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2 years ago

I did not want to believe that this grooming salon was bad… but Heather is awful at cutting hair. Look how they ruined my boy, even he was upset.

Ani Love

2 years ago

I HATE HOW THEY CUT MY DOG!!!! I brought my dog in today 12/28/21 @ 12:00pm for a BATH & BRUSH OUT and I received a call stating that they “mistakenly cut my dog in the areas I specifically told them I didn’t want to cut at his PREVIOUS appointment” she stated that she “Didn’t check her notes” before working on my dog. I DID NOT WANT HIM CUT AT ALL!!! I was growing his hair out after his first shave and FINALLY started to love the look he had. Now it’s all ruined again!!! They did NOT tell me they were cutting my dog, I specifically stated I just wanted a BATH AND BRUSH OUT. I then spoke with the OWNER regarding the situation and she told me she will NOT discount me due to it being a “small business” and can only give me a free “conditioning treatment” (worth $10) AS IF I CARE ABOUT SOME D*MN CONDITIONER!!! SHE WAS NOT EMPATHETIC WHAT SO EVER AND STARTED TO GIVE ME AN ATTITUDE WHEN I DIDNT ACCEPT THE OFFER!!! I WILL NEVER BE BACK HERE! If I could give zero stars I would!! THIS ISNT EVEN A YORKIE CUT!!?? WHY WOULD THEY CUT HIM LIKE THIS! I’m so furious I cried!! If you want them to mess up your dog’s hair cut & still charge you full price then I highly recommend Rogers bark !! OH AND HIS HAIR IS STILL DIRTY!! He came back with what looks like dandruff or something in his fur from dirty clippers!!! he never had dandruff or white particles in his fur AT ALL.

Royal Cavendish

2 years ago

I am a new dog owner and they were always really rude to me when I came in to get my dogs nails trimmed.

Carol Richardson

2 years ago

I was new to the area. A friend had heard great things about this place so I booked an appointment. When I brought my dog in, I was told their bottom price for grooming a small dog was $73. I had not spent that much before tip in the past but, okay. I received a call at 3:55 pm and was told my dog was ready and they are closing at 4:15. I did not live next door and I was in the middle of something and had to drop everything to rush over. I had sticker shock when I picked up my dog. It was $83. The cut was okay but my dog acted very subdued. If you don’t mind the price and the unprofessionalism regarding customer service, then go for it at Rogers Bark.

Dane Matthews

2 years ago

Don't believe the hours that you see online for this place. It says they choose at 6:30pm, however if you show up at 6pm they are closed... if you show up the next time at 4:40pm they are also closed. If you see are that they are open until 6:30pm and arrive at 4:40 and there is someone working and standing at the counter they will still tell you that they are closed. With gas prices at 3:89 I don't appreciate driving to a store that is supposed to be open based on the times they list online and having a staff member unwilling to respect the times posted. I will never waste my time going to this unreliable place ever again since they clearly don't respect me as a customer!

Arooba Makki

2 years ago

The team at Roger’s Bark Pet Salon took very good care of my pup, Teddy. They were honest about how much hair they would have to cut off. He looked great and we have no complaints. I would definitely come here again for future grooming needs with Teddy. Friendly staff as well as maintaining social distancing guidelines.

Kris Shostak

2 years ago

Great selection of chews, treats and toys in the retail area.

Valerie Aurora

2 years ago

I made an advance appointment which was done haphazardly without taking any of my information which made me uncomfortable, so I arrived a few minutes early just to make sure everything was set. There were at least 4 people and their dogs waiting outside. I was wearing a mask and went inside just to quickly ask if they were operating on time. They told me I had to wait outside as they were only allowing one person in at a time and refused to let me even ask the one simple question. With that policy, I would have been waiting outside a very long time past my appointment just to figure out what was going on. It would have taken them less time to answer me than it did to refuse to acknowledge me. They clearly overbooked and couldn't care less about being professional. I would avoid this place and find somewhere that knows how to operate a business and doesn't treat their customers like burdens.

Donna Jackson

2 years ago

I booked a reservation for my dog Storm and had to cancel the day of. I cancelled however the employee advised me that she would charge my credit card since she came in and no longer had a pet to service. I advised that she did not have my authority to charge my card. She hung up and called me back 10 minutes later and advised that my dog would no longer be allowed at the shop. I called and spoke to the manager Heather which she apologized and advised that if I gave her the opportunity to make it up she would groom Storm personally herself. Due to moving I had to cancel. I called and advised Heather. When trying to reschedule Heather advised that I would need to give her my credit card so she could have on file. I declined to give my card and refused to pay for services not rendered. Heather was very unprofessional and advised since I was nit a regular customer she would nit service me unless I paid in advance. I will never do business with pet groomer on Jarvis. Be careful of this shop and the owner

Rae Novich

3 years ago

Did a great job that was affordable

Jordan P

3 years ago

Super friendly staff, the really care and treat you like family

joslyn jelinek

3 years ago

Great service for pets and very friendly always!


3 years ago

Very caring. Plus one of the rare places that know how to groom a Kerry Blue Terrier.

Vannah Reyy

3 years ago

New to the area and just rescued my pup, so I wanted to book an appointment to get my little guy taken care of. I called this Salon in hopes to make an appointment due to the wonderful looks of the website and reviews and I spoke with Maryland? (not sure of the spelling) and I asked about an appointment for today which I was not expecting for to say yes although was hopeful and she was just so short and said no. I proceeded to ask like okay when is the soonest availability you have ? The response and reaction let alone made me change my mind .. I got a lot of "ummmm" like she either did not know what she was doing, or did not want my services! I felt like an inconvenience! As a person who has several years of customer service experience I am shook. She was not welcoming at all when I told her I had never been to this Salon, she did not offer to look and see for any other dates or nothing it was like pulling teeth to find out more information regarding services. As a sales person you want to up sale , brag about how great your service is and even if you have nothing available maybe assure that your wait is worth it with the type of service you provide... I am truly disappointed because I was looking to try this Salon.

Anthony Carbonari

3 years ago

Always great with Scotch and wonderful people who work there.

Michele Gaudioso

3 years ago

The staff is great with the dogs!

Stanley Bogode

3 years ago

They're great, highly-professional and reasonably priced. They loved my Beau, but then again, they'd be CRAZY not to! *A series of laughs that grow increasingly maniacal*

Erica Davis

3 years ago

Great staff and my pup loves them.

Jonathan Luecht

3 years ago

Great people, great service, wonderful neighborhood pet service

Jay Peter

3 years ago

They were very kind towards my dog.

Anthony Ducksworth

3 years ago

These guys were great! I will be back!

Bri Friend

3 years ago

The best doggy groomers I’ve been too! I am never disappointed after picking up my dog (Gizmo). Gizzy has had his fair share of choppy & bad haircuts. I can say it’s never been a disappointment coming here. Great staff, amazing skills, & walking distance from home which is a plus:)! Thank you guys for your amazing service????

Christopher Stewart

3 years ago

Always a great experience here!!!

CJ Jelinek

3 years ago

I originally rated a 3 but am raising to a 4 because they're always helpful, friendly and very good with my dog. Still pricy though, hence the 4 stars.

dean mckinney

3 years ago

Had a 3lb. Dog. Only by appts. On Saturday. Only taken 5 min to give her a shampoo. That all we w. anted. I live just down the street just got a rescue dog.

Carmen Roman

4 years ago

It was my first visit and I was told it would be four hours. I was surprised and the staff person told me she would try for two hours but to wait until she called. When I returned she immediately guilted me about doing it in two hours saying in the future they would only guarantee a four hour slot. I said I did hear her about the policy. She continued, talking about how busy they are and how much stress it put on her staff as I continued to say I heard her. As she returned my pup, she said she was glad I heard her. Finally, I had to ask about the services. I like to be filled in on a couple of things and am used to that. She was very general in her responses and seemed pretty much done with me. I live in the neighborhood and wanted to be supportive. I won't be back.

Cecilia Lee

4 years ago

My dog has been getting groomed here for 4 years now. They have experienced groomers, a nice retail area, and have been very accommodating with my schedule and needs.i would definitely recommend.

Dennis Brown

4 years ago

Been going for a few years. Organized staff and great work.

Fred Anzevino

4 years ago

Heather and her crew are the BEST!

Justovia Smith

4 years ago

Very first time taking my Denzel here. Didnt feel welcomed when i walked in, had already scheduled an appointment ahead of time but card would have still been charged if i changed my mind or cancelled the day of. My first pup, he's very hyper but wouldn't hurt a fly. It is very stressful trying to take your pup where people don't know you or your pup & if people aren't kind to EVERYONE. My Denzel play bites at whoever touches him where he doesn't want to be touched. He never bites with the intent to harm. EVER. i was called to pick up Denzel. Got there, was told he wasnt groomed properly because he wasn't cooperative. Was told he doesnt look very good & when asked if i can see him, i was told, 'let's get you squared away here first, then I'll bring him out". Who says that to a paying customer? I felt awful that i didn't speak up for myself. I paid and when Denzel came out, i still heard his nails clicking against the floor and can tell they weren't clipped at all and before the grooming i was asked if i wanted a bandana for my very handsome boy. He had no bandana, i had to ask for it and noticed he didnt smell like he was bathe, just shaved. At that point I just wanted to leave. I kept quiet & left. It was a scary awful experience. I felt had i spoke up, i would have been viewed as a angry woman.

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