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2 years ago

Both the vet, Dr.Park and her aid spent more than half the time in the room trying to upsell my plan and get me to purchase training courses at their store,. Both before and after vaccinations were already done. Secondly she took my puppy in the back room to vaccinate him and alleged he would not stay still for an ear swap, so she didn’t do it! He’s a 5month old,a German shepherd, scared, it his first visit , and the vet was not trained enough to handle ‘that’ ?!! Morso she wanted me to give a puppy anxiety pills, cause apparently she’s not well trained enough to handle a big puppy, so she needed him to be on the pills before she next seen him! She said if I didn’t give them to him, she wouldn’t see him! Which was fine with me, because at this point I made up my mind, she wasn’t friendly nor caring enough to care for him. In all my years of having big dogs and taking them to vets both with other Banfields and outside of them, I’ve never had a vet try to prescribe anxiety pills! My dog allows me to clean his ears with no issues other than burying his head on my lap for it. Yet, she couldn’t figure out a way to make him fee at ease? Or maybe bring him in the room with me next to his side to comfort him while she attempted to swap him? No! She did nothing of the sort! i also had to spend about 5mins trying to tell her I was not going to take two different types of medications for my dog, an that it would be on or the other medication Yet, she was pushing them on me because she was unable to run an ear swap on my puppy, so she really didn’t even know what his real problem was! So because of her incompetence to run a simple swap,I had to dish out much more money!? I would never go back to her! An now I know why my friends said this Banfield had bad reviews! Never again!

tom gepphart

2 years ago

Helped our dog with an eye ulcer. Good with pets

Tim Wright

2 years ago

Terrible, took my dog there 3 times in one week and they said nothing is wrong with him. I knew in my heart that he was not acting right and banfield said he was fine. Took him to 24/7 emergency vet facility and he has major health issues and he has been with the new vet for 2 days and nights getting treatment. The new vet said that banfield should of never have let my dog leave there facility in his condition. I have pet insurance through banfield and its garbage and the vet techs are garbage. They know nothing. I will be canceling my insurance with them. If I didn't take my dog to the other vet he could of died. banfield is place were u do not want to take your dog if you want answers. They dont have the experience or the tools,equipment to help your dog. Look elsewhere

Susan Poe

2 years ago

They always take good care of my 3 pups for all their yearly stuff and beyond.

Noe Quinones

2 years ago

Great place to take your pets. Very friendly and helpful

Kristie daniel

2 years ago

I took my dog here three weeks ago because I thought he had an ear infection. I was not allowed to be seen with my dog (which i understand because of COVID). They had my dog for 2 hours. After 2 hours they call me and say that my dog just has allergies and gave me two options for treatment. A week later my dog was still acting like something was wrong with his ear so I decided to take him to a different vet for a second opinion. Come to find out my dog had a super bad yeast infection in his ear. I am very upset because had this been caught the first time I took him in it wouldn't have been so bad. This place doesn't care about your animal at all. I am now out over $300 because. Im still very confused as how you can miss a yeast infection when you claim you did an ear culture.. STAY AWAY FROM HERE if you care about your animal at all.

Jessie Perez

2 years ago

The older desk lady at the reception desk in the pm is extremely rude and unprofesional The rest of the staff is amazing, I will recommend anyone to go as lo g as that rude lady is not on duty.

Denise Johnson

2 years ago

I have no complaints what do ever. I love all the vets and employee's of Bsnfield Hospital. They have always been very polite and concerned about all my animals that I have brought in. Keep up the great work!!!

Christopher Escobar

2 years ago

Very happy with Banfield ????


2 years ago

Big store with a lot of selection nice employees and you can keep your distance from other customers.

Anne Connelly

2 years ago

I think Banfield location could easily earn a five star review, but someone would need to come in and better train their techs. They are generally disorganized with appointments and when I ask simple questions about care they don't usually know the answer. However, the positive side is that everyone at the location is friendly and seems to genuinely care about the animals. The care itself is good. If they could just bring their techs up to speed I think it would be an outstanding place.

Andrii Bohatiuk

2 years ago

The worst hospital I have ever seen!!! We make an appointment online for vaccinations for our cat. When we came in everything was closed! Nobody call us, nobody said anything that they will be closed! We where seating here for an hour..

Karla Johnson

3 years ago

Great service and Dr. Sable is the best! I drive from Crystal Lake just to see her.

Thomas Katsahnias

3 years ago

We had our dog Copper on a Banfield Wellness plan since he was a puppy and have been to many Banfields in his 13 year life. When it was time for him to go we brought him in and the staff were really good. They allowed us lots of time to say good bye, and I think cried when we did. They even sent a card a few weeks later. This was a hard event for our family, thank you for making it just a little bit easier.

S Kho

3 years ago

Dr. Sarena Olsen and her assistant were amazing. We had to put our 12 years old dog down and she made it alt easier for us. We have seen sooo many Vets during the past 13 years but she was the best. She took the time to hear our concerns and gave us options and was sooooo sweet. My husband said couple of times that she made him feel that our dog is in good hand. Thank you so much for all your help

Eduardo Martinez

3 years ago

Definitely recommend to everyone very nice and helpful staff.

Megan Brown

4 years ago

Saw a veterinarian here because the puppy I just bought was vomiting, it was car sickness she gave her a shot and said we had to wait 20 minutes to leave but shop for a crate while we waited. While walking around the store she vomited again and the vet was walking out past me apparently her shift had ended and I said she was puking again already and she couldn't of cared less she shrugged her shoulders at me and informed me it hadn't been 20 minutes yet I said I know but we are only walking around the store she said well she was overfed I don't know it happens and just kept walking. Even if there is nothing she could do I wish she could've been slightly more polite I know it was the end of her shift but I definitely would've taken a second to comfort a new pet owner if I were her.

Joe Jurasz

4 years ago

I brought my dog here cause he was limping on back leg took a x-ray said he might have ACL tear $500 bucks so he still seem off took my dog next week to are normal vet did x-ray found out he had bone cancer spread through his lungs would never trust you guys again put him through pain for nothing thanks for your over price Service For wrong Diagnose they didn't even show x-ray said they had to put him to sleep to do it at are vet they put him on table 5 minutes later we got the bad news so money Hungry vet seem to know S*^*

Hannah Summers

4 years ago

Sat on hold for 5-6 total, put on hold 3 times. Very curt on the phone, didn't get info I needed.

Grazia Vavalle

4 years ago

If I could give negative stars I would. I went through the worst experiece here with my pet. About a year ago my pittie was schedule for a deep dental cleaning which was a procedure she had done twice in the past at the same office. However, this last time left permanent facial damage to my pet's mouth. The day started by me dropping her off at 7:30am to be told the procedure and recovery would not take longer than a few hours. 3 to 4 hours later and I had not heard from the office. I called the office and they said my pet was out of surgery but recovering. I requested that id pick up my dog and was strongly advised not to as they stated full recovery could take 2 hours. Multiple phone calls later and they finally agreed for me to pick up my pet. I walked in the office at 4:00pm . My pet had been there from 7am to 4pm. Once i got to the office i was told they would bring her out in a few. Half hour later andmy pet still wasnt out. I expressed how dissatisfied and upset i was but they proceeded to dismiss my concerns. I finally got t see my pet and she seemed out of it and weak. They explained it was due to the anesthesia and thay sje would be fine by the end of the night or early thenext morning. We got home and my pet would not eat or drink anything. It had been 24 hours now that she had not eaten or drak as she fasted the night before for he procedure. I then woke up to her at 4am with a swollen face . She was completely lethargic she couldn't even walk on her own. I went back to the office first thing in the morning and they told me they could not help me. They told me the nurse could not do anything to help me and i should go to an emergency hospital to seek medical care. They showed no concern or compassion towards my pet and the situation they had created. I rushed over to an emergency hospital and i was told my pet needed to be on fluids and could have permanent damage to her liver. After fluids and two weeks of meds the swelling on her face had gone down but was still present. Banfield hospital waited 3 days to check on her and indicated that they were not responsible for the trauma. They did not take any responsibility and left me to cover all my emergency costs. The only thing they were willing to do was cancel my membership for free, only after i submitted a complaint with the states attorney's office for a malpractice investigation. Till this day my pets face has never returned to normal. I would never recommend anyone to this place. STAY FAR FAR AWAY!!!

Lisa Wilkinson

5 years ago

I took my 15 year old poodle mix to the petsmart groomers on saturday November 4th. I took him home and began noticing that he was extremely anxious, would not sit on his rear end was constantly licking and and at times whimpering. I spoke with the store manager who was extremely sympathetic and referred me to the Banfield pet hospital located Inside her store. Let me begin by saying that I have the utmost respect for anyone who works in the animal welfare industry. I have worked in animal shelters, I have been a field volunteer with the ASPCA animal abuse hotline where I rescued every kind of animal out of the most deplorable environments imaginable, in doing so, I have worked along side great people and know what kind of heart and level of intelligence it takes to be a good veterinarian. The staff of Banfield seemed to have neither heart nor intelligence. I walked up to the counter to an employee that looked unkept and unprofessional. She was sitting on a stool slumped over the counter and acted like it was killing her to have to talk to someone. She told us the Dr was in surgery until 2. This contradicted what the store manager had told me, but I didn't argue, I booked the appointment and came back at 2. The Dr on duty along with her assistant looked over my dog and asked questions but neither one seemed to know very much. They spent more time complaining about a cat scratch than diagnosing my dog. Finally, they decided to take x rays but said that they could not read them but were going to expedite them out to be looked at. The Dr assured me that she would call me first thing in the morning with the results. The next morning came and went with no word from the Dr. I left work around 2 and personally went in to find out what the x rays revealed. I asked to speak with the Dr and was told she was in surgery. When I explained my situation the employee when to the back. When she returned she told me that the doctor was eating her lunch and if I wanted to discuss the x rays I could make an appointment but she wouldn't be available until Tuesday!! This was on a Friday! My dog was out in my car in the excruciating pain and this woman who calls herself a doctor would not put down her fork to speak with me about the results of the x rays she had promised to call me about that morning! On an emergency appointment made by th petsmart store manager. Its my opinion that Sarena olsen and her staff be avoided if your animal is in need of care. Because when I asked for an explanation of why she didn't call or wouldn't come out and talk to me she simply said ...She wasnt on the clock and it was none of my business. Which shows poor character and lack of respect for the oath she took to help our pets.

Clare Rodri

5 years ago

Garbage service, made me wait 1 1/2 hour. Said they couldn't find my 'insurance.' WANTED to steal 100+ bucks from me because they couldn't find my account :/ what a disappointment.

Chris Bryant

5 years ago

I have used other Banfield locations and had no issues, but not the cade here! First they told me I needed an appointment, which I have never had to make before. Then They wanted my dog to stay overnight for a torn nail! Wth? I WOULD NEVER take him back there! Very disappointed!

Amir Rafidia

5 years ago

I would rate this facility 0 stars if possible. 5 minutes late for my first visit and was turned away. As an M.D. Turning away patients is unethical and is a strong indicator that you do not care about placing the PATIENTS needs before yours. Banfield should be ashamed that they would allow such Veterinarians to represent their facility. I will not be returning to any Banfield location or affiliated businesses. Maybe the Vet should rethink their profession if they are going to treat patients this way.

Adrian Rivera

5 years ago

I liked it they were nice and quick

Sarah Tracy

6 years ago

We have been taking our dog, Jack, here for about a month now. Everyone at Banfield is very friendly and knowledgeable. We currently have their wellness plan, so our visits are very affordable.

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