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Rhonda Lesjak

a year ago

Bought my little guy from there 2weeks ago had on antibotics for 2weeks but is very handsome and loveable he was costly but hes worth it to me

Briana Rice

a year ago

Very expensive!!! Might be better to go to a animal breeder...... but the pets are so cute ♡ they offer a lot of different payment plans and options, also they let you have one-on-one time with the pets before you buy. I will be back very soon.

Connor J Small

a year ago

Absolute horrible service. The staff ignores you when asking questions. Would not recommend it.

Jim Johnson

a year ago

Great experience and help with what I was looking for! I loved seeing all of the animals!

cameron mable

a year ago

Didn't like the staff too much.

creepy child

a year ago

The birds had scabs on their heads and the animals were underweight


a year ago

Adopt abandoned dogs Dont buy from puppy mills Go to a shelter and adopt from there

Cathy Dufs

2 years ago

I can't believe this place still sells puppy mill dogs!!!!

Dani Wippo

2 years ago

$3600 for a dog??? I get you're trying to run a business but you don't have to scam me to keep your head above water.

j wright

2 years ago

Cute dogs. Too high of a price tag. No animal is worth $3500. I love animals, but not that much.

Kristen Gehrke

2 years ago

Overpriced neglected puppies in too small cages. Staff just seemed irritated at having to even touch the pups

Kristi Brown

2 years ago

Got my fluffy boy there. Love him so much!

Bill Krutul

2 years ago

Stop with the caging of dogs

Jackie Hughes

2 years ago

They had a nice variety of bunnies just what my baby was looking for.

Michelle Kauppila

2 years ago

This is more like an animal torture shelter or prison. You walk in and there are no wagging tails or singing birds. It's very depressing. I walked in and had to leave. I can't believe it's legal to keep animals this way! This was more depressing than any animal shelter I've been too.

Andrew Herrera

2 years ago

A little pricey, but they're giving you much, much more than simply the animals they sell. They offer affordable credit plans, free vet visits, and even a guarantee on your pet's health for the first few years. As always, adopting a shelter dog should always be your first bet, but if you need to buy a specific dog to fulfill your companionship needs, you can do far worse than Petland.

Camryn Butterfield

2 years ago

We decided to play with a tiny pug puppy today and the puppy went by the door to sniff and the lady kicked the door and scared her. That was her way of getting the puppy away from the door. The puppies are contained in tiny cubes and lay on a metal grate. They are selling that pug for $4000!!! UNBELIEVEABLE

Chris Bailey

2 years ago

Birds,freshwater fish,hamsters, dogs,ferrets and lots of supplies.

Jasmine Lindley

2 years ago

Was able to get everything I needed in one place... dogs, turtle, fish, and birds.

jose paradise

2 years ago

Puppies are way over priced and not even full blooded. That with no papers and them requiring you to get your dog fixed is ridiculous especially if you are paying that much. They offer financing but in no way should you have to pay $3800 for a mixed dog that came from a puppy mill. Service was great and store was clean.


2 years ago

Love my new puppies. Paid cash, she is 5 months old and healthy and happy. Great staff at this location.

D. Renee (Eccentric Albino Diva)

2 years ago

Friendly staff and good prices.

Sharon Jones

2 years ago

The pets are nice but the prices are absolutely absurd, ya wanna get a pet but they want $3 000.00 . Then if you really want it you have to fill out a form to get credit. Why can't you put the pet on layaway for so many days and you can get your pet.

Vishakha Patel

2 years ago

Today was the 1st time I went in to this place and I will never be going back. I didn’t really have much interaction with the staff but I did not like what I saw. I was there looking at all the puppies and a staff member was in the back and opened one of the doors to take the puppy out and she was literally dragging and pushing this puppy because it was too scared to come out. That is NOT how you treat an animal no matter what. There were others standing next to me who saw this (including the people that were buying that specific puppy whom they were taking it out for) and were not happy to see this. These puppies are being taken out maybe 20 times a day for people to hold and live in a small cage and so they’re already anxious and on top of that they get treated like that. This breaks my heart!

Karolina Gresch

2 years ago

I adopted (purchased) my Shih Tzu girl 12 years ago from this particular PetLand. She had a little kennel cough and was a little sick. The personnel informed me about this from beginning and PetLand paid all Vet bills and expenses!!! She is the most beautiful toy little munchkin. Still at age 12 years old, she is happy and active dog. Please, do not believe in so many negative opinions. This people don’t know what they taking about. In many cases small home breeders who try to sell you puppy will convince you that their dogs are superior to others, they will never got sick, they have superior DNA! In fact this delusional thinking comes from them self-and their homes. And of course they charge accordingly for their delusions. Some of them charge up to $ 10 000 for Shih Tzu. This is good that you can go to PetLand and focus on finding right puppy for you without all human biases. After all this is PetLand not HumanLand, right?

Ma Qzeen

2 years ago

All is good here, checks out fine

Becky Johnson

2 years ago

Sorry super friendly staff. Very knowledgeable. Prices are a little high in my opinion.

Kenisha H.

2 years ago

Got our second pet a baby pomeranian and yorkie mix today from here! He looks just like our pet we had for over 10 years we fell in love right away! We knew he was ours!

Noel Johnson

2 years ago

I got my bunny from here. New addition to our family

Jeremy Johnson

2 years ago

has cute puppies but a madhous

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