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Seattle Print Shop

2 years ago

Amazing Place. Thanks for being great humans to the animals :)

Willowstream646 Skye

2 years ago

My mom and I foster kittens here!! I'm so glad for the opportunity to care for such sweet babies, and I always feel so supported by the rescue! As a young person going into animal care it's truly an educational and heartwarming experience!! We've taken on several of the surrendered litters with ringworm, and it's been so wonderful and fascinating watching them get better and all perfect, soft, and fluffy again!! It feels like there are always kittens in the walk-in kitten room ready to snuggle or play, and even the ones we didn't foster are just darling (not that I'm biased towards my babies, heh)! Come in to adopt or just to visit, I'm sure it will be a wonderful experience for everyone!!

Ani OO

2 years ago

Was planning to donate money here however going through the parking lot a women walking the dogs blocked a pace bus and another business vehicle from leaving. She proceeded to let the animal charge someone walking then yanked on the leash choking the dog. I've seen her before walking animals in the neighborhood behind without picking up after the animal. I hadn't realized until then she was an employee. Very sad to see this behavior and speaking with my coworkers informed me this is regular practice for them. I would have preferred to speak to a manager instead but reading the reviews it's clear that they would not take the criticism well. I'll make a point now to not walk or drive that direction when leaving work since that is quite upsetting.

Francisquito Girl

2 years ago

It was okay I gess,

Anna McLaughlin

2 years ago

I’m a very young thrifter, 17, and visiting this place a couple days ago had to be the best day of my entire life. I’ve been to many many thrift stores in our area, and this is the best one i’ve ever been to I have to say. The items are amazing, right as i walk in i’m picking up things. The prices are even better than the items themselves and many things are priced way less than they would be even at goodwill. Only downside is the lack of men’s clothing but the insanely unique women’s pieces you’ll find will make up for it. the staff is sooo nice i was seriously shocked. they were complimenting my finds and my outfit, just made my day completely. the icing on the cake was definitely the coupon book and map to all the other small business thrift stores in the area. I will definitely be coming here everytime i’m in the area instead of savers, and i highly highly recommend to any other teen thrifters

Kelly O'Shea

2 years ago

Fun place to seek and shop! Pet the pups, buy some stuff, everyone wins. UPDATE: I now volunteer at the facility. Its been so much fun, talk to the folks, take care of the animals, its all good. Nice things to buy there. Stop by, say hi..

Bill Cataldo

3 years ago

If you a woman there is lots of clothing, but men won't find much at all. Jewelry and home decor is average. You better like dogs as there are times when barking is very loud depending on how many and the breed in the rescue cages. I love dogs but it even get to me at times.

Heather Fishman

3 years ago

A thrift store that also saves pets ????

JoHanna Wozny

3 years ago

Don’t adopt a pet from this shelter unless you want to break your children’s hearts. My family has been searching for a pet to adopt for several months. Last week my husband found a picture of a puppy, named Shadow, at On Angel’s Wings. We filled out the application on Saturday and were approved later the same day. We met Shadow the following day (Sunday) with our three daughters. We loved the puppy but of course needed to discuss it as a family since it's a big decision. We decided by Sunday evening that we were interested in adopting Shadow. I called that evening (around 8pm) and left a voice message saying that we were interested. I never got a return call. I tried calling on Monday and got in touch with Lori, but the call was dropped. I tried calling back but only got the voicemail so I left another message. I called again the following afternoon (Tuesday) only to be told by Lori that they had moved on to other applicants. I verbally expressed to Lori again that we were interested in adopting Shadow and tried to get an explanation but once again her phone disconnected and the call dropped. I tried calling again but once again had to leave a message. I emailed the director of the shelter, Emily, asking for an explanation. She said that their phones were having issues and they were working on getting them fixed (fine, but why weren’t they trying to call back?). The excuse she gave me regarding Shadow was that they decided that Shadow would be better off in a house without children. I find this excuse hard to swallow because her bio specifically says that she is good with kids ( it still does the last time I checked and if they ever change this, I have screenshots to prove it) and when we met her, she was very friendly and affectionate with our three children. I replied with these observations and asked them to reconsider because we feel that we could give her a loving home. When I didn’t get a response, I tried to appeal again, but as of today, they haven’t responded, which I find very unprofessional. If they had other applicants, why were they so eager to approve us right away the same day we submitted the application? If they felt that Shadow was better suited to an all-adult household, why would they approve an application for a family with children and allow us to meet her? My three children are all devastated and keep asking me why we can’t have Shadow. They don’t want another puppy and it’s soured our opinion of the whole shelter adoption process in general. Bottom line, adopting a pet is probably great, but save yourself some grief and heartache and avoid adopting from On Angel’s Wings. Edit: They also don't like negative reviews. Less than a day after this review, I'm no longer able to reply to posts on their Facebook page. Hmmm, it's as though they're afraid of people telling about their negative experiences. Edit #2: They REALLY don't like negative reviews. I received an email this morning from Jeannette, the executive director, asking me to take down this review. When I declined, citing my belief that others should be aware of our experience and make an informed choice, her response was this: " We're sorry you had a bad experience. Ours was likewise. I guess this makes it ok for us to share with other rescues/shelters why you were rejected for adopting that particular pet (so that they can make an informed decision as to whether or not to adopt to you). I'm tired of people like you who try to make life miserable for others. Fortunately, you are few and far between! " So threats and blackmail seem to be how they keep rejected applicants in line! That just tells me that there's a really good chance that there are more stories out there similar to mine.

Dee Heuer

3 years ago


Isabella Divalerio

3 years ago

We went in there to potentially adopt a cat and was basically talked out of it by the rude woman who was giving us dirty looks. Instead of being able to find a pet we left feeling Distraught and frustrated. Will not be coming back again.

Veronica Lopez

3 years ago

i like that store always i found something for my cat and Dog. the clothes are expense PRICES. 5.99 for a girl short..and ross have that price. So if you're are looking for something for your animals that's the perfect the store cheap prices.

Veronica Bauer

3 years ago

Amazing experience as usual, love the people who works there, amazing deals on clothes with great brands and most of all, helping pets to find a home! The name truly say it all "On Angel's Wings"

Susan Stover

3 years ago

Wonderful place to adopt a rescue. Patient and caring staff. I couldn't have had a better experience adopting my dog Gracie!

Staci Bourland

3 years ago

Lots of items to buy. Prices are fair.

Leslie Williams

3 years ago

High quality food and knowledgeable staff. If your pet likes junk food, it may take some time to adjust. Loved the location and selection!

Jukie Nissan

3 years ago

We have adopted there which was wonderful. Angels Wings it's a great place to adopt a pet from, they take such great care of all the animals. The staff is very helpful with adoptions, donations, and if you're looking for something when you're shopping. Angel's wings is a wonderful place!

Jessica Tripp

3 years ago

So grateful for On Angels Wings! Adopted our dog Rusty (formerly Bandit) from them in November, 2019. Can't imagine life without him now. Nice store and wonderful people.

Dianne Mork

3 years ago

Awesome people, Awesome pets and a cute shop!

Douglas Kowalewski

3 years ago

This is a exceptionally great resale store with a magnificent purpose- rescuing and saving animals!

J Isakson

3 years ago

Caring staff and fun finds...love this place!!

.sheila fraser

4 years ago

Got my kitty there and volunteer as well..very great place to shop.


4 years ago

Wish I could give them 0 stars. The animal rescue had volunteers that harrassed me after I had to give back a dog. I followed THEIR contract and I reached out for help but no one ever called me back. This happened a few years ago and no one ever apologized to me for the harrassment or following Their contract guidelines... it left me emotionally scared forever.

Tom L

4 years ago

Animals are extremely well cared for and fully vetted and neutered before they go up for adoption, and almost all the animals are rescued from kill shelters. Amazing work by this organization.

Tim N

4 years ago

The place is awesome. We've adopted multiple Dogs from OAW. All doing well today. Always a painless process. They truly care about helping animals.

Peach Fuzz

4 years ago

Best thrift store ever!! Such good stuff for such a great cause!!!

Melissa Sach77

4 years ago

I dropped off toys & beds for the dogs

Kelly Koenig

4 years ago

We went to look for a puppy to adopt Our first stop was Petco. When I asked if they knew of any places near By she said On Angles Wings had dogs up for adoption. Our first experience here was not good... I am so glad I looked past it and came back the next day. We got our family Puppy... We spent days figuring out a name And the final decision........ ☆☆☆♡Princess Billy Jean♡☆☆☆ What you all do for these dogs is absolutely amazing... We love our new addition.. Thank you so much... Kelly, Chad, Jake & Bella Koenig

Margaret K

4 years ago

Was having problems with my cat. And given several options

Jennifer Magnone

4 years ago

Such an amazing cause!! Everyday is a new shopping experience!! You never know what you might find!! Great new location!!

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