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Michelle Pietzke

a year ago

I highly recommend Mag Mutts Rescue. They're top notch. Adopt, don't shop.


a year ago

Very easy to deal with.

Paul Whiteleather

2 years ago

Fantastic group of animal lovers who truly care about their care and finding forever homes.

Terri Barruffi

2 years ago

The best adoption I've experienced! Friday has been with me over 8yrs and is the best dog I've ever owned. Will definitely go to Magnificent Mutts when I'm ready for another rescue! #adoptdontshop

Kim Wojo

2 years ago

Wonderful Rescue!!!!!! Trying to do everything they can to still help animals be adopted during Covid!!!

Barbara Basile

2 years ago

Adopted a great little dog who is very affectionate. We are enjoying Groot a cute shitzu mix. Thank you.

Kim Brown

2 years ago

They gave me a different dog I guess the white lady wanted the dog I was suppose to get I wouldn't recommend this place to anyone

Steve Brand

2 years ago

I've gotten dogs from them and am a dog foster parent. It's a tough job with plenty of challenges to manage lots of rescues, provide treatment, keep volunteers and match up adopters ... MM manages to do really well and donates lots of resources behind the scenes to make it happen!

Bunny Flores

2 years ago

Put an application in to adopt a cat in mid December. Was told it would take 72 hours to process. Here it is the End of March and have not heard back yet. I have called to no answer on the phone. I have inquired at the local pet Co who partners with them and confirmed that they indeed have cats to adopt. So yeah it's a 1 star from me. I will consider changing it if I ever am able to get a hold of them.

Angela Vasquez

2 years ago

I tried to adopt an older cat. I filled out the application and sent a few emails. I was told I would have a response with 72 hours. Nope. Waited and waited. No response. I don’t know if I was approved or not or if my application was even processed. The pet I wanted was not put on hold or anything. I notified them to cancel as I have already adopted two cats from another agency. Still no response from them. Lack of communication is extremely irresponsible when doing business.

Saoirse Redmond

2 years ago

We adopted a puppy in March, and when we were told the breed, we had Bindi ( the pup) take a DNA test, when the results came, it said she was a different breed entirely. I have young children, and it got so unsafe for Bindi and us, we had to surrender her back to the shelter. There was even a surrender fee. Unbelievable.

Sam Kuhlman

2 years ago

We wanted to adopt a kitten to be a friend to the other kitten we had just adopted. I filled out the application and they simply have a quick retort that they don't want to adopt to households with kids under 6. Didn't ask any other questions, temperments, living situation, even though we have another kitten and a resident cat. After reading the help reviews I think this is more of a shell company aimed at getting a quick dollar. I feel bad for the animals there and quite honestly hope they shut down. Especially with how many other high quality rescue and adoption centers that are available.

Monika Marc

2 years ago

They do a terric job finding the perfect family for their pets.

Molly Ryser

2 years ago

We adopted the most wonderful rescue dog, Jeta. The whole adoption experience was organized, professional and positive. We are so lucky to have Jeta in our family!

Mike B.

2 years ago

We've adopted several pets from Magnificent Mutts. They provide a great service.

Maria Galvez

2 years ago

Kept in touch through email. I knew my status for adopting a puppy every step of the way.

Maria Brady

2 years ago

They work endlessly and tirelessly, rescuing dogs and cats, trying their best to find them good homes. They have saved so many animals. They’re a blessing to this world

Lorna Lightle

2 years ago

Adopted my girl from Magnificent Mutts and she healed me, never had such a loving girl. So I started to volunteer with them. Its rewarding to be a part of such a hands on org, the volunteers on every level work so hard to make sure lives are saved and happy homes found.

Leslie Jones

2 years ago

We had a great adoption experience with Mag Mutts! They reviewed our application and checked our references quickly and expedited our adoption when we found our match! They have a great Facebook page for adopters where people can ask questions, share stories, and post fun videos and pics of their pets. This allows us to keep up with Kaylee's siblings, share our stories and questions, and enjoy other Mag Mutt pets!

Leela Miller

2 years ago

WARNING ! Do not adopt from these criminals. This organization adopted out a sick dog to my mom. The dog had PARVO. She almost died. They did not help compensate the almost $2,000+ costs because my mom couldnt take her 1.5hrs away to their vet. The dog was dying... there was no driving that far in her condition. The owner is rude and inconsiderate. She actually tried to make it seem like it was my moms fault. The foster family that had the dog was definitely aware of the sick dog and did not say anything when (they were 2 hrs late) dropping the dog off to my mom. UNPROFESSIONAL, RUDE, and downright ILLEGAL to adopt out sick dogs. She was sick in your care and you didn’t do anything to rectify the situation. Also, my sister adopted two dogs from them 3 years ago and one of them had health problems that you did not disclose. How nice. Not surprised.

Kyle Svilar

2 years ago

We adopted through Mag Mutts and had a great experience. Linda and team were responsive, professional, and truly care about the animals they’ve rescued. We could not have been happier and recommend Mag Mutts to others who are looking for a new addition to their home!

Caitlin McElroy

2 years ago

I would be cautious about this organization. I was in contact with them about rescuing a husky. The first candidates passed and we were contacted as the second choice. We were very excited and hopeful but I soon became skeptical due to the tone of the e-mails once they changed the original meet day. I couldn’t make the second date but I provided three other alternative days that we could do and I was told that they are volunteers and are working around their personal lives. Very odd. I was also told that the husky still need to be spayed so I assumed her recovery would be taken into consideration since we have a high-energy 8-month male of our own (which I communicated to them), but I was told that no, it would be fine that a spay is not a difficult surgery and that their “founder” and trainer would be on-hand to approve the adoption (neither are vets). Why would you send a recovering animal home a day after a serious surgery to a completely new environment? Basically they said they couldn’t allow us any recovery time because then that would take up space for new dogs coming in. So jeopardize the health of the dogs you already have in your care? I’m afraid that this place is just trying to roll pups in and out for a quick buck and don’t really have their best interests at heart. I hope I’m wrong but I’d be very careful especially after reading Yelp reviews ????

Ash Pab

2 years ago

You have been warned. Very sketchy, it does not seem like a legitimate organization with how your information can be taken and yet they do not have a valid reputation or proof of quality care. They ask for cash as to not allow you protection for faulty sales.

alejandro gomez

2 years ago

Amazing staff, everyone is so friendly, great rescue, please support them

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Magnificent Mutts Rescue, Illinois, Hillside

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