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Jennie Serle

a year ago

Dr. Royal and her team are completely dedicated to you pet's wellness. From nutrition to skin care and fur health to all other aspects of your whole dog. Their approach is loving and thorough. Dr. Royal is a beautiful person with incredible knowledge and kindness. Highly recommend!

Rose Islam

2 years ago

A TikTok video with a handout of your “recommended” diets has gone popular on TikTok. Merrick is listed as one of your recommended diets as well as fancy feast, which is alarming.

Mary Ellen Azzi

2 years ago

My dog is always in good hands here... So happy to have vet that isn't trying to throw prescription meds at every issue. I keep my dog in good health through a healthy diet without grains, fillers binders preservatives coloring and other unnatural ingredients... Keeping it simple and natural keeps him stay healthy so... The Royal Treatment is more of a wellness clinic...

Mark Yukich

2 years ago

Dr. Royal and her team are THE place to go to care for your dog or cat. Our dog Oscar struggled in his early years with intestinal issues. The Royal team put us on a path that corrected these issues. We are thankful for The Royal Treatment and would never go anywhere else, especially for our King Charles Spaniel.

Jeanne Karlson

2 years ago

Do not follow through with return calls, called 3 times, each time telling me vet would return my call .. never happened. I'll be transferring to a more responsive vet.

Work Backupemail

2 years ago

HAVE to let pet owners in Chicago know how very lucky we are to have such a top tier group of integrative veterinary professionals in this city. My 5 year old dog was diagnosed with lymphoma in December 2020, and has been under the care of a great oncologist. Unfortunately, he failed two chemo protocols and the current one left him wiped out-- and struggling for days with GI upset/diarrhea and not wanting to eat. The Royal Treatment reviewed ALL of his oncology treatments, bloodwork, test results, and current supplements he was on in advance, and I had the opportunity to express my primary concerns and pose questions about what I was most concerned about. I cannot believe the amount of time was given to me to provide thoughtfully expressed answers, review my current protocol/supplements and get insights on what to tweak or add, and insight into why he was having these problems and what I could do to help. We did an acupuncture treatment to stimulate his appetite, help with his GI issues and energy level, and address general lymphoma areas of impact. Additionally, my dog who has always been an incredibly picky eater before chemo discovered a food he DEVOURS now that they gave him as a treat --and nutrition is SO important in dogs with cancer. The day after his first acupuncture I could not believe he was the same dog. Even that evening, he begged for food, but the next day I had to almost RUN to keep up with him on walks--he was chasing birds, barking happily at other dogs, and had serious pep in his step like I haven't seen since last Summer. The next day he DRAGGED my friend to the dog beach (he knows the way) and played along the shore for over an hour. He repeated this on day 4 post acupuncture and still runs around in circles now when we go out. I know every dog is different, and there is no actual "cure" for lymphoma in dogs...the best you can hope for is a high quality of life remission period. But I really thought he was near the end a month ago when he fell out of remission and I'd have to carry him up 7 steps inside from being outdoors. I am now hopeful that the combination of chemo + the nutritional/herbal supplements may actually give me more quality time with him. I feel so fortunate to have access to integrative practitioners who have the highest level of expertise in this area of medicine (seriously impressive National recognition). And yes, his oncologist is aware of his supplements and holistic treatments and supports them. Many of his cancer patients have also gone to The Royal Treatment. On top of all of this they have been SO kind, and so invested in my boy's health and journey--never bothered by my calls or questions despite how busy they are. Dr. Tricia Stimac is my personal hero, and Ashley and the support staff have been extremely helpful. I have had pets misdiagnosed at a different "popular" primary vets in town --even one that almost resulted in immediate death, which I find shocking. I had always assumed that as a large city that we had access to higher level of expertise in the veterinary field but unfortunately have been proven wrong on that front more than once. I've learned that an integrative veterinary approach is the best possible combination for the overall health and well being of my pets. If your pet is going through challenges, pain, or quality of life issues I cannot tell you how much this place means to me and what a gift it is to see my dog comfortable and happy. BTW, this was Oprah's vet...and I trust Oprah! Thank you all for everything

Julia McGrath

2 years ago

The folks at Royal Vet always take such good care of my dog Gus. While the prices may be a little on the higher side, I find that they spend so much time during each visit that it makes it worth while. Additionally, they’ve never pushed unnecessary services or medications. They explain why they recommend anything additional and they always try to go a holistic route when able.

Tania Khan

2 years ago

Let’s be honest here. You’re going to spend double maybe triple the amount of money here compared to any other vet. Pros: staff is always kind and they encourage you to feed pets the most optimal diet. Cons: they don’t quite understand some of us do not have a bottomless bank account to spend on our pets or ourselves. They push heavily for pre formulated raw diets found at fancy pet boutiques. For someone with two large dogs, that is extremely expensive. They’re less tolerant of home made raw diets. Also, they might over do tests for something super minor. The good thing is that other vets are now offering titer tests and becoming more open minded about integrative medicine so if you don’t have unlimited amounts of money to spend, look elsewhere first.

Ruth Kennedy

2 years ago

Stay away!!! Dr. Royal and company are self absorbed and rude to pet owners and assume they know more than you do—even if they just meet you and your pet for the first time. Then they try and charge you into the poor house with supplements and expensive pet food —and even when I told tell them as a teacher I don’t have a lot of disposable income they looked at me as if I didn’t love my pet unless I was willing to go broke to buy what they were selling. Thanks but no thanks. I’ll go elsewhere where I can actually be respected and not be treated as a cash cow.

Matthew Nelson

2 years ago

I've only just moved here, but everyone was friendly and patient given the covid circumstances. Also, from my limited interaction they seemed particularly knowledgeable. I look forward to going here now.

Lena Truncale

2 years ago

I see the difference in my dog's behavior since switching vets He likes the staff and readily goes to them. Royal's care model has definitely been helpful and is key for my 10 yrs old dog health. I like the alternative treatments they offer. It works. Please give them a try. It won't hurt rather it enhances our pet health and is very educational for owners.

Lena s

2 years ago

Royal treatment has been nothing but a miracle to my oldest dog. Dr. Stimac has been amazing since I brought my dog in for another opinion. My dog's kidney value and bumps has gotten better under Dr. Stimac's care. My old vet told me that I needed to feed her their dry food and that her only thing that is going to kill her is her kidneys.. It broke my heart to hear my old vet say that, but I couldn't take only one opinion. Dr. Stimac and the team gave bella a chance and worked on her these last couple month. I wouldn't hesitate going to see them. They are worth it.

Jim Hawkinson

2 years ago

I made an appointment a month in a half in advance. I live 90 minutes away. I asked if I could send an email to see if the doctor would be able to help with my dogs particular condition prior to the appointment and driving so far. She said of course. Never heard from the doctor. Paid $50.00 but that’s not what was important. Just wanted a call.


2 years ago

Avoid this place. We have been going here with our dogs for 10 years and when we need them, when our dog is on his death bed, we can't get a vet to talk to us. Dr. Royal travels the world to spout her wisdom, but is not available to her clients that pay exorbitant amounts for services. Again, they won't be there when you need them.

Andrea Carlson DVM

3 years ago

Love that they are holistic and do acupunture

Joey FiveTone

3 years ago

Wonderful place. Always put the animals first!

Joy W

3 years ago

Dr Royal is a self-absorbed, condescending, arrogant person who does not know as much as she thinks she does. Just because she wrote a poorly written book does not mean she is the end all be all of veterinary medicine. I’ve been to the Royal Treatment Center twice and both times I was treated as if I was ignorant. I’ve had dogs for over 50 years and I have dealt with a plethora of medical, physical, emotional and training issues with my dogs (mostly recues). I’m not ignorant or a novice dog owner. Both times I was at the RTVC I was over charged on my bill and had to have them credit my account for their errors. Dr Royal will charge you for tests that you did not request or approve. On my last visit she said to my face “I’m doing a full blood workup, no matter what. After all it’s only money…well your money.” What kind of doctor says that to their client? I have a vet that I am very happy with in my area, I only went to the RTC for diet suggestions and titers. On my first visit I had two check ups, one set of puppy shots and paid for diet formulations for two dogs, my bill was $892. When I discussed diets I made it very clear to Dr Royal that I’m not a rich person and am looking for diets that I can make and feed my two dogs, that would be within a reasonable budget. What did I get? Rabbit formula for the puppy and grass fed beef for the adult. When I calculated out the cost of these recipes, it would cost around $1,200 a month to feed two dogs. I don’t know what world Dr Barbara Royal lives in but I don’t know of many people that could afford that much to feed two dogs. When I complained and asked Royal for recipes that were realistic she treated me like I was beneath her because I needed a more cost effective meal plan. After 3 months I finally got recipes that were realistic with proteins that were readily available and cost effective. Every time I have requested other recipes (as part of the diet formulations I paid for) it took around two months, several emails and at times emails to the office manager to receive. Their turnaround time is very slow but they will eventually get it to you if you pester them enough. I was not impressed at all with Barbara Royal or her facility, but thought I would give it a second chance. That was a big mistake….. On my second visit I went to the RTC with my two dogs for titer tests and heart worm. That was my only reason for the visit. But Dr Royal felt that she had to run a number of tests because I mentioned on dog anal glands do not empty and the puppies breathing is still fast (has it has been since I got her), my normal vet is aware of these conditions. It took three requests to get the test results sent to my regular vet. And the RTVC never discussed the results with me until I questioned the office manager. And at that point all I got was “make an appointment in 2 months to discuss.” Well that is not happening!! My one dogs fecal bacteria test is way off and I don’t know why, especially when I’m feeding him diet formulations that they created!!! When I left the office my bill was $1,289!! And the worst part was they did not even perform the titers on one of my dogs! The main reason I went there. I had to talk to the office manager to get the titers run on my second dog with blood they said they still had on hand. I find it curious that both my dogs had exactly the same titer results, makes me think that they did not send in the right blood sample. Unless you want to get Royally screwed by a bunch of rude, arrogant people do not go to the Royal Treatment Veterinary Center. Many (not all) of their staff seem to have the same narcissistic personality as Barbara Royal.


3 years ago

Dr Royal is an exceptional Vet ! She has helped educate me on species specific Nutrition to help maintain the best health possible for my shelties. She has a very unique clinic that is A+ along with her staff. The Veterinary Medicine she practices is second to none. I love that her core beliefs are Not to over vaccinate as the mainstream Vets sadly push and that correct Nutrition helps the body to stay healthy and heal itself. She doesn't push drugs whatsoever and suggest ways to avoid doing so with supplements acupuncture or whatever else she deems appropriate. We travel over 55 miles to see her a couple times a year since I have multiple pets...and, Dr Royal is one of a kind and so worth the distance! <3 from Dash and Flash Thank you for everything you do and helping change the future of Veterinary Medicine!

Pepper Mint

3 years ago

Really expected holistic place to be down to earth but was assaulted by a stream of bionic woman basically spilling out rules to me non stop like a doctor who thinks they know it all and be damned if the patient has anything to say, do not interrupt me. This during my vet visit. Sincerely I found myself running out of there. Never to return.

Susan Laws

3 years ago

I NEVER feel rushed and the doctors and techs are ALWAYS helpful. Henry likes it too!!

Tony Kim

3 years ago

Love this place. Dr. Royal and all the staff - Tash, Kate, Megan, Katelyn are wonderful. Been coming here for overall holistic care and physical therapy for my senior dogs. If you're looking for a proactive vet who actually has an opinion on what type and brands of dog food you should be giving and will take the time to track down the root cause of a health issue, this is the place for you. The experience here has been different than any other vet I've been to.

Val Maros

3 years ago

Love their approach to veterinary care. Very friendly staff too!

Lauren C

4 years ago

Quite literally the best veterinary practice ever. The staff is all so friendly, the vets and techs clearly have your pets best interest at heart, but my favorite quality has to be that they don’t sit there and push meds or garbage dog food propaganda and false information at you. Could not be happier with them!

Andrea Friedman

4 years ago

This vet clinic is top notch for every service. Yesterday my healing, geriatric dachshund had a massage session with Pam. Her touch is magic and my crotchety guy relaxed like a charm. She showed me techniques to use for him myself and he slept well for the first time since being injured a week ago.

Christine Johnson

4 years ago

Better than most vets, but lacked follow through. Loved the time they took answering my questions. but there were a few things that they needed to follow up and get back with me on, which took a long time, which prompted me to follow up with them instead.

Karen Tokarz

4 years ago

Dr. Royal is the best of the best. Brilliant, experienced, kind, and customizes care. The tech staff outstanding as well. My pups thrive because of Dr. Royal! Grateful

Mary Doyle

4 years ago

Very friendly and outstanding service. Thank you so much for your commitment to serve.

Jenny Lee

4 years ago

Having been a dog owner most of my life, I have had many experiences with multiple Vets over a 35 year period. Royal Vet is by far in the top 2%. Dr. Stemack is a favorite! The use of alternative and holistic options along with straight up medical provides for all treatment options. The supplements recommended for our 14 yr old poodle mix kept his quaulity of life above and beyond what could have been expected with a diagnosis of Renal failure. I believe in my heart that Dr. Royal and her staff helped my animal lead a full life for 2+ years after they began treating our aging dog. Alex (a staff tech) would inject fluids on a regular basis with compassion (I could not do it). They are prompt on call backs, providing detailed information. The staff is kind and understanding, When it comes to the bond between human and our furry family members. Their services are not inexpensive- but I always felt a value for services rendered. It does not get any better than Royal Vet.

Cori Rexing

4 years ago

I just brought my guy there. Hank, he’s a one year old Great Dane. Dr. Royal is someone that I really admire and look up to. So naturally I sought out her center after watching Pet Fooled on Netflix for the 1,000,000th Time. They do titer tests here which is where they test for antibodies so you don’t over vaccinate your fur baby but your still sure they are protected. They are extremely reasonably priced and Hank loved our vet and tech and everyone of the staff that came and met him. They really take their time and send you home with detailed notes from your entire visit. We’re going back in 2 weeks for chiropractic. They offer so many amazing services and work with an awesome surgeon that we are really looking forward to meeting for his neuter and laparoscopic gastropexy next year. Can not say enough amazing things! Thank you Dr. Ariel and everyone at The Royal Treatment! You’ve gained a lifelong patient!

D Turner

4 years ago

Im changing this rating to a five from a four based on the phone coverage. It was so hard to get through and sometimes the staff was incompetent. However now they have more peeps manning the phones and they understand the importance of communication and customer service.

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