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Sebastian Zang

a year ago

Just one of the best vets out there. Caring, understanding and not pushy.

Matt Wingrove

a year ago

Very helpful and knowledgeable for breeders. They do the progesterone tests in house so results are very fast.

Tiffani Hein

a year ago

I am highly disappointed in Dr. Sondel. My dog has been going here for a couple years and everything was great until she tore her ACL. After talking about options the vet tech had recommended the lateral suture since she only half way tore it. Me trusting she knew best I agreed and scheduled her. I knew I should have backed out when I never got a phone call regarding what all had to be done prior to her day of surgery. But then I got a call saying everything went good and I could come pick her up in a few hours. I got a couple sentences explaining her post op instructions. I thought that was so weird. I had called a couple times because this was my first time ever dealing with this and Dr Sondel made me feel like I was an inconvenience to the questions I was asking. Months roll by and my dog still isn't any better. So I called a few times expressed something wasn't right he said everything was fine it's normal. So I thought okay maybe I'm over exaggerating. Six months go by and she was worse than before surgery so I made an appointment for him to take a look. He didn't even take an xray or really even preform any exam and said oh she's fine. She needs to lose weight. I knew something was wrong so I got a second opinion from a specialist. Turns out the surgery they recommended isn't supposed to be preformed on bigger dogs, only on dogs 40lbs or lower (I have a 90lb black lab) and her surgery is now failing. The one person I thought I could trust to help my dog failed her. I am so incredibly mad and disappointed in this clinic. How can someone call themselves a veterinarian knowing you are telling me exactly what isn't good for my dog and then completely dismiss my concerns for me dog?

MG Erickson

2 years ago

Extremely disappointed by Sondel Family Vet but want to make some constructive comments. My experience - this is an exorbitantly-priced clinic where vets will rush you through with minimal consultation, trying to make the most money off you. In my case a $500 bill for a basic yearly visit. I have 4 complaints: 1) OUTRAGEOUS PRICES that are 50-100% more per shot than I have paid at two prior veterinarians. I thought $250+ dollars seemed high for regular vaccinations on our bill. I compared with prior vet invoices and the cost per shot is substantially higher at Sondel. 2) LACK OF CHOICE/OPTIONS. First, after telling the vet that my dog has continuously received HeartGard and Flea & Tick prevention, I was not given the option to “opt-out” of the heartworm/tick titer blood test. This added $70 to our bill, completely unnecessarily. Second, the vet basically forced us to get every possible vaccine my dog could receive, even though the Bordatella vaccine is a NON-core vaccine (AAHA, 2021), and is not recommended for dogs who aren’t boarded/social. Two previous vets have recommended me to opt out of both options. 3) LACK OF PROFESSIONALISM. I was disappointed that the vet could not answer basic questions about differences between flea and tick options. I got the impression that they try to force NexGard on you (probably to make a commission?). Similar to the vaccines, I would prefer to have the choice of medications, and have a vet competent enough to describe the pros and cons of each. When we asked how NexGard differed from Frontline Gold and from Frontline Plus, the vet could only say “I think there are some extra ingredients in Frontline Gold.” I'm sorry but I find zero value in visiting a vet who can't communicate basic knowledge about treatment options! 4) Finally, the LACK OF A THOROUGH EXAM. Although I was charged for a physical exam, the vet did not conduct a physical exam to even a bare minimum extent. For example, no one ever looked into my dog’s ears or eyes. Again, my experience is only from 1 appointment, but I hope it helps someone to share.

jan fandel

2 years ago

Great vet clinic, in and out super quick. Thanks for the great service!

Nancy Morgan

2 years ago

New pet needed immunizations in a short timeframe. Obtained appt quickly and everyone there was supportive and helpful.

Alvin Watkins

2 years ago

Best place for our pups they are just awesome

Nicole Statz

2 years ago

This was my first time at Sondel. Dr Jesse Sondel was on time, very thorough, offered great service and was very helpful overall. I highly recommend Sondel!

Michelle Haarklau

2 years ago

Okay so this is not your typical review, because my dogs don't actually go here. I was here because I once cleaned this establishment, so I have a different prospective then most. My experience, the staff is phenomenal they are as kind, friendly and professional behind the scenes as they are infront. Above all else, these animals are so well cared for and loved. Example... I was working one night just me and a vet technician and one of the dogs is crying, poor thing, I went into one of the janitor closets to get something not seeing the tech but, also noticing the dogs crying had decreased, as I'm in the closet I here singing. This lovely human being was singing to the dog to comfort them! I've also seen these wonderful people on the floor half way in the pens comforting these sweet dogs. Now, I normally don't do reviews on places I've worked because I feel it's kind of a invasion of privacy. But I had to because these wonderful people need to be recognized. As a pet owner I would want to know the place I take my babies too are well taken care of. So if your pet is a patient here or you're thinking of taking your pet here, they are/will be well taken care of and loved by the staff. If I didn't love my own veterinarian clinic and it wasn't so far away from me. I would definitely in a heartbeat take my babies here.

shawn nies

2 years ago

Excellent staff. Lovely facility. They clearly love their work and are wonderful to work with. Definitely recommend.

John Skinner

2 years ago

The level of care that my pets receive at Sondel is outstanding and above the rest. Further, I had a very dumb moment where I misheard the appointment time for my cat. I was four hours late! However, I happened to catch Dr. Frankenthal on the way out the door. Even though I was late and it was my fault, she went above and beyond by treating my cat after hours! Her generosity is extraordinary. There are few business that will go the distance like Dr. Frankenthal did. Thank you Dr. Frankenthal!

Lorelei Gallagher

2 years ago

Sondel is the best in the entire Madison area. I have experienced six other vet clinics and none of them compare. I wouldn't trust my dogs with any other practice. Our first visit years back to Sondel, Dr. Sondel sat and basically let me cry to him about a condition my dog had been diagnosed with / the way that the other vet had disregarded my wishes, not listened, etc. And then proceeded to guide me expertly thru next steps. I was so blown away to have a practitioner who really cared and took the time. Best vet ever.

Kevin Heistad

2 years ago

The best,The blast keeps them busy

Kersten Bartelt

2 years ago

I cannot give high enough praise to Dr Sondel. He was there for us a lot as we were figuring out a diagnosis for our lab, helping us with blood sugar issues, bladder infections and more. We always felt supported. When it came to our family making the hard decision of putting her down, he showed the greatest empathy. He was right there with us and by her side making it as comfortable as he possibly could. Fast forward a short 2 months when another kid our dogs for very very sick and had to be seen at emergency vet services. Again we were faced with the hard decision to put her down. I wanted so badly to bring her to Sondel's clinic but they were full. A few days later I receivedived the sweetest condolence card. I cannot emphasize enough how caring and comforting the staff are.

Katy Bronson

2 years ago

First time here. Very friendly Doctor, fast service

Jacob cloverkid

2 years ago

The place to go if you plan on breeding your pet. Very thurl. Great service.

Gary Hawj

2 years ago

Great place to take your pets, people are great service is great

marie Kasper

2 years ago

They are so friendly and Dr Sondel is very careing and you can tell he loves what he does.

Andrea Bennett

2 years ago

Had a great first experience here. They were able to get out dog in the same day. It was easy to have a conversation with Dr. Sondel, he seemed very accessible and knowledgeable. We will be bringing all of our dogs' reproductive needs to the clinic!

Brittany D

2 years ago

Helpful and knowledgeable care, but can be difficult to get an appointment if something comes up, or your schedule is tight. Seems they have over grown their clinic a bit. However, the doctor always takes time to call you if you can't get in, which is very helpful.

John Berzinski

2 years ago

Great service. They’ve helped my dog with things that other vets got wrong or could not figure out which is great but they are a little expensive.

sandy bethke

2 years ago

Dr. Sondel and all the staff are the absolute best! They are so very caring. Your pet is in the best possible hands with Sondel Family vet!!

Seanna Williams

2 years ago

The staff at Sondel is wonderful. They are always so helpful when I call. The process to take the dog to the vet during covid is smooth and non-irritating. I switched from another clinic and everything is better here. We see Dr. Mohney and she is great. Highly recommend

Steve Anderson

2 years ago

Great place, friendly staff. Schedule was accomdating for traveling from out of town for a surgery on my pet

Tabra Carley

2 years ago

Very pleased with Dr Sondel & his care crew. We drove 7 hours for his care with my Boston. She needed palate surgery. They set us at easy, very professional & caring, from Sara at front desk to after care staff. If we lived closer this would be our Vet. THANK Dr. Sondel & care crew.

Trish Blackwell

2 years ago

I am so happy with the service provided to my new pup. Bella is afraid of everything right now and the patience of the Drs and techs are amazing. They take time to listen to silly questions and when we vent lol when we are worried. I will never take any of my animals elsewhere Dr sondel has done a wonderful job of making the outdoor area safe distance complete with tents chairs and water dishes everywhere for the doggies. Working as a team they do a great job taking care of our babies. Thx Sondel and Jennifer and dr money.

Vicki Ball

2 years ago

Dr. Sondel and his staff are OUTSTANDING & our dogs love them too! The most caring vet service we have ever worked with over our many, many years with pets. We thank you!!

Vickie Platt

2 years ago

Friendly professional Clinic who genuinely care about your Pet & you ❤️

Wes & Jone Brown

2 years ago

Love going to places where people clearly love their job!!

Richard Stadwo

2 years ago

Sondel is committed to their clients and their clients' pets! After this client made a mistake and showed up for a scheduled appointment, but the wrong day, Dr. Sondel himself answered the phone and without missing a beat exclaimed, "No problem! You are here now, and I have not seen [pet's name] in a while. I am happy to squeeze them in right now. I will be right out!" Even more awesome, when my dog saw Dr. Sondel, he (my dog) pulled even harder at his leash and wanted to run up to Dr. Sondel, as if they are best buds! Your family pet(s) deserve the chance to be welcomed as "family". Neither you or your pets will be disappointed. Sondel is the best in the area, hands and paws down!!

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