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jack weelmaa

2 years ago

Helpful staff, easy in store pick up of internet order

Garrett Spena

2 years ago

Come here for most of my pet needs. Prices are a bit high than what I'd find online, but the staff is amazing.

Alex Falls

2 years ago

DO NOT ADOPT ANIMALS FROM THIS LOCATION. My wife an I adopted two beautiful kittens from the Hoffman Estates PeSmart. The rescue that they are associated with, Fur Keeps, has a long history of controversy, which I encourage you to Google, but has also put me and my family through the ringer. I adopted what appeared to be, to my untrained eyes, as two perfectly healthy kittens. I signed a contract saying that they were healthy and that I would take care of them. They also came with vet paperwork from Debra Rykoff, who I had no way of knowing is both the head of Fur Keeps, but also the vet in charge of the "4 Life Animal Wellness Center" which you should also avoid. On top of seeming to go out of their way to hide this conflict of interest, the contract they signed lied: the pets I adopted were not healthy: One of the kittens had an ear infection and ringworm, and the other had ear mites. When I told the rescue this, they said "oh, thanks, we will let the foster no." But what about the other animals being kept at PetSmart? Or PetSmart itself? The contact lady at Fur Keeps either has no idea or doesn't care how dangerous and incredibly contagious ringworm is. I wouldn't step foot anywhere in that building again out of fear of bringing a ringworm spore home. Ringworm spores, once your cat is infected, will spread to every surface in your house the cat can touch, and give life up to 18 months. For adult cats it only causes an itchy spot, but it can kill kittens. The internet says it takes around three weeks to treat, but in my experience it is more like 5-6 weeks. Oh, and did I mention it can pass to humans? There is more to this story about the negligence of Debra Rykoff and Fur Keeps, but you may be asking what part did PetSmart play in this? Well, despite hosting a rescue that violated a contract and was actively harboring an extremely contagious disease that they were taking no steps to treating, the manager at this PetSmart (named Alex) merely apologized and said that he would have a talk with the contact person for Fur Keeps. That's it. Fur Keeps is still at this location, and as far as I'm aware none of their practices have changed. And from my further experience with Debra Rykoff they wouldn't, as she has told me that ringworm isn't a big deal, and doesn't even use anti-fungal cleaners to clean areas where she treats cats with ringworm (she uses "Thieves" which is an essential oil that not only doesn't kill ringworm, but that is also poisonous to cats - something that she did not know when I spoke to her). I have also contacted PetSmart corporate (specifically the branch that deals with rescues), and despite giving them a detailed play-by-play of all the contractual violations, negligence, and other shady stuff I experienced, didn't even bother to respond to the letter that I sent them. In conclusion: I would never set foot in the Hoffman Estates PetSmart, I definitely wouldn't adopt any pets there, and I would encourage you to find your pet food and other things at a different store, such as Target or Petco.

marsha Klaviter

2 years ago

Easy to find what you came for. Store is well stocked and employees are helpful. We also so cat adoptions which is also a wonderful thing! We donated to adoptions and also baught a toy for a child N in the hospital. Made me feel good to do so. Glad this store believes in helping out when needed in the community.

Janet Ware

2 years ago

I placed a paid online order for pick-up at the PetSmart in Hoffman Estates. My order was ready to be picked up within the hour. Everyone was so nice and I went in to pick up my dogs food and left within a minute. Thanks PetSmart for making it so quick and easy.

Jules S. Ro (Jules)

2 years ago

Love the selection of items, but wish there was more for cats! Always clean and organized inside and the staff is so helpful with their product knowledge.

Balaji G

2 years ago

Have a lot of cute little friends. Bring one of those little ones home and you be very happy.

Frank Ryan

2 years ago

Quick and professional service. Natalia or maybe it was Natalie helped me very quickly in the fish department. Happy she was there to help me today because I was in a rush.

Matt M

2 years ago

The staff was great, very understanding and attentive. Good selection.

Mis Hurtado

2 years ago

Staff is always friendly and helpful...


2 years ago

Brought my Fur Baby's to Colleen who has been grooming them since they were pups!! Colleen Always does an Excellent Job!!

Sean “Big Daddy” Sain

2 years ago

Great place for all your fish needs

Camy Cruz

2 years ago

If you are going for grooming I highly recommend Tiffany! She does an excellent job and my pup comes out beautiful and happy!

Conei Juanchi

2 years ago

Found what I was looking for a bit far from where I leave

Clarissa S

2 years ago

We come here a lot because we have three dogs. We have been getting our GSD and our Eskie here since the week we got them and I feel like the trainer, Cheyenne, here does a great job! My GSD has taken 5 courses and we will be finishing with the therapy dog course for her and intend to do the same for our Eskie. We also bring all three of our dogs here for training. Tiffany is fantastic with them and I can't recommend her enough!

Erick Aguilar

2 years ago

If I had the option to give this place zero stars I would. Worst grooming place I take my pit to many different places and I’ve never had a problem. They cut my dog trying to tell me that he did that to’s a Unprofessional place to get you’re dog groom luckily I didn’t want to be a bad person and throw them a lawsuit. I just wanted them to pay the vet bill to make sure he was okay.

Lisa McCallister

2 years ago

I can't say enough about the obedience classes that we are attending.. Our trainer, Cheyenne, is the absolute best.. Her suggestions and techniques have made not only my dog, but me as well, feel more confident. Cheyenne really is very intuitive to the dogs and their humans. Both my dog and I can't wait to try something new that Cheyenne suggests . What a valuable asset you have at Petsmart in Hoffman Estates! I live in Huntley and don't mind one bit making the drive there . I highly recommend Cheyenne and we are so thankful for her expertise! Lisa and Shay

Tamera Guilinger

2 years ago

Always great customer service. Covid has aided in lowering supply for demand. Some items are on back order. Not Pet Smarts fault.


2 years ago

Love Petsmart Grooming in Hoffman Estates! I took Morena yesterday and Chiquita today. Extremely satisfied with the results, Collen S took care of Morena yesterday and Miranda C groomed Chiquita today. Both ladies are very caring, professional and courteous. It shows how much they love their job and strive to be better every day ???? I had a negative experience with another petsmart groomer in the past but I decided to try another location and was not disappointed. I usually go to the Petsmart in Streamwood but they were completely booked..I have to say it's hard to decide which groomers are nicer: the ones that work in Petsmart at 140 Barrington Rd in Streamwood or the ones on Sutton Rd in Hoffman Estates..You won't go wrong with either one! Thank you!

Nestor Espinoza

2 years ago

Great service and very polite


2 years ago

Obviously the experience with seeing the pets there and stuff is really nice but the environment is just weird. It feels like there hasn't been a change for a decade. Usually stores are clean and you feel like being in there but other than seeing the pets, I really didn't want to be in there for longer than a minute. The setup of the place is alright though. 3 stars.

oscar gonzalez

2 years ago

They pamaped my dog woody. Absolutely lovely.

Candice Coit

2 years ago

Love taking my pup to see Tiffany. She does so well taking care of my husky. Everyone is very nice and kind there. Thanks guys for giving my girl such great care

lucas doge

2 years ago

I went to this location to find some fish for my tank. I left within 10 minutes because not only were there no workers around to help had i needed it, there were a TON of dead and decaying fish in several tanks as well as several of the bettas in cups dead. I understand death happens but it needs to be cleaned and maintained or more fish will die. Not a good look to a perspective customer either. 2 of the tanks had several dead fish in a pile and other fish were eating them. Come on petsmart.

Amateur Newtype

2 years ago

Most times we go there's a line with one cashier

Marla Truitt

2 years ago

I have always had a positive experience with grooming at Pet Smart. They can make accommodation for me, by doing my dog as an express service. I have a Lab and he is very happy going. In Hoffman Estates we usually see Tiffany. She has been grooming him since he was 10 weeks old, he is now 3 and a half. When we have used other groomers it has been positive. I like that the comments about my dog remains in his file.

m eros

2 years ago

I submitted an order online to be picked up. After a few days, I was sent an email stating someone had picked up my order. I contacted customer support online and made attempts to contact the store with no avail. I keep getting pushed into circles and it was incredibly NEGLIGENT to have given someone else my order without confirming it was the correct person who was picking it up. I spent more than $50 on this order and I am rightfully upset. After three weeks I am still asking for a refund. This has never happened to me before. I’ve made several orders online to be picked up in person and I’ve used the curbside pickup feature several times at several different stores. This feels violating and I feel as though I’ve been stolen from and Pet Smart is culpable. Please, ensure the correct order is given to the correct person. I would hope this never happens to anyone.

John Beirne

2 years ago

Our border terrier, Mikey, loves getting groomed here and the staff loves him! Great team!

Kevin Hansen

3 years ago

fast, friendly and convenient shopping


3 years ago

Great customer service. A little over priced but seem to have good deals.

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