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Mica Sansone

2 years ago

I use to take my animals here years ago before a vet went up closer to me, they were always pretty good. I called in tears today not knowing what to do or where to go with my sick dog because no one was open expect them at the time. The lady on the phone was extremely rude to me, didn’t have a care about me or my animal, and acted like I was inconveniencing her by calling to see if my dog could get in there. Will NEVER take any of my animals here again.

Tiffany Knoblock-Wilson

2 years ago

Used to use as my vet for horses, dogs and rabbits. Then my horse coliced and he wouldn't even come out to put him down. Very disappointing because he was the vet for that whole horses life. Why advertise you do emergency calls when you don't.

Kelly Dooley

2 years ago

I wanted to take a minute to thank the doctor and staff for all that they have done for me and my pets. They really are a class act!! I do advocate for my pets. So, when I ask for details prior to any services and a cost break down... They are always happy to answer my questions. Again, thank you so much !!

Kate's Teeny Corner

3 years ago

My parents took their dog here YEARS ago and they were fantastic, they were super understanding when we had to put him down and they made the process as easy as it could be given what it was. When I got my first dog I knew that I would take them there even though it's not as close as other vets. My dog is reactive to people and other dogs and they're really nice about it! They made sure her annual check up was complete. I also take her to get her nails done and I probably always will if I can. I know that it's a luxury but they're really good with her AND the price truly isn't that bad!

Walter Woldt

3 years ago

Was quoted $44 for a wellness check and they charged me $ 138 with no prior disclosure of additional costs. Unethical. The best surprise is no surprise and they failed. Go elsewhere.

Joe Techguy

3 years ago

Excellent service all around! Dr. Smith has the keen ability to recognize and resolve my dog’s illnesses! The vet techs are very professional and smart handle my dogs with tender loving care!

DIY Cake Mom

4 years ago

Best vet I have ever been to! Amazing service and Have our dogs best intrested at heart.

jesse sanchez

4 years ago

They take the upmost care with my pets and show that they really care about and love animals. I recommend this place 100%

Tammy Malek

5 years ago

They were so caring I had to put my Buddy and best friend down

Brian Lockhart

5 years ago


Brian Mustradi

5 years ago

Dr Smith and his team are the best at what they do. My family has been to a few others in the region and we go to Smith for his genuine love of animals and his courteous staff. Do not let some of these unfounded, unprofessional reviews sway your decision. I could not be happier with my vet!

Collin Mcadams

5 years ago

Called to ask how much a ballpark figure of what it would cost get a bacterial infection taken care of for my cat. The lady that answered had no idea what it would be or what services it would require. She had no idea about medication, no idea about testing results, no idea about what was gonna happen... she really had no idea about anything. Hopefully she learns something working at the smith animal clinic so she can rely the message to others and can help people with their animals. Or she just get better and better at saying i have no idea. F-

Debbie Lalonde

5 years ago

I have been going there for 20 years I wouldn't go anywhere else . Dr Smith is wonderful, he cares but your pets health

Katie Wilson

6 years ago

We've taken our 2 senior cats and 2 dogs here for about 2 years. They've been incredibly accommodating especially with one older cat who often finds himself in critical health situations, even when that means last minute visits the same day. Two other vet practices missed accurate diagnoses for both of my senior cats which Smith caught and prevented more serious issues. We've also boarded all 4 of our pets with them on many occasions and they've been happy little campers when we come home. I cannot say enough - I would absolutely recommend them.

Samantha Regnier

6 years ago

Love Dr. Smith and his Staff. So sweet, helpful and always available.

Cindy Agans

6 years ago

I have been taking my furbabies to Smith Animal Clinic for 50 years. Dr Bruce Smith has been taking care of my babies for over 30 years. We have had good times and sad times. The staff is excellent with the customers and the animals. When you have the best, why go anywhere else!


6 years ago


Bill Nosbush

7 years ago

I was quoted 216 for a castration which seemed high compared to industry average. Once complete I got a bill for 348. They added in charges that were not agreed to beforehand.

Ken Magdic

7 years ago

I have tried others but this is the best Vet. Very professional, they don't try and sell you services you don't need and most importantly they take great care of your pet!

Michael Pappas

7 years ago

Ok i took my brothers dog in cause he ate a pill that would kill him so smith had him over night an i just found out today my brother didn't pay him i took my Himalayan cat i had since a baby he threw up bike he still was acting fine i go to the clinic in may so rite when sees my cat hes like he dehydrated he takes him to the back i dont know he did to him he said he checked his blood an other things rite i leave smiths office he didn't say anything to me ..this was on a mon, so tues my cat was drooling blood saliva in take him back to smiths an he tells me his kidneys r failing rite when dr smith sees him he pulls on his kidneys then he shows me his gums thier sore .Dr smith tells me he only has a week to live i really think dr smith don't like b me for what happened in the past, he has animosity towards me for the dog i brought in that v was un paid for my cat died in my arms on Thursday may 12 really sad that i think he is a good vet but he really pulled this one on me an its really sad he dont care bout animal s all he cares about is $$$$ ...this put tears in my eyes...that the dr is very evil .This situation didn't have tob do w me an he took his frustration on my cat so listen people if u have the same situation dont go thier he will kill ur animal seriously......he don't have a heart then once i left i was like i have another kat kitty katpone .hes like weres he at w this denomic look ....he wanted me to bring him to kill him to....i really thought he was the best in cp but now its all about money an if u didn't pay he will find a way to get revenge . Sorry dr smith u need to go to church for all the other animals u did the same to....

Elizabeth Espinoza

8 years ago

5 stars shows as "Loved it". Although Smith Animal Clinic deserves 5 stars for their work, it was definitely not an experience I would say "I Loved". This morning on my way to work I found a cat laying in the middle of the road...someone hit it and just kept driving....a LOT of people did. Although I have two dogs myself, I have never used SAC's services before, but it was the nearest animal hospital. I got there just after they opened and they immediately took the cat into an exam room, and Dr. Smith came in to talk to me and explain things, shortly after. I filled out some paperwork, cried...a lot, then went to work. Unfortunately, this poor cat (who was de-clawed, which tells me he lived with someone--and which I have a deep problem with, but that's another story), wasn't chipped or had a collar (also, another problem), succumbed to its injuries and died this afternoon, after a suffering a major seizure. Dr. Smith called me, personally, to let me know the bad news. He said he was taking care of everything and thanked ME for bringing him in to be cared for. This cat was immediately given pain meds this morning, to help with the suffering, was in a clean, air conditioned facility, and left this world NOT alone on a road, to bake in the hot sun, with more cars running over it, but in the care and concern, feeling the touch of a human hand, by the staff of Smith Animal Clinic. Thank YOU Dr. Smith for all of your help and concern.

Stephanie B

8 years ago

Smith Animal Clinic is wonderful. I've been taking my spirited beasts there since we moved here in 2010. My dog is...ahem...a bit of a handful. He's friendly, and happy, and 70 lbs of unbridled love. The entire staff has never once rolled their eyes when they see George trooping through the door. They treat me as nicely as they do my pets and I adore them for it.

Janice Drury

9 years ago

LOVE LOVE LOVE the Smith Animal Hospital. They have always been there for me and my pets. Dr Smith has even repaired a ruptured knee ligament. This was a very tedious surgery. The dog is great now walking without a limp. Dr Smith ROCKS!

James McFarlane

10 years ago

This is a wonderful place. My dog had kidney stones and Dr. Smith was able to diagnose it and give us special food to dissolve the stones with no surgery. The staff is very friendly and Dr. Smith is wonderful. He really knows his stuff, and when we had a more serious problem with our other dog, he was able to refer us to a specialist who was able to save his vision. We love our dogs like children, so it is very important for us to have a caring vet. This is a very nice place. My only criticism is I wish they would spend a little more time explaining medications and the possible reactions I should expect from my dog. However, the few times I have had questions, I've been able to call and get an answer right away. Great place!

Jason Pauer

10 years ago

This is the only place I trust with our pets. The staff and service are outstanding! Plus they do an excellent job grooming cats. If you're looking for a superior animal clinic, look no further than Smith Animal Clinic.

Lacifer TV

10 years ago

Took a dog for vaccines when getting horse paperwork done for traveling (matter of convenience), dog was having some pain in his back. Smith dismissed it as arthritis without going into further investigation, such as X Rays. Found out from our regular vet that it was actually either an infection or cancer. Very poor service in my opinion, especially to be so passive on a dog who was in pain.

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