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Candace Guy

a year ago

I went to a couple of pet stores to see what sort of feline and canine food they have. As far as I can tell, the degree of care given by this pet shop is unmatched. Regardless season of day you visit, you'll track down a clean, sound shop with quiet, considerate, and equipped laborers!

Julie Mayne

a year ago

Owners are hands on and always available.

Jeffra Nicholson

2 years ago

Great selections for my finicky kitty. Helpful, and knowledgeable staff.

Nora Dunn

2 years ago

I shop here for my dog and myself because I’m religious about Ramie’s organic essential oil skin creams and soaps. My dog loves Ramie and turns into a toddler at a toy store every time we’re in the shop, which is often. Everything sold for dogs here is good for them.

Gail Horvath

2 years ago

Wonderful, hometown store with great advice and pet products! Love the staff and great grooming services, too.

Larissa Buchholz

2 years ago

DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING FROM THIS STORE. YOU WILL NOT GET ANY REFUNDS, EVEN IF THE PRODUCTS NEVER REACH YOU AND THE STORE HAS RECEIVED THEM BACK. I just learned that this store does not offer any returns on delivery orders during the pandemic. In contrast to all online orders I did with Amazon and other businesses in this time. As soon as you pay, you implicitly agree to this regulation which she writes about. "The pandemic & lockdowns required us to change our policy which stopped all returns due to safety concerns. This is on your receipt, clearly posted on our website and in our store. You were told this a year ago." No other store has these safety concerns, but no other store is also profiting from customers that lose products when they are returned to the store. The owner now threatens me with a restraining order. Please read the review by Anthony C to understand how rude this owner is. I do not have to add anything. STAY AWAY. IF MORE CUSTOMERS REALIZE HOW THIS STORE WORKS THEY WILL SAFE MONEY AND NERVES. BEWARE OF ONLINE ORDERS OR DELIVERY ORDERS WITH THIS SMALL BUSINESS. I lOST NEARLY 200 USD with this business without ever receiving the products. What are the problems? 1. They have a clause in their delivery contracts that denies any returns/refunds. Something that would never happen if one orders with other, bigger businesses with online/delivery service. 2. The products never reached me, but were returned to the store. I thus claimed refund for the payment, because I did not receive the products and the store got the products back. The store has denied refund for nearly a year now (since June 2020), with the assertion it still needs its own mailing refund from USPS. Something that would never happen if I had ordered with bigger online delivery services. I just now got refund for products that got lost in the mail from AMAZON, including mailing fee. Proof can be provided. 3. As USPS never issued a refund for nearly half a year, I requested to get refund at least for the products until they run out of date. Something that I experienced as normal practice with other, bigger online delivery services. The store-owner denied that, saying that she cannot give me a refund for the products at all, since she wants to wait for USPS refund. She also added that she wants to listen to USPS and not open the mailing box, despite me telling her, as the actual customer, to open the box. I told her we do not need to wait for the USPS refund, and that I need the money at least for the products. She never bothered to respond. 4. My first phone call got interrupted - the owner said she has other clients - not realizing apparently that I was a client too. Afterwards, she said I should not call again, because I would be "abusive". This how you get rid of customer communication when you simply do not want to deal with them. Email also does not work, since the owner ignores them. Overall, I never ever experienced this kind of cusomer care with any of the bigger delivery online services. I have now disputed the transaction with my credit card company. Afterwards, I will bring up the issue to a claims court. I am writing this review in the meantime to warn other customers of such problematic business practices. The business has now both my money, and the products that I had ordered, and it does not care. If you read other negative reviews, especially on Yelp, you will understand that I am not a singular case. BE CAREFUL. DON'T TRUST

Shalom Buchholz

2 years ago

CAUTION. DO NOT ORDER ANYTHING ONLINE OR VIA DELIVERY. THIS STORE HAS VERY POOR REFUND POLICIES AND SHADY BUSINESS PRACTICES. YOU WILL LOOSE YOUR MONEY. My sister ordered via mail with them last April. The products in the value of over 100 USD never reached her. Instead, they got returned to the store. Up until now, the store refused to pay any refund for the products, although they are back in its property. It also refused to speak on the phone. My sister wrote them she has medical issues - cancer - and that she needs any refund money for paying medical bills. They never ever bothered to respond at all. My sister was a loyal customer to the store for more than two years. I am shocked how greedy people can act. It will all come back, sooner or later. A store with that kind of shady business approach will not make it long.

Sam Hayat

2 years ago

I absolutely love the products in store and supporting small Evanston business! My only complaint is the woman in charge. All of the other employees are sweet, kind, and helpful but this woman is extremely rude. She yells at her staff while there are customers in store and constantly gives unsolicited advice about my dogs. I would still shop here though to support small business and just do your best to ignore the woman! Oh and the DOG GROOMING!!! The woman who does this is an absolute sweetheart and my dogs love her even though she has the clippers! She does an amazing job, just be sure to call ahead and make sure she's working!

Peter Tran

2 years ago

Great selection and helpful staff. Foster cats are very cute.

Paul Owen

2 years ago

I am a dog walker and trainer. A client had certain dietary needs for there pets. Called this store as they had good reviews and to make sure they had the items i needed as they are 30 minutes out of my way. I got to a person who seemed bothered to speak with me and after my 2nd question said she was "too busy to deal with me and i could come to there store".... well i never will after this experiance and will be taking my buisness elsewhere.

Morey Burnard

2 years ago

Great selection of amazing treats and toys for your pet. They also sell scented candles and soaps. Cool shop!

Mary Dudek

2 years ago

My visits here have been very remarkable. The owner Ramie really cared about my cat's situation and wanted to help me find solutions. She was knowledgeable, having clearly done a lot of research. I've been back several times and she has helped even more. My cat is very happy with her services!!

Jean Fujita

2 years ago

Raimi is the only person able to help us find the right food for our dog’s chronic stomach issues. She has great insights!

Soumik Chaki

3 years ago

Boutique pet store for dogs and cats. They have all possible kind dog and cat food in their collection. When you swing by don't forget to checkout their Alchemist's Wife collection.

Sarah Davies

3 years ago

Friendly people with a nice selection of treats. My dog is constantly trying to trick me into going there for a snack.

Katie Me

3 years ago

The owner was friendly and helpful but also gave me space to look around. I bought some gorgeous and fragrant soap to give as a gift. Prices are high-ish but not too high for the locally made product you purchase.

Judy Washer

3 years ago

There are so many unique finds at this store. There are many Pet items I haven’t seen anywhere else. Along with their Apothecary section!!!! They have beautiful soaps and wonderful candles and scrubs !! I love this store !

Joseph Kaczmarski

3 years ago

I agree with all the 1 star reviews for this place, and if I could go lower I definitely would. I was really excited to know we had a local pet shop in the area that provided dog walking services because we are generally purchasing items and needing regular dog walks, but Follow Your Nose was awful and rude. Having just moved to Illinois from California, where we used a regular dog walker for years and our dog never had a single issue with the few walkers she had over the years. Follow Your Nose walkers were clearly unprofessional and untrained because they REQUIRED the dog be locked in area where the dog couldn't hide. Seriously?!?!?!? I shouldn't have to curtail my dogs well-being to cater to their untrained dog walkers. We also called to request services by leaving a message after hours. We didn't receive a call back, our card was charged before services were supposed to be rendered, and they refused to refund us. On top of that, the woman in charge was extremely rude. I am shocked that a small business owner would be so blatantly rude to customers, even worse local customers. Isn't small business supposed to thrive on their customer service? Never gain will I use them for dog walking or purchase anything from this store. The response from the owner is full of lies to seem like their dog walking service is somehow acceptable. Nippy dog? No. Terrible dog walker, yes. Happy with the service? Absolutely not. I clearly knew you were stealing from your customer? No. Happy that I was forced to spend money in your stuff because all I could get was a credit from services never used? No. Rude and unprofessional? Thousand times yes.

J Adams

3 years ago

We've been using Follow Your Nose since we moved to Evanston. Ramie and her staff are incredibly knowledgeable about petcare and our kitties needs. We are also grateful for their home care when we are away knowing our fur babies are well loved. Completely forgot to mention they have home delivery available as well. There are many days I'll call and order our pet food and it is my counter when I get home at the end of the day. Follow Your Nose is a wonderful store to have in our neighborhood.

Fred Christie

3 years ago

Great soaps toys and canine/people "treats"

LaNette Urbin

4 years ago

This is a wonderful place to find everything your pets need. The owners are very knowledgable about pet nutrition and are more than happy to work with you and help you find exactly what you want and need. I feel like every time I go I receive individual attention and help.

Jeff Howe

4 years ago

Very sparse selection of dog treats on offer.

Jason Drago

4 years ago

Was not a good experience. Owner was quick to debit our account and then after we cancelled service I couldn’t get her on the phone for a week Trying to get my key back.she said she would mail It but it was obvious she had no intention to do it quickly. We felt their service was below par and slightly over priced. We had one incident were we felt our dog did not get walked on a two visit walk day and also felt like our dog did not get feed once as well. She also won’t give us s refund on services we did not receive she said we were owed a refund.

brad fox

4 years ago

used them for dog walking and did not like their policy of paying for the month BEFORE service is performed. also they add 3% to cc payments so we started leaving checks but they had rules on that too. their walkers were reliable but their accounting system was flawed and confusing. I had to beg for months to get past and monthly statements. they credit for cancelled days in the following month, so you are never sure what payments are for or credits. they also changed pricing on us 3 times with out any notice. search YELP and get many more reviews too. we stopped their service after months of frustration and they would not refund us for days in the prior month that we paid for...they said read the contract! i would call dave with a question and he would tell me that he would ask ramie and she would call me and she NEVER did. they seem understaffed and need a professional accountant.

Dillon Ross

5 years ago

We always get good advice from the owner. High quality food and toys are always in stock.

Caryn Weiner

5 years ago

If there was a way to give negative stars I would. One star is too many. I brought my 14 year old trusting and easy going Boston Terrier into the shop for the first time today for a nail trim. I have been feeling sick all day about what I put my poor dog thru there. After Dave took my dog down to the basement I asked to use their restroom. As I was being led down the stairs, I heard my dog cry out in pain. He was on the table with his head held tightly by that noose groomers use. He was shaking and panting and Dave was standing over him with bloody paper towels trying to stop the bleeding. He cried out again but I figured Dave was a pro and knew what he was doing. As I went up the stairs my dog cried out again. I was shaking but didn't know what to do and went and sat in the car while my husband waited for our dog. I know that a quick can be nicked by accident by the most experienced groomers or vet techs and I expected to see at least some nails nicked based on the crying, shaking, bloody paper towels, and length of time that it took Dave. Whenever our vet or dog sitter cuts our dogs nails, he sits in their laps and it takes a couple of minutes for them to trim all 4 paws. No shaking, crying, panting. He completely cooperates. When my husband brought our little guy out to the car, I was horrified by what I saw. Each and every nail was cut shorter than I have ever seen. Clearly each quick had been cut thru. Dave clearly had no idea what he was doing and tortured my poor dog. Now I know what took him over 30 minutes...he was trying to stop all the nails from bleeding. It's common knowledge that one should always cut just beyond the quick but never into it. In black nails it's harder to see the quick, so that's why groomers cut little by little, to be able to see when they are close to the quick. Most of my dogs nails are white and the quick is easy to see. The way to get a quick to shrink back is to cut the nail back regularly - never should that quick be cut on purpose. My dog is limping and licking his paws and we are now concerned about infection. My normally totally cooperative dog will not let us near his paws. I can't imagine the pain he endured today. Obviously, we will never be going back to Follow Your Nose and I will feel awful forever that I allowed this to happen to my 14 yr old sweet trusting dog. And, I would like to warn other pet owners not to let this happen to their beloved pets either.


8 years ago

Just look up ABC 7 news on Oct 6 to learn about the Pet sitting side of this business.

Ann Tennes

10 years ago

What a terrible experience! I ordered dog food from this store for my older dog, and after two weeks of promising they would deliver it, told me that they were sorry, but they could not get it from the manufacturer. This was after two weeks of me calling to check on the order and receiving promises that it would be delivered in a day or two. What's worse, the owner's husband had an attitude about it and took no responsibility for the fact that they had jerked us around for two weeks and now had an emergency need for this particular type of dog food that our pet has eaten exclusively for five years. Poor, poor customer service - particularly from someone with an ownership interest (at least by marriage) in a business.

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