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a year ago

Soo I took my mainecoon here, and he was shaved…For all cat owners, this place does not do ANY type of grooming on cats other than entirely shaving them..i was very shocked when I saw my cat. I wish it was clarified better that my cat will be shaved to the skin.

Robbie Rene'e Bradford-Dunn

a year ago

Jenna does a GREAT job with my Furrbaby "Bruno Mars "

Unme Thompson

a year ago

Eric is consistently great!! My dog is so well groomed and happy.

Benjamin Padilla

a year ago

Great groomer, spends a lot of time with your dog, and my dog always comes home looking great and smelling fabulous. I recommend this place to every dog owner.

Kinga Magiera

a year ago

They did a great job! I have a Swedish lapphund so they tend to be more challenging to get groomed due to the double coat, but he came home looking great!

Patrick Dovichi

2 years ago

Eric takes excellent care of our two little fur-babies. And, one is a hairless with problem skin. He knows just what to do, and even our dog who's skittish likes him.

Scott Kirklin

2 years ago

We have been getting our car groomed here for a couple of years

Kevin Tindell

2 years ago

Always great service, we have used them for over 10 years.

Daniela Alessia

2 years ago

We wanted to try a new easy to walk to groomer and unfortunately left incredibly disappointed. I do not recommend bringing your Goldendoodle or other curly haired dogs to The Grooming Gallery. We gave specific instructions and provided pictures of what we wanted but our requests were ignored. Our dog was shaved and left looking ridiculous. We were told our dog was too matted even though we spent two days combing out the mattes prior to the appointment. Our regular groomer has had to work through triple the amount of mattes and has never shaved our dog. Furthermore, the customer service was awful and we were blamed for the incident. It became very clear that because we had an afternoon appointment, the groomer was in a hurry to leave work and our dog paid the sacrifice. Needless to say, we've just scheduled out appointments at our regular groomer through the end of the year. Never again will we go here.

Oksana Danylyshyn

2 years ago

My poodle is not a big fan of grooming sessions after a negative experience we had in a different place. These guys are awesome and he is always calm when I get him back. That’s the only place I can trust and never worry about him.

lifegoals 17

2 years ago

It was okay. The receptionist was very polite and nice in handling my cat. Dropped off early in the morning and we're thee for about 5 -6 hours. Which doesn't make sense because all she got was a wash , nail cut and trim. I called to check on her half way through and they said she was still drying. I understand that there were animals there before me . But I was able to go eat come back and still wait another hour and half hour. Before I left I seen a lady come in with her too dogs and she even left before me. When I finally got her back I couldn't really tell what they did to her. I noticed the area around her butt was trimmed and her nails as well. But here ears were still dirty ( not sure if that was included in service or not) and this was the main thing I wanted done. I've watched my catch myself since then and even though she was scared I was able to calm her down. She also only took about an hour to completely dry. So I don't understand why it took so long. So in conclusion if I ever go back I'll leave her and go home for a few hours.

Jillian McDonald

2 years ago

We’ve been using the Grooming Gallery for our dogs for almost a decade, and continue to use them even after moving to the suburbs. They do an excellent job with our miniature schnauzer poodle and our very large golden doodle!

Catherine Frech

2 years ago

Overall, not a great experience. I called to schedule an appointment and listed the services I wanted for my dog. At drop off they had no record of it, just the appointment. They had my dog for close to two hours and ended up calling saying they were unable to get my dog out of the crate and no grooming could be done. This was my dog’s first grooming appointment and was scared. My dog is 20 pounds and could have been easily handled by an experienced groomer. Very disappointed, would not recommend.

Ananya Stoller

2 years ago

I took my golden retriever here for the first time and was very happy with the service. I asked for a specific trim and got exactly what I asked for. My dog came home with silky clean fur without the heavy fragrance some groomers use. I'll definitely be using Grooming Gallery for his future grooming appointments.

Amelia Flores

2 years ago

Staff is wonderful. They treat my little fur baby, as if she was one of their own. Thanks for your excellent service ???? ???? ????

Cafi Suarez

3 years ago

If you love and really care about your dog, STAY AWAY FROM THIS PLACE. I'm giving them one star just because there's no 1/4 star option. The only reason I went to this place, it's because I missed my dog regular groomer appointment, that needs to be booked 2 months in advance and his hair was really long, since I like to keep it that way during winter months. I've never reviewed anything, but I felt compelled to write something since this was extreme, it's like he got a hair cut from a butcher rather than a groomer. Big mistake going there, don't know if all the groomers working here are that bad but the one we got it's the worst. When I saw my dog I didn't recognize him, he looked like a completely different dog. I was chocked and speechless. Hate that my first review ever is this bad but they are just terrible, maybe they are good grooming hairless dogs but when it comes to miniature poodles they are a complete nightmare. Do yourself a favor, stay away from this place, do the grooming yourself with a pair of kitchen shears and spent the $70 on a decent bottle of wine.

Carlos Marin

3 years ago

I love the way they cut my dog hair so cute all some ❤️

Dimitry Braznichenko

3 years ago

Based on another positive review from a Samoyed owner on Yelp, I brought our Samoyed here. It's the middle of June, and she is starting to blow her inner coat. Her fur was otherwise in generally good shape. I believe that they started by washing and drying her, without any brushing prior. For a dog with a double coat, one that is in the process of blowing it, all this does is creates terrible knots and matting. I received a phone call 1.5hr after dropping her off saying that her coat is in terrible shape, that they have never seen anything like this before, and that the only "humane" thing to do is to shave her - that it would be "cruel" to brush her and would leave "her skin raw and bloody". Shaving a Samoyed is a big red flag and should almost never be done, so I picked her up and told them I will think / consult with others about her fur. They would not brush her at all. They did say they trimmed her nails, her paw fur, and her butt fur. We have vet friends that were visiting that same night and they said it was the worst trim they had seen on any dog in a while. The paw fur is very uneven, the butt looks almost untouched, and the nails (the vets said) looked like they trimmed only half of her paws but with a very slow dremel. I was very upset about this experience, so I visited a Samoyed breeder / groomer / show-er the next day. This person shows her 3 Samoyeds regularly. She agreed with everything above and suspects that either 1) the groomer was just lazy and did not have the time or patience to work with brushing a Samoyed, or 2) simply did not know how to groom and take care of a Samoyed. The owner of Grooming Gallery refunded me after my review. I offered to bring in my dog to show the owner how a Samoyed should be brushed and that her groomer was wrong - either the owner would learn something new or she could see for herself that her groomer made the right call. Instead, the owner declined and said she had full confidence that her groomer made the right decision. To me, that is silly to turn down a free opportunity due to pride. I'm sure this place is fine for smaller dogs or short fur dogs. Samoyed owners stay clear.

Eric Trip

3 years ago

Phenomenal job is being done here with care and courtesy!

Ricky Galvao

3 years ago

We've been coming here for almost 4 years. Eric does a great job every time. My dog suffers from sever anxiety and had issues in the past at other groomers. He's had nothing but good experiences at The Grooming Gallery!

timothy baird

3 years ago

They were absolutely great! The doggos look amazing!

T Smith

4 years ago

I never saw my baby look like he was a show dog til I went to them


4 years ago

I'm very pleased to know that the Grooming Gallery is the perfect place to take your dog, they care!

Anthony Kingsley

4 years ago

These guys do a great job. They take care of our little guy and he always comes back clean and smelling great. Call beforehand to schedule an appointment.

Liz Noftle

4 years ago

The Grooming Gallery is the best. Our dog is always so excited to see the folks there so we know they are taking great care of him. He always comes back looking handsome and smelling great!

Kathryn Cervantes

4 years ago

Very friendly and efficient team. So happy this is in walking distance to our apartment, makes the already difficult task of transporting our cat for her nail trim much more pleasant. I called before hand but they take walk ins and no appointment was required. There is only one person who trims cat nails so good idea to make sure she’s there.

Julie Hamman

5 years ago

My two year old golden doodle always seems happy going and coming back. My wife and I are pleased with quality of service. They ask a bunch of questions to make sure they get what we want in his cut.

Stephen Irle

5 years ago

My pooch goes here for his nail trim every few weeks. They do a great job.

Ryan Hutchins

5 years ago

Big fan of The Grooming Gallery. They usually are able to fit us in within a day or two which is nice. They are always great with our pup and she comes out happy and clean and neatly trimmed up.

Laura Tober

5 years ago

My dog loves them! We have been going here for years after trying several other companies in the area. My pup, Lucy the cockapoo, is a bit timid but is happy here and will walk in on her own!! This is a big deal and says a lot about the staff and treatment she receives. She can be a difficult client with longer hair and ears that are always knotted. We are very happy. Support your local small business and visit Grooming Gallery!

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