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stu smith

a year ago

Great staff, clean and well run. They misdiagnosed my cat. They said respiratory and I got lots of medication. No improvement. I took him elsewhere. Correct diagnosis right away and unfortunately it was cancer. Maybe if caught earlier something could have been done. Had to get him euthanized. Probably fine for routine stuff but any serious issues go elsewhere

Felipe Lago

a year ago

Is this place still open for business? They are still charging my card, but I can’t get a hold of anyone.

Sabrina Treccani

a year ago

Great first experience here. Some of the reviews can be off putting regarding the wait time but just be sure to check-in online as early as you can to ensure a spot in line and they will get a hold of you. I was able to get in and out within the hour. Handled my dog-selective dog with consideration. Good service and fair price.

Michael Fries

a year ago

Took my French Bulldog to the vet after she ate a bone. Charged me for X-Rays and said the bone was going to pass. A week later my dog was still sick and took her back to the vet. They did a full body X-Ray this time and found a bone lodged in her throat. Charged me another 400 for the visit and I still had to take the dog to an emergency service in Aurora to remove the obstruction. My dog could've died as a result of their negligence and the services the provided costed me 800.

Dolores Lopez

a year ago

I went here December 22nd and was told my puppy was going to be fine just give her some medicine and she’ll Be ok well guess what today is December 24th at 5:50 am and my puppy Belle just passed away THANKS FOR NOTHING I paid for a service again in which included the doctors visit and the X-ray and medicine they provided and still My Precious Belle is no longer with us. My kids are heart broken I’m heart broken now I have to pay for another service to cremate my puppy.. RIP MY PRECIOUS BELLE LOPEZ BORN OCTOBER 11th PASSED DECEMBER 24th

tyrone tolliver

a year ago

MAYRA CORAL IS HORRIBLE CUSTOMER SERVICE. She does not answer questions correct. Just speaks & does not know what she getting too.


a year ago

Taryn was very helpful of informing me of my choices and decisions. I would definitely recommend Countryside Vet Center to all my family, friends and animal lovers alike. Very professional.

mohammad sayes

a year ago

They don't even answer their emergency line.

Dawn Ritacco

a year ago

Not a good experience.. The sad thing my dog was very sick and it is all about money. ????????????????????????

Sarah Thompson

a year ago

I have been bringing my pets here for many years now. I recently had to put my sweet cat BamBam to sleep due to a long battle of kidney disease. The compassion of the doctors are astonishing every time I needed to bring him in. Sure you have to wait longer than other places, but I have never felt more love, comfort and support anywhere else except here. Very thankful for the staff here at Countryside.

shawn driscoll

a year ago

This place seems like it runs with no management. Phone calls go unanswered. No voicemail set up. Rings then just hangs up, even when you push "0" for an emergency. Can not recommend,.

Stefan Radunovic

a year ago

Countryside Vet can be a pleasure to work with but usually get in over their heads when dealing with the volume of patients that come in. They seldom call you back to discuss issues and their service seems rushed. They’re communication skills over the phone are also not great. They always want to charge you extra fees on services done as well. I used to love taking my pet their but since this year they don’t answer the phone always and when you ask for a cal back they don’t even cal you back every time.

Bryan Timm

a year ago

Beware! They will hit you with extra fees and want to run unnecessary tests. They will rack up a bill for you and then won't give you the medication that your pet needs unless you pay it.

Jesika Rodriguez

a year ago

The veterinarians themselves are great IF you can get in to see one. I understand it’s a non appointment based facility, but I am paying a monthly package for a place I never am able to get in to. I went in today to get my pet checked and it was a 7 hour wait to see a veterinarian.

Julia Smith

a year ago

Dragged my deaf dog with severe anxiety through the door because she was panicking that she couldn’t see me. Could have had me walk to the door with her. Been going to this vet for a couple of years idk what happened. You are working with live animals and they should not be treated like assembly line idc how busy it gets. Really unprofessional and rude don’t recommend and switching vets. Was overcharged because I complained, unless prices just went up which is a possibility. If so the quality is not worth the fees they charge 100%. There are so many better quality vets in the area that handle your animals with care for the same price and you can actually go inside with your animal.

Meowgi O'Dehearty

a year ago

Very attentive staff, a little difficult to get through on the phone though. Quality animal care & trustworthy service.

My Mail

a year ago

I am very disturbed about this clinic and their ethical obligation to helping animals. This clinic is owned by a "company" and run without supervision. No Veterinarian owns this clinic. Animals with microchips are NOT verified against the owner! Everyone must be concerned that stolen animals will NOT be verified with microchips! Shameful! Phones are NOT answered, calls are disconnected after many attempts. Poor service. Feral cats (friendly) are NOT getting proper care and assessment from this vet clinic. I am a feral cat caretaker and had been caring for a young cat for months feeding and getting the young cat to trust, just prior to winter, the cat was skin and bones and hair ripped out from her neck; would never have survive the winter. The police and animal warden refused to take notes about the severe condition of the cat and as usual don't get involved. If you are not getting help from your municipality, contact PETA and they will assist with the investigation. Take photos of your animal in need! The cat belonged to a TNRd organization, NOT the OWNER that abandoned the cat that was living down the street and did however go in for "basic" services for fleas and NOT for starvation and loss of major hair and was given back to the alleged "owner" NOT the Rescue Organization associated with the microchip. The owner did take to this facility for basic care. The clinic did not document the condition and essentially made a poor assessment and did not document the microchip number (not confidential). Refused to take information from me caring for the starved and injured cat, simply did not document and did not want to get involved, on multiple occasions seriously concerned about the well bring. The clinic does not get involved with police intervention for well being nor did the cllinic call the TNRd organization to provide medical determination of the starvation of what I thought was a 6 month old cat, confirmed by the owner it was 6 years old. They clinic continues to refused to contact authorities about the information I provided in my care for 8 months at the minimum. Again, the woman abandoned the cat, the cat did NOT recognize the owner and did NOT recognize the name she was using, to find the cat came from a house down the street and the cat entering and leaving the block, only to get fed at my home. My feral cat (friendly) was also not treated properly getting an apology from the manager that they "dropped" the ball. Poor communication, leaving messages, and returned calls they turned out to be days later. This is a clinic that treats with no questions asked. Poor policy. This clinic is owned by a company that has no owner, per se. The clinic is run on its own.

Rev. Carly Stucklen Sather

a year ago

I have mixed feelings about CVC. The professionals care deeply for our furr babies, but the long wait for service and the very poor communication is frustrating. Even arriving the moment they open can result in a 2 hour wait. After 2+ weeks of care, testing, and medicating, we had no choice but to put down our beloved Russian Blue -- it was no fault of anyone at CVC; The staff who assisted us in this process was incredibly kind and gentle. That was the only time we didn't have an extraordinary long wait for service. We will likely not be back however. We are professionals who can't take a whole day off to wait for the next available slot in this practice's schedule. We'll find a vet who takes appointments. If you have the time to wait, you will not be disappointed with the care given by these folx.

Ted Williams

a year ago

Can't say enough about these people. So caring and thoughtful both to me and my cat Harley. Both Vets I encountered and their staff were caring, discreet and empathetic. Yes, if you're not there in the morning waits can be long, but no other practice takes walk-ins. Prices are very reasonable and they are efficient. Thank you all for helping my girl Harley transition over the Rainbow Bridge.

The Coach

a year ago

If you want to wait 4 hours to see a doctor go here. Totally unacceptable. There must of been an ownership change.

Silwia L

a year ago

This is the best office ever. I’ve been going here for years, everyone is kind, and treats my babies like their own. I’ve seen people be rather rude to them and them take it like champs. It’s a walk in clinic, so obviously everyone is coming in and there is waits but that’s what you sign up for - at the end of the day it’s worth the wait. I will continue to come here and send everyone i know here. Thank you to everyone here ????????????

Amy Harmon

a year ago

They squeezed us in when every other vet I called turned us away. Incredibly appreciative and grateful.

Anna Gocal

a year ago

They need to go to appointments only service. It is a mad house with long waiting times. I will only use them for boarding, but they do lose stuff.

Constantine Costa

a year ago

My dog had a knee surgery performed at CVC. Dr. Nick Velkov, the most highly professional and the most compassionate veterinary orthopedic surgeon there is, recommended this facility and I am so glad he did. Great people, very attentive and with lots of love for any pet work there. Driving an hour in traffic going to CVC worthed every second, because I knew someone trustworthy will take an excellent care of our pet. We are very thankful to Dr. Nick and everyone at CVC. God bless!

eduardo bustos

a year ago

Paid $500 for an X-ray and for them to tell me my cat was dehydrated, then I went to an ER Vet where they actually diagnosed my cat having something stuck in his stomachache using an X-ray.

Juan Akula

a year ago

I'm not sure this place is even open anymore. The last time I went there about a month ago, the wait time to see a Vet was five hours. That's not a joke. That's what the three women working the front counter were telling everyone. The woman handling the phone looked as if she was about to break down. No doubt from all the calls from upset customers. I've called this place three times a day for the last three days looking to make a grooming appointment, and not once has anyone picked up the phone. They also haven't responded to my emails, but that's not a surprise, because they've never responded to any of my emails, even back when they were functional. It's a shame because I really liked the Vets.

Vianney Leon

a year ago

Staff and vets are very kind and patient. They’ve taken in my pup for emergencies right before closing. I’ve recommended them to several family members and they all continue to take their pups here. I drive from the north side of the city and well worth it. I think they are reasonably priced!

Jona Smith

a year ago

This vet just killed my friends kitten that went in this morning for a simple neutering. I forgot to mention this was a beautiful healthy kitten they overdosed!

Lisa Lusk

a year ago

My mother went in for an exchange. She was very pleased with the process.

Jocelyn Hernandez

2 years ago

Last time I went it was a 5 hour wait. I’m not sure at this point why they continue with walk in. I called today and was hung up on several times. I even pressed the emergency number and no one answered which concerns me! The wait time online says 15 minutes yet no one answered. I’ve been thinking of cancelling my wellness package because I just feel the level of care is bad especially with my pets not seeing a consistent vet. I will be cancelling soon.

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