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Kathy Noone

a year ago

First time dog was there. Mostly friendly staff, dog seemed happy to leave us, and he seemed relaxed and happy coming home.

Donna Nole

2 years ago

Caring vacation for your pet, should make for a worry free vacation for you.

Maria Harkness

2 years ago

Always friendly helpful Panciual. I would recommend to every pet owner!

Victoria Pagnucci

2 years ago

Had gone to Carriage Hill for 14 years with my first dog. Just got a mini bernedoodle. Called to ask if they had experience grooming a mini bernedoodle as they are a newer breed. The owner gave a snooty response as if everyone on the North Shore has one and of course they know how to groom them and that they aren't really a new breed. She also made several negative comments against the breed. Seemed to have a very negative attitude against the breed before even meeting my puppy. Can't imagine them taking good care of them if I am not around.

Alma Hodza

2 years ago

Our Puppy Wade Parker did the Month long board and train at Carriage Hill Kennel with Jimmy. The entire staff was amazing from start to end. It has been about 4 months since our puppy did the training and we are so extremely happy with how well Wade has been trained. What I appreciate the most is how responsive and attentive Jimmy and Carriage Hill were while Wade was away with them. We received updates during the week and tips/tricks how to continue the positive behavior at home. If your looking for a training program for your dog this is the best place to take them.

Roger Moody

2 years ago

Trainers at Carriage Hill were terrific. Jack was amazing with our seven month old yellow lab, Luna. Within a week she was trained to follow basic commands. He was also very thoughtful and helpful in training my family to improve our training skills. Everyone at Carriage Hill was caring and professional we will definitely return.

Louis Godoy

2 years ago

Brought my 5months old golden retriever for 2weeks to this place for board and train. Jack did an awesome job teaching our puppy and always gives us update on how the training’s been going. I recommend this place.

Gina Gaddini

2 years ago

What an amazing experience my puppy had today at carriage hill kennel ! Everything was so clean and the swimming pool was so much fun! After he got a bath and he was good to go ! Highly recommend visiting here !

Lenka Kovarik

2 years ago

Our words cannot express how grateful we are for the awesome job you did with our 10-month-old bernedoodle puppy. After 4 weeks spent with our wonderful trainer, Benny went through a big transformation. It is such a joy to walk Benny now. With simple techniques we learned from Jimmy, it is very easy to correct Benny’s unacceptable behavior. Also, the communication was excellent. We missed Benny a lot during his stay so Jimmy was sending us videos of Benny while training him. Thank you again Jimmy. You did a wonderful job!

Dave Askelson

2 years ago

We have been using Carriage Hill Kennels to train and kennel our dogs for years. Staff is always professional and organized. Immaculate facility, and our lab loves using the pool when being kenneled. Purchased our chocolate lab Kona from Dominator Labs six years ago, and he is terrific!

Vince Sweeney

2 years ago

After a challenging grooming session, Francine recommended that we seriously consider formal training for our 4-month old Labradoodle puppy “Louie”. While there are many options available for training dogs, we decided on Carriage Hill’s Board and Train Basic Obedience Program. We were impressed by Jimmy’s initial evaluation explaining to us that Louie lacked confidence which made him scared and he took this out on us and our 12-year old Wheaten Terrier “Tucker”. Jimmy assured us that a block of time away from his environment, focused on training, would raise Louie’s baseline of behavior, and give him the tools needed to develop into a well-behaved, obedient dog. He was right! Jimmy’s methodical, consistent, and caring approach has turned Louie’s behavior around. Walking him now is a pleasure rather than a stressful adventure. He sits on command and is very well-behaved when we meet other dogs, no longer jumping up and wrapping his leash around them. On a recent walk, the owner of another, older puppy remarked how well-trained our puppy was as Louie calmly greeted them! In the first follow-up training session we were impressed by Jimmy’s command of Louie and his clear explanations to us on how to handle him in different situations. His guidance and patient, easy-to-follow responses to our many questions has been critical over Louie’s re-entry into our house. His treatment of Tucker has improved significantly too which makes us all happy. While not a finished product yet, the Boarding Training program has laid the groundwork for Louie to become an incredibly well-trained, obedient dog. We could not recommend this program more!

Tanya Morrison

2 years ago

We recently took our 5 month old puppy there for a 2 week Board and Train with Jimmy. Jimmy did an incredible job with our pup and we couldn't be happier. This is a family owned business who loves dogs and they know what they are doing. They are very affordable too. Board and Train is the way to go for sure, even though I was nervous, but if you need to board anyway you might as well have Jimmy train at the same time. Highly recommend!

Sofia Moreno

2 years ago

The training at Carriage Hill Kennels is top of the line. I took my goldendoodle Waffles for the puppy imprinting classes and then again for the training at 6 months and he went from crazy to disciplined. My family and I have nothing but amazing things to say about the trainer Jimmy and his new helper Jack. Jimmy consistently demonstrates his passion of working with dogs every single day. He goes above and beyond in every aspect of training them. Jimmy would even send me videos of his progress throughout the day and send me pictures. I just loved how involved Jimmy made us feel in the whole training process. I would 10/10 recommend everyone in the area to consider taking your dogs to Jimmy, because for us he helped tremendously.

Reagan Madsen

2 years ago

This place was wonderful! Jimmy and Zjack did an amazing job with Charlie and I would definitely recommend!

A Google User

2 years ago

Wonderful business: tender care of your 4 legged pals. Fantastic owners!!

Alexandra Marquez

2 years ago

After a lot of research and in person visits to other programs and kennels, I decided to bring my Old English Bulldog to Carriage Hill Kennels & The Crafty Pup board and train. He was there for a month. I had options and their approach is flexible to meet your needs but they made solid recommendations and stood by them with conviction. Yes, I wasn’t sure if I could separate from him for that amount of time. I’m glad I didn’t give into that sentiment. I survived and he thrived. The kennel was responsive and never made me feel like I was bothering them when I called twice. Jimmy, of The Crafty Pup, kept me informed with frequent video highlights of my boy’s progress. It was informative and kept me connected to the process. It was soon clear that what I tried to attempt on my own was possible with a more directed approach by professionals. When I picked him up Jimmy trained me! :) With guidance and a new found confidence and understanding of what I should and could do with my dog, I promised myself I would follow through with program. It’s been 6 days. My large bull dog sits/stays, down stays, and heels on command. He holds those positions with passing squirrels, birds, dogs, bikes, children, runners, at crossings and busy intersections. The true test was if we could walk past the corner Starbucks (puppaccinos) without him losing his mind and ramming through the entrance. He held a sit stay right in front of it. It’s not magic! You have to follow directions from The Crafty Pup (Jimmy) and carry through at home. The more consistent you are, the better the outcome. So worth it! Don’t hesitate!

Ana Segui-Schiller

2 years ago

We had a great experience. Jimmy did a fantastic job training our dog while we were away for two weeks. We were also very happy with the boarding facility. We’ll definitely bring her back.

Anne Johnson

2 years ago

Jimmy did a one month training for new our new puppy Winnie. He did such a great job. It’s like a whole new dog.

Armando Ruiz

2 years ago

My 4 month old puppy Rottweiler was under the care of Jimmy for 30 days. He came back a much more obedient and confident dog. Although he was gone for 30 Days, Jimmy made sure that I was informed of my puppies progress by providing photos and videos on a regular basis and was always available to answer any of my questions post training. I highly recommend Jimmy, The Crafty Pup, and Carriage Hill Kennels for your canines training needs. -Armando Glenview

Azra Hodzic

2 years ago

I signed up my two puppies for a month long board and train. The puppies I sent were wild. I always wanted to take them to work with me, but with the barking, jumping, and not listening-it wasn’t possible. The puppies I brought home a week ago are not the same ones I sent to carriage hill. The puppies I took home are GOOD dogs. They listen. They come. They heel. They sit. They STAY. They don’t jump on people unless they are given permission. Carriage hill is a HIKE from my home. I tried a local trainer, and it was double the price and didn’t stick. Jimmy, the trainer, has been in contact with me after they’ve come home. Jimmy answers my questions and guides me along. I will forever be a customer of carriage hill. There is no price on a well behaved dog. I am happy that I can take them to work with me and the children I work with are so happy to see them.

Bess Tsonis

2 years ago

We took our three month old puppy to work with their trainer, Jimmy C, and he was excellent with her. My husband and I have never had a dog before and we learned so much. She finished the week long puppy program and is answering to her name, sitting, going to the bells to use the potty, walking next to us and is becoming more consistent when we tell her “down” and “come.” With consistency we know she’ll get it every time. We also liked that he met with us and our pup to show us how he was training her. We were really impressed by his knowledge and it was obvious our pup was happy and we would gladly recommend him and Carriage Hill Kennels if someone is looking for training for their pup. She loved going everyday and we look forward to taking her there to get groomed.

Billy Stenavich

2 years ago

We bought a Golden Retriever from Carriage Hills. Our dog was a loving, loyal dog but he had an aggression issue. We ended up having to surrender our golden due to his aggressive outbursts. It was the most painful day of our lives and we are still working on getting over losing our dog, Remi. When we called Carriage Hills, Chris told us it was a training issue and we were at fault for his aggression issue. After talking to the vet, they said it’s a common symptom with inbreed dogs. I am beyond upset on how they talked to me and would not recommend carriage hills. Losing Remi was the worst thing ever. Their response was beyond unprofessional and careless.

Courtney Wolf

2 years ago

We had a wonderful experience with Carriage Hill and Jimmy in the puppy imprinting class. You can tell that Jimmy really know dogs and training. He wants to see the puppy succeed and is there for you along the way. We saw immediate improvement in our puppy after Jimmy’s class and look forward to continuing when our puppy gets older.

Kathy OMalley

2 years ago

Excellent spot for boarding and training your dog. They also have a pool and will teach your dog how to swim. The trainer Jimmy is absolutely wonderful and did a great job with my dog. I can now walk my dog on a leash without him pulling or barking at other dogs. Jimmy also taught my puppy to come when called which is a wonderful thing! Would highly recommend training and boarding your pet here.

Judy Shambo

2 years ago

We brought our puppy Beau in for the puppy imprinting training with Jimmy and was thrilled! Beau was a good/quick learner but Jimmy certainly did fine tune some things and taught us. Jimmy knows his stuff! Top notch.

Julie Bodel

2 years ago

Our 5 month old golden retriever loved her day training program with Jack and Jimmy! She learned so much in her 4 weeks with them and was very enthusiastic to go every day! Our daily walks with her are now so enjoyable as she heels perfectly and sits and stays nicely. She also learned how to hold a down stay by our feet in the kitchen while we are preparing dinner. Jack and Jimmy really took their time with her and with us to show off her new skills and we have easily been able to continue them at home. I especially love how easy it is now to walk a puppy and our 9yr lab at the same time with no pulling. The staff and everyone is so friendly and welcoming. She even loved her swim lessons! Thank you to all at Carriage Hill for taking such good care of our puppy! Highly recommend & follow Jimmy on The Crafty pup for more tips!

Karen Georgalas

2 years ago

There is not enough wonderful things I can say about Carriage Hill Kennels. We have been bringing our dogs here for over 35 years and not once have we been disappointed! They are professional, knowledgeable, caring and the very best groomers. With that said we have a 6 month old Golden that was quite the handful, so we put her in Jimmy's hands!!!! Nothing could have prepared me for how he trained my Gracie! We brought home a different dog!!!!! Jimmy’s skills are the very best, he truly is a dog whisperer! Thank you to Jimmy and the whole family for all you do with our loving pets!

Marissa Gray

2 years ago

I am so grateful that our dog, Cooper, did the 4 week board and train with Jimmy at Carriage Hill. We were initially on the fence about it given the time and cost, but after talking to Francine and Jimmy about their approach and what to expect from the training experience, we decided it would be great for Cooper. He was still a puppy with lots of energy, and our attempts to train him on our own just weren't yielding the results we needed. Sending Cooper to Carriage Hill was without a doubt the best decision we could have made for our dog. Cooper came home with highly tuned obedience skills. Jimmy gave us a lesson to teach us how to continue to reinforce the training and it has felt very doable to keep up with since coming home. It's clear that Carriage Hill takes pride in training dogs, something that has such a profound impact on having a dog in the family. We recommend Carriage Hill's training to anyone considering it!

Nicholette Bentz

2 years ago

We brought our 6 month old golden retriever puppy, “Macky” to the 4 week board and training program. Coming into the training process, Macky pulled on his leash while on walks, was difficult to control in the house, and overall had more energy than one knew what to do with. Apprehensive about leaving him for 4 weeks, Jimmy and the entire Carriage Hill team gave us frequent updates and videos to monitor his progress. They happily answered our numerous questions and ensured us Macky was progressing as expected. He took his first swim lesson, and was able to properly be socialized with other dogs, skills that he’ll utilize his whole life. Upon picking him up, Jimmy spent a generous amount of time with us to teach us what he was taught, and how to further his good behavior at home. So far, the first few days back at home, we have seen an unbelievably stark transformation in Macky’s behavior, while he has maintained the sweet personality we love. We recommend Carriage Hill’s training program/services to anyone looking to give their dog a needed fundamental skill set.

Joshua Kissel

2 years ago

I had to come here to pick up a dog for my friend. Place seems fine as far as kennels go but I can't in good conscience give anything more than one star for a breeder of dogs when we already have thousands languishing in northern illinois dog rescues, pounds, and other animal control centers. Adopt don't shop!

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