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Amerika Dunbar

2 years ago

We were here to be serviced at the business next door and accidentally parked over the property line. Woman came outside and screamed at us to move from her spot but our windows were up so we didn’t hear her very clearly and sat a second. She proceeded to come out a second time and yell at us again saying she’d already told us once and she’d have us towed. We did not know we were in her parking spots. There was a sign but it was hidden by other parked vehicles.

Shelby Boughman

2 years ago

We planned on visiting the store for a second time while our car was being serviced next door. The last time we went in their products were more on the expensive side, they didn't have a lot of inventory, and the fish tanks looked dirty. The woman who was grooming didn't say hello, smile, didn't even acknowledge or look at us. We decided to give it another chance in case it was just an off day the first time. We parked away from the door in the only empty place in the parking lot and immediately a rude gentleman who we learned later was one of the owners came out and yelled at us to say he was having our car towed so we needed to move it or else. Wow! Definitely not going back there now!

Sara Turnquist

2 years ago

Rita is amazing, she keeps all 4 of our pets tidy and not so sharp!

Melissa Perrill

2 years ago

I have always been treated so well at Brenneman's, have been going there for pet supplies as long as I've lived here (20+ years). The owners have always been friendly, going above&beyond (placing special orders so that they could have items, like a certain turtle food, in stock). : )

Bret J. Swain

3 years ago

Friendly place to being the pets

Doug MacPherson

3 years ago

Professional grooming and great service.

Maria Ortiz

3 years ago

Aren't accepting new customers :(

Rick Frees

3 years ago

My almost 8 year old springer enjoys getting his summer haircuts here.

Monica Ruiz

4 years ago

**My stars don't match the actual service** Lady was nice over the phone and made herself available to call me back instead of leaving me hanging. Promptly she called back to tell me she could not take anymore new clients "until someone dies." Unfortunately, she is the only one there and is booked for the rest of the year. What a lucky lady!! She could have offered to take down my number in case someone cancelled.

Robert Duvall

4 years ago

Great place to take your pet for grooming.

Gina Marie

4 years ago

Know owners and enjoy their nail trim specials

Jerri R

5 years ago

We took our two large senior dogs to Brenneman's yesterday for the first time. Susanne was so sweet, understanding and knowledgeable. The dogs came home looking and smelling awesome!! Overall a great experience at very reasonable prices. We rescheduled on the spot for next time.

Sarah H.

5 years ago

Excellent groomers, very friendly and patient, even with the most stubbornly headstrong dogs. They're pretty busy though, so you'll want to ask about an appointment as soon as you think you need one.

LaShelle Morrison

6 years ago

$5 toenail clipping every 3rd Sunday from 2-5

Wade Summers

6 years ago

Talented groomers, fair prices, and friendly staff

John Davids

6 years ago

We take our dogs here every few months for a complete clean, trim, and nail clip. We love it! Fair prices with friendly people who also sell virtually any pet toy or food you could need. They also do $5 walk-in nail trimmings every 3rd Sunday, great deal!

Ed Hash (KahlanPriest)

6 years ago

The ladies at Brennemans are awesome. We take our dog in for grooming regularly and they do a wonderful job at really reasonable prices.

Amanda Meissen

6 years ago

We accidently parked over their property line when we were at the business next door. Mind you, there is no definite line that says which property is which. There is a sign, but it sits right next to their front door which does not designate sides either. They were very rude when "asking" us to move (He pretty much yelled at us to get off his property), even after we apologized numerous times. We will never visit this business, we will definitely find anywhere else if we need their kind of service.

Bonnie Mason

7 years ago

They did a wonderful job bathing and clipping my cat! I was worried since I had never brought an animal to a groomer before but I can tell she was handled gently (She was relaxed and purring with the groomer holding and petting her when I picked her up, she doesn't let many people do that!) and they did a great job giving her a smooth all over even clip. When I dropped Harriet off the groomer was handling a cat that was not thrilled about being clipped and had scratched her, but she was very calm about it and handling the cat gently and appropriately, I was very impressed! Harriet will definitely be going back :-)

Diana R

7 years ago

We've had many groomers before, and had some anxiety with all but one of them. Then our vet suggest Brenneman's! Love it! Professional atmosphere.. Our 16 yr old, has been so mistreated previously at groomers, I dreaded who would want to do his fur. Miranda is awesome! She's so patient. I tell her I don't expect perfection, I just want him to see, but he always looks fantastic!!

Erin Brothers

8 years ago

I've been going to Brenneman's off and on for 20+ years, depending on the dog food I'm using. I've recently discovered their grooming service and I really love it. My golden retriever can be a handful and when I pick him up he is happy, looks great and smells wonderful for a couple of weeks! I recommend for grooming.

Melissa Truong Warth

12 years ago

For those of you that have small breed dogs who need frequent grooming, you know that finding a good groomer can be a challenge. Our Yorkie typically needs to be groomed every 4-6 weeks, or he begins to look like we pulled him out of a dumpster the day before. That being said, we had seen another groomer in Iowa City a few times. He was great, but costly. A friend had suggested Brenneman's to groom and I'm pretty pleased with how it turned out. We asked for a modified Westie cut and they produced nicely. While the ladies seemed a bit rough around the edges, they seemed confidant with handling the dogs. His face was cut a tad bit shorter than I showed (brought a picture with me), but he was done exactly on time, and the full body groom was $30. From what I'm told, the store has been around Iowa City for decades and it truly feels like your "Mom & Pop" type store. They had a GREAT selection of dog chews, food and treats. Even better than the large chain in Coralville.... We'll be back!

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