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Wendy Burkhalter

2 years ago

Very poor service , staff need to do better.

Fran Lopez

2 years ago

After my dog passed away I check on the website and seen a few dogs that I wanted to see. Was told to fill out a application which I did. Never heard back. Something not right about this place.

Danny Wlecke

2 years ago

Their rates are quite reasonable and the care is excellent.

Lori Watts-Branch

2 years ago

I stopped by to donate a dog crate. The lady seemed very grateful to receive it.

Wynde J

2 years ago

They made it hard admitting cat into shelter.

Sean Kramer

2 years ago

In an already difficult time trying to surrender one of our cats, this shelter told us over the phone that they were a non kill shelter and assured us that they would be able to find our little guy a special home for his condition. Upon my arrival I found out that they were anything but. The 1st thing they told me after I explained his condition, which is minor mind you, was that the only thing they could do was to put him down. So obviously he came back home.

Elizabeth Martinez

2 years ago

Staff is extremely rude and unhelpful. They don’t care about the animals, they just wanna clock in clock out and get a check. One of them even told my husband he was uneducated just because he didn’t know something about shots for his dog. If you don’t like your job, find another one. Then unlike everywhere else they wanted us to pay $250 to get HIS dog back because he accidentally got out. Who just has an extra $250 budgeted out?! The kids are heartbroken, but we’re going back again Monday to get him out. ????????????????????????????

Lakesia Campbell

3 years ago

The rep was very rude and never listened to the information I needed

Mrs. Banks

3 years ago

Official there was rude and did not want to accept an abandoned kitten even used foul languge...not good if this is your job!

Frances Porter

3 years ago

The clerk at the desk had no compassion for me or my pet. She blurted out " he will be euthanized, no one will take in an old cat. He was 18 years old. He had never been outside more than three times in his lifetime. The person who brought me here didn't care. She doesn't like animals. The handler who received my cat was kind and understanding. She made me feel better about the decision to bring him him here.

william pipkin

3 years ago

The people here were caring, helpful also understanding in a very hard time. SaVannah had been my running buddy for the last ten years, having to put her down was another bad bump in the road and they were what I said above, understanding, caring, and helpful. My thanks to them.

Star. Star

3 years ago

Horrible service awfull phone manners. Can’t get any information besides a bad ghetto attitude over the phone. I feel so badly for the dogs in that place they don’t stand a chance . The people who work at this place seem like the type to abuse and fight dogs. Don’t ever bring an animal to this place

Yasmeen Abdullah

3 years ago

I just called this center and had the worst customer service. The woman sounded of older Caucasian decent. She never gave her name or asked mine. I asked if they were accepting animals. She started out "nice"...however proceeded to hurriedly tell me they were a private facility and where I could take pets or call 311. When I tried to verify the address she started talking over me, repeated the information at the exact same speed and very ingenuinely gave me a "Good luck to you" and hung up in my face. Just based on this I wouldn't patronize this place if they were public.

John H

3 years ago

It was good they listen to questions and gave good answers

jay Alcacio

3 years ago

The client/ customer service is horrible asking not to call when asking about important information, Hanging up and being rude.

Chi town “Brwnsgr” User

3 years ago

They don't take an animal's now because of the Coronavirus. And I did witness a person releasing an dog in the park because they no longer wanted it so is this why we have so many strays?

Capitol Satyr

3 years ago

Don’t go or ask for help. Unbelievably rude people. If you don’t care about animals then don’t work here. Receptionist was just ridiculous. Unbelievable

Anthony Davis

4 years ago

One nasty place I use too work there but the staff is ok

Athena Zone

4 years ago

The worker and the manager at this location are the RUDEST people I every meet at Animal Welfare League. I walk to this location to find out how to dispose of my dog that past away early Friday morning. The response that I received was uncaring and heartless. To be told that I would cost $25 and that an ID is need to dispose of the dog. I turned around and walk out the door totally upset. So call there other location to see what there procedure is and the person that was much friendlier. She said for me to call there and ask for the manager Diane at location she wil be able to assist me. So when I call Diane told me call 311 that they have a free pick. She act like that she did not wanted me to come there at all. Then proceeded to tell me about the $25 and needed ID. I truly do not understand why you would need an ID at all.

David Aaron Harbin

4 years ago

For all fellow animal guardians. Please join us and make time to help out by volunteering. With appreciation and anticipation for your company and visits. The shelter animals. B.T.W. we'd love to be adopted by a loving, caring person/persons and would be most grateful. We'll reciprocate with unconditional love. we 4 legged shelter animals. Hope to see you soon!

paulius mineikis

4 years ago

The people that work here have zero compassion for the actual animals, came to try and adopt a dog that was given up by a friend on the weekend. When i went in to talk to them about the adoption and to try and avoid the nuttering i was given the most emotionless and robot like response that you would expect from a person working with the state. Dont expect any type of help from these people they are not at all there for the best intrest of the animals.

Patty McSnackers

5 years ago

I took my dog in today the lady at the desk was patient with me. After I sat in my car for awhile and a flock of pigeons flew back and forth. I’m in awe because I see someone else posted birds flying. Anyway peace be with you. ????????

Ana Cristina Gonzalez

5 years ago

Hi.. just lost my baby girl. Two days ago. She's old. Prying for her. I offer 150.00$

Angelica S

5 years ago

Wabash location has really caring staff. So sad to see that their Chicago ridge location has fallen by the wayside.

Betty Woods

5 years ago

This place is a Godsend for helpless, homeless animals.

Nancy Sampson

5 years ago

This is an excellent organization. I found out about the Animal Welfare League when I took my cat to the Vet for a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI). Spending/dropping $250 at my Vets was an extreme hardship for me. I lost my job 18-months ago. I wanted my cat to be taken care of so I sold some valuables at a pawn shop. My cat was diagnosed with a Urinary Tract Infection (UTI) which I suspected was the case since I noticed there were drops of bright red blood in her urine. My Vet offered other services (eg, an x-ray and an injection for pain medication). The injection for pain was almost $100, so I declined, because my finances are not great. The Animal Welfare League (AWL) is an organization providing excellent medical care for cats/dogs and other animals at a much lower price-point (cost). THIS IS NOT A FREE ANIMAL CLINIC. YOU MUST pay for services rendered. The price-point or cost is significantly lower than a private Vet. I had never heard of the AWL until my Vet told me about the AWL. Fast forward: I made an appointment for my cat. Took her to the AWL. She needed to have a urine-analysis test performed to make sure her UTI cleared up 100%. It is half the cost of my Vet. Although the drive to the Animal Welfare League is 45-minutes away from my house it was worth the drive. The staff is compassionate, professional, non-judgmental, personable, friendly, helpful and kind. They made a stressful situation less stressful for me. Thank you to all the hard-working employees at the AWL. Keep up the GREAT work!

P Abraham

5 years ago

Nice people. I came all the way over to the place and they didn't have CAT food. They gave me free dog food. Lol

Paxton williams

5 years ago

Front desk need some training or need to retire very short with customers. Need customer serv. Skills.

richard jacobs

5 years ago

I was dropping off a cat for a friend that wasn't allowed to keep it anymore when I arrive to the Animal Welfare League the cat jumped out of the container and the staff immediately begin to help me pursue the cat to catch it about 30 minutes trying to catch the cat I was impressed with the dedication and the care that the workers showed they deserve a big thumbs up I will be donating cat food and dog food to that Center to help I found out they give away free cat and dog food every month to the elderly to help provide food for their cats and dogs I just want to thank you guys for hard work and dedication.

Theresa Mason

5 years ago

Great place to take your pets

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