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a year ago

My groomer here in Mahomet closed up and I was looking for a new one. Searched the Internet and thought I found one. I was on the waiting list for 3 months which was a k because my dog was not in need of a grooming.3 months went by and I got my dog groomed. Ok I thought they would send a reminder when she was due again NOPE. So I called to get an appointment. They are booked for the rest of the year.I guess they don’t want return customers. Not a good way to conduct a business. Not taking care of existing customers

Amber Barker

2 years ago

Great care more on the high end, but they take on alot of clients making them very busy.

Sarah Catanzaro

2 years ago

We have a three-year-old pit bull who had a difficult past. She can be very anxious, especially when separated from us. I was so nervous to board her because I was worried that she would cause harm to herself when she was away from us. A friend recommended All About Animals, and we decided to give it a try. We have now boarded Peaches there twice, and we are so happy with the care she has gotten there. The facility is beautiful and on a gorgeous property where the dogs can walk and play. The staff members are all amazing and great with our dog. They are very friendly and were quick to respond to any questions or concerns I had. I was so happy to know that Peaches was being taken on five walks a day and being given lots of treats and attention while we were away. We could tell that Peaches was happy with the staff and facility too because when my fiance picked her up from the boarding facility after her first stay, Peaches was pulling to go back inside to see the staff! There are boarding facilities with lower rates, but the peace of mind I have knowing that my dog is being cared for by such professional and caring staff is worth every penny. I cannot recommend All About Animals enough!

William McDaniel

2 years ago

I love the people there so friendly. And my dog Bo loves going there

Alisha Bennett

2 years ago

Save your money...this place is outrageous. We were charged $109.30 for medicine that was only $64.50 at our previous vet. They also attempted to cut my dogs nails and were unsuccessful, then told my husband it would be an extra $10.00 per person to hold him down for them to attempt to cut them again. I have never had heard if this at any other pet hospitals. Absolutely ridiculous. We will definitely not be going back.

Amber Chlada

2 years ago

Great clinic!! Dr. Koss is an amazing doctor and all of her staff members are great too!! I highly recommend this vet clinic!

anias. F

2 years ago

I went in to have my dog looked at because she was behaving different and this has been her vet since she was a 8 week old puppy. They specifically told us there was something stuck in her throat and they would need to run multiple X-ray tests in order to only provide us with a “logical guess” of what was stuck in her throat. Gave me a reference number to go to the U of I’s veterinary clinic and they told me she passed all her tests with flying colors and there was nothing stuck in her throat at all. But AAA was sure the item was a plastic or cotton like substance which was preventing her from being able to bark and was causing her a great amount of pain. When in all reality it was simply a doggie cough. I talked to multiple vets at AAA that day and they all kept giving me the same answer so that I would spend near $700 on X-ray shots and screening and then another $700 at the university of Illinois to tell me that she would be perfectly fine with her antibiotics. Will never take my animals here again or recommend them to any one around me with animals. Seem like they only want to be there to get paid.

April Griffen

2 years ago

All About Animals Pet Clinic was there when I needed them in an emergency. They were so kind on the phone and did not hesitate to help my dog last minute. I am happy to say they have went above and beyond my expectations and we will be coming back now as a customer for the near future.

Erich O'Donnell

2 years ago

This place is great! Service is good and the exam rooms are clean. Staff are knowledgeable and friendly!

Jeannette Elliott

2 years ago

All About Animals' staff is friendly and knowledgeable. Dr. Koss helped Japser with his allergies and Irene is his favorite groomer. It's the first vet clinic that Jasper is happy to go in and greet everyone. I highly recommend Dr. Koss and All About Animals Pet Clinic. Also, recently Dr. Koss extended her services to my good friend's dog, Ponto, who was experiencing odd symptoms while traveling from PA across the country and they stopped to see me. My friend was seriously worried about the health of Ponto and on short notice Dr. Koss saw Ponto and helped him and my friend. My friend commented on how the staff at All About Animals Pet Clinic offered great service and helped solve Ponto's issues.

Jessica Smith

2 years ago

I took my dogs to AAA for about 2.5 years. The staff were wonderful. Always so pleasant and caring to my babies. However, I finally got sick of being horribly overcharged for services. My last straw was wanting to charge me almost $500 for (2) 6 month packs of flea and tick preventative along with a routine check up and vaccinations. Then when I asked for a prescription for the preventative to take elsewhere, they refused to give it to me. I'd rather spend $80 for a 6month supply of the same pills online than the $126 they were trying to charge me.

Joel Templeman

2 years ago

Very great place to take your pets

Kari Brackenhoff

2 years ago

This review is long over do! I cannot say enough about AAAPC. Tank loves his “Auntie” Irene and he always looks so handsome after he gets groomed! All of the staff is so pleasant. They take the time to talk to you and really care about you and your fur babies! Finally, Dr. Koss is the most caring vet! She truly loves the pets she cares for and I appreciate her patience and attentiveness as I am what you might consider a neurotic pet owner! I call often with questions and I never feel like I am a burden to anyone and they always follow up to check on Tank if he isn’t feeling well. I am so grateful to have such an awesome team to care for my pup!

Lindsay Stalowy

2 years ago

I am with everyone else who has not given 5 stars. The vet and groomer are wonderful however, the prices are astronomical. We would love to continue coming here due to the cleanliness and vets/groomer however I am afraid we will not be able to keep up with the costs esp. with an older dog. We would love it if they could come down to more reasonable prices.

Michael Jarvis

2 years ago

These vet's are very friendly and knowledgeable. The girls at the front desk are some of the most friendliest people I have ever met. I wish a people doctor visit could be like this.


2 years ago

We have a very picky German Shepherd and it takes a while to get into her circle of trust. Layla doesn’t like going to anyone else and absolutely loves Dr Koss, Caleb, and staff who all treat her like the princess that she is. Our family is very thankful for All About Animals and cannot recommend them enough.

Gaylex0 Silagyi

2 years ago

Dropped Bella off for her post-Covid haircut. Irene was incredibly gracious with me regarding Bella's long hairs that turned into knots. Every person that came out to my car (two employees) were so happy to see us and gave Bella lots of loving ❤.

Mary Johnson

3 years ago

A great place with great people. I trust them with my Punchy and that is very important to me.

David Roberts

3 years ago

Marley is special to our family for so many reasons. I imagine most feel the same about their own furry family members. Dr. Koss and her team helped us care for and love Marley, so that she could live a dogs-life full of love, joy and peace. Away from fear, pain and loneliness. Our family is better today, because of our wonderful dog Marley. None of that is possible without Dr. Koss and her team!

Dan Moisson

3 years ago

Great people who are professional loving and caring. Highly recommended

Jenny Gibson

3 years ago

Dr Koss and her team are the absolute best. They care so much for your pet and provide the best vet and boarding service. Highly recommend All About Animals!!


3 years ago

Their groomer is PHENOMENAL!!!!! Definitely take your animals to her!

Jerry Long

3 years ago

Always a pleasure to work with. Our Great Dane Graycie, is very timid and shy and everyone at All About Animals are always so good with her trying to make her feel comfortable. The friendliest vet staff I have ever had the pleasure of working with. Someone always calls the next day to make sure Graycie is doing OK. Highly Recommended!! Wouldn't go anywhere else.

Joe M

3 years ago

Used their vet and grooming for a year so far. They are thoughtful for my dog. They noticed he pulls back when his paws are touched and when we mentioned he peed and pooped a lot at his last groomer, they checked him out and noticed he most likely has arthritis in his hips and feet. The last groomer didn't notice and was hurting him, and causing him to poop and pee. They treat him very respectfully and have proper pain and anxiety medication available in case he is struggling. But he doesn't struggle. In fact we pick him up happy, where as he looked like he was terrified at the last groomer (We only used the old one once). Their vet services are also very good, and they tell us when prices for shots or workups are low so we can sneak in and get the discounts. I highly recommend this vet and especially groomer. They have boarding as well, but we haven't used that service. They have a camera showing a play room at the front desk. When the dogs are in there they look like they are having fun, and there are assistants around to keep it clean. They have a large yard space that looks lovely for boarding and playtime.

Joyce Changnon

3 years ago

All About Animals is a full service pet clinic providing outstanding care and service. Sophie, my mini golden doodle is dealing with a mast cell tumor. Dr. Koss and all the staff at All About Animals have provided fantastic care for Sophie, who was there for many days over 2 weeks due to dehydration. Sophie gladly went every morning for her hydration and loves all the staff, even after this ordeal. They not only provide the medical care, but the kind of concern and care we all would like to receive. This is a tribute to all the staff and the fantastic team Dr. Koss has assembled to provide for our beloved pets.

Lynne Givens

3 years ago

We have taken both our girls there for grooming, and they consistently do such a great job. The staff are all very kind and I always feel like the puppers are being well taken care of. The price is comparable to other places they have been, but the care is better :)

bridgette fadili

3 years ago

I love how professional and friendly the staff is and always checking to do all that they can to help you and your pet this is the best that I have ever dealt with outside of dr. King before he retired

Cody Garcia

3 years ago

They have a very nice office and the staff is very knowledgeable and courteous. They helped me answer questions i didn’t even know I had. Usually my husky is very nervous going to the vet , she won’t let anyone get near her but she absolutely loved the staff and facility.

Darlene Matteucci

4 years ago

Very friendly and caring staff and Dr Koss is great .

Chris Wagener

4 years ago

Needed a place to board my dog prior to Christmas at short notice. Zac did a great job of taking care of Nugget. I'm' not sure she really wanted to leave. Thank you!

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