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C Ackerman

a year ago

Took my dog there 2 times in the last two weeks and they were so nice and professional. The vets walked us through each issue and were transparent on the cost. The front desk workers were phenomenal and had better service than our normal vet.

Michael Dolinar

a year ago

My wife and I couldn’t have been more please with the exception care the staff gave us on the darkest day of our lives. Our beloved pet at 15 years old had to cross the rainbow bridge as difficult as this was the staff and doctor were just simply amazing. Thank you Mike Beth and Wrigley

Brianna Salazar

a year ago

This is a horrible inhuman place. Don’t ever take your loved pets, they’re heartless. I took my dog for just an eye infection, and he went to cardiac arrest. He has no history of any heart disease, the whole thing was just weird. He was completely fine playing with other dogs 5 min before taking him in. Then when he passed we were told it’ll be $150 for cremation which we payed for later on there were hidden fees, and ended up paying $300 more. They should have been clear since the start. They truly make the mourning process so difficult. If you have any other places to take your dog in, please take them somewhere else.

Juan Salazar

a year ago

Horrible place, cold hearted staff. Theres so many hidden fees, which should be discussed at the moment. My dog was completely fine, just went in for very minor detail. He was playing with other dogs minutes before very happy. And all of a sudden we were told he passed away minutes we got there, there was no medical history. If you have another place to go please take your dog there don’t risk taking it to incompetent veterinarians. Disgusting place.

Robert Johnston

a year ago

They helped save my cat’s life. I’ll always be grateful ????

Crystal Carter

a year ago

My pup was injured in a hit and run and we brought her here because they were the closest to our home. After paying $2100 for her emergency visit, ecollar and leg wound closure, we got to bring out fur baby home. Less than 24 hours later, her sutures were reopening so we brought her back to Premier. We were quoted $300 to put our pup under anesthesia, fix her sutures and insert a drain, along with some additional meds. At 6 pm, the attending vet called after they were done and said our dog started waking up during the procedure so she had to give her some additional anesthesia and there would be a small additional charge, but she took off some other things since we were just there. She explained it looked like our dog got to a couple of the sutures in addition to the wound being deeper than they thought, and the other sutures loosening/not properly done so she re-sutured her entire wound. They were giving her a properly sized ecollar and prepping her to go home.. The vet said that after 630 our dog would be ready. We got there at 640, one of the coordinators presented us with a final bill that reflected a 50% increase from our estimate. When we asked the coordinator she said the additional money was due to our dog waking up during the procedure. When we talked to the vet, Dr. Melin, she was SO unbelievably rude, lied and said the original estimate was $800, and brashly informed us that it took her close to an hour to clean and resuture the wound so she wasn't changing the price. Then she hung up on us. We felt we had no choice but to pay the additional costs. After that it took them 30 minutes to bring our dog out with no apologies or explanation. Dr. Melin then wrote in our dogs discharge papers that the sutures came out solely because our dog got to them and our dog was left "unattended"... another lie! Her sutures were improperly placed the first time, her ecollar was too small and the first vet ordered that she stay in a confined cage, just big enough to turn around in! I cannot believe the unprofessional demeanor and unethical actions displayed by the vet and staff here here. This place cares more about price gouging than your fur family. My God I will never EVER go here again, and please if you have another choice, take it. No one deserves how to be treated the way we were, especially after dealing with a traumatic event!

David Haupt

a year ago

A huge thank you to Vet Tech Stephanie who handled our urgent needs. Our regular clinic was closed late Saturday afternoon, called Premier with our needs and they told us to come right over. Our interaction with Stephanie was excellent. She was kind & compassionate.

Minnie Pham

a year ago

They took amazing care of my kitten, Dantes. Got him in and out extremely promptly - within an hour 's notice - whereas at least 5 other vets in the area were booked weeks and months out. Their pricing is on par with other vets and they were transparent throughout every step of the process, giving me frequent updates on my pet's condition. They thoroughly explained what labs, tests and medications they recommended and always asking for my input before going forward with anything. They also have an online waitlist scheduling system which is absolutely fantastic, allowing you to wait at home instead of in the hospital waiting room before your pet is seen. You are able to see an estimated appointment time which gives peace of mind. I have never seen another vet with this system and the majority rely on walk-ins, email and phone for their appointments. At this vet, you are able to schedule an appointment without speaking to an actual person. I honestly wish emergency rooms or urgent care clinics for human patients functioned in this sort of way. When it comes to emergency care, people tend to gravitate towards the negative so I found it prudent to spread the good word about them.

Nikki Leach-Holland

a year ago

Had to take my dog in for an urgent care visit. The vet was great! He was informative, empathetic, and gave me options without trying to guilt me into the most expensive. When the worst happens, I would highly recommend them.


a year ago

How does a 24 hour emergency service not have a DR available or on-call? It was a Saturday afternoon and I had a very sick cat. Instead of getting help I was turned away. I ended up at the Specialty Center in Buffalo Grove. Unfortunately, our little friend didn't make it and we had to say goodbye. Thanks Premier Veterinary Service for making a really horrible day even harder.

kelley hellman

a year ago

Best, most caring vet. group we've ever had! Their love ❤ of our furbabies is evident in how they interact with our dog & ???? with us!

Jackie Garcia

a year ago

The vet mixed up my dog and another dog. When I dropped off, the intake staff said it was superficial bite wounds and it would be quick. The vet then called me and said my dog was going into anaphylactic shock, and they were starting with a catheter and needed other emergency treatment and would have to stay the night. They immediately charged my card $1,300 as a deposit. Then I was called back by the staff and told that they mixed up my dog with another. The original vet did not speak to me again and they had another vet speak to me at pickup. I’m unsure as to if any of the treatments stated they were starting were taken on my dog or not. They were vague when questioned.


a year ago

Wonderful experience for a heartbreaking situation. The staff and vet were so kind and compassionate. We had to put out dog down on a Sunday night and did not know what to expect. They made this very traumatic event bearable. Would recommend them 100%!

Steph VP

2 years ago

My mom and I brought our very ill dog here Monday July 19th and our experience was average at best. I'm not sure the name of the technician who took our pet in and collected the history (middle aged woman with shorter hair and multiple tattoos) but we found her to be extremely rude and dismissive. Our dog was displaying severe nasal discharge and upper respiratory symptoms that seemed to be making her breathing uncomfortable at times and when my mom wanted to show this technician a video of what her breathing was like she coldly told us "I don't need to see the video." When we handed our pet to this technician wrapped in her favorite blanket she then replied "I don't need the blanket." While I do understand their reasonings for not wanting outside belongings of pets brought into the hospital I think a more professional response of "We are kindly going to ask you to please keep your personal belongings with you as there is too much risk of things getting lost in a hospital with so many pets and for COVID safety " would have been more appropriate instead of "I don't need that blanket." As someone who previously worked as an assistant in a veterinary emergency facility for 8 years, this behavior was highly unacceptable and lacked compassion for what was a very stressful situation for ourselves and our dog. The doctor on the other hand, was very kind, listened to all of our concerns, provided us her treatment and diagnostic recommendations as well as associated costs prior to services which we greatly appreciated. My only other complaint is the next morning we had not received a follow up call to let us know how our pet had done overnight. The first time my mom called she was told "the doctor and technician were tied up with another patient" the second time she called it was already early afternoon and while she did receive a brief update from a technician it was only after she expressed her dissatisfaction and anxiety with not knowing how her ill pet was doing after being in the hospital for the past 12 hours. Again, while I do understand they are very busy I also believe for the almost $1,400 we were charged to have our pet there overnight the least we deserve is for someone to make the time to let us know how she is doing. The reason I am giving this hospital a 3/5 instead of a 1 star is because overall we were pleased with the doctor we communicated with and overall, our dog does seem to be improving which we are so happy about. I do, however, feel the technician we initially dealt with could use a lesson in compassion fatigue and address her issues as needed.

Loretta hansen

2 years ago

I brought my dog who was seriously ill vomiting and bloody stools to the vet at 1pm. I was told they could not see her until 7 pm. 7pm turned into 3 am. Fortunately I was able to manage her at home and her condition didn't worsen. . She could have died in that amount of time.The appropriate thing to do was to refer me to another clinic. time. Will never go there again

Julie Ann Anderson

2 years ago

Never again. The nursing staff was kind but the 2 vets that I dealt with,beyond rude and unprofessional. One said our cat was dead and when we arrived, not only was our cat alive,but happy to see us. How do you tell somebody their pet is dead 2when she isn't? Also, they are more about the $ than they care about providing quality care.. One of them kept pushing me and my 82 year old grandma to apply for the care credit. When my grandma did apply she wanted to read the fine print and wax told she was taking too long. Dealing with this place is an experience that I hope to never have again. Our beautiful Ellie cat was only 3 years old and because we were only approved for $2500 on the care credit plan, they cut corners and didn't treat us or my cat with any compassion or decency

Cindy Brust

2 years ago

The staff here are caring and wonderful, with the animals and the owners. It was my first time calling, as our cat, who had an enlarged heart, all of a sudden had paralysis in his back legs. I was panicked, and called Premier. They told me to come right away, and they took us right in. They were great with him, and just so empathetic with me as I was a mess. I truly cannot say enough about the people who work here...they are amazing.

Dan Gingiss

2 years ago

Very friendly staff took great care of us and our pup with patience and compassion. Didn't feel rushed, everything was explained, and they really seemed to love the dog.

Lyran Light Worker

2 years ago

I lost 5 newborn puppies because this vet told to just give them milk replacer every 2 hours. They neglected to tell me that if the puppies are already hypoglycemic(or how to identify hypoglycemia) that they need sugar every 15 to 20 minutes. So I just got to watch 5 puppies slowly die while I tried in vain to give them milk replacer. Don't trust these people outright. DO YOUR OWN RESEARCH! Confirm everything and double check everything. Thank God for the internet. I was able to find out this info and I may actually save one pup, yet. No thanks to this so called vet. They clearly just want you in and out to make a buck. I mean look at the other reviews, I wish I had before coming here. Hope you guys are happy with your life choices. I know I'd be questioning whether I was cut out for this job if I can't relay simple, life saving information to a paying client. Wish I could leave zero stars.

skippys vr4

2 years ago

Had a very bad experience from the minute we came to this animal hospital. Rude condescending and horribly overpriced. Do yourself a favor and read all the reviews.

Tessie Mac

2 years ago

I brought in my guinea pig to be put down, he was suffering at this point. It cost $200 and I couldn't be in the room with him. This $200 did not include disposal, so afterwards they brought his dead body out to me. This was a shocking and morbid experience. There is no other emergency clinic near by. I just hope, God forbid, that I ever need to put my dog down. I would probably never recover from that trauma.

Camelia Gonzalez

2 years ago

This is a terrible place for animals don’t bring your lovely pets here .they don’t care about they treat you so rude they make you wait hours outside even if it’s an emergency.And then after they make you wait hours they just say take your …

Cheryl Rodriguez

2 years ago

Our dog passed away and they NEVER mentioned that her remains were going to be sent over an hour away! My family wanted to say goodbye to their best friend.... and now to drive my 7 children to her they want an additional $150 and plus I'd have to spent $75 on to get there and back. We love our pet and really needed this closure since her death was so sudden. Thanks for not even thinking about how we'd feel and if we could afford the place you sent our pet to. There was a much closer place that we could have afforded as well.... i'm so upset and hurt. My children had hopes to see her one last time and now they are squashed again. You really know how to hurt and already injured heart. Unbelievable. Will never recommend your facility.

Daisy Aguilar

2 years ago

Took my dog in ... was told 4 hour wait for him to be seen. Nurses were very rude cale back saying it was just a reverse sneeze... it has been 24 hours and had not gone away. I told her to bring my dog back out I refused to wait 4 hours to get him checked when clearly he was having trouble breathing. She came back saying he looked fine because he managed to scratch and try to bite her !!!!!! What ?! You are suppose to know how to handle dogs!!! He is 8 pounds cmon !!! NEVER WILL GO BACK

Gio H

2 years ago

THEY KEEP REMOVING MY REVIEW!!! This place isn’t a place for no pets! I will expose them on social media, I was smart to defend myself in this situation. I encourage you all to record your conversation with these Drs and Nurses, although they say it’s illegal this place should be illegal in general. Peggy was so mad saying “i didn’t give you permission to record this call”, i never gave Peggy and her staff permission to lie to us. The manager claims her name is Peggy. I took my dog here and sadly I put him down but thankfully i was smart to put him down at home away from these people. The Dr clearly told me she wanted me to get a test for my dog done which was 2 x-ray and a ultra sound in which would give us a definitive answer. We paid nearly $800 and they took forever to call. We called ourselves and they said “we were just about to call you” and that they couldn’t get a definite answer that they don’t have the equipment that buffalo grove has and to go to buffalo grove and he needed a CT scan. Besides telling us they recommend the CT scan first and go there, they made us pay for non sense testing just to tell us we had to pay more money at another location. It’s clear as day but since Peggy is so defensive she will not honor the refund for a poor call and service for my 2 non sense test, instead all she can say is “it’s illegal to record in the state of illinois”. I’m sure for them it’s illegal because they know they are not for the pets, they are FOR THE MONEY! The Dr never came out once to talk to us, but the nurse comes out non stop. Peggy claims to the DRs don’t come out in protection of CoVid but she can have her front desk and nurses exposed. They lie if you do try and make a reservation for an emergency visit. We had made a visit online for emergency in which they had said next opening was 1am. By 12:30am we received a message that an animal came in bad condition that our wait time was extended 30 minutes. We decided just to drive up to take a look for ourselves. THERE WERE NO DOGS THERE!!! They were quick to take our dogs but once we gave her the dog name, at that moment is when i received a text saying “please start heading to vet”. I even have video recording from inside where they brought me my dog but DID NOT clean him up. They left throw up on his face you can clearly see but it took us to point it out to them and have him cleaned. Management is terrible, they have cameras to protect themselves and stuff so i highly encourage you all to PLEASE PLEASE record if you all do decide to go there because i understand they are literally the only 24 hour “care” around so yes you’ll most likely have to go to them, BUT please if you feel like your dog can probably be fine till 3-7hours when the vet opens, take them to a vet! Peggy also says Dr Soltis is just an emergency DR, she’s not an internal medicine dr nor a surgeon, she’s just a Dr. If or when you do try to leave they make your sign all these paperwork repeating themselves like 4x on how you left against medical advise and blah blah because they are clearly mad your not spending more money with them and also mad you chose not to put your dog down with them. They are even so disrespectful that if you were to put your pet down, they only allow 3 people or they tell you they can take you to the back alley of their business and leave your pet there so all your family if it’s a party of 3 or more can be around. WHO WANTS THEIR DOG TO DIE IN AN ALLEY OF AN HOSPITAL! They are not concerned for your pet. They will lie to you and give you answers they type on google. If your deciding to go here, you might as well type all your pets symptoms on google. This is a place that just want to take advantage of your concerns and stress and charge you because they know they’re your only option if you go to them after vet hours. If you bring your pet here, YOUR KILLING THEM! MY BIGGEST REGRET AT THIS POINT WAS NOT READING THE REVIEWS ON THIS PLACE. I asked the front desk for her manager name and she hesitated hard then said i’ll connect you. I believe her name isn’t even Peggy.

Richard Franco

2 years ago

This is in regards to my wife’s post (Diana Vittone). Where they replied that they didn’t know who she was, but I’m pretty sure our puppy was the only Husky there, that wasn’t able to walk on Sunday morning 06/06/21. We took our 11 month old Husky Barto, Pacient number (345206) to this awful place because he was paralyzed from the waist down. After doing every single test they had, and charging us over $3000 the next day when we picked him up, they still had no answers for us on what exactly he was suffering from. They gave us some pills and sent him home with no answers, (but to take him to a neurologist, which we called for an appointment on Monday but, he didn’t make it) The same day our puppy passed away with us never knowing why he passed. Their response to my wife’s post was they didn’t know who she was, without ever showing any emotions or care about their patient passing away after leaving their care. We were hoping for at least “I’M SORRY FOR YOUR LOSS” from their part but all we got, was we don’t have you on file, and to give them a call to address the issue! Seriously?.. What kind of facility is this?. The call won’t give us back our beloved pup!! They are unprofessional and heartless people.

Lori Conway

2 years ago

This was our 1st experience here for an appointment with cardiology for our dog. We were promptly checked in by a very polite & professional staff. They were still curbside so we could not go in but we felt comfortable sending our little guy in with the nurse Jean. She made us feel as if our dog was as special to her as he is to us. We then did not have to wait very long to hear from Dr. Wessberg with the results. She was so very nice, polite & professional while she explained everything & answered our questions so thay we clearly understood what was going on. The checkout process was also smooth & they promptly sent the results to our regular vet. We felt their prices were fair & comparable to other places for the services we received. We were impressed by how well they handled being curbside as we know that it can be more difficult than it appears to those on the outside. We are thankful for them & want to make sure they get the recognition they deserve. We hope everyone remembers to always thank their veterinary staff members. Their jobs are not as easy as you may think them to be. ????

Jenna Letzter

2 years ago

Excellent care of our dog after he was kicked in the face by a horse. Immediate treatment and kept him for the day. The vet was very helpful and informative through the whole process. For the treatment our dog received and the amount of medications he got sent home with, I thought the pricing was reasonable and what I expected. We were never pressured into doing more than was necessary and our dog made an excellent recovery!

Diana Vittone

2 years ago

On Sunday morning our 11months old puppy woke up for his morning routine. Minutes later we found him outside paralyzed from the waist down. We rushed him to this emergency care, because his Vet wasn't open. After running all kinds of test on him and keeping him overnight. They let us go home the morning after with a couple of pills and a $3000 charge with no diagnostic of what was wrong with him. Less than 12 hours later he passed away. Now our family is devastated and heart broken because we blame ourselves for not looking at the reviews before taking him to this place. Maybe if we would've taken him to a better care he would still be home with us today.

Laura Moreless

2 years ago

This PLACE Definitely doesn't Deserve ANY STARS.I do Personally Take the Time to Look at Reviews & Comments. Honestly Whoever Responds to the Comments Doesn't have a Heart. They Literally Copy & Paste the Same Response to Everyone.

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