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Claudia Nevarez

2 years ago

Worst place ever, took my dog ​​to get him groomed and the lady returned my dog ​​with blood on one of his paws. My dog ​​was in pain all day, he was bleeding from his nails. I will never take my poor dog to this horrible place! I'm furious ???? they also cut his hair horrible!!!!

Ryan Flores

2 years ago

I asked for a TRIM on a Pomeranian and they SHAVED HIM! I’m furious! Never again will I take him here. the place is unprofessional and unsanitary. Ladies are both inexperienced and have no clue what they’re doing.

sergio monterde

2 years ago

I took my dogs and they cut their skin, one had 4 cuts and the other 7 cuts, my dogs suffered a lot, I called to report and the customer service person said that the owner does not care.

Eddie rivera

2 years ago

Under new management it’s about time west lawn has their pet grooming back … see you in two weeks

James Hasty

2 years ago

I tried Reveiwing Earlier But what I thought I wrote wasn't Right! The People are Real that's what Makes this Place Nice to go to! Cute Place & Family Owned!

Wondurrful One

2 years ago

I stopped by shortly before closing and boy was I pleased. They gave my dog a great bath, nail trim, removed shedding fur and even offered to trim extra hair. I was offered a seat and treated with love- My dog & are happy! Thank you for your kindness. See you next month:)


2 years ago

rude and did not listen to request

leatrice graves

3 years ago

Cut was not right on dog

Keith Juliana

3 years ago

I wouldn't come here if it was my last choice, my grandma is on a fixed income and she brought her small white dog ???? here and came back with a BLOOD VESSEL DAMAGED IN HIS EYE! Obviously this is a common thing here they are careless and take advantage of people like Elderly. She couldn't tell the dog was hurt and in pain she's 70 yrs old very sad. I told her not to bring the dog here ever again and I read all the bad review to her she was shocked! I said I'll cut the dogs hair at home.

Beatriz Alvarez

3 years ago

The owner has no customer service at all, he dont treats pets with dignity, I was there just to buy toys for my dog and I saw him kicking a dog because he didn't want to move. Dont take your pets there.! ! !

Eduardo Leon

3 years ago

Very unprofessional. Took my dog for a hair cut went and got her and she was barely able to open her eyes! They must of poked her eyes with something . Don’t get me started with the awful haircut they gave her . Poorly cut missing patches of fur near her eyes and body ! Don’t not recommend. Worst place to go .


3 years ago

Improve customer service. The men are rude and won’t apologize for any mistakes they commit. I do not take my dog anymore. I noticed mishandling and deep skin shaving on my dog. I hope this comment can help them improve because it is close to the neighborhood.

Octavio Cortez

3 years ago

We've been taking our boys here for a couple a years now and we love the service. Never had any issues and the prices are reasonable. Our boys come out feeling like a million bucks! No lie! Lol.


3 years ago

For Well Over A Decade The Owner Has Always Had Integrity, Compassion & Treats My “Cutie Petooties” (Pinky & Slinky) So Kindheartedly, The Way He’d Treat His Own FurBabies. I Sincerely Appreciate Their Staff Because My Rescues Are Like Family To Me Too???? & Employees There Treat My Rescues With TLC Also. They’ve Always Given The Best Pet Care With Their Perfect Pedicures,Hair-trims,Shampoos & Pet Motel Stays,etc...My Babies Pinky & Slinky Love To Stay There With The Other Dogs & It’s Like Having Doggies Play Dates. I Can Always Count On The Ultimate Care & The Prices Are Reasonable. My Rescues Are Always Very Comfortable With The Whole Costumer Service Crew Because Of Their Compassion, Empathy & Ethics.

Jorge Murillo

4 years ago

Do not take your dog here. They lost my grandmothers dog. They stated she “ran away through the alley but what was she doing back there to begin with? Owner has nasty attitude and should not be running a business. We were putting lost dog signs up for 2 weeks and owner didn’t even offer to put them in his shop. Never going back.

tovasha hinton

4 years ago

I took three different dogs there and they received beautiful treatment. Hell they even fed them.

stoner meds

4 years ago

I think my review got deleted but I posted a picture of what they did to my dog they clipped her nail beyond the nerves and she was bleeding like crazy, they didnt even bother to mention it and they had the gaul to ask to be paid for clipping her nails...the owner doesnt seem to know what he is doing and one glace at the back room you can see the junkies nodding off while Netflix is playing a drug cartel series.

patricia herrera

4 years ago

My dog came back with NO fleas!!!!!!

maribel ibarra

4 years ago

Very clean place and happy with my shitzu grooming

Lupe Rmz

4 years ago

First time coming here & I regret not reading the reviews beforehand. They cut my dog’s cheek really bad & did not inform me about it. I saw it when I got home. All the negative reviews on here are true. They are not careful with the dogs and the place inside is a mess. My dog was so anxious and wanted to leave this place as soon as she saw me. She was crying the whole time trying to tell me to leave. If you love your pets do not bring them here!!!!


5 years ago

????⛔️❌❗️❗️‼️‼️‼️⚠️⚠️⚠️⚠️ Damn how are these people still in business if you care about your pets listen and trust this google community DO NOT TAKE THEM HERE YOU WILL REGRET IT!!!!!!!They mistreat your pets

Annamarie Ponce

5 years ago

As a first timer, I brought my pug here and we’re ABSOLUTELY pleased with their service :) from the customer service to grooming service and attended with smiles! Not to mention great price I’m glad we chose them. And We will definitely recommend them to my friends and neighbors. Ty guys for an awesome job.

briella margomez

5 years ago

Took my dog yesterday and they cut him on he's head and on he's nuts . he seems scared and been acting weird since coming from the shop. He just want to be with us and lay down and he's a very active dog. I wished I would had read the reviews first .please don't take your animals here if you love them . They are defenseless animals . Please read the rest of the reviews . No dog should go through what mine or this animals go thru they are part of our family and they are not being treated with care or respect here . ????never have I given a review but this is NOT okay.

DUUBLoudMan Marco

5 years ago

I took my dog here and she had a HUGE DEEP CUT BY HER LEG, looking to sue them because it was not brought to my attention and I think they drugged her

Elizabeth Hughes

5 years ago

This place doesn't deserve any stars I took my Havanese here and When I went to get her She had a extremely big hole in her leg were they were cutting her withe the clippers almost as if the jabbed the clippers in her leg she also a big scrap on her ear that was bleeding bad she also have a lot of scraps and scratches on the stomach they are very unprofessional and if u love ur dog don't take them there please I'm definitely taking legal action my self and I'm very angry at this point

Evelia Perez

5 years ago

Never take your dog to this place. The first and only time I took my dog there to get her nails done she came out bleeding because they cut them too much. I asked them what happen and they had no explanation. This place is the worst I have even taken my Dog. But NEVER again.

Juanita R

5 years ago

Love the way they do my dog

Jessica Vargas

5 years ago

I honestly don’t know why this place is still in business...I took my baby to get her haircut and while I came to pick her up, a stupid employee was literally beating my dog to stay still. If you really care about your pet DO NOT COME HERE! Your babies do not deserve to be at this cancerous place.

Jg Nug

5 years ago

I took my Chihuahua ( very small) to this place and I felt a very bad vibe as I was entering the place but I paid for a grooming and nail trim and when I came back to pickup my dog his eye was bleeding and his paw was all bloody and was shaking tremendously. I asked for a refund but got threatened. Never coming here again!!! Don’t come here !!!

Jazmin Ruiz

5 years ago

I walked in this morning to drop my dog off to get groomed. And I’m standing at the counter with my dog and I see the owner hitting the dog he was grooming back there. I was so shocked I walked out of there with my dog and will never go there again. I can’t believe anyone would keep taking their dogs there to get abused. After we are paying them for a service, they have the nerve to abuse our animals. Like who the hell do they think they are hitting a poor defenseless animal. Why don’t they hit a person and see if they won’t get hit right back.

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