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Kimberly Enlow

2 years ago

Dr. Rege is kind and gentle. He is thorough and explains everything he is doing as he is doing it. My cat fell ill suddenly and Dr. Rege helped her cross the rainbow bridge. He is honest and compassionate; a great man and a great doctor.

Ron Crawford

2 years ago

Excellent veterinary practice. Dr. Rege is very knowledgeable and compassionate working with my pets.

Jill Partain

2 years ago

This is my regular vet that I'vebeen using around 15yrs. The lady I spoke with was polite. I called to order a script for my kitty. The price has increased $7 within the past year, which I, personally, find ridiculous! Also, I've been there 2x since they moved to their new location & although the extra space was needed I felt my kitty's appointment was rushed.

jenna woosley

2 years ago

They are great with our pets, and quick with getting them in to see the Vet when there is an emergency.

Jordyn Michelle

2 years ago

My fiancé and I were fostering a puppy through a local rescue. He came here to be neutered approx. 3 days ago. Today, we noticed he had fleas. We have been fostering him for close to 3 weeks now, and he has never had fleas before, nor has he left the house. We have 2 other dogs and know that our house is flea-free and always has been. We contacted All Breed and they told us that unfortunately it is common for their clinic to spread fleas to other animals. I’ve never had this problem with my dogs’ primary Vet or other rescues. We weren’t happy about this, especially now that our other dogs were likely to have fleas as well. The worst part of this is that they forced us to pay them for flea treatment. Had they offered treatment to us because of their fault in the exposure, we might not had been as upset, but instead, they essentially told us we were SOL and had us drop $50 (to them, mind you) on flea treatment for all 3 animals. We might have to pay for pest treatment as well. Keep that in mind before bringing your pet here.

LovelyLifeMom LovelyLifeMom

2 years ago

In the beginning all was good a few weeks ago however I went to get heartworm medication and decided while in the office to get some bravecto as well, I didn't get into my supplies I had gotten right away as I didn't need. Them at that time, when I did I found I didn't have the bravecto for tick's and fleas as I had paid for. I called the office and told the girl Abt the situation and she said. Their was no way to know if I got it or not. I paid. Well over 200 dollars for heartworm medications for 2 dogs a 6 months supply and the flea and tick yet here I have paid for an item I did not receive, the girl was not going to ratify or fix the situation at all. So now I am leaving this way and I am going to a different vet for my dogs to be treated. This was very unprofessional of them and trust I have no reason to lie and I looked everywhere that I had had my. Stuff my car, and the room I keep this dog stuff in. Shame on the girl now they lost a customer and get a bad review also.

Scott Middleton

2 years ago

On 8/16 one of our dogs, who was in their care for 2+ years, had a serious medical situation and needed to be seen. They would not work him into their busy schedule and even after us sending them pics showing the severity, the best they could do was one week later, so we grudgingly accepted the date. The very next day his situation worsened dramatically and we called once again to receive the same response. We tried both vet emergency clinics (evidently no Dr's that day) and all other ones in the area were to no avail. We again called back stating the urgency and that no one else in the area could get him in, they still told us no. Luckily we called Kentuckiana Animal Clinic in Owensboro and they got us in within the hour. Sadly he had to be put down, and you all know how hard that is. The care we received from Kentuckiana Animal Clinic went far and above what we were needing. Could not have asked for a better vet to handle a very bad situation. Needless to say, we will NEVER be stepping back into this God-awful place that would not even treat one of their own patients, when it was so badly needed. Shame on you, All Breed! You better believe I will speak far and wide about how poorly you treated one of your patents when they so badly needed your help.

Wowostyle Productions

2 years ago

All Breed and Dr. rej have been a part of our lives for almost 15 years. We love the doctor however Im beginning to wonder if an expansion of service goes beyond a new building for these busy guys. Its been harder and harder to get a fast appt. Here. They are currently booking 3 weeks out and advised me to take my pet to the ER for an upper respiratory infection. Im glad to hear a good place has steady work but saddened we couldnt get the help we needed. All Breed also does pet product price matching.

Alice Y

2 years ago

My blood still boils remembering the stressful experience. It's sketchy that they only take cash for urgent care. They completely failed to tell me this when I called and they agree to see my pet for examination and treatment. They WILL keep your pet until cash is fully paid. We even saw them regularly for annual check-ups before this event. They refused to take debit or credit, or let one of our family member stay while other goes home with the pet and come back with cash. Sure, the physician was nice, but how the billing staff handled the aftermath was completely inhuman. I hope to never have to visit here again.

Debby Gamache

2 years ago

Dr. Rege is the best and staff is super supportive

Brittney Walker

2 years ago

My parents puppy Sofia was throwing up for 2 days and we called over 30 places to get her seen this is the only place that took her in immediately. They did everything test and exam wise have her medicine and instructions to save this babies life. We are beyond thankful and will never use another vet for all our fur babies we highly recommend them.

Deborah Clark

2 years ago

Clean, friendly, all about their clients needs

Taylor Guzzo

2 years ago

Best vet clinic I've been to great staff!!!!

Krishna Marcoux

2 years ago

A wonderful veterinarian. He was so compassionate when we had to put our cat to sleep. Very caring and real.

Zack Walterhouse

2 years ago

I love all breed they're very genuine

Angela West

2 years ago

We have been using All Breed Pet Care since we brought our puppy home 2 years ago. They are great as long as you’re just going in for well visits but if you need a sick visit, you can forget it. Several months ago my dog had been up all night, vomiting every 30 minutes, had diarrhea and wouldn’t eat. I was terrified that she had eaten something and had a blockage so I called for an appointment and they said their first available was the following week. I called Warrick Vet and they got her in immediately. I wanted to give All Breed another chance so I scheduled her yearly check up with them. Today, she has a raging ear infection that came out of nowhere, shes crying because it hurts so I called and they said they could squeeze her in in 4 days. She absolutely can’t wait that long!! Called Warrick Vet and they got her in 3 hours from now!! All vets should have openings available for sick visits just like a doctors office. I will definitely be using Warrick Vet from now on, where I know that we can be seen when needed.

Rick West

2 years ago

Good place to go for your pet needs.. great doctor and great personnel.

Trish Haire

2 years ago

My fur baby, Sadie, had been a patient for approx 3 years. She was seen on 4/6/21 n X-ray revealed a tumor in her stomach. Afternoon of 6/3/21 I called to schedule a time on Friday 6/4 to have her put to sleep as she was getting worse. I was told they had surgeries on Friday morning, so it would have to be in the afternoon and that I should call back Friday morning to set a time. My husband called Friday morning, he was told they would call him back to let him know if they would have time on Friday afternoon or if not, they would get her in on Saturday morning. However, when they called back late Friday afternoon, they said they were too busy on Saturday also, but they could get to her @ 2:45 on Monday. REALLY?! They were too busy to take care of a patient of theirs that was dying! She had not gotten to the point of whining with pain until Friday night????. Thankfully, I called Village East Animal Hospital Friday afternoon just before closing time and they were very compassionate and made time for us to come in on Saturday morning. They did what All Breed should have done- they MADE time to help a dying pet!

Estina Thurman

2 years ago

I am so impressed with the doctor and the staff that I will drive from Mt Vernon to see this vet! I now have 2 k-9 kids and I trust All Breed Pet Care completely!

Dan Frank

2 years ago

Dr Rege is the best. He and the staff will take excellent care of your pets

Sally Lynn

3 years ago

The doctor and staff are the absolute best! Truly care for your furry family members!

Megan Melloy

3 years ago

Really nice people and know what they are doing any time we have had to bring an animal here. Always open and compassionate about the animals.

Tia Harper

3 years ago

They were nice but not accepting new patients

Mike Collins

3 years ago

A great place great people

Amy Martin

3 years ago

They were very understanding and good with my dogs.

Patrick Tate

3 years ago

Doctor was great and very knowledgeable! I will Recommend them to everyone!

William Sippel

3 years ago

They are very attentive and you can tell they truly care for your pets and you! Many times we have called them about something going on with our dog or cats and we have been about to avoid a trip there (we live an hour away) because of the great advice they've provided. We bring our pets here for every check up and flea/tick pill they need.

Trevor Newkirk

3 years ago

The service and staff are so friendly. Affordable, and very professional

Lisa M

3 years ago

Very good with your pet. Caring

Linda Demaree

3 years ago

Highly Recommend this caring Top Notch Doctor and friendly staff. We are so pleased and grateful to have them care for the health needs of our kitty. They are 5-Star in every category.

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