our pets medical needs as we have wasted enough time . Tough lesson to learn and hundreds if not thousands of dollars spent, only to start over at another facility now….. highly disappointed!

tim harris

2 years ago

Great place a really care about your pets

Jonah Gerber

2 years ago

Very expensive and it took 3-4 different appointments for them to figure out that my kitten had worms. My girlfriend left a review about our experience and went to go pick up some meds. The front desk ladies ignored her and then the manager came out of the back and pulled her into a room alone and proceeded to intimidate my girlfriend about her post. These people are not professional and just want your money ????????????????

Karrie Vinson

2 years ago

Incredible staff! Taking Sig to the vet is always stressful because he's a great dane that is scared of new people and a scared dog is always a bite risk. They spent so much time just letting him get comfortable with being there, tossing treats, and not pressuring him into anything before we even made it to the exam room. They left the door open initially so he wouldn't feel trapped and the tech casually tossed treats without engaging him until he came to her on his own. She even got a sloppy kiss when she least expected it. The doctor didn't rush the exam. She was patient with him, giving him time to be comfortable with being touched, and when she needed to see inside his mouth, she let me hold it open and move his jowels around to see what she needed to. Sig left the office happy as could be, smiling as if I'd just taken him to see some new friends and he didn't seem to notice that he had two vaccines and a blood test done! I couldn't be happier with our experience there!

Raylissa R

2 years ago

Took our cat in to test a fecal sample two months ago and it came back clear. Came back in this month and suddenly they found worms. Not happy that we've had to pay 100$ for each vet visit and fecal testing, 58$ for worms medicine, and 35$ for other meds. We have another cat in the house and we wanted to know about the worms to protect our other cat. When we got the all clear from smart vet we finally let our kitten meet our older cat. Now that we know it was a false negative it has risked our other baby's health. We are now needing to get our other cat into the vet taking time and more resources from us. Extremely disappointed. I'm not interested in talking to the business on this at all, just really wish I would have listened to the reviews.

Randi Barnard

2 years ago

It is a dream to not worry about loading up the pets and traumatizing them with a trip to the vet. SmartVet comes to your house and helps your pets in the comfort of their own home. We always have a great experience and love Dr. Peterson! She took extreme care when we had to say goodbye to each of our dogs. They were able to go peacefully in our arms in their own yard. It made a difficult situation easier.

Michelle Harlow

2 years ago

Both of my fur babies are getting older (11 yr. Ryder, dog & 10 yr. Ziva, cat). Everyone is so patient & understanding as the explain services, treatment plans, &after care. I appreciate that they come to my home for routine visits as both my babies have anxiety about going to the vet. I've recommended them many times to family & friends. Everyone that has given them a try are truly pleased with the services provided as well as the professional care given.

Bill Atwood

2 years ago

Had to put my 18 yr old kitty to sleep. They are pros.

Sydney Orendorff

3 years ago

This place has always taken such great care of my 16 year old cat. They always remember every detail about her and our family, making them very trustworthy. They handle her with such care and really try to do the best for her in her old age. I am so thankful for the amazing care they give to my baby girl.

Delane Orr

3 years ago

Best vet in town. Staff always takes the best care of my dog that's 12.

Ann Holts

3 years ago

Insensitive and they intimidate their clients. They absolutely do not represent the compassionate nature or professionalism that veterinary clinics should. The office manager is horrific when it comes to how she communicates with clients. She has a cold demeanor. Communication and professionalism is an area that Smartvet lacks greatly in. It is not the facility that it once was. They do not hold the same standard as they used to when it comes to how they treat their people and their pets. Do yourself a favor and look at another vet clinic in the Bloomington-Normal area.

JIllian Moritz

3 years ago

Great staff and amazing service

Debora Meriweather

3 years ago

Best group of people ever in one place Cupcake loves Dr Waters

David Castner

3 years ago

Friendly staff who take their time with you and will listen. Most of all, they genuinely care about the animals.

Gina Mariani

3 years ago

I absolutely love SmartVet. My pup has anxiety so taking her to the vet is always hard on her (and me!). She is still anxious when she has to get a shot, etc but it is SO much better having the vet come to our home. Additionally, two different doctors have seen her and they are both wonderful. Their assistant is awesome too. I really can't say enough good things about this service.

Ryan Billingsley

3 years ago

Hey there! Just wanted everyone to know that before you decide to trust your pets with the staff at SmartVet how to they talk about customers. After years and thousands of dollars spent there I decided to leave. I asked for vet records and I got every single communication between their staff. One vet tech lies about a phone conversation with me saying I hung up on her and quotes me as saying “whatever”. Very disrespectful. The office manager so professionally replies with “he’s difficult when he doesn’t get his way”. You’re sure right I am. I’ve earned the right to be difficult. I care about who handles my pets and who I pay money to. When a company doesn’t understand that, it’s sad. Customers are allowed to want things their way and when your life and career is so sad you find joy in lying and gossiping...time for a new career where you can be rude in person. Please see the photos of the pic of their intra office communication they physically handed me.

Brandon Wheeler

3 years ago

Best vet around, hands down

Stacey Vanhyning

3 years ago

This Vets office has done such an amazing job looking over my fur babies. I would recommend them to anyone who has fur babies. I take all mine there. Dogs and Guinea pigs.

axel jimenez

3 years ago

Amazing staff; Amazing Owner, Amazing service! #ServiceMatters

Rach W

3 years ago

Each member of the staff has been professional, helpful, and kind. My cats and I love them!

Rebecca Johnson

3 years ago

Best care and service. The staff goes above and beyond. Dr. Walter is amazing, kind, smart, and so respectful when dealing with sensitive situations involving my dog.

Robert Hays

3 years ago

Very very nice and helpful people work there. They truly love animals and really help and spread thier knowledge in a way you can understand. I would rate over 5 stars if possible

S jean

3 years ago

Love the home visits. Way less stress for everyone.

T Neal

3 years ago

We have used SmartVet for over 7 years and love their care and service! Whether they are seeing our pets in our home or in the office, they are professional, listen to our concerns, and give us options to best care for our Saint Bernards and cats!

Stephanie Stoecker

3 years ago

Everyone is so friendly! They sent auto emails to keep us on top of our dog's healthcare needs which is so helpful!

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