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Kyra Meyer

2 years ago

I have brought my pomeranian here several times with Kendra as the groomer and she has done a fantastic job! Milla is very shy and gets anxious easily but she seems to do well here and is always happy when I pick her up!

Mario Melone

3 years ago

My puppy came out with a whole new look it was amazing! I love this place which I found it from my previous pups!

Diana Torres Hawken

3 years ago

I have tried so many dog grooming spots and have yet to find a reason to leave this one! Upscale Tail is detail-oriented, organized and clean. It's worth every penny and I am confident that each time I go, services will be exceptional no matter who grooms my pet. Even moreso, I have been so impressed with their efforts to keep clients and staff safe during the pandemic. Their safety measures are limited given their small indoor space and Kendra (owner) has created an outdoor system that is offers best possible option given the limitations. I really appreciate all of the staff's efforts to ensure the safety of everyone and STILL delivering their best work for our pets. I am so happy to have found this GEM and look forward to supporting this business for many years to come. THANK YOU KENDRA & STAFF FOR KEEPING US ALL SAFE DURING COVID-19!

Amy Hankins

3 years ago

My lab has been a client at the Upscale Tail for years...absolultely love the groomers there. The groomers there are great with Maggie's nervousness about getting her nails trimmed and she loves her yearly spa day for her birthday. Kendra, the owner is fantastic, too!

Simmi Gandhi

3 years ago

This establishment has yet again ruined my dog's haircut. We returned after a year of coming to this place to be dissatisfied with the end results yet again. Since this place is very busy I scheduled this appointment a month in advance and confirmed the groomer we wanted to be told not to worry because it's noted within the file. Therefore when our day came I brought my dog in for a normal haircut to find out upon pickup that the groomer cutting his hair was not the person we asked for. In addition, I received a phone call that he was being difficult to work with, and that we will assessed an additional fee for this. After picking him up and finding out who the groomer was it made sense why issues were encountered and it's mainly due to the lack of relationship he had with said groomer. His old groomer who is no longer with this establishment never had any issues with his haircuts. This was the main reason we stopped coming altogether, but after receiving great service when getting his nails cut we thought the place turned the page. To then top it all off after picking up our dog we find out they used a one guard on him and had several cuts from the low guard used, when we requested a three guard. Mind you he is a shih tzu and we are in the dead of winter with our coldest days to come. I'm so concerned that he will get sick and much more. Unfortunately, that is not all. They continuously could not get on the same page in their establishment for a final price. The groomer had a completely different price than the assistant. It was quite upsetting to find my dog in such a painful state.

Zach Neal

3 years ago

Friendly knowledgeable groomers! Best I

Nicole Di Braccio

3 years ago

Takes a while to get an appointment but it's worth it- they do a great job!!!

Nick Salazar

3 years ago

My gf took my dog to this establishment. My dog goes to work with me EVERYDAY and rarely wears a leash (to give you an idea about her character). My dog is always the happiest dog and is always excited to see us after being away from us for anytime. When my gf picked up our dog it was cowardly. We have come to notice she has been in so much pain for the last 2 days. She won't eat, doesnt want to leave the house and doesnt want to be touched. This establishment mentioned no troubles during her appointment though we know something was wrong right away. Do not take your pets here. The awards mean nothing. Your dogs safety is important!

Maksymilian Podraza

3 years ago

They did a great job with my dog!

Lauren Buck

3 years ago

I recently took my dog to the Upscale Tail for a haircut and a groom. My dog Finn is generally a nervous dog when it comes to grooming, and I warned them that I have had reports about him snapping at groomers when his paws are touched or when anyone gets near his nails. From the moment when we first arrived, they did not make me feel rushed when I was talking to the groomer about what I wanted for his cut, had questions about their procedures , and let them know about his snapping. He was very scared to go with the groomer, but she was very gentle with him taking him into the store. She even called me to let me know when he would be ready, that she was running behind, and let me know how he was doing. I’m glad they called because it gave me enough time to leave in order to be there by the time he was done. It did take a little longer than 4 hours, but I would rather they give my dog breaks if he needs them. I’m paying them to do a professional job, not a quick job, and they definitely delivered on the quality. When I picked Finn up, I was impressed by how well they paid mind to his paws and nether regions. I was also pleased with them being able to clean his tear stains on his snout to the point where I can barely see them. He was calm and happy when they walked him out to see me, which was markedly different from when I took him to another grooming place, and that put me at ease. They were unable to file down his nails like I asked, but we discussed that he was nervous and he had already been through the rest of the grooming so she didn’t want to stress him out. I was happy that they kept his stress level in mind as I want him to have a good grooming experience. Even after we got home he was calm. Admittedly, despite all the good reviews I was a bit nervous to take him because of some of the content from the bad reviews. I want to point out that Finn has no razor burns or nicks on his skin, and he was very happy and bouncy coming out of the grooming salon, which is not his typical scrambling and almost giving off “save me!” vibes when he comes back from previous groomers. They do have you fill out a “Matted Release” form, but this basically just says if you know your dog is matted to please inform them of any issues they might have so they can be mindful and do the best for your dog, the risks involved in trying to remove severe matting issues, what happens during the de-matting process, and that if the matting is too severe at their discretion and your dog needs a veterinarian to remove the mats that they will stop. I think this is good for the pet’s safety and I had no issues signing it. Overall I am thrilled with his demeanor coming back to me from them, and he smells and looks the best he’s looked since we moved away from his puppy groomer into this area. On the phone and in person, they seemed thrilled to work with me and my dog, and committed to giving him the best possible grooming experience. I will definitely be back. TLDR: I was nervous at first, my dog was nervous at first when we went for his first time here. They did a great job with his grooming, and my dog was happy and bouncy coming back from the groomer for the first time since we moved to the area and had to find a new one. He smells good and looks handsome, and I am 100% pleased.

Cindy Gorman

3 years ago

Have been going there many years. Use to stand true to it's name actually. The past couple of years quality has been going down steadily in every possible way. Injury, products, groomers, revolving door of employees etc. Owner not capable of an adult conversation. I truly miss what it used to be year's ago.

renee turyna

4 years ago

Staff was friendly. It was our first visit. Though our doodle was very matted due to scheduling issues with our regular groomer, they did a wonderful job. Christine was able to save her face and ears and give her a bit of a tail. I had heard great things about Upscale and they did not disappoint. We look forward to our next visit.

Alyssa Scafidi

4 years ago

They always do such a great job.

Anali Walker

4 years ago

I have brought my cat Blue here since she was a kitten and would not feel comfortable bringing her anywhere else but the Upscale Tail! I just recently brought her to the Cat Spa Sunday with Danielle and I am so happy with the service. Blue was not anxious at all coming back home. She was happy and relaxing in the car on the way back. I can’t believe how relaxed she was! Danielle is so kind and gentle and I would highly recommend her to anyone that has cats that need to be groomed. We dropped Blue off at 10:30 and she was ready to come home at 12:00. Super quick! Plus she was the only animal there, so that definitely helped relieve her anxiety. I loved the cat grooming Sundays!

Bella Emilia

4 years ago

Eliza is just wonderful. She does great things with my dog!

Demitri Gonzalez

4 years ago

Awesome customer service! I am a truck driver I have a shih tzu's that needed to be groomed and had lots of hitch hikers that were not coming off. They did not have an appointment as soon as I needed however, they gave me great advise and pointers to get the hitch hikes off and it worked like a dream. Super friendly and even over the phone you can tell the love they have for animals. Thank you so much for your help!

Emily Wilhite

4 years ago

They are awesome! The staff is super amazing and they were really sweet to my poor scared pup. He came out looking great! I am thrilled with the service and pricing.

Erica B

4 years ago

They did an immaculate job with our dog. We drove a half hour out just to get her groomed here and we are so happy we did! The staff is really friendly. Be aware that the reception waiting area is very small and can be slightly crowded if there are more than 4 people along with their pets inside, however it still looks super nice and chic. The front sign only displayed "Pet Salon" so it may be confusing for people trying to find this place while driving. I've included a picture of the outside to show what the sign looks like for any new customers. Thank you Upscale Tail for making our pup look beautiful!

Jessica Mantovani

4 years ago

Good service, but difficult to get in touch with by phone. Could not speak with an employee for three days. By the time I was able to connect with anyone it was too late to make an appointment

Peg Paxton

4 years ago

I bring my yorkie here any they always do a wonderful job

Scott Metcalf

4 years ago

Very professional, take great care of our dog, waiting room is always clean, and they do a wonderful job.


4 years ago

I’ve been coming here for five years with my two precious fur babies. I don’t look for any perks special attention or freebies. Realistically I pay for a service and I expect nothing more or less. OH but let me count the ways why I return time & time again. 1) Excellent customer service 2) Rachel & Eliza are perfectionists. 3) Loving Kind and passionate staff. 4) No cancellations 5) Questions & concerns are addressed quickly. 6) They give you a heads up about pickup time. 7) One of a kind emergency accommodations 8) Store policy on every email. No surprises 9) Text message appointment confirmations. 10) Calm and serene environment with diffuser going soon as you walk in. And finally you can trust them not to harm or stress out your love one. These are the things I have encountered over the years at Upscale Tail.

val n

4 years ago

Was my first time taking our dog here and it was ridiculously expensive. No one explained that teeth brushing and anal glands are 2 separate charges not included in the already overpriced grooming charge. Plus I asked for a bandanna and they wrote that down and gave her a bow! Don’t go here, save your money!

Elizabeth Clay

5 years ago

Thank you to Kaya for doing such a great job with my dog, Fluffy! I have a 65lb golden/collie mix who gets very anxious, and they did a great job with him. Prices are reasonable especially for the quality of the work. Highly recommend and will go back. Fluffy looks so handsome and smells great!

Amy Scherer

5 years ago

The Upscale Tail is hands down the best groomer I have ever taken my sweet little pup to. They are also the only groomer I’ve ever been loyal to. After our first visit, I knew we’d finally found our place. This was after years of trying other groomers. The groomers are extremely sweet and attentive with my pup, and they do an amazing job. She is so soft in between visits and smells beautiful. I love being in there because of how friendly, yet professional everyone is...the girls at the front desk, the groomers and the owner. My pup has always been very nervous going to get groomed, but at the Upscale Tail she gets is so happy she even jumps up on the counter!

Audrius Latakas

5 years ago

Friendly. Would go extra to please a customer. My fourleg came out shining like supernova


5 years ago

I always trust this salon to groom my finicky, aggressive cat. The groomers here truly care about everyone's pets and I would recommend them to anyone, hands down.

Tracy Talbot

5 years ago

Can I give a ZERO? I guess in order to post a review you must click on a star. I went to this salon on 1/25 with a first time appointment. When I got there I could see a groomer with a dog on her table. The dog was on it's side and looked completely drugged. The groomer was looking at her phone and smiling and laughing while shooshing the dog on her table. Another groomer, who I could not see, handed her her phone and said " look at this" and they were both laughing. The girl at the desk was asking me for information, and I interrupted her and said " Really???, this is how they groom dogs here??" " NO THANK YOU!!!!" and walked out. Hell NO would I ever bring my dog here. Clearly they have no true interest in your pet or they wouldn't have the dog drugged up and laughing while on their phones. By the way, the dog was small and greyish and completely shaved down. I hope the owner of that dog reads this and know better than to ever go back there again!

t wilkinz

5 years ago

These guys are the best! They love dogs and treat them like their very own! My dog looks amazing after he is finished--especially yesterday he was perfect!


5 years ago

Used to take our dog here. They give you the best groomer first time, then afterwards switch to someone with subpar experience. Left with fur shaved down so far there were clipper burns, an ear infection directly diagnosed by a vet in relation to poor grooming, and a very sad pup. Owner just denies their customers with bad experiences exist. Save your money, and save your pet the misfortunate of going to this place. Found a new groomer after going to this place that goes leaps and bounds to take care of our pet and not hurt him!

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