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Carrie Grant

a year ago

I got a much better price and quality than the pet store. They clearly care about their puppies.

Sandra Routhier

a year ago

I got my beautiful dog here. Romeo, he is the smartest and most loving Angel put on this earth. We love him so much and do not know how much he has changed our lives. Angela is very kind and her pups were very well cared for. They checked every detail before he came home and also gave us a lot of home care on food and do’ and don’t. Thank you for him!

tiffany houk

a year ago

I don't even have to visit to see that this place is a puppy mill. LOOK AT THE PICTURES PEOPLE!! Clearly not a well kept, seperating dogs from places kind of operation. A puppy standing up on the tops of 2 "cribs" with a ton of puppies all shoved into sad little boxes and cribs. Look at the website, not a single picture or video of the actual environment. The "we love to hear from you and our adopted puppies" part has the same lady in a pink shirt holding many different puppies. They put a blanket over the situation with puppy pictures.

Amber Kay

a year ago

Excellent breeder who obviously loves these puppies. Trimmed nails/claws just before we left. Puppy came home basically house trained. Sent us home with papers including all vaccinations, treats, and food that covered the first week. First vet appointment went very well — he’s a very happy and healthy morkie puppy. :-) Affordable, friendly and they definitely have some Happy Puppies for your family to welcome into your home. Highly recommended! Thank you!

Marilyn Bradin

a year ago

I am so grateful that I found Tony's Happy Puppies! I bought a beautiful, healthy shihtzu puppy named Oliver. I could not ask for a better breeder than Angela. She has been a tremendous help with teaching me how to care for my puppy. I would only recommend Tony's Happy Puppies to anyone who is in search for a new puppy!


a year ago

Please stay away from this horrid place!! It is a puppy mill.

Pilot Waves

a year ago

I spoke to angela very dry person. You have to practically get words out of her mouth. We went to see the puppies and all the puppies seems sickly. She tried to push the sale and she even brought the price way down of pup. Honestly these poor animals look very sickly. I know the bad reviews she had of how filthy her house was must be true since there are pictures for proof. Angela people are on to you and see pictures of how your house was, cleaning up is not going to change people’s mind of how evil you are to your puppies. Lighting a candle to cover the smell doesn’t work either. You are a puppy mill and you don’t care about your puppies. All you care about is making money!!! Money to remodel your house to hide the fact that you are a puppy mill!!!! How do you sleep at night? How does your family stand by you? You are probably all the same MONEY HUNGRY!!!!!!!!!!!! You have a bad reputation!!!!! Puppy mill stay away!

Patti Blagojevich

a year ago

We got our beloved Skittles here 13 years ago. She was very sick with worms and a cough. It was touch and go initially. She has been a great dog but funny thing. I thought I bought a Malti-poo. That’s what the papers they gave me said but we just tested her dna and she is 100% poodle!! We love her anyway but buyer beware. I’m sure I paid more for the “designer breed”

Kaitlynn Sirotkin

a year ago

TLDR: Stay far, far, far away from this "breeder." Like others have stated, I did not want to believe the poor reviews - but boy are these people dishonest and sketchy. The owners "sister" was communicating with me about purchasing a female maltipoo puppy. All was going well until I started asking some very basic questions and requesting very basic documentation about the health of the dog (everything within the lines of responsible pet ownership & Illinois Dept. of Agriculture laws). Not only was I lied to: Example 1: I was told that the puppy would be taken to the vet for her 3 months shots - when I asked if I could see the vets assessment of the puppy, she told me that it was my responsibility to take the dog for it's 3 month shots. Directly contradicting what she told me the day before. But, I was also given very odd answers about "protecting the puppies privacy" when I asked about any of the health records they had at all, when other breeders are very upfront about this important information. In fact, when I mentioned that, she immediately started bashing other breeders and told me that "she changed her mind on selling me the puppy because I asked for such information" only after I told her I would not be purchasing the puppy. Buyer beware. There is something sketchy going on here.

Octavio Pena

2 years ago

Just great my kids are really happy thanks

Catherine Szewczyk

2 years ago

I have bought 3 puppies from Angela. I bought Lola from Angela 16 years ago. I bought Buster from Angela 7 years ago. I bought Alex from Angela today. All 3 of my dogs are extremely healthy. I can tell Angela and her entire family clearly loves their dogs and that is why I always let them babysit my fur babies whenever I go on vacation and I can see how much they love Angela because as soon as I pull up to her driveway they try to jump out of my car to get into her arms. That is how I can tell that she takes very good care of my dogs and her own dogs. Do not listen to the people leaving her negative reviews on here they have no idea what they are even talking about or they are simply put - mean people. Listen to me: Angela is extremely reliable and has the best puppies you can buy. I am so happy I bought all three of my puppies from her.

Dadera Harridan

2 years ago

Got a Golden doodle puppy! He's still too young to bring home but they let us visit him!

Vince T (HeyItsVince)

2 years ago

A very nice breeder who did not take advantage of COVID-19 and charge people looking for a new puppy an arm and a leg. We love our Buddy and glad we found Tony's Happy Puppies!!!

Claudiu Adam

2 years ago

We"ve got our goldendoodle puppy 3 years ago from Tony and Angela and we couldn't be more happier. It brought so much joy for our children and our family that words can't express. Our dog is happy and healthy and we are planning to get another puppy this summer from Tony's Happy Puppies . The owners are very professional and nurturing with their puppies. They give us tips on potty training and explain in details how to train and care for our puppy. That's the reason we are going back to get another puppy is because Tony and Angela made the transition so easy .

Eric Smolen

2 years ago

We got our puppy, Frank, from here. He is the sweetest boy, and honestly we are so happy we went here. They let us pick out Frank on Christmas Day, and his cost ($1500) was about half what other breeders were charging for mini-goldendoodles. Frank is 30 lbs and is a “flat coat” mini-golden doodle. Hardly sheds, compared to a golden, and is super people and dog friendly. Only thing I wish I had not done was getting Frank neutered, because I’m sure his puppies would have been just as sweet.

Tina Hasselberger

2 years ago

We purchased a puppy for my cousin who lost her dog to old age about 8 months ago. We stopped here looking for a Maltese. Well my husband fell in love with a Bichon/ Shih Tzu mix so we purchased a little girl for our family member. She is the sweetest little thing. She’s 10 weeks old and is so so so smart! She’s already potty trained and is fetching and sitting! She is absolutely adorable and their older dog Sadie loves her. She’s become her adoptive mama. Thank you for bringing new happiness to my family. They truly love her and adore her. The vet said she was in great health and well taken care of. We appreciate you taking the time in allowing us to come and purchase one of your puppies.

Sheila Hunter

2 years ago

We got our sweet little Shorkie Nugget from Tony Happy Puppies and he has instantly become a part of our family! Thank you for our sweet baby! I would come back here if I was going to get another puppy.

Elizabeth Gerena

2 years ago

I bought 2 puppies a year ago. Amazing puppies ! And the sellers were always there to help if we needed anything. One of my puppies got sick and we brought them over the the sellers and they saved my puppies live. And now im happy with both of my puppies and the one that was sick is totally healthy. Definantly recomend!

Joe A

2 years ago

Puppy mill. Spread the word!!!

Cynthia Marsico

2 years ago

We picked up our puppy in May during the pandemic. Picked her out in April and they would respond to me right away when I would call to check on how she was doing , and even sent me pictures of her via text. Yes their house was stinky but so would yours be if you had lots of puppies inside. You could tell that Angela loved the puppies and gave Luna a big kiss when we left with her. She is now 10 months and is the prettiest, most social dog I ever had. Everyone that meets her, loves her and she LOVES everyone too. We’ve been asked by so many people where we got her from and have given the name to many people and they’re just as happy as we are.

bob church

2 years ago

Very nice and professional place would recommend this place to anyone

Celyn Celyn

2 years ago

We got our puppy over a month ago and we’re very happy we got a happy, playful, calm and easy to train puppy. Our puppy loves to take a bath and play in the rain. I’m glad I found this place to have a beautiful puppy for my family. Thanks Angela for giving us a loving pup!

Cheryl L.

2 years ago

Bought our Bella now 11 year old Maltipoo. Zero health issues and perfect disposition. The owners speak broken English and at times it’s difficult to converse. The quality of pups are awesome and I’d buy again from here.

Cindy Balinao

2 years ago

We were going crazy trying to find a puppy to join our home in the middle of dreaded pandemic. Everything available in Chicago cost at least 1 arm and 1 child, or it was a dog eat dog at the shelters. Between the high rocket prices and all the competition- puppy searching became more of a chore than a joyous moment for our family. Finally we found Tony's- and though it was a home ran business it literally removed all the stress. We went to meet our puppy the day Angela sent us the pictures and just fell in love with him. We waited the 4 weeks, since he was only 4 weeks when we saw him, paid a deposit and got ready to welcome him home the meantime. The price was reasonable, there was no bitting your nails while waiting to hear that someone else got the puppy you had fallen in love with, and our puppy came to us healthy and happy. 2 months later and he's gotten a clean bill of health from his vet and has brought a million times of Joy to us. I highly recommend them.

Cleve and ME

2 years ago

This is a GREAT place to get a puppy. Tony and Angela have a solid grip on the industry and are very kind. I have noticed the people who complain usually don't get there way so they post outrageous statements. If you truly want to test the theory all you have to do is make an appointment and be the judge. Any puppy I buy in the future will be from here! They are very good on competitive pricing and knowledgeable if you have any questions at all.


2 years ago

I love my new puppy. He is a shihpoo . Healthy and happy. The people at Tony's was very nice. Angela and Tony help us out with any questions . I would highly recommend and they are not over priced. Thank you so much for our puppy, we are very happy ????.

dave brocato

2 years ago

I called several times and left messages . They never answered the phone for me nor called me back.


2 years ago

I was going to call and make an appointment to possibly purchase a puppy, but after seeing a review where the owner called a customer "old and ugly" that made my decision to take my business elsewhere. Bad business practice!

Courtney Miller

2 years ago

We recently purchased a Maltese/Bichon puppy from Tony’s happy puppies and we have been very happy with our purchase! She is a wonderful dog. They are very helpful and professional and you can really tell that they love the puppies they have. We would definitely purchase a puppy from them again in the future.

Alinka Halyas

2 years ago

We bought a shorkie from them . That was my second dog from Tony’s happy puppy .I bought a wonderful Yorkie from them 12 years ago.They were so helpful they explain everything to us ! We couldn’t be more happy with our new puppy Maya and Lola. We spent a few hours there trying to decide which puppy to take home and never felt rushed. The facility and puppies were very clean .Angela and Tony was kind and professional. Would recommend this kennel if you’re looking for a new puppy.Thank you so much!

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