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Laurel Zawaideh

2 years ago

Each weekly visit for the last 4 moths after 3 surgeries (one eye had to b removed after cataract surgery due to autoimmune). Is 2-4 hours for a checkup or exam. Surgery is the same for drop off or pickup, a long wait for 30 minutes to 2 hours. Three weeks after the first surgery I learned my dog had a reaction to one of the medications given during surgery. I should have been told this right away. The staff and doctors are kind and spend time explaining the post op procedures until you understand them.


2 years ago

Both of my dogs have been patients at AEC for many years. I cannot say enough about Dr. Kecova. We very recently had a situation with our diabetic 13 yr old Bichon who also has a myriad of other issues. To make a very long story short, Dr. Kecova went above and beyond to help our dog who was suffering from a dissolving cornea that came on without any warning (after a visit to our regular vet, we thought it was an eye infection caused by a bad tooth, we didn’t know the seriousness of it at the time). We first went to the Elgin office and then our follow up was at the Crestwood office. I called AEC because I wanted to make sure that it was “only” an eye infection treatable with the antibiotic ointment we were given since the holidays were coming up and I know places may not have openings for visits. When I called and described how he was they made sure to get us in to appointments no matter where the location. After our Elgin visit she had me do hourly drops all night before his second visit to see if the eye could stabilize enough for it to be treated medicinally - to see if it would possibly heal on its own or if surgery would be the option. Surgery was the best option in order for him to regain some sight (Jack only has the one eye). Dr. Kecova also removed the bad tooth he had while he was under so as to avoid him having to go under anesthesia again which would be risky with his health issues. Jack was having issues with his insulin regulating afterward in spite of them doing numerous glucose checks, and she arranged for Jack to be taken to an ER where he could get the treatment he needed for it. She talked to the ER doctors and she and the staff stayed well past closing to get him stable enough to even be able to leave. She explained everything that was done to him concisely and had detailed instructions for the ER staff so that all we had to do was get him there and get him checked in. I can’t say enough positive things. She made us feel comfortable and confident in the treatment that he was getting and I could tell that she and the staff really cared about him. She was wonderful. Thank you Dr. Kecova and to the staff for all you did for Jack.

Tim Wild

2 years ago

The dr is amazing. The place is incredible. If your animal has an eye problem, this is the place to go.

Jennifer Tribolet

3 years ago

Fantastic. Dr Collins was informative and seemed to really care about my dog

Johnny Hines

3 years ago

First time here the staff is nice

Sheila Carri

3 years ago

Best eye care for animals.

Tiffany P

3 years ago

My dog had many eye issues. They always took great care of everything and kept me informed. The techs and Dr. Lindley were always so nice to me and my dog. I appreciate everything. He recently passed and I received a sweet card from everyone. That meant so much to me. Thank you again for taking care of my dog throughout the years.

Angela Conliffe

3 years ago

I have nothing but good things to say about this place. The staff is very friendly, knowledgeable, professional, and caring. Dr. Lindley is a phenomenal veterinarian. Unfortunately, my dog had to have his eye removed. The surgery went great. Afterwards, Dr Lindley explained the surgery and postoperative care thoroughly. I feel like this office really cares about animals

David Namest

3 years ago

We brought our beloved Jordyn in for an examination and were treated by a caring professional staff. From reception, to intake and the doctor herself, all were helpful and informative. We have a plan of action and our looking forward to working with them again. Linda L. and David N.

Craig Theimer

3 years ago

Very professional and so kind to my dog. Great staff.

chico alvarado

3 years ago

Great informative visits highly recommend this place

Angela Walters

3 years ago

The receptionist was not too helpful when calling to get an idea of how things work. She even cut me off when speaking. She could have just put me on hold if she was too busy. I've never dealt with the Naperville office or any other of their offices, but now after speaking with her I'm going to put them at the very bottom of my list of candidates for my dog. I'm sorry if the doctors and other staff are good... But if your receptionist is not considerate enough to be patient and more friendly then that will effect the public's opinion of your entire office.

Donna Lawerence

3 years ago

Took my dog to this place she had a growth on her right eye lower eye lid smaller then a pea.Dr Lindley saw my dog and wanted 1200 dollars to remove this. This place is a rip off to the max. I told her that I could not afford that now. She could careless that I told her that her main interest was making money. If you decide to go to this place be prepared to spend a lot of money. Dr. Lindley puts on and act like she cares about your animal she is a phony to the max as the whole place. They know they have you if your dog has eye problems. That's if you do not want to put your dog to sleep if he or she has glaucoma. Which causes a lot of pain for them.As I said they know you have no choice if you want to help your pet. An that being said this place takes advantage of it.

Eluv Toliver

3 years ago

The care and expertise they give is excellent...

Greg B

3 years ago

I went here on Saturday morning to get information about my dog's apparent rapid loss of sight. My normal vet told us my dog's vision was just blurry. It seemed worse than that, so we came to animal eye consultants for an opinion from an opthomologist. The vet was very knowledgeable and confirmed our suspicions that our dog had gone completely blind. She was really helpful in explaining the particular condition and the next steps and pros/cons of each choice. It was very busy but they really do a great job keeping up. Good covid safety procedure. No customers were going inside the building. Vet staff came in and out of the building to bring pets in/out and exchange paperwork. I talked to the vet on the phone for the diagnosis.

Heather White

3 years ago

My dog had his eye removed by Dr Lindley. The office staff is excellent and I highly recommend. My dog was in great hands and recovered quickly. I also respect Dr Lindley’s honesty regarding my dog’s condition. I felt the doctor lead with passion in all she does.

S Garcia

3 years ago

Friendly, efficient and great communication which is difficult with Covid safety restrictions. Took great care of our doggo!

earthmama daisychain

4 years ago

Love this place. Saved my mare's eye, injured by fake "trainer"wanna be, and has helpful staff. Besides the expertise, they freshly compound the medication on the premises. Great place.


4 years ago

Staff very friendly and knowledgeable. Excellent customer service!

Kim Roderick

4 years ago

Good place if you need a specialist for your pets eyes. Expensive, but I knew it going in. They tell you price when you make appointments

Maria Sanchez

4 years ago

Doctor and staff are excellent. They talked to my Vet, made medication changes before my appointment looked at pictures. I really appreciated all the help provided by them even before my appointment. They showed so much compassion for my pooch. I can't thank them enough!

Rich Lawerence

5 years ago

Be prepared this place is very costly. On your first phone call to see the vet they want 300.00 dollars just to see your pet. They charge extreme amounts for eye drops. Be warned if your animal has glaucoma have a lot of money in reserve to spend on this. Every time they do an eye pressure check every month it cost 40.00 dollars for four months then after that it costs 160.00 to see the vet there. They took care of our dogs eye which cost 1200.00 dollars. This place loves that your animal has glaucoma so it has a on going source of income from you.For example eye drops for eye pressure buy from them 70.00 dollars at Sams club 10.00 dollars.This place is a high priced place that knows if you love your animal it can price gouge you to the up most. They know you need help from them if you do not want to put the animal down as the eye can produce pain when the pressure increases. To me they care about making money more then the animals well being. As I said be prepared have a lot of money in reserve you are going to need it if your pet has glaucoma.I have to take a hard look at the four star reviews. I am not sure what they seen the vet for. I AM GOING TO CAPITALIZED THIS. THIS PLACE MAIN GOAL IS TO MAKE MONEY ON YOUR PETS PROBLEM ESPECIALLY GLAUCOMA. THEY COULD CARELESS ABOUT YOUR PET.


5 years ago

Great experience with the Animal Eye Consultant Clinic! Dr. Lindly is excellent! Very knowledgeable and skilled and very caring and compassionate too. The staff there is great too! If your fur baby has any eye problems this is the place you want to go to.

Jennifer G

5 years ago

Worst place to go. They just want your money. I brought in my pet for a consultation and paid over $150 fee in initial fees. They said he needed meds to keep him comfortable. Also, that he needed surgery. I didn't have the 6k they wanted for his surgery but instead wanted the meds to keep him comfortable. They refused to give me scripts so I can fill them somewhere else bc I know they overcharge customers. They wanted to charge me over $600. I'm a nurse and I know you can get meds cheaper at other places. So, they told me to go back to Petco who referred me this awful place and they can get me scripts. This business lacks empathy for their customers and pets. I would never refer anyone to this place and should have known from previous reviews to avoid this place. I ended up going back to Petco and they filed the scripts for less than $100. You should be ashamed for ripping people off.

Michelle Jones

5 years ago

I have been going to AEC for a year now and I could not be happier with Dr. Lindley and all of her staff! The Dr and staff are very compassionate and do everything they can for my Roxy. They take the time to answer all of your questions and concerns and go over different options for my dog. Dr Lindley has been AMAZING at treating my dogs glaucoma and saving her eye that is not blind. A few things I would like to mention...if you have to wait past your scheduled time there is a reason! Animals come in with critical emergencies all the time (my dog was one of them) and because they understand time is critical they will tend to the emergency! If you were the person coming in with an emergency you would want the same. Unfortunately others may have to wait. Just be glad you are not in there for an emergency and if you have to be know they will take priority for your pet. This is a specialist and there are not many eye vets so think about this if you are not taken on time. You would wait for a top heart specialist appointment wouldn't you if they were taking care of an emergency?? Also as for meds...some are only for dogs but majority of the meds are also "human" meds especially eye drops. You can take a prescription to your pharmacy and use a discount drug program to cut costs. They have no problem working with you on this! Not sure why another poster said they had a problem. Yes veterinary health is not cheap but neither is medical and drugs for humans, I am a Nurse in a hospital and fully aware of costs. Sorry for the long post but I felt some people needed to be educated on what people complain about. This place is top notch!

Mike Brennan

5 years ago

I've been to Animal Eye Consultants a couple of times. My experience... Never let your regular vet perform eye surgery -- go to a specialist. And everyone knows the specialist in the Midwest is Dr. Denise Lindley at Animal Eye Consultants. Sure they cost more, but isn't your pet's eye's worth it? Also -- God Bless her. She determined my dog went blind and developed Cushing's due to my previous vet's over-use of steroids for his chronic ear infections, etc.; I stopped the ear medication, and guess what - he could see again within a week! Thanks Dr. Lindley for your experience and the gift of sight again for my doggie. Thanks also for the entropian eyelid surgery -- Jackie's eye's were saved twice by you. Pro's: her tight loops in sutures was appreciated by me (they didn't stick out and poke him in the eye like an amatuer probably would do). She has two locations. Her experience is AMAZING. Con's: none

Terri Lynn Kyles

5 years ago

I love this group. I thank the Lord 4 AEC. My baby Bing had cataracts. His corneas became cloudy due 2 dry eye. They fixed Bing ☝! Thank u Lord. I recommend AEC 4 pet ophthalmic problems.

Tiffany Risicato

6 years ago

Best eye vet office! Staff is fantastic!!!

Crystal Monaghan

6 years ago

Always Fabulous Care for my pets! The doctors are great! They have an air purifier system in their offices so your pet feels more calm.

Marlene Harting

6 years ago

Awesome staff! Great rapport with us & our pet!

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