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Erika Nowlan

2 years ago

We signed up to use the indoor swimming pool, which is available for 45 min slots on Saturdays. It was so much fun! Our Shiba Inu loves to swim and had a great time using their facilities. We were able to bathe her right afterward in the same room. They had pretty much everything we needed - life jackets in all sizes, toys, and they provided towels. We brought our own shampoo and her favorite floating ball. If I had a preference, there would be a ramp to enter and exit the pool rather than stairs, but she'll get used to them over time. We brought a couple of friends of hers along, which was $5 extra per dog, I believe. It was reasonably priced, especially for the value the pool provides. We were impressed by the look and feel of the facility in general. We don't live on the same side of town, but will absolutely be repeat customers. It was so much fun and we know she'll enjoy it the more used to it she gets.

Marceilla Tanadi

2 years ago

Everyone was so nice. They took a good care of my dog while she was there.

Kathleen Vaughan

2 years ago

We do boarding and grooming here and are always very happy with the service. I feel like our dogs are well cared for, and the prices are fair. Also seems nice and clean. Lots of rooming options for boarding which is nice. Ashley does our grooming and she's awesome!

Jay Sea

2 years ago

We have had our dog in the boarding services an we put her in the bunkhouse because dogs are pack animals and like to be together. Our dog was very happy and tired and they bathe the dog before we pick them up which is nice.

Will Hockensmith

2 years ago

It's hard to leave my pets for so long, but at Waggin' Tails I know they will get the space and the love they need.

Tim Metcalfe

3 years ago

I can’t thank the staff at Waggin Tails enough!! Everyone is so friendly and you can tell it’s a labor of love for each and everyone of them. My Nellie lost her sister 4 weeks ago, so to help her transition to being without a pal we decided to take her to Doggie Day Care at Waggin Tails. The first couple of weeks you could just tell Nellie was not herself, but staff went out of their way to help her find her new normal, and now 4 weeks in she is becoming the happy energetic pup she has always been. I’m totally hooked on Waggin Tails and highly recommend them to all my per owner friends. Thank you Waggin Tails for bringing me and my little Nellie back to life.

Dee Y

3 years ago

I have a deaf pit bull and waggin tails is so accommodating. I bring Doug (my good boy) for both daycare and boarding. The staff know and love him. At the end of the day Doug is tired but very happy. They are VERY attentive and communicative. If there's a problem, we know almost immediately. One time when we dropped him off for boarding one of the staff recognized him immediately and Doug jumped out of the car into his arms. Sometimes he doesn't even want to come home. I recommend a bit of training and socialization before bringing your pup. The staff tries their best to be attentive but they can't watch everyone all the time. Sometimes pups play rough but since there's a vet attached they recieve care immediately (the worst that's happened is minor scratches from paying too rough). They are busiest Thursdays and Fridays so if you want to ease your good girl or boy in I recommend bringing them on Mondays. (They do temperament tests and all breeds are accepted so I wouldn't worry too much about the other dog friends. They also split into small and large which also accounts for age and mannerisms.)

Brendan Strycharske

3 years ago

Have been taking the pup here for many years. Love the staff. Highly recommended!

Andrea Tauschek

3 years ago

I’ve worked at Waggin tails, I know the ins and outs of their days. When I rescued my dog Luna my role changed I was and still am a protective dog mama, I wanted only the best of the best for my sweet girl and that’s exactly what I got with Waggin Tails, my Luna is a high energy but a very loving girl with plenty of anxiety to match, when I was looking for a place to board or have her play for the day hands down, it was a no brainer, I knew Waggin tails was the place for her, she was nervous the first couple times I brought her in, but that soon changed when I got her into a routine and she met the loving staff. She’s in a program called “Little Rascals” which is perfect for her energy level and her temperament. The staff is friendly and respectful and my sweet Luna can’t wait to play with her friends at Waggin Tails!

Todd Ruegsegger

3 years ago

We have been at Waggin Tails since our German Shepard, Josie was a baby. She is now 5 yrs old and loves to go there. All we have to do is ask her if she wants to see Jesse and she beats me to the truck. When I get there (and it’s early) Jesse comes out and greets us both. Josie loves him. I also have to give a shout out to Aleah and Nicole. They answer questions I need answered and, are always friendly when we pay or just say hi. Five stars to Waggin Tails and the staff.

Stephen B.

3 years ago

I took my dog here for daycare and initially was pleased to see he was very active and tired as I was hoping. However, right before bed I noticed a large wound under his fur. I decided I would wait to take a closer look in the morning and assumed it was just a little cut from some aggressive play time. In the morning, I gave my dog a bath and realized that he a large wound on the other side of his neck as well. I called Waggin Tails to ask about this because nobody mentioned anything to me. They said they hadn't noticed anything but I could take him to the vet. The vet cleaned the wounds and confirmed they were most likely canine bites. I sent pictures of both sides of the wound to Waggin Tails. 5 days later they reached out to me to let me know they received concerns from another dog owner who had nearly identical wounds. They were able to confirm that it was a specific dog that was causing these wounds while playing. I had expressed my biggest concern was the lack of communication that I received initially but I understood. After a week of time to heal for my dog I took him back to the daycare. Within an hour they called me to let me know he was bleeding. I went to pick him up early and then they confirmed it was the same dog. During our conversation it became clear that they weren't planning to change anything with this dog so I informed them I could no longer bring my dog to be under their care. To their credit, they did refund me for the 20 day pass I had purchased. However, I can not look them to be reliable nor have a high quality location given these oversights and lack of corrective behavior. I have posted one picture down below of the wounds a couple of days old for reference.

Sandra Ruegsegger

3 years ago

Not only does our dog love Waggin’ Tails but we love them as well. Our dog can hardly contain herself on the ride over. They treat her well and they always remember her by name. Jesse is the absolute best and our German Shepherd adores him. All we have to do is say his name and she can’t get out the door fast enough. Great place and great group of people!

Paul Erixson

3 years ago

Great staff. Easy drop off and pick up.

Jennifer G

3 years ago

We have been taking our dogs here for over 6 years. Our rescue pup who is normally timid and afraid of his own shadow fell in love with the facility, the dogs and the staff. A special shout out to Jesse Nawrocki who always makes a special effort to ALL dogs in his care and who has been such a great asset to Waggin' Tails for many years. We now have a new puppy and wouldn't think of taking her anywhere else for daycare. Thanks for the awesome care you show our dogs every visit!

Haeli Arevalo

3 years ago

We've taken our dog to this facility twice. The first time was because we expected it to be somewhat decent. My husband asked twice if there was anything they needed us to bring prior to his first visit. They told us no. Then the day before he was expected to stay, my husband called to ask a question about billing and it was at that time they said, "Oh, by the way we need you to bring in a stool sample by tomorrow." This wasn't discussed during the previous two phone calls, but we brought it. He stayed for a few nights, then when we picked him up they had no idea how our dog did, they gave is zero feedback, and he was supposed to be bathed, but he smelled terrible. This was almost two years ago. Fast forward to this week, and we had to take him there again because other facilities were totally booked. We hoped it was just a flook the first time, but sure enough the second time was just as bad. We received zero information on what we needed. My husband asked about payment several times, and we kept being told the computer was down. We dropped him off for a 5 night stay with a giant 20lb bag of dog food with the correct measuring cup. He goes through that amount of food in a over a month, but when we picked him up and asked for the rest of his food they couldnt find it. They also couldn't find his chew toys, and like the previous time, he smelled awful. There was no update on how his stay was, or how he was. I have no clue who takes care of the dogs, but with the lack of communication and organization, we won't ever return. For reference, we take our dog to Kamp K9, and they are very clear with everything we need, they give us a full report on his stay, they are the same price as Wagn Tails, and they actually bathe our dog at the end of his stay.

Danie Williams-Rivera

3 years ago

They remember our dog's name and she is always SO EXCITED for daycare day. She's a super high energy blue heeler puppy - and daycare totally wears her out! Perfect! We've also had them cut her nails and give her a bath and it's great!

Winky Louise

3 years ago

They have really friendly staff. I haven’t met a single person there that didn’t give me a positive experience. Jesse has been unbelievably helpful when trying to sort out my dog, Scooter. He’s a bit of a nervous dog and I was worried he wasn’t having fun at daycare, it was nice to get honest feedback and know my dog is having a good time.

Terri Chatfield

3 years ago

We have used Waggin Tails Boarding, Daycare, and Grooming services for four years. Positive experiences for everything. For boarding we've had our Cockers their for 8-9 days at a time while out of country. They've provided email updates/status which we appreciated while away. Our older Cocker is now 15 yrs. old, has hip issues, is now deaf and mostly blind. They've cared for him so well. Our young guy is 1-1/2 years and full of energy. We've used occasional day care for him. We also use grooming for the young guy. He always comes out happy and not acting like hes been through any form of trauma/upset.

Nina Knorr

3 years ago

My dog stayed here for a day and a night and until 3pm the next day. I could not pick her up until 3pm the following day due to their hours during the covid pandemic. She is about a year old, and a very spunky, friendly, energetic dog. She's obedient and has a good nature around all dogs and children. When I picked her up, she was extremely subdued, and it looked like she was stiff and like her eyes were adjusting to the sunlight. She wasn't really excited to see me or responding to her name (very, very strange behavior from Lucy). I've truly never seen her behave the way she did when we picked her up from this place. -I was told that Lucy was going to receive a temperament test to play in daycare when we dropped her off. Then, the young man who took her out of the car reassured me of the same thing. They said that they would call me to let me know whether or not she passed. I called about half an hour later because they had not called me and was told that temperament tests are not given after 11am, which meant that my dog would be put into a kennel for the rest of the day and night, which was not what I was told over the phone. I was told by 3 separate people that she would be placed into daycare. When I explained that I was told this, I was dismissed quickly and told that I was never told this and that it wouldn't be possible. This was, of course, upsetting, because no dog should be left in a kennel for as long as she was. -When I called in the next morning to ensure that she would be put into daycare, I was told that she was already in daycare. Skeptical, I then asked if she had received the temperament test, and the woman replied that she had not. So, it turned out that the woman was trying to appease me (by lying) because she hadn't actually been placed in daycare yet. I don't think she was ever placed into daycare, especially since she urinated SO MUCH when I let her out of the car at home. It was super abnormal. She also peed in the house a little bit, again, super abnormal behavior for her. -They did not answer the phone during business hours at all. They answered once in the morning (when I got the lie about her being in daycare), and I tried calling on several occasions within their COVID hours (because I wanted to confirm she had actually been placed in daycare), and no one answered. -This dog has gone to daycare regularly for a year, and socializes with other dogs every single day. On the phone, I was told that she was extremely shy and that she needed to be socialized more and go to daycare more. Again, she's been to daycare, so I know what she's like when she gets out. She's super excitable and loving on staff members (she loves on EVERYONE). That was not the case here. We normally go to the Dog Den, and she loves it there. This told me that she was probably really scared, and that made me wonder what happened to her there. I suspect that she was sedated because of her behavior when I picked her up, and that she was left in a kennel for over 10 hours because of the raw spots on her leg. -She also has a fungus between her toes, we think it may be ringworm. Going to have to get it checked out by a vet. Honestly, don't leave your dog here. It's dirty, the staff are incredibly rude, and my dog was absolutely traumatized. I am sure that she was treated poorly. Not to mention, I'm going to have to pay for these vet bills unless someone answers my emails from the Waggin Tails Boarding/Daycare facility (which they haven't).

Michael BonDurant

3 years ago

Nice place for the puppies. Oscar and Murphy give it 5 stars.

Katy Sticha

3 years ago

First time for grooming here. Great experience. Ashley cut my standard poodle just the way I asked. He was very happy and not stressed when I picked him up. Professional service with great customer service.

Jessie Parr

3 years ago

They are so nice with our pup. We have only ever use their grooming service. Their prices are fair and we come home with a clean happy dog.

Jeffrey Gniadek

3 years ago

This review is for a stay about 3 years ago. I hope that our experience was highly unusual and, if not, that things have changed. We boarded our 2 year old Golden Retriever for 4-5 days. We notified the staff that he has poor hips and knees, and payed extra for him to receive separate playtime each day in order to reduce the risk of injury from extended activity with other dogs. When we picked him up his hind was stiff and trembling and he could barely walk himself to our car. When we got home we also discovered the pads on all four paws were raw and inflammed; one front paw was clearly moderately infected, and our vet confirmed a mild infection in the other front paw. I understand that a paw pad that is not acclimated to extended activity on concrete, asphalt, or other new surfaces can be rubbed raw and become tender. That there are reasonable limits on how much attention to detail staff can provide any one dog. That a young dog from a sociable breed, prone to overexerting itself, is likely to be tired and sore from playing with so many new friends. What I don't understand is picking up an infected two year old Golden that is walking like a geriatric, head hanging to the ground and dull to the world. At no point during his stay were we aware something might be amiss. When we picked him up the staff were either unaware or chose not to mention his infected paws, and provided no explanation, or even acknowledgement, of his strikingly poor condition when compared to the several dogs who's owners arrived, were fetched, and left in the time it took him to shuffle to the lobby. In the years since, his hips and knees have certainly not gotten better, and he has come home tired and stiff from stays at other kennels and the homes of friends with dogs, but I have yet to see him come near as poor a shape as when we picked him up from here.

Isabel Smith

3 years ago

They take very good care of our pets. The vet service is good. Very clean and nice looking facility.

georgine hinz

3 years ago

I took my standard poodle for day care a few times but the last time, another dog bit his snout so I haven't gone back. I think there were too many dogs in a confined area. Not sure if they limit the # of dogs allowed for day care. It also appears the outdoor play area is all concrete, which doesn't appeal to me.

diane linden

3 years ago

My dog is very active, she comes home tired. Half days are great.

Darlene Osborn

3 years ago

They are very sweet all the time I take my pets in to see them

Cindy Altenberger

3 years ago

My daughter takes her 2 dogs there. They have pickup service.

Bree Do

3 years ago

I searched long and hard for a groomer for Lucky and Marshmellow and found Waggin Tails. Brooke did lion cuts on them so fast and well my husband and I were amazed. And they put nail caps on them at the vet department all in the same building. Almost every groomer I called said they don’t do nail caps and weren’t available but they said yes. They are regular customers returning every month for their lion cuts and nails ???? So happy lucky and Marshmellow have a grooming home ???? And they’re only 10 minutes from home.

Lucas Gregory

4 years ago

Friendly staff, clean kennels, and good atmosphere. Will visit again for sure

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