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Todd R

2 years ago

I, unfortunately, needed end of life service for a suffering companion on a Sunday and the stuff couldn't have been more kind and compassionate to both my buddy and myself. They even had what seemed to be a room thoughtfully prepared room for such situations. I'd highly recommend them for pet owners in similar situations and will consider going out of my local area to use them for other services.

Dagmar Esposito

2 years ago

I could not get into my Vet like a couple times previously for 2-3 days. My dog Lillie was not doing good and I did not want her to wait that long to get checked out. I called this office and they gave me an appt for the same day. They did bloodwork, called me back the next day stating her bloodwork did not look good and they recommended hospitalization. Long story short she was there for one night and the Dr advised they were not able to do all the testing at their facility what Lillie needed. I ended up bringing her to U of I, she was admitted there twice within 3 weeks, testing was done and we received a terminal diagnosis. We were able to bring her home Christmas eve but by 12/30 she was very anemic again and we had to end her suffering at Animal Care Clinic. Between U of I and Animal care clinic they communicated with each other, we would bring Lillie here for bloodwork in between episodes. When it was time to say "good bye" it was as positive as it could have been. The room was decorated comforting, they had a jar with chocolate kisses with a saying on it "nobody should leave this world without chocolate kisses", Lillie enjoyed 6 of them. She loved them and we figured "might as well" , why not? I had no bad experience, staff was always friendly, supportive. The condolence card I received from the office after her passing was so nice and filled with personal messages from the employees and Drs, it was just unbelievable. If I would ever get another pet, this will be my go to vets office! Thank you very much to the staff and Drs, you could not save my Lillie but you made this experience as good as possible!


2 years ago

DO NOT TAKE YOUR PETS HERE! I wish I could give 0 starts. Do your research and read the reviews. We took our Rottweiler here in November due to coughing and breathing issues. They said it was a mild upper respiratory issue and gave antibiotics. My mom had brought him almost once a week from mid November to end of December. On 12/31 my mom brought him around 12:30pm, he was having trouble breathing again and they did more x-rays, he had a fever but they said it was gastro, gave him a few shots for his fever and rushed her out because they closed early at 3pm. Needless to say our biggest mistake was trusting them. They gave us false hope that Max was okay when he clearly wasn't. We thought the shots they gave him were the reason he was so out of it, turns out he was dying, he coughed up a mouthful of blood and the ER vet was shocked at the diagnosis/treatment they provided. Sadly we had to make the difficult decision to put Max down on 1/1/22. Please do not make the same mistake we did and take your pet anywhere else. This vet started out good in 2018 but they've rapidly gone done hill and all they care about is making money, pushing pills/injections and closing on time!

Kaelie Sarb

2 years ago

This place is absolutely fantastic!!! They literally saved the life of my dog after he developed a bad cough which eventually got worse and worse. I took him to numerous vets and spent countless hours trying to find someone who could help make my baby better. The staff here were the ONLY people who were able to figure out exactly what was wrong with him (I probably took him to 10+ vets and had no luck elsewhere). With the help of frequent visits and injections/medications, my best friend made it through the worse several months of his life. I can not thank the staff enough for their knowledge, expertise, and patience. They ALWAYS took the time to listen to my concerns and continued to inform me of his progress. We never were rushed out when it was time to close and was always treated with the utmost hospitality. I will forever be grateful for this vet hospital for saving the life of my pet. Thank you!!!

MJ Otmanski

2 years ago

We came in for our cat. It was a last minute emergency appointment and our first time here. We are new to the area and our normal vet wasn’t able to see us. Everyone was so kind professional and understanding. Honestly beyond our expectations! We will be coming back and believe we found our new vet for our pets :)

Ivan Stoiljkovic

2 years ago

Is it ok to charge $70 for 5 doses of panacur if the same medicine sells on amazon and in walmart for around $10??? Are we just dumb customers??? Do you think i like paying 7 times more for something? And why not charge $700 for a little sprinke of medicine and take FULL advantage of desperate customers?????? Why not be greedy all the way???

John Jochum

2 years ago

Today was the first day I went there it was a very professional and stressless visit.The doctor was great and took care of my puppy I will definitely return

Jessica Hildreth

2 years ago

Could not have been happier with this place. We had just adopted a kitten and he scratched his eye very badly and was bleeding. They said they were not taking walk ins but once we explained they saw us right away. I didn’t catch the vets name but she very thoroughly explained what she was going to do to try to treat it and explained our treatment options. She was great about all my follow up care questions and I didn’t feel rushed at all even though we were a walk in when they said they were booked. The price was also very reasonable - about half of what I expected to pay. Can not thank them enough for helping out our kitty!

Jelena 13

2 years ago

I want to share my story so everybody knows. I had my yorkie dog and i brought her to do dental cleaning , before we checked her blood work for anesthesia is she can handle it, results came back normal. Doctor Abigal Curiel did her surgery also extracted her teeth and did dental cleaning. After anesthesia she woke up, i brough her home, everything was fine. Next day she was feeling so bad, they provide me medications which i followed instructions. I called couple times that day, informing them that she is feeling very bad. They were saying to me “ this is very common . They didnt give me antibiotics, which i was surprised too, they just gave her pain relief. So the next day late evening around 6-7 pm i called again informing that she is heavily breathing, they were keep saying its very common because she is in such big pain. I insist her to bring to them. Doctor Jamie Heavey took care of her, my dog was laying on the table and HEAVILY BREATHING. She checked her gums, and her- she said to me - She looks fine , like really ? How can she look fine when she barely breathing, so she gave her strong injectable medication, saying that she will be fine AGAIN and she is going to sleep through the whole night without pain. But as a doctor you see that she was barely breathing how could you not to offer me to HOSPITALIZE HER OR TO GIVE HER IV ??!! So they just sent me , this is negligence !!! After 4 hours she DIED in my Hands! But this doctor said - she looks fine . Fine and died after 4 hours ? Wow.

Brian Brock

2 years ago

Was really pleased with the knowledgable, caring staff in clean, modern facility. I especially appreciated being able to get my dog in quickly for a visit.

Haley Johnson

2 years ago

The doctors are so amazing! I’ve had an amazing experience with all doctors especially Dr.True & Dr.Heavy! Merlyn in administrative is fantastic as well as the other young ladies. I hope that management fixes the issue with one of the receptionists. Especially since other people are having this problem as well!

Kristi Kucera

2 years ago

This is a wonderful place to take your pet. They are reasonably priced, compassionate and quick to respond. My Oreo looks forward to visiting the vet! ????

Lindsay K

2 years ago

I never write reviews but feel obligated to do so here. My experience with Dr. Heavey and the rest of the staff at the Animal Care Center of Downers Grove was AWESOME - 11 out of 10! The front desk staff was polite, coordinated getting my pet's records transferred from out of state and got us into an exam room immediately (highly appreciated in this new COVID era). The appointment started on time. Dr. Heavey was thorough and patient. She took the time to answer all my questions and never seemed rushed to move to the next appointment (which seems rare these days for both human and animal doctors). I asked for her thoughts on products to address one of my pet's health concerns and she mentioned having a list of products approved for that purpose that she could email later. Low and behold - later that evening the list was waiting in my inbox. For me, she went above and beyond my expectations for my pet's care/evaluation and customer service. I would highly recommend both Dr. Heavey and the Animal Care Center of Downers Grove to keep your beloved fur babies healthy.

Olivia Rydholm

2 years ago

I’ve been with this vet for years and the veterinarians are great. The techs are great. The front desk in my opinion needs retrained. They are very unprofessional. They talk down to people. I one day got blamed for “cancelling” my appointment when I was on my way. I never cancelled. I didn’t even call them that day. They were convinced I did. They cancelled my appointment instead of who called and they told me they had to fit me in since I wasn’t on the schedule anymore. I told them I didn’t call and cancel. I tried to joke and say “well your going to find out who cancelled later on then because it wasn’t me” and they said “okay. It was you though”. The unprofessionalism in that conversation is where I drew the line. A mistake they made for another client, they blamed it on me. I asked if they had a call back for who called and they didn’t. They just said it was me. I got blamed for something I did not do and was treated poorly by the front desk because they thought I was the one who cancelled. I was expecting an apology when I told them it wasn’t me and they just blew me off. when they were wrong, they didn’t admit it and own up to their mistakes, they blamed the customer. Another thing that happened recently was I called to ask about paying ahead. They asked to put me on hold beforehand which was fine by me. They answered the question and I asked when my animals needed to be seen by them again. They said they were too busy for more questions and I needed to go on hold again. They didn’t ask me. They just put me on hold. Bad phone etiquette because they made me feel like a burden to them and that other people were more important. I would like them to get retrained. Again, the treatment I get out of the vet techs and veterinarians is great but the front desk with how they treat people is the ONLY reason I would not suggest going there. That’s my honest opinion. Hopefully this review helps someone out

Nichole Calcagno

2 years ago

Honestly was quite disappointed with my experience here. I typically go to another vet, however my dog was having limping issues and my vet was booked solid for weeks. I was able to quickly get a checkup appointment here where my dog got an exam and some X-rays done. After the appointment I left with information saying the X-rays looked fine and to just rest because it could be a pulled muscle. I was never given an idea of where they suspected the pain coming from or anything specific. I left feeling defeated and with a dog who was limping even WORSE than when we got there. A few days later I asked for the X-rays because i just was feeling off about things. I ended up making another appointment for him, but this time at my actual vet. And sure enough they found a possible fracture. But because Animal Care Center didn’t take X-rays appropriately they weren’t able to determine if it was different from his left side or not. But that fact that after one look at the X-rays and my vet noticed something was heartbreaking. If the Downers grove animal center would have looked closely and been through with this, they should of identified the same issues. Now, I’m having to go back for another round of X-rays (this time NOT here and at my vet I’m Burr Ridge) so they can look at BOTH shoulders to evaluate. It’s just disheartening to hear that things weren’t done thorough, and that now my dog is going to have to go through all of that again. Needless to say, I will just wait for a later appointment with my Burr Ridge vet instead of jumping the gun and coming here again. Not worth it. And from what I’ve been reading from other reviews and talking to some neighbors, they also had situations where serious things were missed with their animals.

Trisha Alvarez

2 years ago

I bring my babies here. Dr.True is very thorough and down to earth. My last visit was recent. I’m not as comfortable with them taking your pet to the back for simple things like vaccines it was the receptionist that was horrible. And I’m guessing it’s an issue because they’ve posted signs everywhere about getting violent with the staff. I wasn’t the one with the issue but I did witness a completely avoidable situation with another client had the receptionist just explained it differently and without a tone. Even I wanted to comment. We pay very good money for our pets care. I personally never drop less then $300 every visit. So we can at least be talked to with respect. My only guess was maybe she’s family and isn’t worried about her job????????‍♀️.

Cameron Moore

2 years ago

The staff and Doctors here are all very knowledgeable and so caring. I’ve been coming here since October when we got our lab puppy. Since then, each Doctor and tech we’ve seen has been incredibly attentive and offered the best recommendations as far as treatment (our dog contracted worms shortly after we brought her home) and always made sure to answer my questions. They have always been able to get us in the same day, whether it be an emergency or just an urgent concern. Our puppy usually sees Dr. Pusateri, who even during COVID and their drive up only service, was very attentive and made sure to answer all of my questions over the phone. In addition to the Doctors, all of the techs are very knowledgeable and a huge help. I recently had my puppy spayed here and Jessica the vet tech continuously answered all of my questions and concerns being as it was my first time with a female dog and I was nervous about the spay procedure. Dr. Pusateri also took the time to give me a call after hours to explain the spay procedure to me and address any concerns before I brought my dog in for the procedure. As we started coming here during COVID, I never had the chance to visit the inside, but I just recently did last week when I went in for a follow up appointment and the facility is beautiful. It’s definitely a bit pricier than other vets but the care and treatment your pet will receive is exceptional. I would definitely recommend animal care center of downers grove and I thank all of the staff that has been helping us since we started coming here!

Amy Anderson

2 years ago

We got a puppy in the fall and the day after Christmas she fell off a bed and was limping. We had been taking her to another vet in town, but after xrays and an exam they were unable to help her. She would need a surgery they could not provide for a break in her growth plate. They gave me some referrals to surgeons and I called everywhere to get her some help. No one could get me in for a month or more. One of my calls was to Animal Care Center and they were able to squeeze me in that week, even though they were also booked. Dr. True examined Roxie and determined that the original vet was correct in his assessment and she would need surgery and pins to be placed to keep her leg healthy. Dr. True said he would do the surgery that Saturday and came in one his day off early that morning to perform the surgery on her leg. He placed 2 pins and a wire to secure her leg break. Not only did they squeeze me in because they understood that this couldn't just wait a month, but Dr. True came in on a Saturday and his day off to help my dog. I am very impressed by their caring and going above and beyond for us and we have switched our dog to this practice because of that.

Cassie Jain

2 years ago

Recently, our satisfaction with this clinic has rapidly declined. We adopted our dog from ACCDG years ago and loved bringing him in to see the doctors and staff. We also started bringing our cats in, and felt they received great care. Within the last 2 years, our experience has not been so great. The prices and policies have become much less reasonable, and today we experienced the “last straw” which will result in us finding a new clinic for our pets. Currently, appointments are curbside (understandably), and this has only exacerbated a preexisting problem of prescription releases and lack of pricing transparency. Additionally, we are waiting in our car for 90+ minutes for pre-scheduled appointments. Specifically, our 2 biggest frustrations are: -you’re required to get your prescriptions/prescription foods from them/their partners. Chewy, Costco, and others offer most of these medicines or foods at a lower price, but the prescriptions are not approved and the response is to get them through the vet direct partner. -the current checkout process is that a staff member calls with your total and runs your card, then the itemized receipt is brought to the car with your pet. We were given a cone for our dog, costing $20. When I got home I did a search on Amazon to find much nicer cones at half the price. I called to ask if I can return the cone and was told that, even though it was not worn, because it has fur on it (like everything else that is in our car with our dog), it would be up to the discretion of the doctor whether they’d accept the return, but I “could donate it back” to them. The doctors are nice and seem to really care about the pets, but the administrative issues at this practice are unfortunately enough for us to find care elsewhere.

Thomas Ruiz

2 years ago

Dr.Pusateri and his staff are incredible! I would highly recommend this clinic and doctor! He takes great care of my pets and his attention to detail as well as bed side manner are amazing. Would give more stars if I could!


2 years ago

I have been taking my cat here since she was a kitten (3 years now) ! We love this clinic! I have since moved 30 minutes away and still make the trip back here for grooms with Mel!! Mel is amazing at handling my long haired cats mats and tangles and does a great job every time! I have had my cat groomed here, spayed, nail trimmed, lab work done, vaccines, you name it all! I have even converted my boyfriend to being his cats here! Service is outstanding and they have handled the pandemic perfectly! Most importantly, I always seem to get honesty from the doctors and staff and I truly appreciate that!! I will be staying here for all my pet needs!!


2 years ago

You will spend at least an hour in your car past your appointment time before the vet even sees your pet. I have had 4 visits here and spent over 6 hours waiting total. They don't value your time, appointments don't mean the same thing here.

Jackie Goris

3 years ago

I recently switched practices as my senior 15yr old dog has been deteriorating. I called, made an appointment within the same week and had no wait for my dog to be taken in by a staff member. My old practice was 2 hour long wait in your car to be seen. Within 10 minutes, Dr Pusateri called to discuss the diagnosis and medicine recommendation. The total experience took 45 max before we were heading home. Talk about fast service! Over the last two months I have called in several times to get a refill and to just talk with Dr Pusateri about a new medicine I read about. Dr. Pusateri always called me back the same day (even at 9pm one time) to be sure we got the meds filled as quickly as possible and agreed to try this new medicine. I have been so happy with the service, our new Vet and would certainly encourage family and friends to bring their pets there for care. They seem to have it down pat. Thank you!

Diedrea Smith

3 years ago

I brought my cat to Animal Care Center on February 3rd because he was very sick. I am so grateful for the service that we were given by Dr. Pusateri and the staff. I wish we had brought him there months ago the care that was given to my cat was excellent. Unfortunately we had to put him to rest even with that we were given all the time we needed to say goodbye. I held my cat during the procedure until the final process. I would recommend anyone to take their pet there for service your pet will be in good hands for sure.

John Raimondo

3 years ago

I had always heard great things about Animal Care Center of Downers Grove and after going there can say that given a choice I will not go anywhere else. We had an emergency with our beloved Dachshund Portia and Dr. True and his staff could not have been more caring and considerate. I cannot thank Dr. True and his staff enough for all of their help on that devastatingly heartbreaking day. I don't know what I would have done without their guidance, patience and compassion.

Michelle leibrock

3 years ago

This was our first visit and I was very pleased with the vet and the front office staff. They were all very kind and answered all of my questions. Their wellness plan is reasonably priced, too.

Karen Crowley

3 years ago

Had a great experience with the exotic animal vet, Dr. Goldschmidt. She was very professional, answered all our questions, gave lots of recommendations and we left there feeling very happy.

Josephine Campagna

3 years ago

I am so glad I found thus vet clinic in our time of need. I will for sure be back.

Ron Cinkus

3 years ago

Great experience with our new puppy from the receptionist, dog handlers and the knowledgeable doctors. They all made our experience of taking our dog to the veterinarian very easy during these difficult times.

Heba Faroun

3 years ago

My pet died yesterday, she had cancer, we would've put her down if we knew, but we thought it was infection, thats what they told us but they lied. Do not drop your pets there unless you want them to die.Worst service ever!!

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