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Jordan Cowles

a year ago

Wagnolia is AMAZING. I cannot say enough positive things about them. The staff is so friendly and patient and very thorough in discussing my cats health. Any time I speak with Dr. Joshi I feel so comforted in knowing my cat is being cared for by someone so through and genuinely caring!! She takes time to listen to concerns, and fully explain everything that’s going on (even though i’m sure her days must be packed full!!). They also give quotes in advance of how much service could cost from low-high end which I really appreciate as a student so I can prepare financially. I am so grateful for everyone there!!!

Nikki M

2 years ago

I am so disgusted with this business that I am leaving my first ever google review. I use the word business instead of clinic because that is simply how they present themselves. After nearly a couple years of questionable service with experiences similar to those of other reviewers regarding dishonest practices and pricing, we have to finally draw the line at causing harm to my dog. We brought our healthy Great Pyrenees in for a regular annual check up, shots, and hygienic trim. Wagnolia does not allow owners to be present during any of these services. When our dog was returned to us, she was in complete panic. It wasn’t until we got home that evening when we realized that it was because they had shaved her entire groin and back area so closely that patches of skin were missing. She was absolutely miserable, refusing to walk, panting uncontrollably, and barely able to eat or drink. When we called Wagnolia the next day their phones were not working. We were able to get an appointment 3 days later. When we arrived to the appointment we were greeted at the door by an assistant to whom we tried explaining the reason we were back was because of an apparent mistake that was made during our previous appointment that has left our dog in serious pain. She was immediately defensive and abrasive. In a particularly unprofessional tone, she told us that they did not cause this issue and that Ellie would not be seen unless we paid for another examination fee in addition to any medications or other procedures she might require. We found this unacceptable considering that the reason we were back was due to the poor clinical judgement and execution of treatment on the part of Dr. Joshi and her staff. The woman contradicted herself several times, stating that they did not cause the sores but also stated that because we requested a sani-shave that they were not liable for the mistakes. I understand that this assistant was just doing as she was told, but she was clearly unequipped to be put in the position of handling this situation. Meanwhile, Dr. Joshi remained inside, refusing to involve herself in the matter. As I was expressing my disgust to this assistant she seemed pleased to inform me that no amount of negative online reviews will make a difference to them. It wasn’t until other owners began to arrive and witness what was happening that Dr. Joshi decided to intervene. She made a petty attempt to claim that my behavior was distressing for the only other customer waiting on the patio. Although my behavior was far from aggressive or erratic, I am glad that another customer got to witness this entire interaction. I wish all of Wagnolia’s customers could have been in line that day to see the exposed values of this unethical business. Thankfully, GoodVets Uptown was very understanding about the position we were in and was able to see Ellie. They were in direct disagreement with Wagnolia’s claims and Ellie was able to receive the attention and care that she needed.

Joe Flora

2 years ago

Just called to ask about my dog getting surgery to have bladder stones removed and for him to be neutered. I got the answer “we don’t do that.” I replied and was immediately hung up on by the woman on the other end of the line. Extremely unprofessional. I would not consider this clinic for any veterinary services.

Jacqueline Cadenas

2 years ago

The past vet I went to was alright, but at Wagnolia they went above and beyond, I felt like they truly cared about my cat. They made sure to go into detail about what happened throught the appoitment and made sure I was informed about the proper way to use the medications. :) <3

Bert Fox

2 years ago

Nothing but good experiences working with the folks at Wagnolia. We appreciate how detailed they are on explaining everything and options that are available and making sure we feel comfortable with what they are recommending. Highly recommend for anyone looking for a vet!

Thomson Jaffe

2 years ago

Everyone there was super sweet.

Natalie Kilpatrick

2 years ago

Every doctor and technician we’ve seen has been so nice and helpful. As a first time pet owner they’ve gone out of their way to spend time talking to us and ensure we feel comfortable with everything they’re doing and even offer advice and tips for behavior and training if needed . They care about our pups just as much as we do and its amazing to see.

Michael W

2 years ago

If you are looking for a small practice focused on giving individual attention to you and your pet from an excellent, compassionate team, this is the place fore you. Your pet couldn’t be in better hands.

Cary Grant

2 years ago

Very friendly and knowledgeable staff

Todd Page

2 years ago

Can’t imagine a more supportive and helpful veterinary team. When they talk with us they take their time and fully explain every angle and every option. They are sure to give an estimate before you go so you know what to expect. Our doctor is honest and kind and so is the rest of the staff: Big recommend.

Jeanne Sullivan

2 years ago

I absolutely adore the staff at Wagnolia. Everyone is so professional and helpful. They truly go above and beyond to ensure both of my dogs are healthy and well cared for. They’re truly the most attentive veterinary clinic I have ever visited and the only one I recommend to my friends. You can tell that the staff genuinely cares for the animals (and humans!) and I completely trust them! Dr. Joshi and Dr. Baehr are the greatest! Also, I have a crazy schedule and I really appreciate how easy they make scheduling appointments, ordering medications, or asking any follow up questions. I noticed a couple of ridiculous one star reviews that seem to be the result of adult temper tantrums and an inability to understand best practices and the law. I’d like to assure anyone reading these reviews that both my friends and myself have only had extremely positive experiences here.

Dan Britt

2 years ago

Worst and ONLY bad vet experience ever across three states. Took my second dog in for a new patient exam and then was refused service at the time of appointment because I didn’t like passing my dog off to complete strangers through a door and unable to be present for an hour - even though I still did. They took what we’d call normal concern shown for a pet and turned it in some escalated story in order to avoid doing business. Also, how dare you say I verbally abused a staff member? Never did or have I. What poor business ethics you have. Also, my other dog was suddenly sick for a day immediately after his exam the week before. WILL NEVER RECOMMEND.

Aban Vazifdar

2 years ago

We could not be more pleased with the care our Jack Russell Terrier's receive at Wagnolia clinic. Dr. Joshi and her staff are very professional and their love for animals shows in everything they do. We have taken both our pups there for regular check-ups. One of the pups had a tooth extracted by Dr. Joshi and she thoroughly explained the need for the surgery and the procedure itself. We are very pleased with the final results. We give Wagnolia clinic five stars and have recommended them to all our friends with pets.

Scott Arno

2 years ago

Friendly staff and knowledgeable veterinarians. Definitely cost conscious and they’ll provide an estimate up front as to what the potential costs of a visit vs additional diagnostics will be so you can make an informed decision. Sometimes there’s a bit of a wait but I do feel like they take the extra time to do a thorough examination and discuss the findings with you.

Jessenia Rodriguez

2 years ago

Dr. Joshi is amazing and treats each pet like it was her own! The team at the Clinic is very knowledgeable and helpful. Great team and clinic!

Christine Park

2 years ago

Seeking to educate myself on what is the possible range for the cost of a neuter surgery for a healthy young cat, I called this center. Not a commitment, and understanding there are all kinds of things that can add to the cost. But just assuming a routine procedure. They kept repeating that there is "a range," but refused to give any dimension to this range, is it from $1 to $10,000, or from $100 to $1000, I would have appreciated ANY information to help educate myself. I was informed that the clinic policy is to give out no information until I pay the intake fee. I understand you need to try and make money, but regrettably, this kind of rigidity has lost you my business. Reading through other reviews, it looks like this a sadly reliable pattern.

Donna Alcantar

2 years ago

Everyone is so kind! They take their time to explain everything with no rush! Very affordable too!

Lauren Barone

2 years ago

I am overall so happy that I've recently changed to Wagnolia. Both Dr. Stecher and Dr. Joshi were SO thorough and comprehensive with my Shiba Inu, Jolie. They were compassionate and their first option was least invasive (although with cognitive issues, invasive is not my first options!). They recommended holistic and realistic plans. Also, they are quite affordable, relatively speaking.

Cindy Diaz

2 years ago

Nichole was great and made me feel very comfortable with the fact that my dog was getting the best care possible. Dr. Stecher was very clear and detailed with her findings as well. Thank you and I’ll definitely be back with my babies.

Courtney Carter Dugan

2 years ago

Inept and dishonest staff that lacks credibility and follow-through. There is absolutely no information sharing between staff and vets which leads to confusion and poor care. Do not trust they are equipped to properly care for and attend to the needs of the patient and the parents, especially during COVID times. Do not recommend.


2 years ago

While I haven't met anyone in person, the entire staff seems lovely and like they really care about the pets.

Dave Rich

2 years ago

I changed to this vet in January as I wanted to find a vet that was not aligned with a major chain. I thought an independent would be better. The vet visit was fine though I waited a very long time (a couple hours) before we were done. Most of the wait problem was evident when I met the extremely long winded vet who over explained everything. Basically someone who likes the sound of her own voice a lot. That being said, I was overall happy with the vet visit. My dogs were healthy though one of my dogs has a skin condition which is treated by apoquel. This was not new, and I had placed an order with 1800petmeds prior to the vet visit (as I had done numerous times before with my prior vet) to have the apoquel refilled after the new vet visit. Instead of approving the meds through 1800petmeds, the vet dispensed the meds that day through their pharmacy without giving me any choice in the matter. I thought it was odd (and more expensive), but I thought “I guess they assumed I needed them immediately” and didn’t give it another thought. Now months later, when I tried to refill the prescription through 1800petmeds, I got a message from the vet saying I had to use their online pharmacy. I checked out the pricing and it is still more expensive. After waiting two days, I called and left a message saying please approve my prescription through 1800petmeds... no response but also no approval. I called today (now five days after requesting the prescription) and I’m told that they only approve prescriptions out of their online pharmacy due to quality concerns at online pharmacies. As though the pharmacies are not licensed by the government, but instead by my veterinarian. I also wasn’t requesting medication from Joe’s roadside pet pharmacy. It is through a nationally recognized veterinary pharmacy. The bottom line is that they get a cut of pharmacy sales through their online pharmacy, not through 1800petmeds. Now I have a limited supply of medication due to the delay, but they insist I pick up a written prescription as they will only approve online pharmacy requests through the one that generates revenue for their practice. If your vet’s revenue is so heavily associated with the sale of meds, how are you to trust that all prescribed meds are necessary for your dog’s health and not just the vet’s pocketbook? In this case, it’s clear what my vet’s motivations are. Shameful... their concerns are only with their wealth and not the health of the dog. Otherwise I wouldn’t be waiting to find this out five days later when I have limited supply of my dog’s meds. I’ll be looking for a new vet and I suggest you do the same! UPDATE: In the vet’s response below, it is stated that I didn’t give the staff the opportunity to explain the rationale for the policy. That is not true. I called a couple times without receiving a response. When I did get someone on the phone, they explained the rationale being that “you can’t trust any other pharmacy other than your own.” I have problems believing that is the fact when it is clear you derive revenue from that pharmacy. How is a pet owner to trust that when you write a prescription that it is in the best interests of the pet and not just your pocketbook? Also... in the hour long wait to see the doctor, I listened to the staff talk about their weekend plans. I guess they didn’t have any patients to take care of that day. Further and in response to attempt to shame me for not considering the cytopoint as an alternative to apoquel, I am the one who expressed concerns about the long term impacts of apoquel. In addition, I said I would do cytopoint when we finished the course of medication she was on. Unfortunately, COVID-19 occurred as did a stay at home order. The prescription incident was in the height of the epidemic. Should I have brought my dog in for a non-emergency procedure during the pandemic? Is that your medical advice?

Hannah Fath

2 years ago

We love Wagnolia, Dr. Joshi, everyone who works behind the front desk, & all assistants! All care is explained clearly before being done with how much things will cost. We haven't been surprised once when we receive the bill! Everyone is so gentle & kind to our dogs, Ruby & Buddha. Buddha is an incredibly excitable dog & we have never felt like staff was annoyed to see him & give him care. We recently brought Ruby in in a sort of emergency & they were able to see her same day. The online store to buy heartworm, flea, & tick preventatives is also really convenient. We live a few blocks away & Ruby always stops in front of the door on walks because she wants to go inside. We are so happy to have found such an excellent vet! Would absolutely recommend.

Jamie Fishbain

2 years ago

My fiance Jeff and I could not have been more pleased with their kindness, communication, and overall care/concern for our puppy, Casey. As new dog parents, we greatly appreciated them being able to see her right away for an emergency check up and then continued to follow up with us via phone calls and emails to make sure she was doing okay. Dr. Joshi was professional and compassionate the whole time while speaking with us and we were so impressed with the fecal scoring chart that Roxana sent us. We will be highly recommending your clinic to our friends and cannot think of anything more that they could've done to better serve us. And to all the tech assistants that we interacted with- you all are incredible and we thank you so much for your help. We look forward to seeing you all at her "official" first appointment next week!

Jennifer Broker

2 years ago

The staff is nice and the location is convenient, but we had to wait a long time for the doctor. Once she arrived I knew why - she's quite the talker and kept us there for about an hour. It was also difficult getting our pet's vaccination info over to the daycare, but I think they've switched systems since then (or have trained the staff better) so that may no longer be as much of an issue. I like this place on paper, but we didn't really click with the Vet, so we'll keep looking for a better fit.

jennifer fix

2 years ago

Amazing. They have helped my dogs so much during this crazy time. The doctors care deeply about animals and it shows.

Carol Nordstrom

2 years ago

It's been rough over the last few months in my household-1 senior kitty initially suspected to have a nasal tumor & another who developed an aggressive health issue that led to his euthanasia within 2 weeks. Having read the reviews for Wagnolia & being aware of Dr Joshi's work at a previous practice (before she opened Wagnolia), I knew that I would get good care for both my boys. This has proven to be the case as I've worked with both Dr Joshi & Dr Baehr in these difficult months. Losing a pet is devastating, however, the entire staff could not have been kinder throughout the 2 weeks of care. My other boy continues to be monitored and get good & thorough care as we navigate his ongoing health issues.

Lori Neumann

2 years ago

Dr. Joshi and her staff are the best in the business. We are a 4 pet family, and came to know Dr. Joshi years ago at a different clinic. When she branched out on her own and opened Wagnolia, we didn't hesitate - we followed her there. Everyone at Wagnolia is 100% committed to our furry family and they truly care about each and every one. I am pretty high maintenance, and nobody there misses a beat - from office staff to vet techs to Dr. Joshi and her fellow doctors. Dr. Joshi's patience, knowledge and loving care keep us coming back. We are grateful to have such a wonderful staff caring for our pets. I recommend Wagnolia 100% to all pet parents - in fact - I already have.


2 years ago

Overpriced. Overpromised, underserved. Sells client information to third-party pet suppliers. Do not let the response from Wagnolia below fool you. We both discussed our dissatisfaction about the constant calls from the third-party pet suppliers both to the company and to Wagnolia directly. They called several times a week for 3 months and we continue to receive calls quarterly. The quality of the product does not affect the service we received.

Martha Chargot

2 years ago

Way overpriced, and they sold my husband's phone number to spam pet products sales. We asked to be removed from the list and still continue to receive calls. An examination at Duke Animal Hospital cost us literally half the price of Wagnolia, and the detailed reports returned from the staff there make miscommunications nigh impossible. Wagnolia should hold itself to such a standard.

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