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Margie Bachner

2 years ago

Have boarded both pups and older dogs here. Been utilizing Woodbine for 20+ years. Very happy. Our older dog was having issues with walking. They were made aware of it and she had a bad bout of just laying and if anyone touched her she cried. They called us and were ready to take her to the emergency vet. It was able to be avoided and the dog did well when we restricted her activity. We always keep our family dogs in the same kennel so they have less stress. The dogs always come home happy. Will Always use Woodbine.

Alyssa Smith

2 years ago

My parents and brother each dropped off their dogs there for boarding while we went on a 10 day family vacation. Both dogs do not do well with other dogs, so they couldn’t attend the fun daycare/boarding facility I took my two dogs to. We don’t typically travel without our pets so boarding is not a common thing. We had received a good recommendation to go here, but unfortunately the experience was terrible. Judy reassured us that we would be free to call and check in on our dogs at anytime. We dropped them off and called to check in two days later. No one answered so we left a message. Whoever called us back (she left a voicemail) left a very generic message saying they were fine. We called again two days later. The person who answered the phone said “didn’t you just call?” We found that odd, seeing as we were encouraged to check in on them and it had been two days. The woman said she would check and put us on hold. A few minutes later she said they were doing fine and she mispronounced one of our dog’s names. I understand there are lots of dogs and they can’t remember every detail, but get the name right. It wasn’t a complicated name. Were they calling him the wrong name all weekend? Needless to say, we worried about our dogs the rest of our vacation. It just didn’t sit right that us calling seemed to be an inconvenience. Checking in every few days is not unreasonable. Finally picked them up today. My mom told the woman when checking out that she was bothered by how they told us we could call to check in on our pets, but were brushed off. The woman did not respond and dodged the comment completely. The final straw was that they indicated that a few days ago, our other dog had started limping and they didn’t know why. Why wouldn’t they have called us? We are so displeased with this kennel. They are woefully inadequate at providing any sort of reassurance to the humans and, based on the impersonal responses and fact they couldn’t remember how to say our one dog’s name correctly, I have my doubts about the quality of care our dogs received. I feel guilty that two beloved members of my family were there for 10 days - if only they could talk. We will never take our dogs here again and will strongly recommend against anyone entrusting their pets with this establishment.

George Minogue

2 years ago

Well established and caring kennel. We have been extremely satisfied with the attention and care they provided our dogs for the last 16 years.

Schulenburg Realty, Inc.

2 years ago

The only place we ever take our dogs. Top notch facility.

noel gutierrez

2 years ago

Look around a long time for a place I felt comfortable leaving my fur babies Woodbine Hills hit the mark. Now I can go on vacation with no worries because I know they are in good hands.

L. Trautman

2 years ago

brought my retriever there and she was pretty much left in the kennel with a concrete floor over the weekend. She developed infections in her elbows from skin breaking down from constant rubbing on the floors. Had a vet bill for exam and medicine. Woodbine did not offer restitution.

Kim Guinsatao

2 years ago

We've boarded our dog here at least a few times. And, at the very last minute they were able to take her in again today when other plans fell through. We are very pleased with the staff here and they always take very good care of Ginger.

Heather H.

2 years ago

I've used Woodbine for several years. My dog, a large coonhound, absolutely loves it at Woodbine! The facility is large and clean & they will let you tour it if desired. The staff is amazing, super friendly & genuinely love being around the animals. Everytime I'm out of town, I book her 'vacation' at Woodbine. She is always happy to go, and when I pick her up, she's happy, clean and usually tired from all the fun she's had!! I highly recommend Woodbine!!

Ashley Bero

2 years ago

The kennels appeared be ok, plenty of yards for the dogs to run. The lady that I met when checking in the dogs wasn't to friendly and seemed annoyed when I talked about the dogs and their "stuff". I brought food to give to the dogs and they mentioned they include canned food, which I said I didn't want. My dogs both came home with a stomach ache and are now having bad diarrhea. My small dog came back with a good scratch/cut and my bigger dog came home with raw elbows. The place was reasonable at $30 a day per dog, but will not be utilizing them in the future.

Matthew Kucharski

3 years ago

When your dogs pull like sled dogs to get inside, you know they like it there!

Manny Mancuso

3 years ago

Our golden doodle loves this place!

Michael Schulz

3 years ago

This is the only place we trust with our pets.

Micheal McCann

3 years ago

Super friendly staff that was happy to give us a full tour of the facilities and a huge property that let's your dog run.

patricia dougherty

3 years ago

My dogs love this place

Ronlipl Lipinski

3 years ago

Very clean place for the dogs very good care for the dogs if anything is wrong or they find something that the dog might have a scratch card or anything they'll notify you right away you can bring your own food and on treats and their care is top-notch

Kyle Meng

4 years ago

Beautiful place to take your pet

Cherie Benzinger

4 years ago

After a bad experience with a different kennel, we found Woodbine..... We have been boarding our dogs here for years and have NEVER been disappointed. The staff is extremely caring and friendly. The facility is clean and the grounds are beautiful. Our dogs are never "stressed" when we pick them up. You can bring your own food, treats, bedding and toys. I highly recommend this facility...... we would never consider boarding our dogs anywhere else!!

Don Patterson

4 years ago

Just the best in pet care!!

Doris Hyerczyk

4 years ago

Very nice facility, Clean, plenty of staff, polite and professional. They stayed from 3/14 (4 pm drop off) and 3/19 pickup (11am). Unfortunately our two adult dogs came home from their 4 day stay very sick. They appeared visibly thinner as well. First day was vomiting, lethargy and then the terrible diarrhea started. They still have diarrhea today 3/23. Now they have lost even more weight. We have been waking in the middle of the night to let them out all week. The owner told me it was probably stress. They won't be returning there.

Eric Plautz

4 years ago

Kennel is nicely tucked away from any sort of traffic and is incredibly spacious for big dogs with multiple play areas. The staff is great at working with our 11 month old German Shepherd as he aclimates to the group and he absolutely loves going there.

Taylor Ward

4 years ago

Best place in town. It’s great to know that our dog will be safe and taken care of while we’re gone. Great family owned business!

Rich J

4 years ago

We've been taking our Labrador here for many years now and have never had an issue. He always comes home happy but tired (from all the running around with other dogs). Now that he is a senior dog, I wouldn't take him anywhere else for boarding. They always take great car of him and are able to give him all his meds as scheduled.

Marc Niemann

4 years ago

Great people who take good care of pets and customers. Always friendly and helpful.

janet kelch

4 years ago

They were so accommodating to my cats when the contractor kept changing his dates

Lynda Pirtle

5 years ago

Great place, my dog was well cared for durning her stay for 9 days. I paid extra for her to have a bath on the day of pick up and she was so soft. They had even sent me video of her playing with other dogs and staff. I've been well pleased how my dog Shawnee was cared for.


5 years ago

We were boarding our dog for long stay due to a house move. We dropped the dog off and one month later the dog had lost 10 pounds of weight (minimum 10 pounds). And before the response "the dog was over weight to began with", this dog was at the exact weight the Vet wanted him at! We were told its too stressful for us to stop by for a physically visit with the dog during his kennel stay. They assured us he was doing fine. We were shocked when we picked him up. "Fine" was far from the truth-----they had to know he was not eating the food they put in his bowl. They should have said "he is not eating". In addition our dog's behavior and playfulness had completely changed for the worse. I was always concerned why the kennels in the back were never open for us to check out and I should have taken this as a clue. In our 10+ years of having our dog this month long kennel stay is the most negative experience we ever subjected him to. Its been some time since his stay there and I feel he has never really recovered his once great loving, trusting positive playfulness. It seems to me that this kennel puts profits above really caring about the lives we trust them with.

Jack Janezic

6 years ago

We have used this Kennel for over 10 years. Our dog, a Samoyed, will spend at most 2 seconds "saying goodbye" to us when we drop him off for a stay. He is way to excited to play with the other guests to bother with us.

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