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Jeffery Lawnicki

2 years ago

Sadly had to go for a Euthanasia for my dog. Very fair price. They didn't play on my emotions and charge $150 here or $150 there just to put the poor animal down like other places. Very friendly staff. Explained everything. Highly recommended place. I Will be going here regularly when I get a new Pet. Thank you for your kind service!

Ame Yume

2 years ago

I love the veterinarian here and I have been coming since my dog was a puppy at their old office. I have to say I find it completely unacceptable how unreliable their online appointment making option is. I sent a request for an appointment time online. I then received an email the next day with available times which I chose and and it was confirmed. This was also sent and confirmed by the Elgin Animal Clinic email. However, when my appointment came, I called just to make sure everything was set but I was informed I had no appointment and there was no time to see my dog. My biggest issue with this is that he seems to be having an allergic reaction or something that needs to be looked at to make sure it doesn't lead to any further health complications but I was let down by this whole debacle.

Michelle Nagel

2 years ago

Fit me in between appts. Got a room within 10 mins.

Steve Macleod

2 years ago

Always there to help and open weekends


2 years ago

Front desk is very rude! Mean to my puppy and myself Very unprofessional!!! The older blonde with the straggley hair. I rather not deal with her on my next visit (if there is one).

Tiff Krause

2 years ago

Open Saturday, pleasant. Helped with an ear infection on a weekend without emergency fees


2 years ago

Based on these reviews. Go to Cobb&Co. Sick and wrong ????

alexis alexander

2 years ago

My Rottweiler Buddy and my Shnorkie Roxy have been coming here for the past 8 years. I appreciate both Doctor Dhillon & Saldua. They have been a blessing in our lives with their care and treatment plans for both of our fur pals. Buddy no longer is crying from his hip dysplasia and his attitude has changed into the happy pup he once was even though he is 7 years old. The adequan injection has really helped him ( I even give him CBD which helps him as well). These doctors and their team really make it possible for my babies to go there and know they are being treated with respect and quality. They love going there because the staff and everyone shows them a lot of love! :) Thank you guys for everything you do!!! It does not go unnoticed.

Adriana Monroy

2 years ago

I love it here! It only surprises me when they ask me to make an appointment for something for 3 weeks out and when i show up they dont know what my pet is there for...other than that i will keep coming here.

Angelica Campos

2 years ago

5+????Great customer service I totally recommend!!

cleo dillon

2 years ago

I took my 2 year old cat here for the first time. Staff was professional and friendly for the most part; however, none of the staff wore masks! I was very surprised and disappointed given that it is a medical facility. Even when the vet tech came to take my cat's vitals she was not wearing a mask. Dr. Dhillon came to take care of my cat but presented in a "can't be bothered" attitude. When I expressed my concerns about my cat's behavior, I didn't feel like he listened. Instead, he handed me printed information that I should read. He also tried to sell me unnecessary products. Overall disappointed, but maybe caught him on an off day.

Jenny Collier

2 years ago

They took great care of my Trixie and Boo. They clearly care about all their patients and answered all of my questions and explained every aspect of my dogs care. I highly recommend this vet.

Rebecca Hoffing

2 years ago

Great rates great ppl.

Tracy Mangino

2 years ago

A growth on my dog's head was misdiagnosed as a "doggie pimple". This misdiagnosis and also the vets inability to properly read over his blood work then reported to be "pristine" that later upon requesting copies was clearly anything but, led to more mast cell tumors forming. A cancer that is completely curable with the removal the first tumor that appears (ie. The one on his forehead) . If unchecked for several months of time more grow and they will continue to grow making this cancer fatal. Exactly what happened. This gross negligence ended my dogs life early and the poor guy suffered in his last days forcing me to put him down; struggled to breathe due to huge tumor that formed on his lymphnode. Despite being still very full of life. Can understand the misdiagnosis initially of the tumor on his head but after seeing his blood work and realizing I could clearly understand it. Platelets we're flagged as High and off the charts and I was told the blood work was "pristine" prompting me to trust the vets opinion despite the growth on his head not going away. It pains me to think a vet could be so grossly negligent when reviewing lab results for an animal that potentially is very sick. That is the whole point of getting all of these labs done in the first place. Not to mention I had the blood work done TWICE. Both times it was like she didn't bother even looking them over before giving me the results. Cause me, a "layman", can clearly see his results were anything but pristine. Now that the anger has subsided and I can remove the unconsolable emotion from this info, feel compelled to share my story. Hope this helps prevent another pet from suffering what my poor little guy went through as a result of the blatant carelessness shown by this vet. Urge anyone getting labs done at this facility to request copies and not take the vets word for it, like I foolishly did and unfortunately, forever will regret.

Tyler Hackney

2 years ago

A new facility, no frills, no extra chairs. Everything to sit on is a bench. The Elgin fire marshal showed up as we were leaving and announced the business didn't have a key box attached to outside of the building. A first visit for my dogs. Lucy, our first born, has a problem with vaccinations. Her pre jabs worked beautifully. Thor our younger pup needs follow-up work. I hope it goes as smoothly as Lucy's treatment.

Daniel Pooler

2 years ago

Been going for the past 5 years service has been great up until this last year new staff sucks puts you on hold forever had to book an appointment 3x in a row because they kept forgetting to put it in the system Time for a new clinic

Madd G (maddbookish)

2 years ago

Their website says tho call them if there’s an emergency and they’re listed on several sites as an emergency clinic. Well, we took our dog to this vet for 10 years and the one time we had an emergency, they wouldn’t see us.They didn’t even offer any suggestions of where in the area we could take our dog. They just said they were busy and we’d have to find an emergency clinic. Then they hung up. Our dog ended up dying that day, at a new place with strangers taking care of him. We’ll never take another pet to this clinic again.

Alan Millan Serrano

2 years ago

Always treats my dogs excellently . Great staff and very affordable !

KenDoll Alex

2 years ago

Honestly, both Vets are all over the place. Never really on the same page. Somewhat persistent with procedures pets may or may not need but they want done on them. They are however very thorough when it comes to information and explaining situations about pets. Smart Vets.

Kaite Sinclair

2 years ago

They have always been amazing to all of my cats! They are very caring and helpful, my cats hate going to the vet, but the entire staff is extremely helpful and kind to my fur babies! I trust them more than I trust any other vet in the elgin area (and I’ve been to a lot of vets in the area until I found them)! Their prices are very affordable which comes in handy for a girl with a lot of kitties!

Jocelyn Lara

2 years ago

My first time going to this clinic was not a good experience. The male doctor Dr. Dhillon was so rude and not compassionate at all towards my puppy. I am not sure exactly what he did but my puppy was in so much pain the moment she received one of her shots from him and she was hurting for weeks. He was just so careless. I have never experienced such thing with any other doctor. I do NOT recommend him at all, avoid going to him. The only doctor I recommend here is the female doctor.

SUZANNE gorman

2 years ago

Mary is awesome! She is extremely helpful and will go above and beyond to assist clients before, during and after their visit.

Gillian Colandrea

2 years ago

The office was kind and professional.

Bianca Young

2 years ago

When I first started taking my now deceased dog to Elgin Animal Clinic I thought it was great,fast forward to today I do not.My dog had surgery there and died the very next day early in the morning. Dr Dhillon was not empathetic at all he literally seen me crying hysterically and did not even offer me kleenex and he kept calling my dog a he until I corrected him. My young grandson was wiping my tears away while he was telling me he was more in shock then I was. Fortunately one of the workers who talked to me about what my options were as I sat there holding my dead dog she offered me a hug and was very sympathetic. That meant alot to me. My Precious little dog died a few weeks before her Birthday. The day she died,I died too. My heart is torn in pieces. It just appals me that he had no answers for me as to what could have happened and acted as though he did not care at all.please animal lovers be careful,ask plenty of questions and you might even want to write them down so you do not forget. Before I left there I did let them know my true sentiments. I'm still going to buy a cupcake and light a candle in her honor. I have been so depressed my heart is beyond broken. When it comes to surgery or even a simple procedure make sure you ask plenty of questions and voice your concerns. If I had a clue that I would end up loosing her the very next day,I would have never had the surgery done,but I'm not God how would I have known.If you choose to take your pet or pet's there be very careful.By the way this just happened in July of this year. Rest in peace my little Angel mommy misses you so much. I would not recommend Elgin Animal clinic especially since my dog died the day after her surgery and Dr Dhillon showed no concern at all.

Zeeshan Zaffar

2 years ago

The staff was very professional and caring. The cost was reasonable and we had a very pleasant experience.


2 years ago

I would give this place 0 stars if I could. The Dr’s. apparently have an issue with larger dogs (specifically Dr. Saldua). We’ve had enough discrimination against my large dog for the past 3 years. We won’t ever be returning back here again.


2 years ago

PLEASE STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE!!! The veterinarians at this place are unprofessional, impatient, and poor examples of veterinarians. To start, Dr. Dillon is a vet who has no sense of empathy and should not be working in the field since he is TERRIFIED of any pet over 10 pounds. I had been taking my two pets there for approximately three years. I have a smaller and a larger pet that love going on spa dates and need their yearly vaccines to make this possible. However, it only took one instance of Dr. Dillon vaccinating my 70 pound pet before I knew he was not qualified to be a vet. The one and only time this man was tasked with vaccinating my pet, he single handedly raised my pets anxiety by shaking as he tried to vaccinate him and yelling at my pet which made the vaccination process a true nightmare. After that date, Dr. Dillon decided to take it upon himself to label my pet as a “dangerous, vicious, and biting large dog.” These are remarks I was unaware that he had added till the next year, when I was looking over that year’s vaccination paperwork. I explained to that man that pets are living being who feel fear, pain, and other emotions. Therefore, it was normal for my pet to push off of ME while he tried to vaccinate him. My pet has never bitten or harmed anyone at this office, doctors, employees or customers. Yet, the man refused to remove the remarks from the account. Thankfully, the spa that my pets go to decided to look past it and have been happily seeing my two pets for years now. I then thought I had found hope when I requested María Leticia Saldua (please call her doctor and nothing less cause it will hurt her ego). After a recent visit, I realized that the office charges for services that they never provided. My large pets receipt showed a “preventive care exam” for $22.00. This lady walked into the room, administered two vaccines and had me administer the third vaccine orally. I brought up to her attention and asked if we could schedule a future date where I could bring in my pet and have him examined or if I could simply get the $22.00 refunded since the service was never provided. I explained to Maria that it wasn’t about the money, it was simply the principle of charging for a service and not providing said service. Maria’s response was “I can tell he’s healthy cause he’s all muscle.” Maria never examined my pets heart, mouth, ears, or any parts of my pet’s body that a professional veterinarian usually would. PLEASE STAY AWAY from this office if you truly care about your pet. The cheap prices are not worth the nonsense these veterinarians put you and your pets through. They seem to judge a pet as an item and not another family members like I know I see mine.

Eric Rossel

2 years ago

Always great service excellent prices

Robin Lynch

2 years ago

Cost too much care was okay

A. Cabrera

2 years ago

All the ladies were amazing! Very kind and knowledgeable. They took our pet quickly with no appointment. This is the least expensive care around the area. The only negative thing I have to say is that the male doctor is not the kindest, I get we’re not there to make friends but he just seemed annoyed and upset.

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