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Caitlyn Lewis

2 years ago

My fiancé just brought in our kitty Leo who was straining and in so much pain. The staff handled my Leo with such great care and helped him get back to his crazy loving self . When he came home he was zooming around the house happy . Not in anymore pain. Thank you for taking the pain away from my baby. We can’t thank you guys enough for what you do!! It doesn’t go unnoticed.

Karina L

2 years ago

if you have a pet emergency GO HERE! I came here on a Sunday night at 8pm because my 4 year old dachshund hadn’t eaten in 48 hours, was throwing up every few hours & hadn’t gone to the bathroom, and was EXTREMELY dehydrated, he was in pain & couldn’t get comfortable and I wasn’t sure if he would make it thru the night… we pulled up & called and there was 1 person ahead of us that they were helping & then they came out & him & called me back within 15 mins to let me know he was extremely extremely dehydrated & had to stay over night, & let me know that if it was ok with me they were going to run blood work & X-Rays, long story short they had him hooked up to an IV all night & even got him eating again & I picked him up the next morning, he’s still slowly recovering little by little but I can’t say how thankful I am to the staff & Dr Renae Galleti… she was so informative & sweet and made things easy for me to understand, and along with the staff, they we’re so kind & compassionate over the phone, I would recommend this place so many times & I no doubt would come here again if an emergency ever came up!

India Pajeau

2 years ago

My cockapoo puppy was attacked by another dog. My vet recommended this emergency clinic. My dog was in shock and they stabilized her, cleaned out her wounds, stitched them up and did an X-ray to confirm a broken leg, set the leg and splinted it. The Dr was very nice and informative. The nurse we also excellent and let me process my feelings about the whole think. She stood at my car talking with me on a cold night without a jacket. They took great care of my puppy (and me.) I would definitely recommend this clinic.

Delaney P

2 years ago

My dog started having head tremors that almost reflected seizures. Brought her here and they took one look at the video I had of her in an episode and instantly said it was a seizure. Gave her valium and sent her home. The valium didn't work so they said to give her another dose. Again, it did not work so we went to get a second opinion. Vet took one look at the video and said its Idiopathic Head Tremors and was very upset that they gave her valium when she was not actually seizing. A false diagnosis and double dose of meds for no reason. Do not recommend bringing your animal here. VCA in Downer's Grove is amazing and I highly recommend them.

Snowflake Healing

2 years ago

Thank you for your kindness during an unbearable time.

Tim Splear

2 years ago

Had to give one star. Can't give negative stars. Got here at 7 p.m. and it just hit 11 p.m. Dog puked on me once so far. Definitely not a place to go if it's an emergency.

Stephanie Steilinski

2 years ago

My mom and I brought our dog yesterday to be seen. Another ER apparently couldn’t keep up and sent us to Mokena. These people work so hard. We thought we would have a 2 to 4 hour wait but they were moving people through at such a fantastic pace. While we were there a couple went to the door with what looked like younger dog , a younger woman answered the door and the man was plainly belligerent to her, calling her a terrible cuss word because she wouldn’t take his dog in first. Another older lady came to the door and apparently had already a confrontation with him and she told him he would not speak to the employees in his manner, they are trying to help everyone in there need. She told him to go to another ER and he called her a b****. They closed the door and moved on helping everyone else. Good for you for not taking that, for handling it professionally and for helping us to get our dog in and out. We didn’t feel rushed through and today our dog feels better. We would never hesitate to use you again.

rebecca doyle

2 years ago

Took my 8 month old puppy here, waited about 1.5 hours, not bad considering we just called that day for him to be seen for vomiting, lethargy and not eating or drinking. Dr. Wojciehowski was great!

De'Onna Bolden

2 years ago

Very loving, patient, and caring with your pets. I’ve never felt like a debit card walking in the door. The vets main focus is the health of your pet. They are my go to ER VETS for my 5 yr old Shiba and 17 yr old Min Pin.


2 years ago

If I could give them a zero I would! Do not take your pet there unless this company trains it’s employees on customer service and empathy. Sandy needs to retire she is extremely rude , who tells a customer if you wanna come come and if you don’t don’t ? I have a 2 day old sick newborn puppy. I will definitely spread the word if asked NOT TO GO HERE !!!!!

Michael Zebrowski

2 years ago

I adopted my puppy Garbanzo and not 24 hours later he was very sick. Took him here and they determined he had Parvo. They cared for him and the next day he was much better and I picked him up and he is currently sleeping on my couch. He isn’t totally out of the woods yet but they saved his life. Not only that they were some of the nicest people I’ve ever met and they didn’t mind me calling a thousand times to check up on him. If you need an emergency vet please go here.

Lisa Nardi

2 years ago

We went here last night with my dog with complications with cancer as directed by his vet and checked in at 6pm at 7 I called as my dog was shaking and miserable and I was told we are really backed up, it’ll be 5 more hours! I have no words. We left and had to put my dog down at another place. Do not go here-they don’t care and have insufficient staff, obviously. They made an emergency way suckier than it needed to be.

Heather Bohlen

2 years ago

Extremely grateful for them. We brought our 8 year old pit mix in last night for facial swelling.. It was around 830 PM and we called as soon as we got into the parking lot. We were informed that there were 7 clients ahead of us and there was a 3 hour wait. We ended up being seen and were back home before 11. They were very informative and fast. He got meds at the clinic and was sent home with antibiotics. Very thankful for them and they made a bad situation way less stressful.

Christopher Hoffman

2 years ago

Thank you Dr. Gary, busy place very professional staff. Hope we never have to go there again though.


2 years ago

My 12 year old cat was really sick and had a fever. I had to go there again the next day because she was in pain. The doc and the staff was absolutely patient with me. I was crying as I told the doc what was going on and she was so kind. She even stayed just a few mins after she was suppose to be off work and it was Memorial Day. I really do recommend this place and I trust them with my baby. My cat came home feeling a bit herself again. Thank you guys!

Donna Wilczek

2 years ago

We had to take our 16 year old dog in last week at 10 pm. There was no waiting, they came out to get our dog and within 10 minutes they knew what was wrong. He had doggie “vertigo”. They gave him a shot and some pills and sent us home. I took my dog to our vet today and he said he would have done the same thing. He said “they were fair and didn’t charge you for things you didn’t need, like blood work”. Thank you for helping us!

maggie koubenec

2 years ago

These people are he most kind vet staff I have ever met. My dog Lucy had a tail issue and all the other emergency vets had a 3-5 hour wait, we called up out here and they had no wait, we drove the 45 minutes and it was so worth it. They got her in and in less then 30 minutes she was back out. They are explained everything we needed to do to get Lucy back to feeling good in no time. And even better, the price at our normal vet would have been $350+ But here it was only $120. We are definitely going to be bringing our dogs back here whenever they have an emergency. -Sincerely, a 16 year old who loves her dogs

Kasia Schmidt

2 years ago

It was mine and my husband's first time having to take a dog to an ER vet. As expected, this visit came out of no where and that shook us up a bit. Andy is an 11 year old dog we adopted just a couple years ago and we feel he's been ours a lifetime. Waiting anxiously, Andy seemed pretty relaxed and when one of the techs came to get him, he didn't resist at all... Almost as if he knew he was in a safe space with good people! Dr..Gary came out to our car to explain what was going on, answered our questions, made suggestions and was so KIND! I instantly felt better about the situation. We looked at each other and said "wish he was Andys regular vet." I hope no one finds themselves in the situation we were in, but if so... This is the place to go. You and your fur baby are in great hands. Feeling very thankful.

Stacy Z

3 years ago

All I can say is, call before you go. I had an emergency last night & without looking at my dog they told me it was a 3-4 hour wait (they're were about to do a surgery) & that I should go to another local Vet ER. I went to the other ER & inspite of having an even longer wait, they had a tech look at my dog right away & determined that she was serious enough that she needed treatment immediately -which she received immediately. They may be a wonderful facility, with great people, but apparently they can't handle more than 1 emergency at a time.

omar yusuf

3 years ago

The best place to bring your pet. Staff Very kind and loving. Worth every penny

Pamela Barkoski

3 years ago

Everyone at Animal Emergency vet was patient, respectful and compassionate when we brought our sweet Shelby to them. The doctor was honest but kind through the whole process. Sadly, her life ended that night. We received a beautiful card and pawprint with her ashes. We appreciate all of them.

Stephanie Badali.

3 years ago

Staff was very rude. Not all of them just the two that i talked to. After picking up my cat i went to midwest in mokena and staff was very very friendly and had compassion. I understand that because of this virus the emergency vet is probably hectic right now, but getting attitude for no reason is uncalled for. My husband got attitude over the phone just to see if they were open. Anyone that goes here i hope you have a better experience than we did. Midwest in mokena is alot friendlier. Unfortunately their not open past a certain time so we have to deal with this place just so our furbaby can get the medical attention that he needs

leslie feeney

3 years ago

The absolute worst place to take your pet for an emergency. Vet tech Sara needs to learn “compassion” or find another job. Rude staff!

Lindsey Hoofnagle

3 years ago

I cannot say enough good things about animal emergency of Mokena. Our dog Hank ate a foreign object and we called them at 2am to get advice, keep in mind we have never been here. They listened to all the details and told us what to do. The next morning we spoke to them again and decided to take him in. Every member of the staff was sooo compassionate and professional. Hank is recovering and doing fine, and we appreciate all their help and will be recommending animal emergency of Mokena to everyone!

Mary Sansone

3 years ago

Just had the most wonderful experience here. Our 17 year old dog was having seizure-like symptoms tonight (Saturday night), so we rushed over here. The vet on the phone couldn’t have been any nicer, asked questions, and immediately came out to see our dog when we arrived. He then took her in right away and said the doctor would be out soon to speak with us after he checked on our dog. The doctor himself couldn’t have been any nicer as well. Such a calm and friendly demeanor, and he explained his thoughts very clearly. We could not have been happier with our experience here tonight and are glad this place is nearby.

Sav Kristof

3 years ago

Everyone there is always super friendly, helpful, and compassionate. I am very appreciative for everything they do <3

Susana Ramos

3 years ago

Animal emergency was referred by my veterinarian because my baby bruno was sick and need all night attention, when we got the receptionist was very kind and very understandable also the dr, I lost my bruno and they were very compassionat, thank you for the card with my bruno paws it was something wonderful to receive over the mail with those wonderful courage words, thank you so much for explaining everything to us about our dog health.


3 years ago

Great Place for emergencys. I can't thank you enough for helping my dog!!

Kim Chellson

3 years ago

I've been a ferret rescue for 8 years and never have I ever had such bad customer service or lack of compassion as I did tonight. Not the whole staff, just one guy! The guy with long hair. Not sure if he's a tech or the vet, but either way totally unprofessional as he proceeded to yell at me to turn off my headlights as he walked back into the facility. I drove over 45 minutes from Bourbonnais to this facility as my regular vet could not do an emergency euthanasia. I was not allowed to be with my rescue baby as he drew his last breathe due to their Covid rules and had to sit in the parking lot waiting for them to euthanize him. Not only do I have to live with the fact that this baby left this earth for the bridge without having me there the whole time and had to leave him with complete strangers. But I get scolded because it's freezing out and shame on me for not turning off my truck just so my headlights wouldn't annoy whoever it was that felt the need to scold me without even knowing that I'm not of right mind and can't figure out how to shut the lights off without turning the vehicle off. I called asking to speak to him so he knew how he made my bad night even worse, but he couldn't even have the decency to call me back, so here I leave a poor review. You sir went into this profession I hope because you want to make a difference to not only the animal you are caring for but to give comfort to the humans in which they belong to and not just to make money off of the people that love their animals.

Stephanie Hipelius

3 years ago

My cat was very sick and ended up passing away on my way to Animal Emergency. The staff was very kind to me as they took her body and reviewed my options with me. I received a card in the mail with my cats paw prints a few days later. Very happy with my visit here considering it was a difficult one.

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