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Nate Schoell

2 years ago

Very disappointed. First visit with my dog after moving to the area was alright. But I tried visiting with my cat and had to leave. I looked up hours on the website and no where does it say they charge nearly $30 more for a Sunday wellness visit. I feel lucky they mentioned it at all. The way they said the price made it sound like prices went up, so I asked if something changed. Nope, just charge more for Sunday without any indicator on the website and barely telling me after I show up with a stressed cat. I left frustrated and inconvenienced because of them. Maybe there is a better vet nearby, really not happy this happened this way.

Alicia Lopez

2 years ago

Second time here I’ve been here and it’s taken an hour just to get shots

elliot velez

2 years ago

I called Coyne Veterinary Center in Crown Point to get an estimated price for my cat leg surgery. The woman who picked up the phone was extremely helpful and super kind. Thank you for your time and help. The doctor was able to look at my cat's x-ray and ER documents via email. Thank you for your time and help.

Rhonda Lesjak

2 years ago

I dont feel rushed when im there they take there time and explain everything to you.

Tim Holsapple

2 years ago

They are all such great people. I can't thank them enough. They all have a heart ❤ ???? you can tell that they care.

Palm Dispatch

2 years ago

We took our 20+ year old cat there to be groomed. They mentioned that she might need some vaccinations. We clearly stated that we are very concerned about those shots on an animal this old and wanted to discuss it with the Dr. before any shots were given. We told both the receptionist (who was argumentative) and the groomer, who said she would take care of it. Turns out the shots were given without a phone call. They also failed to inform us that she was ready to be picked up, we finally just went and got her. When the bill was presented is when we found out about the shots. We spoke with the manager who stated that they had a signed document in their possession that was signed in January of 2020 that stated they could give her shots. When we questioned the fact that we plainly stated not to do so without talking with us, we were told that wasn't necessary. I am very angry with these people. She is our pet and these decisions are for us to make, NOT them. She has had some medical issues of late that they have no knowledge of, because they didn't call. They offered to give us the number to an emergency vet if she reacts to these much for good patient care....... I think the money side of this practice is way more important to them than good patient care. This is a place to stay away from in my opinion.

Deb Pelzel

2 years ago

We boarded our dogs over the weekend and Tierra helped to make sure they had everything they needed. She was very professional and thorough about what needed to be in place for boarding and took the time to explain everything and answered all our questions

Cynthia Ollom

2 years ago

I had to put my elderly dog down. They were so professional and caring during this time and even sent a sympathy card signed by the staff with very encouraging words from each of them .

Ashley H

2 years ago

My dog started having serious health issues out of the blue. His health was declining fast, and our vet clinic had closed recently. I walked into Coyne and Dr. Madsen talked me through the testing, results and options available to me with care and respect. Although I had to make a difficult decision, I really appreciated the way the whole staff treated me from beginning to end, even though I had never been there before. True professionals and I will definitely be back with my other pets.

Andrea Roszkowski

2 years ago

The place is clean and the vet was professional, but they wanted to charge me *another* 62$ for another exam, when they just gave my cat one around 2 months ago. From that exam, the problem was not solved as my cat is declining in health and still throwing up almost every day. I would’ve had no problem bringing her back in and paying for X-rays or whatever they needed to do next. But another basic 62$ exam on top of that? And what if they don’t find the issue again, another 62$ for a third exam? Definitely taking my cat elsewhere


2 years ago

While the staff is professional and polite, the prices are way too high for what you're paying for. I brought in my cat two times, the first time, the veterinarian told me that she had corneal dystrophy and had prescribed eyedrops for her. I was then told to come in one week later to see how she was doing. The second time I came, there was a different vet. The second vet told me she had NEVER seen this type of eye problem with a cat and recommended for me to go to another place that specializes in this field. This confused me since I had gone in the week before and the first vet had told me my cat had corneal dystrophy. I had expected the second vet to be aware of this but surprisingly, she wasn't. I am disappointed that I had to pay $250+ overall for the two appointments, the scans, and the medicine that was priced triple the amount than what you could get anywhere else. Overall, I would not recommend Coyne to any animal lover, instead, go to a place where you are not taken advantage of for loving your pets.

David Brown

2 years ago

Front desk staff is awesome ???? Special shout out to Mallorie Barenie, DVM Your customer service is the best

David Flores

2 years ago

Do not trust any location to even trim dog nails as they must employ amateurs! My dog was bleeding and was walking as if walking on glass for how hurt he was! This is DISGUSTING, avoid at all cost regardless lies on reviews.

Tina Fugger

2 years ago

I brought my cat in for continual vomiting for 3 weeks. I just didn’t see the compassion in the doctor for our situation. We were just another number and she was busy. I also couldn’t believe how dirty the waiting rooms were. This is my second time back and each time you can tell they do not wipe down or clean floors before the next patient. I have 3 stars only because they are not “terrible” but I’m looking for a vet that has compassion

Diane Perry

2 years ago

I used the app when my dog was bitten by another dog on how to clean her wounds for her until I could get her in to be seen. The response time and care she was given was undeniably superb. I, myself had just had surgery and was still healing myself which made the visit uncomfortable for me. Coyne got us in and out rather quickly and helped us get her back on her ???? paws. My pup came in with a frown and left with a smile

Jack Snedden

2 years ago

I brought 2 dogs, a Belgian Malinois and a Lab Mix (one was playful and easy, the other nervous and little more difficult) in for boarding for the day on Aug 30, 2021 and I was astounded by the high level of care these employees gave my dogs. My dogs are extremely important to me and I felt like I left them with the best care that day. The front desk personnel were very professional and kind. The handler came out and talked with me about my dogs, took extra time & were super understanding. It really felt like everyone there was passionate about animal care and I honestly appreciated it so much. Will recommend to everyone I know!

Sandra cahill

2 years ago

My dog requires insulin shots. As i am unemployed i always try to order it from an online pharmacy as it is cheaper. They contact Coyne and it takes several days and a call from me to get Coyne to approve it. This last one was 3 full days. Unfortunately that pushed us into the holiday weekend. To top it off, Fed Ex has experienced a delay in getting me the prescription. I went to Coyne at noon today and explained the shipment was lost and asked them to please send a prescription todsy to Costco as I was going to be out. At 3 pm Costco didnt have it. I called Coyne and again explained and asked please to send it today. She said she would text or call me the minute it was approved. They never did. Now I am sitting here with no insulin for my dog. I dont understand why they wont just give me a prescription for several refills. Every month it is the same issue.

Mystical Johnson

2 years ago

First off, any time I call I’m on hold for at least 10mins. The first time I dropped of my dog for vaccines, they told me it would take about 2hrs. They claim to be a walk in clinic, but be prepared to spend your entire morning there. I paid for the vaccines because my husband would be picking up my dog, when he picked him up they claimed he owed money, when I had already paid for everything. After the girl told him he owed, she walked away from him and he waited another 10 mins and finally just left after being ignored. Nothing ever seems organized here. I was supposed to get a “report card” after his boarding and daycare and I didn’t. Last week I had my dog boarded over night. I dropped off my normal happy, eating dog. We also PREPAID due to someone else picking him up. When they arrived to pick him up, they claimed he had to pay another $60. They trimmed his nails without asking and charged me $20. I never asked for authorized for the nails to be trimmed. I take him to a different groomer for a reason. My dog now has a cough that he didn’t not have before going in, has extremely shallow breathing, and will not eat. Not only is this company unprofessional with the 20yr olds running the front, I’ve been charged for things I didn’t ask for nor agreed to, but I now have an ill dog from boarding there and will have a vet bill ( not going to be going to this location) Never returning and will make sure to let people know how I feel on Coyne Vet. Edit for response. You never should have charged me with out asking!! I’m livid. I didn’t not agree to any additional charges. This company is a scam and I’ll be sure to let everyone know they steal. You actually think I’d bring him back for you to charge me for more in necessary services? This place is a joke. I’ll return to our old vet and boarding place.

Veronica Crowley

2 years ago

Compassionate staff, beautiful facility but a bit overpriced

Angela Henke

2 years ago

We have been taking our 2 dogs to coyne since moving here to Crown Point and I have to say, we couldn’t be happier! We have seen a few different vets for regular check-ups, but have spent a lot of time with Dr Waleski when our senior dog suffered a slipped disc in her neck, causing temporary paralysis. We came in with Toots in our arms, terrified that this was the end for her. The entire staff was so kind and compassionate while we waited for X-rays and to see what our options were. Dr Waleski was so so kind and took so much time with us figuring out a treatment plan which ultimately, gave toots her full mobility back! I know there were other patients waiting to be seen, but she made us feel like our crisis was TOP PRIORITY.. I assume it’s safe to say that she gives this treatment to every single family that comes in! Thank you so so much to everyone who works at Coyne.. we appreciate all the hard work you do, especially given the pressure you are often under. You are the best!

Casie Adams

2 years ago

Always friendly service! The techs are always very sweet with our dog. The doctors are awesome! We have never felt uncomfortable or like we were just a number to them. Our dog loves going to daycare and we love that we can see all the fun he is having on SnapChat!

Julia Mezo

2 years ago

Always friendly and patient with questions and concerns. I would not hesitate to recommend them to anyone.

Karina Menez

2 years ago

Customer service was great, veterinarian was very informative and can tell she has a passion with animals. My dog is very anxious when it comes to new people but she was very comfortable with the and safe, it did not made me anxious as well. Would highly recommend to anyone who is having trouble with their pet’s health.

Maria Paula Spada

2 years ago

Do not bring your pet here if you need to make it on time anywhere else. The average wait time to drop your pet dog or retrieve it is between 15 and 20 minutes and I have waited as long as 25. All of this while the waiting room fills up with people and pets and the two (or sometimes 3) attendants continue to answer phones and completely ignore the gathering crowd, let alone apologizing for any wait. I stopped bringing my dog here for this reason in early 2020 and gave them a try again last week. Nothing has changed. There are multiple reviews with the same commentary but nothing has been done to address it. EDIT - I would respectfully recommend that instead of using valuable resources to reply to low star reviews so you can state you "addressed them" you actually use your staff's valuable time to check customers in at peak hours. Efficient use of resources is not a novel concept.

Elizabeth liz_never_beth

2 years ago

Our furbabies have gone to Coyne for all their care and boarding needs since they became part of our family. I wouldn't take them anywhere else. For the most part, they're on top of everything. Last month I had to put my sweet pomeranian to sleep, the kindness and empathy from the vet tech and doctor was unparalleled, it couldn't have been better under the circumstances. The routine care my Doberman/GSD mix girls receive is outstanding, the reminders are so helpful as a busy, working, mom who has a ton to keep track of as is. Love Coyne. The only disappointing experience I've had, (which is the "for the most part" instead of "always") was this morning. I called last week to update my card info on file for my two dogs' wellness plans. The staff member on the phone was great. She was able to help me, and when I had questions about how the new wellness packages were structured, she was happy to answer. My dogs are boarding this coming weekend. I won't be picking them up, someone else will, so I came in the morning to bring in fecal samples, and put a credit card on file for the boarding charges and anything else as they'll be receiving their annual vaccines while boarding. The girl at the front desk (Lynn by the name on her necklace) said "that'll be $62"... okay. I've never had an issue covering my dogs' expenses, but I did ask why when they have the wellness package. She told me they had already used the fecal exam for the year. I asked how that was possible when their plans literally renewed last week. She replied the same, "they already used it for the year", again I asked how if the plan just renewed? She just stared at the computer and didn't reply at all, seemingly annoyed. I paid, she said "you're all set." I told her when I called last week I wanted to put a card on file for boarding and an alternative pick up person. She took the info and again said "you're all set". Alright, but I'm not finished. I also wanted to ensure that my pomeranian who's no longer with us, no longer had a reservation. It seemed every question or task I was checking off my list was a nuisance to her. I understand entirely if she didn't have the answers to my questions, nobody knows the answer to every question in any given practice, but perhaps she could have asked someone else to help me, or at least have acknowledged she wasn't sure rather that staring at her computer screen with her chin in her palm waiting for me to hush up and just pay. I only wanted to know why I was paying it, as most people would want to know what they're hard earned money is being spent on, especially when paying for coverage for such tests, and wanted to put a card on file to ensure their aren't any issues with payment for the person picking up my dogs on Sunday while I'm on a plane unable to answer the phone. Frustrating.

Michael M.

2 years ago

They take forever, if you bring your animal in for an appointment, expect to sit in an examination room for an hour or two before you even speak to a doctor. The doctors are totally hit or miss and you'll play doctor roulette every time you go there. You will never see the same doctor and the ones you talk to will likely not have any idea of what you discussed with the other doctors, to bring every single one of them up to date every time you go in. From my experience, half the doctors will be engaged abs care, while the other half are thinking about what they're going to fyi when they get out of there later that evening I gave it two stars because the front counter people are nice and the place is clean. Will not be going back however.

Jennifer Swartz

2 years ago

I had a somewhat frustrating experience trying to get my cat’s medication compounded because he wasn’t taking the pill form anymore. Took them a full day for someone to call me back with a doctor’s approval so my cat missed his dose for the day. I was worried he might have uncomfortable withdrawal symptoms, though thankfully he seemed ok for the day. However, my main issue with this office is the attitude and disorganization I found when I actually brought the medicine in to be compounded. The receptionist told me again I needed to have it approved and questioned me as to who I spoke with before. I confessed I didn’t know their name, and she told me they couldn’t do it and gave me the bizarre excuse that they had a shift change at 2 and therefore didn’t know who had approved it earlier. This concerned me because it seemed as though they hadn’t been properly documenting these medical decisions or perhaps didn’t understand how to look at the notes, and my cat was going to have to miss his dose for a second day. Then she disappeared for about ten minutes without any explanation…in the end I finally got the medicine compounded, but not without some difficulty. Overall I’d say this vet office is convenient for people whose pets don’t have any ongoing/long-term care issues and want a quick check up, but if you need more involved care you will likely experience long waits and miscommunication in the process.

Adilah Muhammad

2 years ago

I adopted a dog a few months ago and started talking my dog to this facility because on paper it seemed like an ideal place for my dog. For whatever reason I chose to ignore a lot of the red flags this place displayed because of their no appointment based model but wow this place will disappoint you at every turn possible. The first red flag was the first week I got my dog and took it there for a check-up. The vet checking him out told me to come pick him up but when I arrived the facility was closed (my dog had came there 3 hours before closing time). The woman who opened the door had a huge attitude and said "FYI and for the future we are closed at this time". I said well the doctor told me to come to get my dog, and that seem to change her attitude. I decided to brush it off and continue to bring my dog there for day care and medical treatment. If you are going to get your pet treated there, just prepare to take off work because it will take a while for them to see your pet. Unless you go towards the end of the day-don't go in the morning, they will not see your dog any faster if you come first thing. My dog was badly injured by an unleashed dog in the morning, it took 3 hours for medical attention. Also you ill never see the same exact vet, and they never read prior notes. They tried to administer a blood panel test 3 times, which was nuts because they already conducted one....but because the doctors kept changing they just didn't realize one was on file. I took my dog there for boarding a few times and for whatever reason, he was always given loads of his food back (which tells me they were feeding him their food) and I was never given an explanation. They also would give your dog a bath if your dog stays more than two nights, but every time my dog did stay you can tell they gave him the bath the day I would pick him up. He was always wet when I came to get him. It just felt rushed. I've never experienced this with any other groomer. Also don't expect them to tell you anything about your pet while it's in their care. My last straw with this location came recently when it came to day care. My dog was a regular at day care until he wasn't because of medical issues. When he was able to attend day care, the kennel manager for whatever reason refused to put my dog in day care. They just literally had him sit in a kennel or "day board" all day. They didn't call, there isn't any noted issues with any dogs or staff. They just decided to keep doing it, after I spoke with multiple attendants about not having him sit in a kennel for 6+ hours. What makes it even worse is that the kennel manager for whatever reason hasn't decided to provide anyone with an explanation on why it kept happening, none of the staff members have any clue. It also dawned on me that this isn't the first time they decided to switch him to dayboard with out my consent. When you attend daycare at Coyne, you are to receive a card telling you how your dog's day went. Well we've may have only received 3 cards out of the maybe 10+ times he's been to day care. And the cards never check off what he really did, occasionally they would write a small note on the back. Well, one of the last times we took him to day care, I asked him where is his card, and she responded "what card". Well when you do day board you don't receive a card and then we realized that their must have been many times they've elected to place him in day board. That also explains that when we asked for a card other times it would take us forever to receive one that we would literally just leave. We noticed his behavior is different of course from when he gets to do day care compared to day board. With dayboard all you get is 10 minutes of cuddle time but hours locked in a kennel. One day we tried to just even get him into daycare but it took an hour for me to even check in (40 minutes before the lady would even speak to us about check in, and 20 minutes in the waiting in the lobby before leaving). And when we left they called 10 minutes later asking if we left.

Natalia Ooms

2 years ago

I normally don’t write bad reviews, but when it comes to caring for a pet, I know others should be aware. We normally board our dog at a different facility, but unfortunately that facility was booked, so we had to go with Coyne. We took our dog in for the social evaluation a few days before she was going to be boarded and they reported to us that she was timid but she was fine overall. (She was there for at least 6-8 hours that day) Therefore, we felt comfortable enough to leave her for boarding. We paid for the luxury suite which included four hours of daycare time, watching TV, a bath, etc. On the second day of our vacation, I called to check in on my dog. Come to find out, she had not been receiving the daycare time because she was “too scared” to join the other dogs. They reported that they would try to put her with a smaller group of dogs that day, but when I called back the next day, I found out that they did not try again. I asked them to try her out again the next day with a smaller group of dogs, but apparently she was too scared again. Number one, why was I not notified about this the first day? I would have called someone to go pick her up. I did not pay for my dog to sit in the kennel for days straight. Secondly, I don’t understand how she was so scared, but a few days earlier when we dropped her off for daycare, she passed the social evaluation and she was fine overall? She also never had an issue at her other daycare where she was boarded previously. We ended up leaving our trip early to go pick her up. Also, she did not receive the bath that she was supposed to get. I just don’t feel that they did enough to make my dog feel safe and comfortable there. Again, we did not want her to be in a kennel for days straight. Our dog has a lot of energy and requires a lot of exercise and mental stimulation. This experience can cause anxiety and stress. Side note: Some of the front staff there is rude and not willing to help. When you walk in the front door, even if there’s no other customers, they will ignore you until it is convenient for them to stop what they are doing.

Ann Reyes

3 years ago

I brought my senior Chihuahua there about a month ago due to heart failure and the receptionist Rayne was amazing . I was waiting in line (2 people in front of me ) and she quickly saw how distressed my pet was and quickly rushed her to the back for an evaluation. She was so kind and comforting. I went back again today for another pet and was able to thank her in person , her response was genuine and heartfelt. We saw Dr Bonoma today and she was extremely thorough and answered all my questions. Thank you for providing such a wonderful caring service .

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