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2 years ago

I have nothing but terrible things too say about this place. I’m mourning for the lost of my dog/son I brought him too this hospital on Christmas Eve I was there for hours upon hours with my dog they said he would be ok after a couple of days an sent me home with him. Christmas morning my dog was lying on the floor cold an dead. Deep down I feel responsible but with these veterinarians suppose too be knowing what they are doing why did they let me take my dog home? This isn’t me being hateful but it’s more of me getting some things off my chest an letting everybody around the area TOO NOT TAKE YOURE FUR BABYS HERE PLEASE!!!!


2 years ago

Visiting our grandkids from Florida during the holidays our puppy injured his right hind leg. Excellent treatment and X-rays by Dr. Alex Stahlhut. More importantly, we have the records at our vet before we arrived home! Thank you so much to the staff and Dr. Stahlhut for quality service and care of our puppy! Michael, Donna, and Barkley Byrd

Curtis Wheat

2 years ago

This was by far the worst place I've ever been. DO NOT TAKE YOUR ANIMAL HERE. ZERO EXPERIENCE AND WILL NOT CARE FOR YOUR ANIMAL LIKE A VET SHOULD. I was very disappointed in their service and will not recommend anyone going here. Drive a little farther for a much better place. Like anywhere else. I took my new 14 week old Presa Canario in for a infection in his eye. The doctor sounded like she just graduated pre school and had no useful information to give me. Terrible waiting times and zero customer service. I felt like they didn't even want to see my animal.

Tricia Hogan

2 years ago

Friendly staff and great Veterinarians! This is no longer true in 2021, do not go here!

matt fricke

2 years ago

We had to make a last minute decision to put down our sweet boy and they got us in that night. Just received a card from them with handwritten notes on it. Wow. Thank you all very much.

Joe Dix

2 years ago

Do not go to Hawthorne Animal Hospital...we have three beautiful dogs...two had been in to see the doctor regarding diarrhea and vomiting...we took them in and got medicine that worked...called them when our third dog a GSP that's a14 week old puppy....asked if they could call in the same medicine or make an appointment... as the other two...it's been three days and the doctor has not called back...they are a healthcare farm...they don't care on bit about your babies...zero...none...it's a disgrace.

Jill Cigliana

2 years ago

Gayle is wonderful! I have a rescue dog who is VERY nervous about grooming and a large doodle - and Gayle made them both feel at home. It was our calmest and happiest grooming experience ever - and both were beautiful in record time! :-) Thank you Gayle!!!!

Alicia B

2 years ago

I'm quite appalled with this place. We have had to visit this location twice during covid and called today about getting a new cat in. Unbeknownst to us, the cat came riddled with issues and upon coming out of one surgery today, we found out he needed more done but it couldn't be done where we were already at. I called hawthorne and the girl on the phone quoted me nearly $400 just for a physical. Did you read that? $400 just to take your animal in. She then proceeded to ramble off about $200 for bloodwork and $300 for x-rays "at minimum." That's $900 and that was without "anything else that may be needed." When I told her we had been there before and weren't charged this much and we would have to call elsewhere she had the nerve to blab on and on about covid and how they have been seeing 3x the amount of patients now so their prices have gone up. There was no point in continuing the call because both of our visits have been during covid and the prices were not this bad. This hospital is exploiting our local community and I am not okay with it! We will not step foot in this place again. I wish you all the same bad energy you are sending out into your own community. You should be absolutely ashamed of yourselves. Whe you go to sleep each day I hope it weighs heavily on you how you've decided money is your number one focus and not the animals and people of your communities. Oddly enough I called two other hospitals and their costs were nowhere near as high. Good riddance.

Tonya Stewart

2 years ago

I took my 5 year old Yorkie mix to this clinic and felt that they were more interested in the money than my pet. The morning of my having to have him put to sleep we were there they gave me some medication said he would be fine in a couple of days. Only to have him worsen and me having to know this sweet baby suffered because I put my hope in this clinic. Lesson learned never take any pet here if you are unsure

Ashley Comer

2 years ago

My 16 week old kitten has an eye that’s swollen shut and our regular vet was booked out a week. We’ve taken our puppy to Hawthorne before and had a good experience. I take my kitten and call in and explain that his eye is swollen and goopy/weepy and want to get it looked at to make sure it’s not an infection and get told they’re booked out for 2 weeks and can’t see him. I thought this place was an emergency animal clinic?? Do you not see emergency stuff during the day??

Jennifer Glear

2 years ago

My calico princess is a little fickle. Dr. Kane was amazing, respectful, and very comforting. I'm grateful for the outstanding care provided by the whole staff. I highly recommend this provider for your fur baby.

Jerry Weaver

2 years ago

I am going to make it my life's mission to ruin these people. My son took his dog there. After 2700 they sent her home and said she was sick because of not eating and drinking. Took her to there normal vet found out she was in kidney failure and had to put her down.

Kourtne Boose

2 years ago

I cannot say enough about Hawthorne Animal Hospital. My pet was chronically ill and the care, attention, compassion and time that the veterinarians provided me exceeded my expectations. Over a month of time, my baby saw 3 veterinarians and everyone of them provided excellent care and it was obvious that they knew their stuff. I have to share a thank you to Dr. Jurgena in particular. He was so kind and thoughtful in his interactions with me and my sweet Bella. Thank Hawthorne for making a tough and heartbreaking situation a little better.

Dianna Goad

2 years ago

We were just starting our vaca, halfway thru our drive to AR when our dog Lacey became gravely ill and required emergency surgery. The clinic was responsive, got us in nearly immediately, diagnosed her, and had an action plan within 1.5 hrs. We spent the night at a local hotel and waited to hear from the hospital, which we did after about 3 hrs. The next morning we picked up our girl and headed back home for her recuperation. We are doubtful that she would've survived had we not stumbled upon Hawthorne. Thank you everyone.

Lynette Scott

2 years ago

We had a dog that needed to be euthanized pretty quickly. Called them and was able to get in right away. Lovely atmosphere with the comfort area in the back. Thank you!

Sabrina LaBlance

2 years ago

I have been on hold for 45+ mins with no answer from any person at this facility. For them being an emergency clinic, 45 minutes is a LONG time to be on hold to inform them about your emergency. Or to see if its even necessary to come in now or if i can wait until i can see our regular vet. Also the first 3 times i called and pressed 1 for emergency they hung up on me!!!!!!!! ???????????????????? But the line to make an appt you just sit and wait for an hour plus and still no one answers the phone!!!!! How can anyone make an appointment if you dont answer your phone!!!! How can we inform you of our emergency if you dont take the time to answer the phone!!!! Good grief, i will be taking my money elsewhere.

Danielle M

3 years ago

Hawthorne takes advantage of people who are in desperate situations. They are extremely over priced and if you cannot afford to pay +$2000 for surgery they basically talk you into euthanizing your pet. I under at times euthanasia is needed to stop a pet from suffering, but if a clinic can work out a payment plan with a customer then maybe euthanasia may not be the first resort.

Theresa Rademacher

3 years ago

I wanted to thank you and your team for the wonderful sympathy card. Our hearts are broken the loss of Marley. We are going to be new grandparents in August. We are hopeful that fills the hole in our hearts. Marley ashes came home on Saturday. It brings us comfort knowing we have him home. The house just feels empty without him. One day unexpectedly (like Marley) we will find new puppy that needs a loving home. And we will be back as a customer for you and team to take care of health care needs. Love the Rademachers

becca mcginnis

3 years ago

The staff at Hawthorne are truly five stars. The helped to keep me calm when I was so worried about my kitten. If I didn't live so far away, I would have them as my full time veterinarian.

Chad Harrison (ChadderBox Angel)

3 years ago

It's a friendly place full of animal lovers. They are willing to help in any way. I am glad to write this review. I pray it helps them. Five Star Review from ChadderBox Angel

Eric Whitlock

3 years ago

My 6 month old puppy choked on a stick while playing in the yard, immediately was taken to the Emergency Clinic with Hawthorne. Per the doctor she had a full evaluation and performed x-rays, was told that all was ok and we should just "monitor" and they would follow up. No follow up was taken place, 1 week later my puppy vomited 8"-10" worth of stick! Luckily my wife and I were able to care for her and make sure she was to have a full recovery no thanks to the doctor that evaluated her. Never will I trust the medical opinion of Hawthorne Animal Hospital.

Kurt Loeblich

3 years ago

I recently took my cat to Hawthorne for an emergency visit because she had abscess. I scheduled the appointment and was able to get her in about two hours after the initial call. The check in process was very easy (you have to wait outside in your car and they come to you) and went quite smoothly. I have no complaints about scheduling or timeliness. My complaint arises from the fact that after checking her in, they essentially told us that there was nothing they could do besides give her pain medication and start her on antibiotics and have us come back in a week. (Apparently she was in so much discomfort that they refused to do anything until the swelling went down. That resulted in the abscess bursting at HOME and I was required to provide the medical care to my cat with multiple daily cleanings, warm compresses, etc.) The antibiotics that they provided her were ineffective, and because they refused to lance/drain the abscess once I brought her in, after the abscess burst, it wound up coming back about a week later. The antibiotics they prescribed were of the transdermal variety, and after speaking with multiple animal care experts (vet techs and other veterinarians), I learned that these are far less effective on infections, albeit they are easier to administer. In addition, they were extremely surprised to hear that I was just sent on my way after initial pain medication. It would have been far more appropriate for Hawthorne to confirm when the last time she had eaten, held her for a few hours after pain subsided, and then lanced and drained the abscess themselves. The abscess was quite large (the size of a walnut) and it was clear that it was going to need professional cleaning once it burst. I took my cat to our normal vet, was prescribed Amoxicillin, and within a week, the abscess cleared up and infection completely eradicated. I would not recommend taking a pet here unless it is a complete emergency. Their standard of care is far below expectations and I won't likely be using them in the future unless absolutely required. Price of visit: 200 dollars for emergency visit 100 dollars for diagnosis, pain medication, and antibiotics. Price of visit to other vet: 6 dollars for antibiotics 0 dollars for wellness check. To sum it up: Only go if you need to. They are very fast and efficient to get you in but it's far more likely your normal vet will provide higher quality care.


3 years ago

They saved my babies life! My puppy has parvovirus and the vet and the amazing nurses kept us informed and gave our baby lots of love and attention! When they felt he was able to they even made an at home care plan for us that was very detailed and told us if we had any questions to call. Thank you so much hawthorn animal hospital Oden and his family are forever grateful for you.

Emily Spencer

3 years ago

I phoned hawthorn and spoke to Nicole explained to her my little dog had a bad stroke and I needed to bring her to go to sleep She told me it would be $156 I said ok I’m on disability but can do it I informed her my friend was coming to bring me as I’m to upset to drive she said just phone on my way Well 45 minutes later I call on my way and she informs me it’s going to be $205 I said no you just told me $156 not even a hour ago She again said it was $205 I guess they like taking advantage of people when they’re losing a family member To me they are totally morally bankrupt and you couldn’t pay me to take my pet there

Debi Dressel

3 years ago

Great for emergencies and trauma. Everyone is really really nice there also.

Olivia Clements

3 years ago

They took wonderful care of my cat when I thought he might have been obstructed in the middle of the night. Got him in quickly and kept me updated every step of the way. Also getting my permission before doing anything and discussing alternatives. Dr. Jones and all the techs were so caring and kind towards me and my cat. It was expensive, but emergency care is going to be. Can’t thank them enough for helping my baby feel better.

nicole Siemers

3 years ago

This was not our regular vet, but we found ourselves in a situation where we came home to a dog that had definitely had enough with life. We took her to Hawthorne and met Dr. Spaur who was so sympathetic and knew as we did it was time for our girl to cross the bridge. This being the first time we've ever had to do this, my husband and I were unsure of all the things we wanted, clay paw print (yes), cremation(yes), name plate on the box (umm yes). In the end we found that the paw print was a nice gesture and gratis. About a week after we recieved a very nice card signed by everyone, people we hadn't even met at the visit. Very touched by that.

Marianne James

3 years ago

Best place to take animals! Great doctors that care!

Oedipus Jr

3 years ago

After my frenchie pup was hit by a car he was rushed to the only open place around. We brought him in and after evaluation I was quoted between $1200-1600. I gave them a little over $1000 cash right then and said I could be back with the rest in less than an hour. That wasn’t good enough for them and they let him suffer till I could come back with the rest. On an instant notice I came up with $1000 IN CASH and they refused to do a thing until it was all paid for. I offered to leave my phone, wallet, even car as collateral but they’d rather guarantee the extra $600 in their pocket than help an animal in pain. I rushed and got the $600 in no time and the bill ended up being $1200. He suffered and could’ve died for less than $200 due to the greed of the awful owners. If possible avoid this place at all costs, bethalto animal clinic is not far away and cares for your pet a million times more than this horrible money grubbing pos place ever will

Olivia Ervin

3 years ago

Hawthorne has been great for my pets, especially my rabbits, since most veterinarians in my rural area don't see exotics. I had both of my bunnies spayed here, and when one developed bladder stones they were able to use an ultrasound on her. At country vets you don't get that kind of service. Also, any time one of the animals (rabbits, cats, dogs) has gotten sick, they were able to be seen THAT SAME DAY. It's definitely a little more pricey than vets in our area (30 mins. north of Glen Carbon) but it's worth it to have immediate answers to your problems. Also, the staff is friendly and the facility is pristine.

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